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Paul Ryan
  House Speaker Ryan Weekly Briefing  CSPAN  September 28, 2017 8:58pm-9:14pm EDT

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do. hire hire i'm pleased schip is on the committee's agenda next week and hopefully that can be brought to the floor before we leave in this work period, perhaps just before or just after the dream act is brought to the your guys, pretty awesome being in the capitol today. i can't tell you, i'm a little emotionally pushed. it was really nice to see steve today. i don't think i can add much. but we are so grateful and so
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relieved to have steve scalise back. he is such a fighter and force of nature and that was before this ordeal, watching him fight through the struggles and do so well, we are in awe of this. and i tell you what, i'm in awe of his family, jennifer, harrison and madison, i'm in awe. our prayers are answered. we are so grateful. crystal and dave, they are amazing people who just completely stepped up, followed their training and through courage to the wind and we are really happy to have our friend back and grateful to the people who made this possible. later today, i will be up in pennsylvania just outside of
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philadelphia and visit penn machine works. they make pipe fittings. this is a working class town that has been hurt by the slow growth and flat wages everything years. i represent a lot of towns like ashtown, pennsylvania. our tax code is a big part of this problem. under our crazy system, they get crazy carveouts while small businesses are paying skyhigh tax rates. our plan lowers taxes for small family-owned businesses. their tax rate will go down to 25%. this will revitalize it all across america. it will mean bigger paychecks. it's about helping the middle class and people to achieve their piece of the american dream. we are encouraged that the
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framework has achieved. this is clear it's time to act and clear to get this done and i look forward to talk about this in pennsylvania. questions. reporter: the house will be voting on a budget on thursday, do you think it will be deficit neutral? speaker ryan: it has to be deficit neutral. reporter: how do you get there? speaker ryan: you'll see. reporter: i know you visited steve scalise on the hospital. what was it like when you first saw him in the capital today? speaker ryan: i was a babbling idiot. i could not compose myself and i don't have words for it. we were there when he was basically in a coma and couldn't talk and wasn't conscious and it
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was bad -- when he came off that helicopter, it was very, very dire. and for a couple of days, we thought we had a chance of losing him. surgeon, savaa and he mapped out how how hard a row this was going to be and how dire the situation was and where he has come from, it is miraculous and just amazing. just to see him there sitting and standing with a suit on and jennifer, it's just amazing. it was really something. i don't have words other than just relief and just thanks. reporter: he talked a lot about prayer and just prayers starting on the ball field. you sometimes talk about your faith. talk about what you were saying, to god and prayer, for him, his
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family, you talked about this being an attack on the institution. speaker ryan: i pray constantly. i am a strong person of faith. as catholics, we don't wear it on our sleeves. our prayers have been answered. we prayed for steve and his family. we prayed for crystal and dave, we all know each other. i pray for the country. you know, obviously, the person was mentally disturbed, but to take political emotions and beliefs and turn it into that is an awful thing. and we have a lot of polarization and i think to witness the bipartisanship that occurred right then and after, i think it's a good example to follow. i think of that picture of the democrats praying in the
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dugout when they were doing their practice and that is the example. we have differences and keep them in check and pray for each other. out of these tragedies, good things can come from it and that is a prayer that has been answered as well. and there is a lot to be answered for as well. reporter: the president has commented about nfl players and using language to describe black players who are kneeling for police brutality. i want your take on the president's comments. speaker ryan: i haven't seen all of his comments but people have a right to express themselves. that is the first amendment. what people don't seem to get is when you do it on the flag and the and send, it looks like you are protesting against the
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patriotism. people put their life on the line. i think it is misguided to protest the anthem and the flag because people don't see it. -- they don't see it as a political issue. they see it as protesting against the people against the ideals and that's the point that i think some people are missing in this debate. reporter: [indiscernible] [laughter] reporter: the president has stressed that his tax plan will not benefit the wealthiest of americans. would you commit to keeping that promise and if that would include a forced income tax? speaker ryan: the purpose of our tax plan is to help get jobs
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created. and help keep businesses in america, and help get money that is trapped overseas back into the country. the goal of that is to make sure that the benefit on income earners attributes to the middle class. that is the purpose of this tax plan. this is the framework and within this framework we are going to work, and that is up to the committees to specify how that is done. differentmany were ways of doing it. that is why we introduced the idea that the rate reduction won't be significant for high-income earners because we want the relief to go to the middle class. reporter: within the group that is not in the framework, why do you want to include that? speaker ryan: and something you know how the numbers work, not getting the health care bill passed, that 3.8% tax and $70
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billion and it is about fiscal space and what we wanted to focus on was getting rates down. we think rates are a critical thing with growth and international competitiveness and middle-class tax cut. you can't do everything you want to do. hopefully the committee can improve on this, but that's where it stands now. reporter: on health care, i was wondering if you could address vice president pence's you legislative wins. given what happened with graham cassidy. he went to the lunch in the senate this week, the senator said he did not talk about health care. i was wondering -- speaker: can i speak about what they talked about at lunch? he played a very instructtive role. what is good about mike pence is he was a house member, he knows our system, he knows our members well. a lot of the people are now over in the senate, mike is a perfect
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bridge. i think he is doing a fantastic job. that is a tough issue. we are disappointed in the house that they couldn't get it over the finish line. we will have to fix this. i tell people there is a reconciliation vehicle next year. we will ultimately get to this. reporter: thank you, mr. speaker. on hurricane harvey, democrats say there is not quick enough response from the trump administration and a spending bill needs to be on the floor right now for puerto rico and virgin islands. speaker ryan: in two days. reporter: is moneys the problem right now or is it manpower? speaker ryan: mud is a good question. as you know, as soon as we get these requests we finance these requests. $6.7 billion will be released in
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the fema account. the president waived with respect to are puerto rico more generous than texas and florida. a huge capital injection will occur. the resources are there and they will be tapped. what is happening now is you have to do damage assessments. you can't do it until the rescue mission, helping people who are trapped in their homes, people who are in need of critical care, diesel, water. that humanitarian mission is happening now. you have a surge of manpower to who areef to people under duress. then you have time to do damage assessment. and the administration is going to collect that data. clearly because harvey was earlier and irma was earlier than maria, we are getting better damage assessment from them.
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we still have to get damage assessment from puerto rico. and we believe, i assume it's in october that we will get a request from the administration and quickly act on that request because we have to get help to people who need it. that is going to happen. the -- in thein fact that the bill we passed earlier in response to the request, that applies to puerto rico. we front loaded the $6.7 billion. they will get into days. that money is there. the challenge with puerto rico, there are several of them, it's an island. in gainesville, we loaded 10 trucks with the j.j. watt foundation. you can't send trucks to puerto rico. it's much more challenging. i'm glad the president waived the jones act to get every ship we find to go to puerto rico.
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and then it is about getting the air raid up so the air traffic system can be up and running. there is a lot of work needs to be done. reporter: a lot of military needed? speaker ryan: but obviously everything we can do is needed and there is military needed. the hospital ship, the c-130's and national guard. there is a surge of resources. we have to make sure to do everything we can for our fellow citizens in puerto rico. thank you very much everybody. appreciate it. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you coming up friday morning, a discussion about republican efforts on tax reform, the budget, and health care with american action for an president douglas. studiesor puerto rican talked about the current amount of federal aid needed for puerto rico.
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shame is ryan of common cost on traveling rules for public officials. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. also in the morning, iowa senator will talk foreign policy at the center for strategic and international studies. a.m. eastern 9:00 on c-span two. happening at the same time, the george washington senator for cyber and homeland security conference.nual we will have that live on c-span, and streaming on the free c-span radio app. >> for as long as i live, i will never forget that in no other country on earth, is my story even possible. not madetory that has
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me the most conventional of candidates. but it is a story that has seared into my genetic makeup the idea that this nation is more than the sum of its parts. that out of many, we are truly one. >> for the past 30 years, the video library is your free resource for politics, congress, and washington public affairs. whether it happen 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago, find it in c-span's video library at c-span, where history unfolds daily. senator marco rubio sent staffers to puerto rico to get a read on the situation and the federal response. twitter,ized in on saying that multiple chains of command isn't going to work. iseffective unified command needed until supply logistics are sufficient to deliver aid.