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  President Trump Robocall  CSPAN  December 10, 2017 3:31pm-3:41pm EST

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you in the form of recommendation letters. you clerked for one of a small number of judges that routinely feed clerks to the court. for a person of color to get into that will, there are so many obstacles to that. it becomes a real problem. and i think it hurts because the prospective of diverse law clerks is so important. every one of my courts there -- everyone in my cases there, i saw something that someone else did not. tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. tuesday's alabama special election for u.s. senate, new jersey senator booker spent this week with doug jones. sharing this photo. senator booker wrote -- so
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grateful for the rousing greeting we are receiving at every church. the energy is so uplifting. the republican candidate roy moore is getting support from the president. today, his campaign released a robo call message reported to be heard ahead of alabama citizens before the election. >> hello, this is president trump and i need alabama to vote for roy moore. we are already making america great again. i am going to make america safer, stronger, and better than ever before, but we need that seat. we need roy moore voting for us. i am stopping illegal immigration and crime. we are building a stronger military and protect inc. our secondi am stopping illegal immigration and crime. amendment and our pro-life values. doug jones,ama a >> all of our progress will be stopped cold. we are ready no doug jones is a puppet of nancy and chuck schumer.
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and he will vote with the washington liberals every, single time. soft on crime,is week on immigration, supports abortion. he is bad for our military and bad for our veterans. we don't want him. and he also, by the way, wants higher taxes. roy moore is a guy that we need to pass our great -- make america great again agenda. he is a conservative that will backme steer this country on track. after eight years of the obama disaster. get out and blow for roy moore. his boat is needed in the u.s. senate. we need him to help with the republican senate. we will win and we will make america great again. judge roy moore for u.s. senate. >> the president also in courage to people to vote for roy moore at a rally in pensacola, florida.
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speech show you that later today at 6:30 p.m. eastern. the alabama special election was a topic on the sunday talk shows this morning with richard shelby and tim scott. thoughts ontheir mr. roy moore and the sexual misconduct allegations against him. we also heard from a strategist with the roy moore campaign. >> i don't know what is going to happen. as republican, i had to vote republican and i wanted to vote republican. i understand where the president is coming from and i understand that we would like to retain that seat at the u.s. senate but i tell you what, there is a time -- we call it a tipping point. and i think so many accusations, drip,y cuts, so much drip, when we got to the 14-year-old story, that was enough for me. i said -- i cannot vote for roy
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moore. >> you're going to wake up on wednesday and one of these two men is going to be your fellow said is that -- senator from alabama. who would you rather deal with on a professional level? >> i don't have to answer that question today. i would rather see a another republican in there and i am going to stay with that story. i am not going to vote for or advocate for the democrat but i cannot vote for roy moore. the state of alabama deserves better. we have a lot of great republicans that could have won and shared the state beautifully and served in the state -- in the senate honorably. >> will you tell us who you wrote in? >> i am not going to tell you that. president is president is all r roy moore, are you comfortable with the leader of your party being in favor of roy moore? >> there are many of us that are
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not. the rnc is not engaged in that race. our party is big enough to have disagreements from the part -- from the top. there are other ways to move this country forward. lifeprove the quality of of the average american but there will be disagreements within the party. wins, youmoore represent the head of that campaign committee, he wants to see an ethics committee and vote on expulsion. where are you on that? >> the constitution requires, if see him andhave to then there will be an ethics investigation. we will have a greater opportunity to look into all of the issues, allegations, and even talk with some of the folks that were witnesses.
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that will give us a clearer picture. thear as i can tell, allegations are significantly stronger than the denial. i will let my decision be made of thebrats -- breadth investigation. spent $30 million down here trying to beat him in a primary and then the fake news from the washington post services. judge roy moore will go to washington and i highly doubt there will be a senate investigation. if there is, he will be found to have told the truth just like he always has and he win. higherkes could not be for alabama. if doug jones and his bunch -- he wants our president to resign. to build the wall and to make america great again and roy that is going to
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do that. i need the people of alabama not to fall for the false allegations that just appeared a couple of weeks ago. the alabama special election is tuesday. up next, richard burr gives an update on his committee's investigation into russia and the 2016 elections. he also talked about his concerns with boating infrastructure, security infrastructure for the upcoming midterm elections. from the council on foreign relations, this is an hour. >> senator, thanks for joining us. to all of those of you w david sanger: senator, thanks for joining us. to all of those
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of you who are well fed and back in the room, i'm david sanger from the new york times, and i would like to welcome senator richard burr to the keynote of this fascinating morning of discussion of russia, the election interference, and also broader issues. delighted to be here. the meal part. it didn't look like it was substantial enough, but hopefully, it will keep you from sleeping through this part of it. mr. sanger: we are on a tight budget. -- senator burr is in his third term. i haven't sorted out whether you are in the duke-routing -- tuke-rooting side of the state or university of north carolina side of the state. mr. burr: whichever one wins. mr. sanger: probably a good sign for what we're going to be discussing for the rest of the day. he is of course chairman of the senate intelligence committee
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and for his sins, is becoming the chairman, he is no managing the most complex, the most politically charged, and i would say probably the most important senate investigation in at least a generation, maybe two. and it's not every day that a senator gets to run an investigation where there are disclosures happening every day on the front pages of the newspapers. there's a parallel criminal investigation under way, and when a president from his own party gets to declare on twitter every few days that the entire investigation is part of a witch hunt. so that gives you a sense. mr. burr: nor can i remember an investigation that every news article that's written had no named sources in it. which is a fascinating, to me, it's a fascinating thing that