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tv   House GOP Party Leaders Briefing  CSPAN  October 4, 2017 12:07am-12:21am EDT

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they have been a health and the very beginning. i like you to make sure you pay attention to our elected officials from across this great state and here locally. they have been instrumental in supporting our organization throughout this and we need it. there are a lot more questions than there are answers. we will provide those to you just as soon as we can. thank you. >> [indiscernible] trump scheduled to visit las vegas this afternoon. we expect him to meet with first responders and victims of the shooting. of his bring you updates trip on c-span networks and our website,
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on capitol hill today, paul ryan and other gop leaders addressed the shooting during their weekly remarks. here's a look.
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>> we are all happy testes can lease back. he is proved work and that life is precious. with all those have in the world, we think of families and loved ones whose lives were cut short. it's hard to imagine, yesterday , -- we also need to give thought and gain understanding from it. as we search for what's next. i call for everyone to join in prayer. pray for healing. pray for healing for our country. broken lives and broken hearts,
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that we may come together during this time. >> thank you, madam chair. i want to share a couple of thoughts with you. a shout out to the shares and the people at the metro police department. a professional response, a call response, those home security -- homeland security results. i'd like to thank them all for their support. nevada talk about resilience, las vegas is the world's fun place. what happened a couple of days ago doesn't fit that verse description. but we talk about the house
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pouring of support, it's a humbling thing. it's a humbling time for everybody to try to sort out. there is time in the coming weeks to do those sorts of things that we need to do and see what the lessons are learned. i think right now, it's humility, thoughts and prayers, and thank you all for your support on behalf of the silver state, nevada resilience, thanks a lot. >> it's great to see all of you and it's great to be back. i continue to let everybody know who prayed for me during those meant.imes how much it it was tremendously uplifting and it gave me and my family a lot of strength during those tough times. on that same token, jennifer and i pray for the people that were involved in the nevada shooting.
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obviously, with so much loss of life in some the other people that are still injured today, -- theiries need families need our prayers today. what can we do to help? -- rememberinder there is a tremendous loss of blood. go to your local blood bank and donate. that alone can be a positive sign. need to bebably continuing to use of the local hospitals of people continue to be treated. there's a lot that we need to pray for, surely, the loss of life and those injured. hopefully those that are injured can get through their injuries and get back to their families. keep them in your prayers. >> it so uplifting to have steve back. many of you remember that day.
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the look on the doctor's face, the things that he told us, that you know this man is strong. when his wife jennifer arrived, the struggle of whether he was going to be over take had fallen upon him, she said you don't know the strength of my husband. i remember my wife and i were in there on the fourth of july, he had just got an infection. you'd never know it. he spoke on that floor thursday, i hope congress remembers the spirit that they felt last thursday is to move forward. we will have philosophical differences. there's so much more that unites this nation. moments like this the time so we look for what's important. where so thankful you are back.
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we woke yesterday to another tragic loss. las vegas is more than just the city. las vegas is a city not just for america, for an entire nation, and the world. everyone felt that loss. there are people from all around there. i've three constituents who lost their lives that they. i've other city in the hospital. girl, big country music fan. the bakersfield speedway. she was there with her mother and friends. friendsone of the best to my district director's daughter. of two was celebrating his 23rd wedding anniversary with his wife when the shots rang out, he jumped in front of
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his wife and gave the ultimate sacrifice for the one who loved. old.r wang, 55 years inside the hospital, i have a bakersfield police officer off duty. i have another young lady it's in the icu. last night, i share dinner with our president. we spoke about that day. commentim i thought his , his moment of silence for the , mark and i will travel with the president tomorrow to las vegas -- these are if it acts, these horrific crime for these individuals, they try to divide our nation. it's a time to we have to heal.
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we find whathat divides us to put aside. i know with these families are going to go through. we need to be there for them. we need to find that we are stronger and we cannot allow this character when -- this terror to win. i too want to say ira the day that i saw you in a coma and to see steve scalise standing right here, it's a miracle. it's good to have steve back. we feel so blessed. i also know we are reeling from this horror that we witnessed in las vegas. as we speak, we have a lot of people in the hospital fighting for their lives.
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parents are grieving for their children. this is just awful. we cannot let the actions of a single person defined as the country. it's not who we are. what truly defines us are the acts of heroism we witnessed after the tragedy. kevin just told you about the man who shielded his wife. there are hundreds of stories of people looking out for another. first responders rushing in. people lined up to give blood. this is what america is. people helping each other. going to take time. but we afternoon we're all in this together as a country. it's being back here, evidence of the power of miracles and prayer and healing and getting back together. our constituents need both these things right now. to heal, to pray, and to get back together.
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this is not a good day because we had an awful day two days ago but we will have better days in the future because our country is reasonable and will overcome this. what you want to say to the americans who want to know how you can make the more safe? from a lot ofrned the shootings underneath this is a diagnosis of mental illness. this is why we spent years working on mental illness reform and why the house of passed landmark mental health reform just a year ago. that law is now being implemented. settle andhe dust see what is behind some these tragedies, mental health reform is a critical ingredient to's --
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to prevent these things happening. that's one of the things congress is done to try to get ahead of these problems. what about the rollback background checks? people whose rights were being infringed and it's a little more complicated than you are describing. protecting people's rights is very important as what the issue was all about. >> [indiscernible] that there was not scheduled now. i don't know what it's going to be scheduled. right now we are focused on passing our budget. we are bringing our budget of this week. i don't know if you knew that.
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the reason we are bringing our budget up this week is we want to pass tax reform. the sportsman's bill is not scheduled. thank you. [indiscernible] >> on the house floor, several of their colleagues also address the shooting in las vegas. here's a look. what if the headline in the morning paper was slightly different.


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