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  President Trump Participates in U.S. Pacific Command Briefing  CSPAN  November 4, 2017 3:10pm-3:14pm EDT

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proven difficult for them to enforce these hard-line policies. so i expect this would be high on the president's agenda, to find a way for the u.s. and china to cooperate. it is in their mutual interest of fight the spread of drugs and opioids and fentanyl coming out of china. host: ibrahim denmark. director of the asia program at the wilson center. and you can find out more about the wilson center at you can follow abe and the wilson center on twitter. thank you so much, for joining us today. on his way to asia, president trump stopped in hawaii where he received a briefing from the u.s. pacific command and spoke to reporters, as well as the commander, harry harris.
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president trump: thank you, very much. it has been a wonderful meeting. there is a lot of talent. you have a lot of tough people, and a lot of talented people. mr. president, it is an honor to have you here. president trump. thank you, very much. i appreciate it.
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>> he laid a wreath in honor of those who died in the pearl harbor attack.
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