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Paul Ryan
  House Speaker Ryan Briefing  CSPAN  October 26, 2017 1:22pm-1:34pm EDT

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>> online you can read the republican 2018 budget resolution. you can watch the debate any time and see how your representative voted. just go to and click on the congress tab. that will take you to our congressional chronicle. president trump is giving a speech this afternoon on the opioid epidemic which now kills tens of thousands of americans every year. he has pledged to declare the crisis an emergency, freeing up additional money and resources. we'll have live coverage of the president's comments here on c-span at 2:00 p.m. eastern. a look now at some of the 20 republicans voting against the budget resolution today,
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including, as we mentioned, many in the new york and new jersey delegations. we'll show you next house speaker paul ryan and his briefing after the vote today. mr. ryan: good morning. first of all, i am very, very excited because today we passed a budget that is fiscally responsible, it strengthens our national defense, and it's really good for taxpayers. most importantly, this budget that we just passed in the house today brings us one step closer to historic tax reform. that means more jobs, fairer taxes, bigger paychecks for americans.
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too long the american people have been living under a broken system, where they see too little of their hard-earned thrars. they spend hours and hours, they spend dollars just doing their taxes. so much time and money is wasted just complying with this incredibly complicated tax code. only to be rewarded by having a big chunk of their income taken and claimed by the government. it's unsustainable. people really are struggling in this country. so many people are just living paycheck to paycheck. families deserve a break. single moms who live paycheck to paycheck deserve a break. parents working to send their kid to college deserve a break. the guy who just got a job a couple months ago who is was unemployed for many months, he deserves a break. that's what this tax plan's about. our tax reform plan invests in these people. in real people. because we really believe that families know how to invest their dollars better than the federal government. we believe that families need a break. tax reform will help reignite
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the american dream. it will help bring us back to a place of confidence, freedom, happiness, a stronger, healthier economy. and this budget that the house just passed, 20 minutes ago, brings us closer to making that dream a reality. reporter: mr. speaker, appreciate the slide the other night, by the way. [inaudible] what the conference did earlier this week, seemed like multiple investigations into elements of the 2016 campaign, into clinton foundation issues. there's been allegations that this is a partisan effort, this is an effort to distract -- what's your sense of the end game here and then, one more, you had strong words for the f.b.i. earlier in the week about subpoenas related to the dossier issue. what are you willing to do if the f.b.i. doesn't comply? mr. ryan: the point of these investigations is to find the
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truth and make sure if laws are violated or mistakes were made, they're not made again, and transparency is what gets you that. it is our job under article one of the constitution, the legislative branch of government, to conduct full and oversight -- and thorough oversight over the executive branch. that's a real responsibility for congress. this is why we're so frustrated to have learned through the media aspects about this investigation that we've been asking for documents from the f.b.i. for months. and so since yesterday morning, the f.b.i. got in touch with us yesterday afternoon. and they have informed us that they will comply with our document are requests and that he -- document requests and that they will provide the documents congress has been asking for by next week and we expect the f.b.i. to honor that commitment. reporter: on tax reform you did pass the final version of the budget. but more of your members voted against this version than voted
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against the original version that passed the house. many of them from new york, new jersey, those high tax states. what are you doing to ensure that you can get tax reform passed? mr. ryan: first, look at the big step we took today. this was an enormous step in the direction toward getting comprehensive tax reform and tax cuts for middle class families over the line, into law. done. so that is what -- you ok? so, this budget that we just passed, that is really important for getting tax reform done. the ways and means committee will be putting out a specific plan very shortly and they're going to work with all of our members to look at and consider and address their concerns. i believe that the ways and means committee will be work with these members in particular to find a solution. reporter: earlier this week if an interview, you wouldn't guarantee that this tax bill won't raise the deaf sifment can you guarantee that it will cut middle class taxes? mr. ryan: the entire purpose of this tax bill is to cut middle class taxes. reporter: chairman brady said
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about 401 k's you left the door open. mr. ryan: i'm going to leave it up to kevin brady and the wamingse committee to -- ways and means committee to tell you about the details. if you have any design or detail questions, i'd have to recover you to the kevment i used to run the committee. didn't want leadership doing my job. i'm going defer to you them. reporter: on principle, though, do you agree with the president that these retirement accounts should not be touched? mr. ryan: i agree with competent hencive tax reform and giving the ways and means committee the latitude they need to write their legislation. remember, what we're trying to achieve err. -- here. we're trying to achieve giving people a break on their taxes, making it easier for people to plan and save for the few you are tougher -- for the future. the ways and means committee is working on that. reporter: another easy subject. on immigration. can you clarify what you may have told conservative colleagues regarding -- mr. ryan: yeah, i noticed i was leaked incorrectly. no decision has been made about the timing and the nature of daca. how it would be structured and
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when it will occur. there's this ongoing conversation. reporter: when a vote would occur. mr. ryan: correct, or how a vote would be structured. they're just ongoing conversations owe during among all of our members about the various possibilities and how to address this situation. you know we're working on a daca solution. there's no secret there. so we're working on a daca solution. and as -- i'll say it again, we want to work on a daca solution in such a way that we don't have a daca problem five, 10 years down the road. that means we have to address border security and interior enforcement as a part of that. how and when we do that is an ongoing conversation that we're having and so some selective incorrect leaks are not really a way to convey that message. we're talking with our members about all different kinds of solutions. reporter: earlier this morning your office described the tax foundation as nonpartisan. bill archer, bill english and american action network president -- mr. ryan: great economist. reporter: you've taken shots at the tax policy center which
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most people see as bipartisan because it includes staff people from both sides. including two g.o.p. ex-c.e.o. chiefs. compare and contrast these two -- why you think one is nonpartisan and the other isn't. mr. ryan: without going deep into the modeling, i think having a closed economy mod that will disrespects or disregards mobile capital flows doesn't make a whole lot of sense. so i think there are some model flaws. i think phenomenal molders, leadingers in their field, the a.k. model is a mold i used to work on when i was younger. the g.g.m. model is their current model. i think they did a lot to poke holes in the t.p.c. model. i'd say the basic is they put a bunch of assumptions in their model, made a bunch of things up, to come up with a conclusion that seemed to me overly partisan. when in fact those aren't the decisions that were made. that is my fault with the t.p.c. model. reporter: thank you, mr. speaker. over on the other side of the capitol there were strong words
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coming from a couple of retiring senators, republican senators, this week, about the president and about his behavior and his style and temperament. do you share any of these concerns? especially the concern raised by senator flake that he does not want to be complicit in the -- [inaudible] mr. ryan: first of all, jeff flake's a good friend of mine and i think the world of jeff flake. and i wish him the best of luck. into the future. i think i put a statement out that more or less reflected that. i think he's a very good man. he helped us with earmark bans, he was a voice of fiscal restraint here in the house. but i don't think the american people care about that. you know what the american people want to see us do? solve their problems. i don't think the american people want to see us up here yelling at each other. they want to see us fighting for them. the american people want results. and so that's what we're focused on. and i honestly believe the more unified we are in pursuing solutions that solve the american people's problems,
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that's what the people who sent us here to do, that's what they expect. we work for the people who elect us. those are our employers. and so if we're calling each other names or calling each other out or saying things against each other, what does that do to help a working mom get ahead? what does that do to help a veteran get the health care he deserves? what does that do to help rebuild our military so that the strongest undisputed military in the world, what does that do to advance tax reform, which will give us faster economic growth and bigger pay checks? nothing. that is why we need to stay focused on solving people's problems. and on being concerned about their issues and moving this agenda forward. and that's what our focus is totally all about. >> last question. you er: mr. speaker, often talk about tax reform -- [inaudible] -- being a series of hard choices, having to tell people, no special interests, etc. the president has twice now --
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[inaudible] -- that are pretty between hairman brady, the -- [inaudible] -- and the 401-k issue. are you at all concerned that when you detail these choices, that he's not going maybe like some of them, and tweet something about it? mr. ryan: he's going to be in asia, number one. in two --, no i was just kidding. that was kind of a joke. [laughter] sort of joking on that one. no, i'm not. because we're working very, very closely with the white house on this. so as you know, with the big six, we worked very hard on the parameter and the design decisions on what goes into this. the tax writers are working on the actual granual ar details on how to make this framework work and we're working very, very closely with the white house so there will be no surprises from our partners in the white house or in the senate when we do this. thanks a lot, everybody. appreciate it. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]