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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Tom Garrett  CSPAN  November 9, 2017 10:30am-10:45am EST

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the gentlelady from california. ms. waters: i rise to ask for the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: the yeas and nays are requested. those favoring a vote by the yeas and nays will rise. a sufficient number having arisen, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings on this question will be postponed. . pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess for a period >> "washington journal"
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intelligence. joint by re epresentative tom garrett congressman from virginia. guest: good morning. host: violent events in new york and texas the last few weeks, particularly m what it means in terms of homeland security in the united states. don't think we need remind e reminders. we ave vegas as well, that are very vulnerable at home. he nature of the free society is that there will be risk. mitigate them to the best of our ability. will tell you without delving into areas i can't go that there are shortcomings in our defenses in any number of areas, whether flight safety which you would september 11 we would have gotten straight. new yber realm is a paradigm so we have to be
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vigilant and understand that bad are going to happen in a free society. we do everything we can to mitigate them. when it comes to the specific incidents say when it comes to texas shooting, there this whole conversation about the information on data bases approved for et guns. do you think there are improvements need there had? is not the first shooter who was banned from possessing firearms who them.sed you can always argue anyone who human life o take will break gun laws but we need laws enforced adequately. so there is a real dropping of the aeufrs and f.b.i. and processing entities. ironically in virginia i think one of two states that have the state background check on top of the federal background check. i arced against it and -- arced in this t but circumstance the failure to
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catch it on one might have caught it. is a mental health problem that s country and individual should have never been anywhere near firearms. prohibited under law and there needs to be soul searching expand on right-hand si. wouldn't that -- redundancy? you are the one availing themselves of the right to possess a firearm. taxpayers ndancy costs twice. but we know this person was dishonorable discharge. domestic violence. 'm not sure he didn't get a felony for fracture being the skull of a toddler. so, while i would argue against redundancy because it is of assets, why did the system not work? can assure you there are people looking into that.
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it would be -- accountability is good. to the discourages bad outcomes. in texas he incidents and las vegas open up new discussions? guest: it will whether we like or not. there are people that will go there. aving said that, we live in a country where the until of firearms is arguably greater and nne beings any roll back would cause those don't.on't obey but i would wage are there with be millions of firearms in irculation and we would have disarmed those who did nothing defend the raoeight to themselves and their families. we are going there whether we or not. i think that disarming law doesn't solve s the problem. the other thing is long guns, and rifles they are
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of homicides so 97.3% killed likely to be with a knife or hands and feet or a club. shoots it see mass s tragic and horrific but the instrume instrumentality of evil as we learned in new york can be any things.f the vast bulk of americans weren do you to protect ndowed themselves and usually that is a firearm. have to control and i don't think disarming law citizens is the right answer. i think we have a member health crisis we have failed it address. host: tom garrett our guest the next 20 minutes or so. democrats to call all democrats democrats, 202-748-8001 for republicans and
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202-748-8002. i mentioned the new york incident. whe investigating that? guest: well, we learned some things ly disturbing about when alarm bells do and do not go off. in the new york kiss and other kisses -- new york case and other cases recently. and there are certain things that i'm not at liberty to discuss on the air. you can make an argument that should have been on somebody's radar. marbury uber knew he was a -- a shady r knew he was character before the federal government did. having said, that i think -- i'm sure who in the administration before that said we have to be wrong once and to be right once. we can be right 99.9% of the the question then is what degree of scrutiny american
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be subjected to. he was here illegally. discuss diversity visas. host: is there a merit it visa?ity guest: we should have people something who bring but we've problems in america, to address, we look the other way. trillion it $20 trillion and i would argue that policy should be conducted like a professional the draft.ts we should have a healthy admissions process but hope that admit people who will be good from the get go. there are people who can generate economic activity and keep america at the idea war. is coming up ter with ideas.
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if you are nott, proficient in english and don't you a skill set that makes a commodity in demand tkpdness knows there are any number of heree that with love to be and i would submit they are the ones we should focus on allowing themselves of the gift that is u.s. citizenship. republican e the line with meridian, mississippi, alter on with our guess representative tom garrett of virginia. good morning. you really is, do think this fellow would have been on all kind of radar and passed, i'm kind of nervous -- if they would have what? host: we will leave it there and take your portion and let the respond. guest: i think where he was going is bad people will doed
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regardless.s there is probably some degree truth to that. that doesn't absolve us from the to try to protect the american people. about i think the answer is not americans fundamental rights. building up a ot uper surveillance state that goes into our reasonable expectation of privacy. iwill stand for liberty where can and against government intrusion into your private life where i can. do believe that as it relates it firearms we have a us by the estowed on government but our creator or ature or whatever you say it defend ourselves. tell a that it is ok to woman assailed that she doesn't him. the right to shoot host: from texas city, stocks, democrats line. rod is next. congressman, i assume as
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a conservative republican you in favor of bowe bergdahl getting the full impact not litary justice because only he abandoned his fellow troops but he caused other killed or injured because rescue him they thought he was kidnapped. assuming your answer to that is yes. herefore, will you insist on military justice and investigation and complete military justice for who have in air force failed it pass on the nformation about socieassociated with the person who killed all those people. trying to re understand where the breakdowns occurred. i think there was an error on but there may have been an error at the f.b.i. i do think people should be held
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accountable. i don't think we should be pursuing prison sentences for clerical ho made a error but they might ought to thraoz there r job. horrific to contemplate the results of that. i think the ahl caller properly assumes my position there having served in military. i have to believe that the judge had made the ruling never spent combat arms unit but went straight in the jog karns because he doesn't people in what the the front lines go through and fe were to give my true feelin feelings. ost: he was an artillery officer and brigade operation nd joint guard and joint endeavor. trevor from tulsa republican line. to thank would like you for your guest for standing up for liberty on the congress.d and in it is very refreshing.
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gun control and opioids. i thinks a result of -- it is a result of society getting so soft. a little take discomfort and they have to go ignorant something and evil and i think that if people knew how to cope with things that me and you used to cope with without people, that we wouldn't have this. do with the size of a magazine or semiautomatic rifle. uest: if you sit and contemplate that men can't be made by law. won't judge the individual who is prescribed opioids. i don't know what pain drivers them to that -- drives them it that in having said germany right now there is a
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case involving a nurse who is 102 ed to have killed people and we don't know his last name. only the first name because the media and legal system have decided not to tell us who person was. to some degree when you realize hat your life is not going where you wanted it to and you are amoral and without any plan it r your fellow might seem appealing to become worth and -- noteworthy and the american have a right ely to know all the specialist it'sity we can. we do not -- i could start aming mass shooters -- these people into antiheroes that are ingrained in the pop culture. blaming anyone but maybe we should see how we do business. west virginia, independent line, larry. aller: i would like to thank your guest for his service to the country and state that i
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new to school in upstate york and the school was closed the first day of hunting season we werea rifle team and able to bring our rifles on the school bus when we lived out of town. you hunted on the way to school and whom and you could put it in or check it and no one in our school got-shot and and in re on school bus the skaochool rifles. i think it is respecting themselves or respecting the them.ple around they have no respect for life or teachers or anything. lack of discipline. there was a dress code. you had to have cuffs on the man pants and shirt had to have a collar, the dress will to be their knee and girls took sewing and made their graduatio were >> and we'll take you back to the house floor for votes.


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