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  Weekly Presidential Address  CSPAN  September 23, 2017 6:23pm-6:27pm EDT

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tensions with north korea. u.s. -- former u.s. acting ambassador will be on to talk about. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal sunday morning, join the discussion. in his weekly address, president trump talked about his plans for tax reform. representative john permit of kentucky as the democratic address. he talked about the health care law. americans, the american family has always been the heart of our great nation. in homes across this country, families teach their children's to work hard, to love each other, and to make the most of their talent in pursuit of their dreams. for too long, american families have been hurt washington's policies that put the interests of other countries before the interest of our country. in my administration, we are pursuing tax cuts and reform
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that create jobs in america for american workers, not foreign workers, but american workers. here are my four principles to tax reform. we are going to make the tax code simple and fair, so that families can spend more time with their children and less time going through pages of paperwork. 94% of families use professional help to do their taxes, that's not fair, that's not right. americansplan, 95% of will be able to file their tax return on a single page without keeping receipts, tracking paperwork, or filling out extra schedules. we are going to talk desperate taxes for the middle class, so hard-working americans can finally save more for their future. we want to help families keep more of what they earn, and to be able to afford the cost of raising a family. our tax code to recognize that the most important investment we
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can make is in our children. going to restore america's competitive edge by making our taxes the more attractive for investment and job creation. business tax rates is the highest in the world, pushing jobs to foreign countries. that's not what we want, that's not what i've been talking about all of these years. i've been talking about the exact opposite. we need to bring down our tax rate so we can create jobs, wealth, and opportunity in the in the united -- united states so we can bring our job back and businesses back. that butax reform america first. we want tax reform that makes america great again. finally, we are going to bring back trillions of dollars and while so it can be invested in our country, so -- where it belongs. we have a once in a generation opportunity to reform our tax code and we pave way to
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unprecedented prosperity. by doing what we are doing, you will see results like you have never seen before. tax cutbe the largest in our country's history. i'm asking members of both parties to come together to put aside partisan differences and to pass historic tax reform and tax cuts for the great citizens of our nation. that's how we will all succeed and thrive together as one team, one people, and one american family. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. >> on congressman john norman from louisville, kentucky. week we learned that the senate latest iteration of trumpcare, graham cassidy, will likely take coverage away from approximately 32 million people. 10% of the american public. let's be clear, we already knew that the bill becomes law and eliminates