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tv   Minority Leaders Schumer Pelosi on GOP Tax Reform  CSPAN  November 14, 2017 12:47am-1:18am EST

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live every day with news and stories that impact you. coming up, we discussed the future of the daca program. then, we talked about tax reform efforts. what discussedre sexual-harassment on capitol hill. "washingtonatch journal" at 7:00 am. tuesday, the senate finance committee continued his review of the senate republican tax reform and. covert starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern. -- coverage starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern. the democratic leaders in congress, chuck schumer and on the taxi, spoke reform proposals. they believed they would be a
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tax break for the wealthy. this is about 30 minutes. they are hiking taxes on
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middle-class and upper middle class families in suburban swing district states all across the country. they are slapping around the republican heartland every public and bass and they think they can get away with it but they can't. you don't have to take it from us. just listen to the republican leaders. both senator conical and speaker ryan have back up their promise not to raise taxes on the middle class in some cases families will see an increase. and he will get hit hardest? the people that will get hit hardest are the middle-class swing voters, millions of them who live in suburbs throughout the country. the house and senate bills would levy a suburban tax on
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middle class families from coast to coast. we know republicans are struggling in the suburbs. last tuesday's elections are proof positive of that. this tax bill makes their problem only worse. they are like thelma and louise, heading off the cliff. just this weekend, that one was .ot in my notes weekend we learn from the joint committee on taxation that 19 million middle-class households would pay more taxes. the new york times went even further saying one quarter of million -- middle-class families would see their taxes go up in the first year. what are republicans thinking?
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allrdless of the numbers, parties agree this is a tax hike on middle-class families and many of those hardest hit live in the suburbs, bedrock of the republican coalition for decades. passing a bill that raises taxes on the middle class while slashing them for the rich and wealthiest corporations is political insanity, plain and simple. the republicans are giving huge handouts to the wealthiest corporations and the other, they are taken away key suburban productions like state, local, medical sciences, student loans, and more. congressional republicans are doing their best to put their majorities at risk and if republicans thought was hard when elections last week, with the drag of an unpopular president, wait until voters hear about this bill as they are now.
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if republicans thought it was --d to win after passing trying to pass a health care bill that would raise premiums and kick millions off their health care insurance, wait till they see how hard it is to win elections after they raise taxes on millions of the middle-class while showering the rich and biggest corporations with tax giveaways. think this seem to tax reform plan is the cure of wales them. them.e of what ails we think it is the nail in their coffin. democrats are going on offense and talking to the middle-class about how bad this bill would be for them. dozens of house candidates fanned out across the country today and over the weekend to call out their republican opponents for selling out their constituents. the democratic a similar event
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from utica who is running for congress and the republican county executive from utica are standing together, urging their congress member not to vote for this bill. morning, many mayors, democrat and republican, from across near state, gathered in albany to urge the republican coalition in new york not to vote for this bill. they are hearing it right off the bat. about every single member of the democratic caucus has spoken out against these tax plans with dozens own events back in their states. we are just getting started. we have two great pickup opportunities in arizona and nevada. just listen to have a bill text them. -- listen to how the bill affects them.
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over 430 5000 taxpayers in arizona will see an increase by the time the house bill is implemented. over 162,000 taxpayers in nevada will see a tax increase but time the house bill isn't lamented. good for theis so middle-class, it would be republican spending out all over the country. instead, it is crickets from the republicans. the finalnow yet with bill will look like, we can guarantee i republican friends one thing. -- this tax way bill will be at the center of our efforts to take back the house in 2018. taxes, combined with health care, will be a powerful one-two punch on the campaign trail. the bottom line is this. the bill is a lose lose proposition for republicans. if they failed to pass it, they lose with their donors and the hard right.
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if they succeed, the political fallout will be catastrophic for them. for the sake of their country i republicanty, colleagues should turn back before it is too late. leader pelosi? thank you ray much, leader schumer. myselfto associate completely with your comments. you have captured the atmosphere in which these decisions are being made. it's a very political but thoughtful way as well. really, for our country sake, this is not really about democrats or republicans. it is about the american people. we talked about the activism going on across the country. scores of members of congress and candidates held events
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across the country to point out what is happening. the assault on the middle-class. the assault on america's suburbs. what did suburbia ever due to the republicans that they now have to make an assault on them? that's where this attack is clearly focused. the publicans are frightened by what happened last tuesday, not just in virginia, but in new jersey and other places across the country because in suburban districts, people realize what the decision was in the election. voted, andut, they they made a difference. we are turning up the heat across america. the heartland of america, in talking, ohio, pennsylvania, texas, events were held to focus on the injustice of this tax bill. up and down the west coast from new york -- east coast from new
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york to florida, members and candidates turned out to say no to all of this and some of these about theeople talked state and local tax deduction. it rub salt in the wounds of the it'syers because individual deductions, not corporation deductions. it's an insult to families that take pride in homeownership. people who pay state and local taxes across the country. we heard from firefighters talking about what this means to public safety and our communities. we heard from families who use the medical deduction. in san francisco and sacramento, eyewitnesses talked about family
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members who have alzheimer's and the cost to their families and they would not be able to survive economically without that deduction. it's a medical deduction that has been there since 1944. removed. why? to give tax cuts to the wealthiest. they heard from students whose dependsation in college on the tax reduction. the $2500 tax deduction removed. why would you do that to our young people and their families? why? to give a tax reduction to the high and. impact, not only of families, in terms of their personal finance, but on their communities, public service,
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education, transportation. republicans know that local and state officials have responsibilities to meet the needs of their people and if they lose this tax reduction, it hurts, but they still may have to come up with the services and that means they will have to raise taxes. this is a terrible game. every day we learn more about the gop tax scam. it's the republican snake oil pitch. we reference what they say about the tax plan which is not true. speaker ryan told everybody that the middle class gets a tax cut, a brazen falsehood. now speaker ryan wants you to believe he misspoke. the gop tax scam is exposed. it's republicans true content for the middle-class and
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especially those living in america's suburbs. we want to make sure the voters understand this. this is the equivalent of what president george w. bush did when he said he would privatize social security. people know what that means in their lives. and we made sure that people knew about it. as i said, tuesday's elections frightened republicans. speaker ryan is about to brand them, some of the most vulnerable suburban members with a huge tax hike. so we have come again, although this, $1.5 trillion from medicare and medicaid in their budget. $1.5 trillion to corporate america. corporate america gets tax breaks to send jobs overseas.
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again, what did the middle class ever due to the republicans? those who want to buy homes, establish communities in america's suburbs, what did they ever do to republicans that they are taking this out on them? i want to mention in new jersey, new york, california, republicans who voted for the tax scam will have to answer for it. in the heartland of america, texas, new jersey, california. i say again as i have on a number of occasions, doug mcclintock, paul cook, devin nunes, kevin mccarthy, steve wright, ed royce, mimi walters, darrell issa, duncan hunter.
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the new yorkers understand what this does to their state and their constituents. that's why so many new york members, republican members, have said the can for for this. what is it they realize that hasn't sunken with republicans across the country? especially in california in such a large number. we just want to make sure, and this weekend was a weekend of action, to make sure our constituents in our great states across the country know what is in store for them with this bill. you know what, everyday we learn worst things about it. we will see what they do in the rules committee. but we have to save the country from this tax bill. yes, it is a get politically to have them vote to raise taxes on middle america to give tax breaks to the wealthy. but does not what it is about,
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we have to save them from this tax scam. don't take my word for it, gary cohn, what is his title? mr. schumer: director of mistruths. mrs. pelosi: some of the opponents out there are ceos. my donors are saying get it done or don't get elected again. senator lindsey graham said the financial contributions will stop. republicans in congress were
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,learly responding to the ceos while the president was overseas cutting several deals. republicans in congress were giving tax breaks to corporations to send jobs overseas. it is not right. the moment of truth is here. there is so much to tell, it can be confusing. i just want to focus on a few key points that are about growing our economy. we say we are happy to sit down, always have been, to work in a bipartisan way to address any reform in the tax code. what the republicans are doing is not reform, it is not even a tax cut, it is a tax. a tax on middle america. with that, i take your questions. reporter: you emphasizes the suburbs. [indiscernible]
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one of the reasons the democrats won the house in 2006 is because you had candidates in rural areas. you think you can get there just with suburban members, or do you need the role suits that might benefit from the bill? mrs. pelosi: can you tell me a place that benefits from this tax bill? they don't have children going to school, they'll have teachers bringing supplies to school and losing a takes break -- a tax break for that? they don't have families with extraordinary medical expenses? i don't know where you are talking about. we are saying that in the election last week, suburban america spoke up, and republicans should hear that. no, we are going across the country with a better deal, better jobs, better pay, better future.
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and that includes not only bigger paychecks, but lowering costs to america's families. we are saying, we want to return to a place where if we do tax reform, we will do it in a bipartisan way. i think that is the message that appeals across the country. mr. schumer: before the compromise but when they announced the bill, the lowest state in the country in terms of how many taxpayers benefited from the state of local detection was was virginia and 17%. utah was as high as 30%. it is across the country. to tell 1/5 of your taxpayers they will pay more, that is not tax reform to most americans. rural, suburban, urban. reporter: on the health care bill, you -- [indiscernible] have you seen the same amount of mobilization on this bill and
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are you worried about that? mr. schumer: it is starting, it is reaching that level. the level of a mobilization is reaching a very high level, and if you talk to people and the parades this weekend, people were saying, why are you raising my taxes? mrs. pelosi: it is out there. they were part of some of the events that were held, some do not even have members of congress, groups were having their own events across the country. they are particularly concerned about the fundamental budget that is a predicate for this, medicare and medicaid. but now republicans are talking about, the president is talking about eliminating the individual mandate as part of the tax bill. when you get anywhere near health issues, you activate, you explode activism. they are out there, they are doing the job.
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we could not have won without them making the public aware. they are doing that now. i feel very confident about the approach they are taking. in republican districts. mr. schumer: it shows you what a pickle they are in, they even have to consider going back to health care, which was very bad news for them, because of this bill, they are trying to meet deficit numbers, give tax breaks to the rich and still protect the middle class. the loser in those three are the deficit and the middle class, the rich to not lose anything. but it is happening out there. reporter: in the next election, are democrats committed to [indiscernible] alabama senate race? mr. schumer: it is an alabama race. they are running it. if they ask us for things, we will help them, that it is in alabama race. the jones campaign is running itself. when they ask us for help, we
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will do it, but it is an alabama race. reporter: [indiscernible] at the same time not -- [indiscernible] letting them say this is national democrats coming in. how did he walk the line? mr. schumer: i just answered that, the bottom line is it is being run in alabama by alabama. he is raising tremendous money without help from the democratic organization. the amount of money even before the scandal was enormous. he had more than 1000 points of television on the last four weeks. moore has had none. this campaign is sort of like georgia six, we hope it will have a different outcome. as good a job as they did, it was very difficult. they are raising all the money they need. reporter: are there similarities here, scott brown in 2010. is there a comparison?
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mr. schumer: i don't know, i would compare what is happening around the country. the enthusiasm. we were both -- nancy was minority leader and i was head of dfcc in 2006. you felt the same thing. for instance, western virginia, the ratios did not change, the enthusiasm was not at high level. it was greater in suburban, swing and democratic areas. in 2005, we have lots of candidates and we always got the best in the senate. we always got the best candidate. we have gotten our best choice in every race so far. we wanted jacky rosen. we wanted beto o'rourke. so you can smell when a wave is beginning. no guarantee it continues, but
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it is likely to, and that smell that was an air in 2005 is in the air now. reporter: senator mcconnell said this morning he believes the women and asked judge moore to step down. what impact do you think that has on the race and alabama? mr. schumer: i can't answer that, you have to ask the main players. i thought he never belonged in the senate even before these allegations. reporter: you said most of the democratic caucus members have spoken out against [indiscernible] mr. schumer: i can't recall a one who has not said very negative things about the bill. senator heitkamp talked about philosophically it is not what she believes in, she wants to help the middle class. very upset by the deficit. i don't know of anyone. my members make up their own minds, but the bill is so bad and against american principles that the basic letter that 45 of
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us stamped, i think the others agree with the principle. no tax breaks for the 1%, don't blow hole in the deficit and don't do it through reconciliation. mrs. pelosi: if i could turn to a question about 2005 and 2006 and the scent the leader was referring to. it springs from a low 40% rating for president trump, and what you will see now is fresh recruits coming board, democrats saying i think i can win this in a difficult district, and retirements, we get the fresh recruits to get the retirements. the a-team. these are not necessarily recruited by us, many are self recruited, there are primaries in a number of these districts and the people will choose, as the leader said, and in alabama it becomes a local matter.
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but what we want to make clear is the difference -- the differentiation between republicans and of kratz when it comes to america's working family and demonstrate we do have a better deal, better pay, better future, we feel very excited about what those prospects are. put one good day in front of another and i have no doubt we will have a great victory next year. mr. schumer: lasst question. reporter: republican seem confident they can have the -- they can pass the tax bill, this might be falling on deaf ears. mr. schumer: there are a whole list of known members who have not committed. they do not have at this point -- i am counting from the other side of the building. mrs. pelosi: they only won the vote by two votes, for both, but
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to post the other way and it failed. it is good news and bad news. the bad news is for the american people should this bill ever become law. and the whole road ahead in the senate on that. the good news is that once the people have voted for it, people pay attention to what is that, it takes it to a different level of awareness in the public mind. and that hopefully will help defeat the bill in the senate. but in terms of america's future, they vote for this bill, there is a political price to pay. not because we will make them pay, because there can to joints -- their constituents will make them pay. the republican leadership is asking their leaders to walk the plank, to walk the plank on a bill that should never become law but has serious impacts on
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their constituents. president trump -- it is hard for me to say those two words in a row. president trump has imposed on congress to take votes that are not really in the public interest. and again, the american people are paying attention. when they look up and pay attention, we want to be sure they know who is offering them a better deal. thank you. mr. schumer: thank you, everybody. as we said before, it is lose-lose for them. mrs. pelosi: thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] announcer: tuesday, the senate finance committee continues its review of the senate republican
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tax reform plan. live coverage beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, online at, or on the free c-span radio app. you can find the senate republican tax reform plan and the senate finance committee summary on's congressional chronicle. the house is expected to vote on a tax plan thursday, with the vote on the other bill to follow after thanksgiving. announcer: c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, michigan republican congressman fred upton discusses the future of the daca program. then, washington democratic representative suzan delbene talks about tax reform efforts and political congressional reporter elon ashore will discuss sexual harassment on capitol hill. he sure to watch "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m.
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eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. announcer: monday, the house approved a nonbinding resolution to express the sense of the house on the urgent need for political solutions in yemen. a debate on the resolution is an hour. oyce: i want to thank my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, including the gentleman from california, mr. khanna, for working in good faith toward achieving a resolution that addresses a complex issue, a very serious issue. namely, that is the strategic and humanitarian implications of the ongoing conflict being fought in yemen. i should also recognize the good work of our foreign affairs committee ranking member, mr. eliot engel of new york. so this resolution will send a strong and needed message to all involved in this conflict at


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