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  Medal of Honor Ceremony  CSPAN  October 23, 2017 3:25pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, accompanied by medal of honor recipient captain gary m. rose, united states army, retired.
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>> we recall the words of sacred scripture, no one has greater love than this than to lay down one's life for one's friends. let us pray. almighty god, our hope and our love, be present with us here now. on this so important occasion for our nation. as we recognize the extraordinary, selfless service of captain mike rose. his heroic acts of sacrifice reveal to us the true dignity of each and every one of us of all our brothers and sisters.
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may these few moments here today and this example of captain rose's noble service trace for us, for the world the way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. may his heroic acts stir within us all the sacred desire to serve our nation, to serve with onor and to serve with these selfless acts that lead to peace. men. president trump: please, thank you. thank you very much, chaplain hurley. vice president pence, secretary shulkin, members of congress, members of the armed forces and distinguished guests, please join me in welcoming captain
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gary michael rose to the white house. [applause] president trump: for many years the stories of mike's heroism go untold but today we proudly present him with our nation's highest military honor.
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joining mike today is his wife, margaret, their three children, sarah, claire and michael, and their two grandchildren, caitlyn and christian. caitlyn and christian, i want you to know that the medal that we will present today will forever enshrine your grandfather -- and is he a good man. we just spoke to him for a long time. and you are great, great young people. but this will enshrine him into the history of our nation. we're also grateful to be joined by nine previous congressional medal of honor recipients. their courage, character and conviction is beyond measure. please stand. [applause]
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we are honored to be in their presence. this afternoon i want to take a few moments to share the incredible story of mike's heroic deeds. raised in watertown, new york, mike's father was a metal worker and a world war ii veteran. he taught his son that we live in the greatest country in the world and that we must love it, cherish it and always defend it. mike took that very much to heart. after his first year in college he enlisted in the army and by the time he was 22 mike was a medic for the fifth special forces group in the vietnam war. on september 11, 1970, mike was called on his second combat
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mission. he was the only medic for 136 men who embarked on one of the group's biggest missions of the war, operation tailwind. their goal was to prevent the north vietnamese from funneling weapons along the ho chi men trail to use against our american troops. helicopters dropped the unit into laos. before they even touched the ground, enemy fire struck three men. once they landed in the clearing, they rushed to the jungle for much-needed cover. soon another man was shot outside their defensive perimeter. mike immediately rushed to his injured comrade, firing at the enemy as he ran. in the middle of the clearing, under the machine-gun fire, mike treated the wounded soldier. he shielded the man with his own body and carried him back
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to safety. but this was just the beginning of mike's harrowing four-day mission. mike and his unit slashed through the dense jungle, dodged bullets, dodged explosives, dodged everything that you can dodge because they threw it all at them and continuously returned fire as they moved deeper and deeper and deeper into enemy territory. throughout the engagement, mikres dude those in distress without any thought for his own safety. i will tell you the people with him could not believe what they were witnessing. he crawled from one soldier to the next offering words of encouragement as he tended to their wounds. on the second day one of the allied soldiers were shot outside their company perimeter. again, mike raced to the side of the soldier, exposing
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himself to constant fire as bullets flew in every direction, mike fired at the enemy with one arm while dragging the injured soldier back to the perimeter with the other. soon after they returned to their unit, a rocket propelled grenade exploded nearby and shot smelledering metal into mike's back and into his leg. he was seriously, seriously wounded. the shrapnel left a gaping hole in mike's foot. for the next 48 excruciating hours, he used a branch as a crutch and went on rescuing the wounded. mike did not stop to eat, to sleep or even to care for his own serious injury as he saved the lives of his fellow soldiers. on the second and final night of the mission, the enemy surrounded the company. all night long mike treated the wound and dug trenches to
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protect them from blazing rockets and grenades. after four days of constant engagement with the enemy and after successfully destroying an enemy base camp, mike's unity prepared to evack -- unit prepared to evacuate. when the helicopters arrived, mike fought back the enemy as his fellow soldiers boreded the aircraft. he limped autopsy -- boarded the aircraft. he limped off the aircraft. as mike puts it, if you don't believe in god, then you should have been with us that day. and i can tell you, it will make a believer out of you. because we should not ever have survived. mike, today, we have a room full of people and a nation who thank god that you lived. [applause]
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mike's story doesn't end there. soon after the helicopter lifted off the ground, the chopper was hit by enemy fire. mike, this is serious stuff. [laughter] this was not a good four days. the bullets tragically struck a young marine gunner in the throat. again, mike rushed to help as he wrapped a cloth around the marine's neck. the engine of the helicopter failed. and the aircraft crashed less than a mile from where it had taken off. mike was thrown off the aircraft before it hit the ground but he raced back to the crash site and pulled one man after another out of the smoking and smoledering helicopter as it spewed -- smolderin helicopter as it spewed jet fuel from its tanks. finally, another helicopter rescued them and by the time they reached the base, mike was covered in blood. he refused treatment until all of his men had been cared for
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first. in every action during those four days, mike valiantly fought for the life of his comrades even if it meant the end of his own life. mike, you will -- i mean, i have to say, you really -- your will to endure, your love for your fellow soldier, your devotion to your country inspires us all. i have to tell you that is something. nations are formed out of the strength and patriotism that lives in the hearts of our great heroes. mike never knew for certain whether or not that marine gunner who was shot on the helicopter survived until earlier this year when mike learned that the marine had endured a painful and difficult recovery. but that he had made it and lived a long and very full life before passing away in 2012. as mike said, that in itself
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made it all worth it. that marine was one of many men mike saved throughout those four days mike treated an astounding 60 to 70 men. their company disrupted the enemy's continual resupply of weapons, saving countless of additional american lives. today we are joined by many of mike's brothers in arms who fought alongside him in operation tailwind. along with brave airmen and marines who provided critical support throughout the mission. as mike put it, if it wasn't for those aircrews, all of us would still be in laos. among those here today are 10 members of mike's unit. please stand up as i call your name. sergeant major morris adaire. sergeant don boudreau. first sergeant bernie bright.
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captain pete landon. ergeant jim lucas. lieutenant current gene mrk carley. first sergeant denver minton. sergeant keith plaverageant. specialist five craig schmidt. and staff sergeant dave young. thank you very much. [applause] - sergeant keith planchit. specialist five craig schmidt and staff sergeant dave young. thank you very much.
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[applause] to all those who served in the battle, you all deserve the eternal gratitude of the entire nation. you faced down communism. you defended our flag and you showed the world the unbreakable resolve of the american armed forces. thank you very much and thank you very much. after serving in operation tailwind, mike went on to become an officer in the army and served for over 20 years. now mike and his wife, margaret -- margaret, stand up, margaret. i met margaret. margaret's lovely. [applause] reside in a fantastic place where i just left, huntsville, alabama, where he lives by a core conviction. you serve your country by fixing your block. or fixing your neighborhood. mike volunteers with the
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american legion, the knights of columbus and many other organizations. he volunteers at a local soup kitchen, fixes broken appliances for elderly and disabled neighbors. donates his hair to those suffering cancer. makes lunches for children in need and organizations community gatherings to bring people closer together, which is something we need all over the world and certainly in our country. he's a loyal friend to his fellow service members. many of whom are in addition here today. and everyone's day -- caitlyn and christian come over for home work night with grandma and grandpa. you have to stand up. come on, christian. come on. caitlyn. [applause] i think caitlyn and christian
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will agree this field trip is their best home work assignment yet. right? what do you think, christian? he said yes. i'm told recently christian asked his grandfather what exactly is the congressional medal of honor? that is a wonderful question, christian. it's the award given to america's bravest heroes who earn our freedom with their sacrifice. those who receive the medal of honor went above and beyond the call of duty to protect their fellow service members and defend our nation. caitlyn and christian, you are about to witness your grandpa receive our nation's highest military honor and america's about to witness captain gary michael rose, recognized as the true american hero that he is. a patriot who never gives up, never gives in and always stands strong for god, for
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family and for country. mike, we honor you. we thank you. we salute you. and with hearts full of admiration and pride, we esent you with the congressional medal of honor. and now i would like the military aide to come forward and read the citation. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> the president of the united states of america authorized by act of congress march 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to sergeant gary m. rose, united states army. for conspicuous gallantry above and above the call of duty sergeant gary m. rose
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distinguished himself while serving as a special forces medic with a company sized exploitation force special operations augmentation, command and control central, special forces group airborne, first special forces republic of vietnam. between 11 and 14, september, 1970, sergeant rose's company a continuously engaged by well armed. enemy b-40 rockets and mortar rockets rained down with small and machine-gun fire wounding many and forcing everyone to cover. sergeant rose sprinted 50 meters to a wounded soldier's side. he then used his own body to protect the cass sulet from -- casualty from further injury. after stabilizing the casualty, sergeant rose ran him to protected cover. sergeant rose continuously exposed himself to intense fire
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as he fearlessly moved from casualty to casualty administering live-saving aid. a b-40 rocket impacted just meters from sergeant rose, knocking him from his feet and jurring his head, hand and foot. ignoring his wounds, sergeant rose struggled to his feet and continued to render aid to the other injured soldiers. during the tempted medevac, sergeant rose again subjected himself to enemy fire as he attempted to hoist wounded personnel to a helicopter which was unable to land due to unsuitable terrain. the helicopter crashed a few miles away due to the enemy fire sustained during the attempted extraction. over the next few days sergeant rose treated the wounded estimated to be half of the company's personnel. on september 14, during the company's eventually helicopter extraction, the enemy launched a full scale offensive. sergeant rose after putting wounded personnel returned to
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the outer perimeter carrying iendly casualties and then returned to the perimeter to help propel the enemy under the final extraction helicopter had arrived. at the final -- as the final helicopter was loaded, the enemy began to overrun and the machine gunner was shot in the neck. he saved the marine's life. the helicopter carrying sergeant rose crashed several hundred meters from the extraction point. further jurring sergeant rose and the personnel on board. despite his numerous wounds from the past three days, sergeant rose continued to pull and carry unconscious and wounded personnel out of the burning wreckage and continuing to administer aid to the wounded until another extraction helicopter arrived. sergeant rose's extraordinary heroism and selflessness was critical to saving numerous lives over that four-daytime period. his actions are in keeping with
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the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the first special forces and the united states army. [applause]
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>> eternal god, we ask for your blessings, the blessings of this day to remain with us as we go forward. may we go forth in peace empowered to serve with greater courage and strengthened to overcome the challenges of our service of our call. given to serve all in need. and we ask all this in your holy name. amen.
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[applause] >> finishing up this medal of honor ceremony from the east room of the white house. if you missed any of this event, it will be available to view online shortly at just type medal of honor ceremony in the video search bar. well, the pentagon has scheduled a briefing today. joint chiefs of chair general joseph dunford will answer reporters' questions. expect to talk about the recent deaths of service members in
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nyjer. that's live at 4:00 p.m. eastern. u.s. house taking a break before starting legislative work at 4:30. there are six bills including one to combat the spread of the drug fentanyl and another dealing with security conditions at cuba's international airport. we'll have more live house coverage when the gavel comes down at 4:30 eastern here on c-span. also, later today a look at press coverage of the trump administration. white house press secretary sarah sanders will be with white house correspondents from fox news, cnn and "the new york times." it's hosted by george washington university. gets under way at 7:00 p.m. eastern on our companion network c-span3, online at or listen with the free c-span radio app. again, live to the pentagon for a discussion this afternoon. that's at 4:00 p.m. eastern. while we wait for that to get under way, a discussion from this morning's "washington
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journal" on the week ahead in congress. president. "washington journal" continues. host: we are joined by usa today washington correspondent paul singer. darlene superville is with the associated press, a white house reported there. we're talking about all that is dce and another important week for tax reform as we showed our viewers before the break the column in usa today talking about tax reform with a house republican conference call yesterday. where else will he go to make this pitch this week? guest: on tuesday, capitol hill to attend the senate republican luncheon. and the tax reform bill is likely going to be a big topic of discussion there. as you know, the senate last week passed a budget resolution
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and this is something the president really wants to do. host: what is the game plan for the president this week? what is success when he leaves this meeting? success will be having the caucus united around this issue. and what he wants to get done. and having senate republicans lean on house members to get them in line for the bill. host: paul singer, take us to the timeline for tax reform. what needs to happen this week and next week to keep this on track as the president hopes to get this done before the end of the year? guest: yes, we have the option to get it done before thanksgiving. as long as they can get the house to pass the budget resolution. this is just the outline for what will be the tax bill. it sets a topline number. the challenge for the house is that they have to swallow what the senate did, which was allow ,or a trillion dollar deficit
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which the tax reform, in theory, is going to make up for i creating economic unity. for some conservatives in the house, and that is a sticking point. so that is what they have to get through this week. once that is done then you have the house and senate agreeing on a budget resolution with a topline number and you can produce a bill. as soon as that is done, hopefully the house ways and means committee will produce special legislation and we will see numbers and what the tax brackets are and who they affect and the legislation begins to move through the house as quickly as they can get it to move. host: we know the president joined the conference call yesterday and what we know that came out of it? did he move house members? the most conservative house members we spoke with last week said basically that they probably would go along with it. we will see what happens when they get the bill.
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going along with the number and going along with the bill are two different things. because a number, sure. let's have a trillion dollar tax relief is different than saying yes, we give a tax really to this people and we will cancel the tax seduction in new jersey -- whatever it is. so at the moment, conservatives seem like they're willing to the along and this morning president tweeted that he promises to retain the 401(k) with no changes. so again, the negotiations have begun on the detail. the first thing is to get the topline number through the house. host: we are going through the details and the timeline. the president to join the conference call yesterday, foxing mick mulvaney to news to talk about the timeline on fox news sunday. here is what he had to say. >> absolutely do. if the house takes the senate budget when they come back
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tuesday, it absolutely moves the ball a lot further and quicker towards that goal. >> another thing steve mnuchin under the shuttle is the corporate tax rate which is 20%. but if you had to negotiate on the number, would you? two priorities have been that middle tax taxpayers will pay less and it will be simpler. and number two is that the corporate tax rate is going to come down. back downove to get to 50% of the continue the negotiation but those two things are the foundation of the tax plan for the president. and i don't think the house really wants to negotiate those very much. darlene superville, how much negotiating a return to see when the president heads to capitol hill this week? what are we expecting to hear from him? that theres possible
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may be some negotiating. a lot of this will come back down to the adage that the devil is in the details. people are going to want to see the brackets and the income levels and the details and state and local taxes. the president tweeted this morning that before a one contributions are safe but that is off the table now so we have to wait and see. the president was adamant on the 20% rate. and he was not going to negotiate on that. but this is something you really want so we may have to bend a little. host: if you want to join the conversation, phone lines are open as we speak to paul singer from usa today and darlene superville from associated press. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, democrats. -- (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8002, independent colors. oft you think the impact is
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trumps war of words with fredricka thousand. seet: it is hard to anything other than distracting attention. because as a chance to talk about frederica wilson which is not a name we mentioned before last week. it is also a thing where he is being accused of -- by the congressional black caucus of disrespecting a black member of congress. witches going to create troubles for him, trying to point out to people that he is not just working for working-class white voters, also working for working-class black voters. thes in danger of changing conversation to something other than tax policy. this week, so far, he has been very good about focusing on tax
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sidebarut these audit issues pop up when the president tweets. this morning he was tweeting again about the nfl. stay on taxes. stay on taxes. host: the tweet was about two dozen players still continuing to kneel during the anthem. you coverperville, the white house. is there a chance the president would prefer we talk about some of these issues rather than the larger tax policy? whether this is the discussion he would prefer the news media would focus on while these other discussions happen on capitol hill? is their strategy here? guest: to some degree, maybe there is a strategy and maybe he does want us to talk about these other issues and then he could turn around and play the media and say well, we are not fighting about tax reforms. i'm trying to get the largest tax cut in u.s. history -- as he
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calls it. so maybe there is strategy to it but it does take away from the focus on tax reform which is something that the white house and the president and republicans on the hill really want to get done. host: the president also wants to focus on the opioid epidemic this week. escrow we know very little about what he will say on thursday. a few months ago he came out to say that the opioid crisis was a national emergency. and he promised to issue some sort of declaration to that. last week, the meeting he had with mitch mcconnell, he said he would be making an announcement it isit this week but unclear what he can say at how much work the white house has been able to do in terms of nationalis a so-called declaration. host: on this side of pennsylvania avenue, the senate is expected to work their way through another disaster aid
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bill this week? guest: yes, $35 billion in disaster aid. there was re: $15 billion in disaster aid that passed last month. the question is whether there is enough money in the disaster aid bill. i believe texas and florida are already saying that 35 billion dollars coming this week isn't enough. they need more money for houston. and more money for the florida citrus crop. that has been a concession it was moving this bill and we will have another one coming in next month. there is disaster aid in there for the rico. money to relieve some of the debt. there is money for the federal flood insurance program. this is going to go on for a while and my suspicion is that they will move this through quickly and then they start the next one. 105r katrina, they passed billion dollars in disaster relief in the first couple of months but at this point if you
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look at florida, texas, puerto rico, virgin islands and the wildfires in california, those numbers will go higher than that. host: the house and senate back for the first time in three weeks this week. we are talking about this morning in our roundtable about the week ahead in washington. in southup first carolina. an independent. good morning. caller: yes. i want to say that we just got done talking on c-span about trust in institutions, asking the general populace what institutions do we trust and i heard paul singer just say now and how the conservatives members of congress are at he said something -- if i paraphrase -- oh, i will go along with it. but it baffles my mind, as a regular citizen