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tv   Nancy Ognanovich  CSPAN  October 7, 2017 1:02pm-1:09pm EDT

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domenici mental health parity and addiction act was finally passed in october of 2008, only a few months before senator domenici's retirement from the u.s. senate. that is the type of bipartisanship, of legacy and statesmanship on behalf of the american people that i hope that we will all remember for a long, long time to come. we should all try better to keep that spirit alive in the u.s. senate today, and i have to say i join all new mexicans, all americans in mourning the passing of senator pete domenici. our thoughts and deepest condolences, our prayers are with his wife nancy and all of his family and loved ones at this time of great loss, for their family and for the state, and i am certain that senator domenici's legacy will not be forgotten in new mexico and will not be forgotten here in the
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united states senate. thank >> the house will take up the $29 million supplemental request for additional hurricane efforts , wildfire recovery, and debt belief for the national flood insurance program. for more, we talked with a capitol hill reporter. crack for much of the funding is for disaster relief and where is it going? >> after having to deal with irma and texas and florida and puerto rico and the virgin islands.
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a large amount of this money actually would be for fema to use to help for puerto rico which is in desperate shape. tore is other money there increase the borrowing authority survey can get more money out to people that have been hurt by these storms. there is also a sliver in here, the western wildfires that have been bad this year. that is the starting point for this package. >> another pizza -- piece of this is for assistance in terms of the national flood insurance program. what is the situation with that program now and why does it need extra funding? nancy: the government has exhausted the borrowing authority to help people in this insurance program. unless they put more money into this program, they can't function. they have to increase the borrowing authority quickly. house request is 29
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billion, yet your leads is a $50 million. where is the difference between the two numbers? they: the other night when package came up from the white house, almost immediately the texas delegation met behind say we don'tand like it and there isn't specific money for taxes. what we got in the first a supplemental isn't enough to address harvey and the damage which is enormous. the deputy whip in the senate and that he and ted cruz members of the house delegations were all meeting to come up with a response to this. a response can be very next day and they are asking for almost $20 billion more to help the home state. of theel that in the end
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kind of damage that harvey caused in texas is really reaching behind her billion-dollar mark and they feel they have only gotten the beginning sliver. they need more money now. in the texas lucky delegation because they have a three members of the delegation serving as cardinals on the house appropriations committee. they went to house appropriations and made their pitch and it sounds as though they have gotten a good response. that is why we see the total edging up toward $50 billion when this moves to the house and senate. there is another part that is being discussed by democrats. they don't think it has enough direct aid for puerto rico. you can imagine efforts in the house and the senate by other lawmakers to get more money for
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puerto rico. it could easily be 50 billion if not more. nancy ognanovich is a congressional leadership reporter with bloomberg government. you can follow her on twitter. weekend, a bipartisan group of senators are traveling to puerto rico to survey hurricane damage and relief efforts. the group includes tim kaine of virginia, ron johnson of york, and richard blumenthal of connecticut. the trip was arranged to the department of homeland security and fema. donald trump has approved an emergency declaration for a large area of louisiana and ordered federal assistance for the state as hurricane nate enters the gulf of mexico. the statement released said the theent authorized -- president authorized agency and
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the department of homeland security to coordinate all disaster relief efforts. forecasters say nate could hit overnight as a category two hurricane. vice president michael pence and his wife, karen, are in las vegas today. the vice president is expected to speak at a citywide prayer walk later this afternoon. presidentkly address, trump talks about reaction to the mass shooting in las vegas. georgia congressman john lewis has a democratic response. he offers ways to and gun violence. my fellow americans, i visited with the victims of the her fatal shooting, spoke with their families, and thanked the bravest citizens, first responders and personnel who saved so many lives. we struggle against the evil that occurred on sunday evening when a murderer shot into a crowd of more than 20,000 people.


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