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tv   House Republicans News Conference  CSPAN  November 29, 2017 6:07pm-6:25pm EST

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democracy was better than dictatorship and that we would have sufficiently brilliant people, talented people in government and science and the way to do that was to have the s.a.t. which he helped invent to produce what he felt were the kind of leaders, the kind of technically advanced people that we would need in positions of power if we were going to be a great nation in the high-tech world that he foresaw approaching in the 1950's and 1960's and had an extraordinary impact on american life. >> watch "after words" on book tv. earlier today, house republican aders held their weekly news conference. this. lked about
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his is 15 minutes. mrs. mcmorris rodgers: i hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and put the phones away and focus on one another. i was reminded of just the blessing of being eaning american and living in a protection that protects and defends every person's life. and especially now with our tax reform bill passed in the house and being considered in the senate, i think our plan will create opportunities for everyone to have that better life. now the opportunity to succeed isn't limited to tax reform. success happens when people are given the opportunity to thrive, to reach their full potential. and part of that means ensuring they have a workplace that is safe and secure. and like many americans i'm troubled by the reports of
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sexual harrassment and inappropriate behavior. it is rocking capitol hill as well as elsewhere across the country. this is not who we are. we can and we must do better. we need to take a step back to the larger issue of civility and how we treat each other. there are many good people serving in congress. as the trusted representatives of the people. and we should be leading by example and we should be held to a higher standard. we must walk the talk. and at the end of the day, this is about respect and a commitment to civility to everyone. each one of us must be doing our part to lead by example and rebuild the moral fabric in our country. this is about the golden rule and restoring trust. that's why i'm pleased to have representative greg harper, chairman of the house administration committee to talk
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about our work to ensure the congressional workplace is safe and welcoming to all. the people's house is focused on building a better future, one that protects hard working men and women. this is our promise to you. mr. harper: thank you for the great work you do for our conference. we have the great opportunity to soon go to conference on a great tax reform package. but in the meantime, this is something that has to be resolved and worninged out. if there is one claim of sexual harrassment, that is one too many and can't be tolerated. we had our first hearing on november 14 and dealt on how to go forward on this issue. today we will have a resolution vote that will take place. this resolution will require educating members and staff and
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also cover interns, paid or unpaid, and fellows, to be aware what is appropriate behavior. it seems like a given but this is something that you have to be educated and made aware and raise that awareness and to know that this cannot be tolerated in the future and to know that the house of representatives is a great institution and the highest honor that any of the members ever had in their lives is to serve here. this can be made in a much better way as we go forward. we will also begin review the congressional accountability act. we will have a hearing on december 7 that will cover details in more ways here. this begins at the top with the member having the responsibility that they set the tone for their office along with the chief all the way down to an intern. this is something we can do and we will do and we'll get this right.
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thank you. >> i hope you all had a great thanksgiving. i spent time with my family and good to be back here at work. right before we left, i was proud of the work that the house did in passing overwhelmingly our bill to cut taxes and cut jobs. we sent a strong message that the house stands up for working people. we want people to have more money in their pockets and will do more with it and make sure we get the economy moving again and make our country competitive again and bring back jobs. i'm glad the senate passed their bill out of the finance committee. i encourage them to continue working and we'll go to conference and work out the differences and put a bill on president trump's desk that he has asked for that will achieve those gels, and that is to cut
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taxes and put money back in their pockets and create more jobs. and i commend chairman harper to confront the problem of sexual harrassment. barbara to single comstock to start this process of increasing not only educational awareness but also transparency. >> i hope you had a great thanksgiving. mr. mccarthy: i'm thankful he is standing with us today. i'm thankful to serve and we have five important bills on the floor. the miners act by tom emmer return the rights to states to help create jobs, priority for this congress. the re-authorization of brownfield programs, every single district has a brownfield. we want to clean those up and
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create more jobs. the equal act will provide the time necessary to make sure new federal employees is the right fit for accountability in government, the manufacturing housing act by andy ba rmp r will help people own their own homes and barbara comstock's bill requiring each member to complete sexual harrassment training every year. we have watched chairman harper and his hearing. i will finish my training and my office will be done. and one note i want to make. the senate is continuing to work to pass tax reform and big day out of committee. we believe they will get the work done this week and we want to go to conference as quickly as possible. i advised that the members'
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should be flexible. they may be later on friday. we will make sure we get tax cuts reform done for the american public. >> i'm thankful for the blessings we received. the speaker: i thank greg harper and taking the lead on this issue of sexual harrassment. it has no place in any workplace let alone in the united states congress. whether it is a former staffer and i cannot tell you how each and every day i feel the honor, the opportunity and privilege to work in such a place. that's how so many people feel. but the fact that some people walk these halls and are subjected to a threatening or hostile government when they came here to serve their country, that's wrong. that's a disgrace. we will not tolerate that
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behavior. that's why representative barbara comstock's legislation is important. it requires lawmakers, staff and sexual o complete harrassment seminars. it's an important first step. i want to highlight the fact that chairman harper's hearing s going to do a hearing on settlements issue. we need to have a comprehensive review of all of these things so we can have a comprehensive response. also, it's a big week for tax reform. we are sitting here focusing on making this place work right and making people proud of this institution and solving their problems. that's why tax reform is so important. the house passed tax reform this month before thanksgiving and the senate is considering it this week. it is a historic opportunity.
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this is a tax cut for every single family, more jobs and bigger paychecks for more americans. we will go to conference and resolve these differences and have our members vote. i cannot underline this point. tax reform will help every americans. it is rare to be able to pass legislation that changes the lives of so many americans in a meaningful way and that is why it is so important and i encourage the senate to come ogether and pass tax reform.
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[indiscernible question] the speaker: i think he made the right position in stepping down from his leadership position. [laughter] the speaker: that was very creative. lisa from pbs. that was really good. no, that's good. [indiscernible question] the speaker: we don't.
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[indiscern i believe question] the speaker: he is reviewing the entire process. he is doing hearings and waiting for the committee to review the entire process to see how the settlements' issue needs to be addressed and want to make a comprehensive review and we do not get these names. o ahead. mr. harper: anything that comes through the office of compliance for approval has to be signed off from the chairman of the house administration and i have been chairman since january of this year, 11 months and i have yet to have a single settlement come to my desk.
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mr. harper: included in that is the entire legislative branch, 2002, there were a large number of anthrax claims. in 2007, there were asbestos claims. so you have those that come through the capitol police, the architect of the capitol and those that come through the house offices. so i think it would be fair to see what's the breakdown and the number of claims that actually are number of claims that go to sexual harrassment.
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no claim of any nature has come to my desk in the 11 months i ave been chairman. [indiscernible question] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ick nick depth" y, live on "in two professor will be our guest. >> any chance i can be in ialogue, we go back now 13 years. we revel in each other's humidity and commitment to the life of the mind and world of ideas. and lecture around the country. when i see him, i don't see him first and foremost as a conservative their, a catholic
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philosopher, one of the major political philosophers but see him as my brother and friend and someone who has a right to be wrong. [laughter] >> if you are going to work together in conversation, even debate to get at the truth, the people involved in the conversation first have to recognize that they are fall i believe, frail, fallen human beings. they have to recognize that they could be wrong. each one has to recognize, even about my most cherished beliefs, i could be wrong. and if, in fact, one had that attitude and understanding, not in an emotional way, but in a deeply appropriated way, then one will begin to develop a irtue that is indispensible.
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>> sunday on c-span, hoover iran stution on u.s. federal entitlement programs. >> entitlement programs stand for the basic human desire to help someone who's in need of assistance. that's just common -- all of us have it in us. politicians, it is a little bit easier because it is somebody else's money. but they have the same basic desire that you and i do. they have the desire to be
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re-elected. once that tifmente is put in place, then the game has changed. interest groups form around protecting that entitlement, pressing for more assistance. money starts flowing to politicians who protect those benefits and the game changes. >> on u.s. federal entitlement rograms. >> the c-span bus is on the 50 capitals tour visiting every state capital. we kicked off the tour on eptember 15 in dover delaware. our next stop is tallahassee, florida, we will be there on december 6 during "washington journal." >> president trump on tax reform. he said if congress sends


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