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tv   U.S. House of Representatives 10102017  CSPAN  October 10, 2017 1:59pm-2:12pm EDT

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>> last one, sir. unsurprisingly about korea. and i suspect you're probably not going to reveal to us the intricate details of your korea strategy, but what can the u.s. military do to lessen the likelihood of conflict on the korean peninsula? secretary mathis: what a great question. let me talk about korea for a minute because it's on all of our minds. you know there's a reason i recommended t.r.'s book that we pull it out and read it one more time. ladies and gentlemen, it is ght now a diplomatically led economic sanctioned buttressed effort to try to turn -- >> we'll leave this here as the u.s. house is about to gavel economic sanctioned back in for legislative work. live coverage now on the u.s. house here on c-span.
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the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. loving god, we ive you thanks for giving us another day. while members come to the end of a long weekend of constituent visits, bless them an those with whom they consult among those they represent with wisdom, patience, and generosity. as they seek law and policy that benefits not only local interest bus where possible, the greater common good of our country. we again ask you to impel those who possess power here in the capitol to be mindful of those americans who possess little or no power,est pirble -- especially in these days, those recovering in puerto rico. finally, we are mindful of yet another natural disaster
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unfolding in california with massive filed ir-- wildfires. we ask you to protect those who combat these fires and comfort those who have or will lose their homes and possessions. may all that is done today be for your greater honor and glory, amen. the speaker pro tempore: thank you. the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house his approval thereof. pursuant clause 1 of rule 1, the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance today will be bed -- will be led by the gentleman from oregon, mr. blumenauer. mr. blumenauer: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and ustice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable the
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speaker. house of representatives, sir. upon further discussion with my family, i have made the decision to resign my position as member of the house of representatives for pennsylvania's 18th congressional district effective october 21, 2017. i am grateful for the opportunity to have served the southwestern pennsylvania and to have worked with the talented and dedicated men and women of the united states congress. signed, sincerely, tim murphy. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will anti-tain -- will entertain requests for one-minute speeches. for what purpose does the the gentlewoman from north carolina rise? ms. foxx: unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. southwestern pennsylvania and to have worked with the talented and the speaker pro tempore: so ordered. ms. foxx: mr. speaker, i rise today to honor the men and women who have lost their lives to breast cancer and those who have survived. as you know, october is breast cancer awareness month. in order to prevent additional
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loss of life, it is essential that women educate themselves on prevention and receive regular screenings. in 2008, i co-sponsored legislation supporting the observance of breast cancer awareness month in part to help get the message out that this disease can and does kill men and women of all ages. according to the american cancer society, since 2007, death rates in older women with are decreasing, yet death rates in women under the age of 50 are steady. mr. speaker, i encourage all women watching to get screened regularly for this are decreasi yet death rates in women under disease. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what reason does the gentleman from south carolina rise? the gentleman is recognized for
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one minute. >> mr. speaker, domestic violence is a scourge. mr. wilson: its physical and psychological effects have lifelong consequences for survivors, their families, and children. i appreciate south carolina governor henry mcmaster and attorney general alan wilson, are working hard to stop domestic violence in our state, encouraged by laura hudson of the crime victims council. the governor issued a are worki to stop domestic violence in our statewide proclamation that designates october as domestic violence awareness month. toibling wilson's 20th annual silent witness ceremony, which he held last week, honors the past years victims of domestic violence at the statehouse. specifically the office of the attorney general works to gatt gath domestic violence to the s.t.o.p. violence against women program dedicated to providing representation to victims of domestic violence and raising awareness of the issue.
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also the probono program dedicated to providing probono legal representation in prosecution of domestic violence cases. eliminating domestic violence would be something we fight for during the month of october and every day of the year. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we'll never forget september 11 anti-global war on terrorism. -- and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: for what reason does the gentleman indiana rise? so recognized. >> mr. speaker, the indiana ris congress passed fundamental tax reform, i was 7 years old. it is long past time that our broken tax code is fixed andure country gets back on a path to robust and sustained economic growth. as we consider tax reform legislation, though, we should look to my home state of indiana for inspiration. during my time as a state senator, indiana lowered business taxes by nearly 50%
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and rates are scheduled to fall even further in the coming years. by 2022, the hoosier state will have the third lowest corporate tax rate in the nation. at the same time, indiana has removed many special interest loopholes and carve outs to make the system simple and fair all hoosier taxpayers. according to the nonpartisan tax foundation, indiana has the eighth best business tax climate in the country. a number that will only all hoo. according to the get better as tax rates continue to go down. the results speak for themselves. indiana has an unemployment rate below 4%. strong economic growth. triple-a credit rating, and a $1.8 billion surplus in the bank. lower taxes combined with simplestity and fairness. this is the model that we need to embrace if our country is going to return to sustained 3%
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and greater growth w that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from arkansas rise? >> unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, i rise today in ecognition of the tremendous impact forests have on our rural economies and natural environment nationwide. is biggs: next week national forest products week. in arkansas we know that growing -- -- begins ensuring that working forests continue to thrive. most working forrests, over 70%, are privately owned by feam families, small and large businesses shall and increasingly broad away of americans who invest in forest ownership. when they have confidence in their ability to manage and sell their timber productively, they'll continue to grow and invest in forest answer provide the foundation for the rest of the forest product supply chain. policies have a
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significant impact on the long-term economic environmental benefits we derive from these working forests and the livelihoods of those who own and manage them. the forest products industry represents a key economic driver for rural economies nationwide. mr. westerman: totaling $92.8 billion in g.d.p. n my home state environmentally friendly forest related businesses support more than of 2,000 jobs with more than $4.2 billion in annual payroll. a strong marketplace for forest products helps keep americans employed. these provide crucial habitat for species, filter america's drinking water, sequester carbon' provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the public. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair lays before the house a communication. the honorable the speaker. house of representatives. sir, pursuant to the permission granted in clause 2-h of rule 2 of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the clerk received the following message from the secretary of the
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senate on october 10, 2017 at 9:48 a.m. that the senate passed senate 692. that the senate passed senate 1103. that the senate passed senate 1595. with best wishes i am, signed sincerely, karen l. haas. the speaker pro tempore:
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u.s. forces tweeted out pictures -- ose unloading supplies from a helicopter. tweeteder of "hamilton" this. he said hurricane response isn't as much in puerto rico as it was for houston and florida. >> thursday, we're live in nashville, tennessee, for the next stop on the c-span bus 50 capitals tour. rmer governor phil brettison will be our guest on the bus during "washington journal" discussing the top issues facing tennesseans. and join us thursday for the entire "washington journal"
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starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern on -span. >> the second circuit court of ppeals heard the argument over -- donald zarda, a sky diving instructor, said he was fired after revealing to a client he's fway. mr. zarda passed away in 2 -- in 2014, his estate is continuing with the suit. this is an even bank hearing before the court, 13 of the judges participated, this is just under two hours.


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