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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Paul Ryan at RTCA Dinner  CSPAN  October 27, 2017 11:49am-12:00pm EDT

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i don't know how many -- i was fearful of being separated and left behind. so i took his arm, and when i did, that's when it turned on me. someone pulled my hair, body slammed me. on theviolent protests cap this last march followed by a scheduled lecture by political scientist charles murray. -- minutesg up in about 10 , a conversation on health care and how to decrease costs while improving quality. we will hear from a former vice chairman of the medicaid payment advisory commission, and executives with housing insurance companies in arkansas and new york. are going to show you house speaker paul ryan and his speech to the radio tv correspondents association dinner. it is just over 10 minutes.
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>> evening. how are you all doing? good? thanks for having me. i know who bobby bones is. nice to meet you, kind of sort of, in person. , i want to thank the executive board of the radio tv correspondents association. on behalf of the people i work with, i want to thank olga and her team at the house radio tv gallery. [applause] tonight, igentlemen, have prepared my remarks in a way that will forever revolutionized the way that you hear speeches. it is going to be organized in a stream of bullet points.
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that makes it sound like it was an axios joke. he swore to me that was going to be a funny joke. i wasn't sure. thank you for proving me right. you may beof wondering why i came here so soon after my health smith dinner. it's never too early for a speaker to work on his next gig, and i had lots of leftover dad jokes. after the l smith dinner, where i spent a third of the time ripping on the president, he give me a call the next morning, pretty early. he actually really liked the speech. he told me he thought it was great. i thought that was weird. the president watches tv? rtca dinner,r, the the first one was 70 years ago. you ought to hear the stories
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that lawyer and pelosi go on about that first night. it was incredible. i shouldn't rip like that, because chuck and nancy are not here this evening. i regret that that's not possible. apparently, it is bingo night at the white house. i understand adam schiff could not be here. that guy has got a really big job. minute hitsose 5-7 on msnbc are going to do themselves? i've got to admit, i'm looking i see really well-dressed people. they told me this thing was black-tie, which i've got to tell you, i thought you guys were all about relaxing the dress code. that was something. those of you in the radio tv gallery? i thought the practice of speakers commenting on a tire boehner left the
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speakership. but when i take a look at this, i think about president trump and how he told us that we were not going to stop winning, and we would get so tired of winning. we still have a little bit of progress to make on that front, unless you are john boehner. of getting dressed up, i've got to tell you. halloween is coming this week. i was going to go with something new, be this new media maven, anthony scaramucci. janet told me i had to keep it clean and family-friendly. so that is off the record, by the way. anyway, this year, i'm going to get -- i'm going to go as eddie munster. i've got to tell you i didn't think half of you would understand this joke, but carl holtz is going to be here, so he would understand that joke. i'm sorry i can't state for dinner. i've got a lot to do.
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thursday mornings, that is yoga morning from eight. that really helps me get through .he day i don't want you to steal my mantra. , taxntra in yoga is reform, tax reform. nevertheless, i wanted to come by. i have seen your latest approval ratings, and i want to tell you, keep your heads up. all right? as low as they are, it could be a whole lot worse. they could be my approval ratings. want tosure you don't take advice from a politician, someone you cover. i have one piece. luke roster, whatever you are, maybe take a little more time. , on the way over here, i was going through the
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president's tweets. just kidding, i don't read those things. some things i don't like talking about, like aaron rodgers's injury. the president told me -- he was very thoughtful. kushnered to send jared to sub for the packers in his place. the president offers a lot of ideas. we talk all the time. he calls me up with different ideas. let me give you an example. he's a big reality tv guy. he's telling me these jobs are like reality tv. tank, man shark versus wild, swap people, survival, and the biggest loser. that's the president's favorite one. i know that this year there were some big issues with media access at the capital. i want to get serious.
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i note you were thinking it was going to be an adult day care center, but sometimes, these things go a little far. believe in having an open access, but sometimes you've got to watch the limits. last week, i'm in my office, talking with my staff, and there is -- outside washing my window. i think we even have a photo of it. dude, give me a break. pennsylvania avenue to get a haircut, and phil mattingly moonlights as a barber. -- was at cnn, but geez. this is one that gets me. how did nora and charlie and gail get into my dam yoga class?
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even hunting. the one thing i do to get away from all of this. is not that safe. proud inl need to be the capital, that we set the standard for media access. i am and -- on a serious note, we are proud. set the tone for media access in the capital, and we need to try to keep it that way. as we do, there are a few serious thoughts i would like to leave with you. one of the things you've heard totalk about is that we need improve our political discourse. yes, there is room for improvement in this category. too many of us think we are infallible in this job. we think we always have it right. i've got a tell you, we are not perfect. we do not always get it right.
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that fact has been well checked and well reported. i think wes room, can admit that sometimes the media gets it wrong from time to time. there are times when we just disagree on what is right and what is fair. a little more humility from all of us, from both of us, a little more listening could help as well. more than anything, we are here to challenge each other. that pushed and that poll makes our citizens stronger. it makes our system more resilient. it is a feature, not a bug. challenging one another does not mean that we have to give each other license to impugn each other's motives. we don't have to be so upset keeping score. this happens all the time. it doesn't have to be so adversarial. things will never exactly be tranquil. i recognize that. a former senate historian tried
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to definitively traced back to problems between politicians and the press, he said he stopped when he got to the first congress. the point is this. crucial.tionship is this relationship will and/or. .he institutions will endure we have a messy system, but this messy system is the best possible system, and this messy system of government completely relies on a free and open press. [applause] our founders understood this and this, too, will endure. it does not work with that what you do. beneath the scar tissue, assumed cynicism, which we had at a high level these days, we do share -- >>