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tv   U.S. House of Representatives 10102017  CSPAN  October 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:22pm EDT

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eradicating drugs, but it did not solve the problem. there was no alternative to that. and so we spent time in 2010 tried to develop with usda how you make your yields of other crops more productive. until the u.s. -- until the afghan government -- we will have to leave this event and go live to the house as they are coming in for general speeches. live to the house floor. e speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. october 10, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable brian k. fitzpatrick to act as peaker pro tempore on this day. january 3, january 3, 2017, th
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chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally al low created between the parties and in no event shall debate continue beyond 1:50 p.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from connecticut, mr. ourtney, for five minutes. mr. courtney: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, going back to the days of teddy roosevelt, it has been a bipartisan principle that protecting the public health and america's environment is a sacred obligation of all of us who have the honor to serve this nation in elected or appointed office. unfortunately, the administrator of the e.p.a., mr. scott pruitt, didn't get that memo because yesterday he announced that he is precipitously going to strike down the clean power plant rule sometime later today, which will turn the clock back in
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this country in terms of trying to get our arms around the issue of rising carbon emissions that scientist from across all sectors have universally recognized are causing rising sea temperature, rising sea levels, and that are affecting climate and clearly are linked to man-made carbon emission that is have been tracked for decades going back in time. mr. pruitt's argument is based on the discredited view that carbon pollution does not fall under the clean airr act, which is what the last administration was proceeding on when they actually designed the clean power plant rule. the acts are these. in 1963 this congress passed the clean air act. it was signed into law by president lyndon johnson and been amended a number of times on a bipartisan basis to strengthen and enhance the protections that were built into that law when it was, again, enacted many years ago. in fact, in 1990, george
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herbert waste, fraud, and abuser bush signed the last update and upgrade to the clean air act which is exactly what this administration, the prior administration was proceeding under when they designed the rule. the supreme court has weighed in on this question about whether or not greenhouse gases are covered under the clean airr act. in 2007, massachusetts versus the e.p.a., the court, republican majority court ruled in favor of the fact that greenhouse gases are, in fact, covered under the statutory umbrella of the clean airr act. this is what the court said. because greenhouse gases fit well within the clean airr of air of air n pollutants, we hold that e.p.a. has the statutory authority to regulate the emission of such gases. in 2014, the court reinforced that ruling and a decision written by an toin scalia, the godfather of conservative awyers all across this contry,
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which we iterated the fact that greenhouse gases emit interested power plants are -- emitted from power plants are subject to the clean air act. unfortunately, we see yesterday and today, the e.p.a. administrator is just that tely striking down important advance in terms of protecting the public health of this country and putting nothing in place. there is no alternative that mr. pruitt is out there in terms of trying to get this on ry to move forward clean power. it's unfortunate as the international energy agency announced this morning, the solar energy production for the irst time ever now surpasses any other form of power production in the world. and the same thing is happening here in the u.s. because of the renewable energy tax credits. in my state of connecticut, renewable energy solar panel jobs far exceed any other power production jobs in the state. we're seeing an incredible proliferation of people who are installing panels in their y other form
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homes, businesses, the u.s. navy in goton, connecticut, has solar panels on every bit of navy housing and solar field to power the nation's oldest submarine base in connecticut. the decision by mr. pruitt is not a pro-growth, pro-economic decision. it is simply responding, unfortunately, to political forces that drove this administration to power from the fossil fuel industry. the overwhelm saving glace of mr. pruitt's order he allows a large and long public comment period for the people of this country who do care about clean air and who do care about our environment to weigh in on this reckless decision that turns the clock back for public health and safety, and for our economy. because that's where the growth is going to be is in renewables. not power production of the past. it is not a war on coal. coal production is not singled out in the clean power plant regulations. but what it does say is that
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any plant, whether it's coal or whether it's natural gas or whether it's solar panels, you've got to address the question of carbon emissions. you don't get to produce that power and then leave a mess behind you. and that is a very simple principle which i think every american can understand and unfortunately is about to be torpedoed by this administrator who by the way was in the courtroom trying to argue against the courts back in 2014 and came out on the losing decision. i guess he got his revenge not just on the court but unfortunately for all of us who have to live with this terrible rule. mr. speaker, again, let's reverse that decision. let's move towards the future with the type of power which will protect the environment and grow jobs. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the chair recognizes the gentleman from michigan, mr. mitchell, for five minutes. mr. mitchell: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise to honor a fallen hero,
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michigan state trooper o'neal tragically made the ultimate sacrifice in an on-duty motorcycle accident. i rise in support and love to his friends, family, and unfortunately gnat enough to know him. as the proud parent after police officer, can i only imagine the pain you must feel. words are inadequate at such a time sorrow, please know are you in my prayers. trooper o'neal was known by his friends, fiance, family for his sense of humor, compassion for animals, and love for his family. he's also remembered for his commitment to bettering our community and our safety. i ask my colleagues and all those watching to join me in a prayer for trooper o'neal, his feian say, his parents, and his siblings. and his entire family. may god bless them all. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from north carolina, mr. butterfield, for five minutes.
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mr. butterfield: thank you very much, mr. speaker. for yielding time this morning. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize one of the most innovative jazz musicians of legendary he thelonious monk. this legend, streak, was born in my congressional district in the state of north carolina and would have turned 100 years old today. that loanous monk was the born of three children to legendary thelonious monk. this legend, born to thelonious and barbara monk on this day in 1917 in rocky mount, north carolina. and his family left rocky mount for new york city with thee loanous -- that loanous -- thelonious monk was a child. writer sam stevenson credited is carolina roots in the
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american writing that rocky mount's flourishing tobacco culture and rail yard was one of the largest in all of the south. the year monk was born. stevenson sec lated these -- those and his family left rocky mount for new york city with thee loanous railways may inspired monk's composition, "little rootie tootie" which features train whistle sounds. mr. speaker, incidentally the city of rocky mount, north carolina, which is divided between two counties, nash county and edgecomb county, anti-railroad in that community is the dividing line. the dividing line is a train rack and every day the c.s.x. train and amtrak train come through that community and they have been doing that for very long time. those train tracks were first established in 1855, even war. the civil
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the t was established as wilmington to weldon railroad. it was the longest railroad in the entire world consisting of more than 160 miles of track and it came through mr. monk's hometown. the wilmington to weldon railroad. it was the longest thelonious monk studied peaian yea at the age of 11 and showed for the instrument. by the time he was 13 he won the weekly amateur competition at the apollo theater so many times that management banned him from re-entering the contest for the instrument. by there in harlem. 1941, monk began working at minton's playhouse in harlem where he joined the house band and helped develop the school of jazz known as bebop. alongside fellow jazz great charlie parker and dizzy llespie and hubie blake monk honed his fast and off improvised style that would later become synonymous with
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modern jazz. thee loanous -- thee loanous monk's first known recording was in 1944er with worked as a member of the coleman hawkins quartet. monk did not record under his own name, however, until 1947 when he played as the leader of a sixtet session for blue note n 1947, he married nellie smith, his long-time sweetheart, two children were born to the marriage of whom they named after monk's thelonoius and barbara. he signed a contract with prestige records which produced pieces like "smoke gets in your eyes," and "bags groove" which he recorded with miles davis in 1954. now in 1956, mr. speaker, monk released his third album, "brilt brilliant corners" considered by many to be his first true masterpiece. in 1957, the thelonoius monk
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quartet which included john coal train -- coltrane began performing regularly. by 1964 monk was popular with the mainstream audience and became one of the four jazz musicians ever to trace the cover of "time" magazine. the years that followed include several overseas tours but by the early 1970's monk was ready to give it up. he was ready to retire from the limelight. after battling innesses for several years, monk passed away from a stroke in 1982. finally, he has since been inducted into the north carolina music hall of fame and the grammy hall of fame added to the library of congress' national recording reg strirks awarded a pulitzer prize and featured on a united states stamp.
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monk left a legacy as one of the originators of modern jazz music. and that's why the city of rocky mount is so proud of their native ston. they celebrated all weekend this past weekend in various places throughout the city honoring and celebrating the life of this great musician. i ask my colleagues to join me today in paying tribute to an outstanding artist, thelonious monk as his family, residents of rocky mount, and country prepare to celebrate his 100th birthday. thank you, mr. speaker, for your patience in listening to these comments this morning. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. fitzpatrick, for five minutes. mr. fitzpatrick: mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize the formation of a partnership between the foundation and doylestown health which will to prevent fforts
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and recognize appropriately the child sexual abuse in our community. this critical program will be fund through the generous support to prevent could youy e of the family shoprite and will train local medical staff in the darkness to light stewards of children course utilizing online education tools. there is no doubt that because of the compassionate efforts of these organizations the foundation, doylestown health, and the family shoprite bucks county children will be safer and community stronger. i stand in strong support of this vital new partnership and all efforts to protect our society's most vulnerable.
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mr. speaker, i rise the lifelong evinton resident, chris, who became an accomplished businessman and true pillar to our community. he strongly supported local small business and always rooted for the underdog. people will remember chris as an owner of bailey's bar and grill and plaza. to his friends, family, all those who had the pleasure of knowing him, chris was a kind, humble, selfless man with a loving and caring heart. he loved to make everyone laugh with his unique sense of humor. he loved spending time with his family. mr. speaker, chris strived to be the very best father, son, grandfather, uncle and brother. he will be sorely missed by our ntire community.
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mr. speaker, i rise today to cognize october as a term to address any disease that aggravated the nervous system. here are many times of dysautonomia. it afflicts over 70 million people of all ages worldwide, including constituents in my district like liz. while there's no cure there are many treatments to improve quality of life, including medications and lifestyle changes. this month we work to spread awareness of dysautonomia through education, community events and lobbying and ask
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friends and family take actions. we need to spread the word about dysautonomia and funding to find a cure. we need to race towards a cure. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from texas, mr. conaway, is recognized for five minutes. mr. conaway: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i am proud to represent thousands of teachers across west texas who've dedicated their careers to educating and preparing our children for the future. s a former member of the midland independent school board, i understand them. we are unfairly withholding social security benefits they may have earned through econdary business. this has proven to be ill conceived. many educators have been harmed by the unintended consequences
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that have created uncertainty and put damper on the otherwise joyous occasion of retirement. it's imperative we solve this issue and give our texas teachers the ability to collect -- to collect the social security benefits that they deserve. i remain committed to working with my colleagues in the house to find a fair and equitable resolution to this issue to ensure that our educators have access to the social security benefits and pensions they most certainly have earned. mr. speaker, with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until 2
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neighborhoods might not open until wednesday. the fire started on wednesday and rapidly spread by the region's santa ana winds. vice president pence was in california yesterday and had this to say. vice president pence: 15 fires currently burning across northern california and when we were in southern california today we saw additional wildfires. we're grateful for the firefighters some of whom we
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met with today who are literally putting their lives on the line to protect the people of california and protect property. i'm pleased to report the national forest service dispatched five firefighting crews, four dozers and we recently requested the congress would provide an additional $576 million for wildfire suppression expenses. it has been a challenging month and a half for natural disasters across this country. with hurricanes affecting texas, the gulf coast, florida, the virgin islands and puerto rico. but i want to assure the people of california on behalf of president trump and our entire administration that we will be working very closely with governor brown and with california to see you through these challenging times and i want to say to the people of california and all of those that are in the path of these advancing wildfires that we are with you, we are standing with
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you and the american people will have the communities that are affected in our thoughts and in our prayers in the days ahead. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> covers some six million people. this is a very heavily automobile commute city and it will just extend our brand and give people who are involved in the process here a chance to listen to it. that's how it happened and it was that simple. >> c-span radio marking 20 years of public affairs programming from the nation's capital. listen to "washington journal" live each morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. hear recaps of the day's political events on "washington today" week-days at 5:00 p.m. eastern and get the latest from congress, the administration and important events from across the nation. c-span radio is available in washington on 90.1 f.m. on our website, or by downloang


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