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tv   Women Accusing President of Sexual Misconduct  CSPAN  December 12, 2017 3:26am-3:56am EST

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vacated by attorney general jeff sessions. democrat doug jones is running against roy moore. you can also follow live on and c-span radio app. and threew films women who have accused president trump of sexual misconduct, called on congress to investigate allegations. they called for the president to be held accountable for his actions. they have created a film called 16 women and donald trump. this briefing is when he five minutes. minutes.riefing is 25 >> good morning. saw, or some just of you have copies of, is what
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helped start why we are here today. why the women are here today. i'm going to talk for a few minutes, then each of the women will speak, and we will have a few minutes for questions. youe new films for those of who are not aware is a small nonprofit based in off angeles. profitedia -- small based in los angeles. we do media and small documentaries. we have been following the #metoo movement. a shout out and expression of the amazing work and wonderful investigative journalists have done that is so important on this issue and so many issues today, thank you. we'll owe you a deep expression
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of appreciation and gratitude, not that you are working under the easiest circumstances. the resources put into the investigations are something that i think we will all look back on with greater appreciation. as we saw wave after wave of revelations coming, we started to wonder, although we kind of knew the answer, different men in different businesses, and there was one man who was not being held accountable, who was not being talked about, who is not being called out. and that was donald trump. on november 6, we got to work. we researched all the available past interviews with some of the women here and many other women. all of them talking about
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trump's harassment and assault, and predatory behavior. 16 women had come forward. he created a short video, again, thatust saw that told story. as we worked on the video combining and intercutting the various clips, when you spend several weeks on just this subject, seeing and hearing these people not in person but film and video, it has an impact on your heart and soul, on your emotions. these truth tellers have come forward to warn us and demand our attention, and in that case and this case, unfortunately when the originally did, attention was not paid. on november 15, nine days after we started, we released a short "16 women and donald
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trump" online. media as ourl distribution platform. no advertisements, no click bait. just existing documentary footage of women speaking about their experiences being harassed and assaulted by the man who is now america's president people are not going to forward something if they don't believe if honest, if it's truthful, there is something they are
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going to learn. that is the measure we use that is most important and we saw that very quickly without any ads or artificial creation. people were just taken with it. three days later almost one million had seen it and it grew. dependinge have had, on the numbers, who you think is accurate, summer between 5 million and 7 million posts and crossposts of the video and hundreds of thousands of shares and comments. it was clear, people were concerned. people were increase and they wanted to either remind themselves and others about the women, or they were hearing and seeing it for the first time. women who had spoken out, and who had basically been ignored or worse, ignored and attacked. timing really does matter and it really made a difference in this case. the fact that people turned a blind eye when these women first broke out, but now the collective consciousness of our nation has been awakened again,
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thanks to some really important investigative work of journalists and we know better. we know a lot better. predators and harassers must be held accountable. and when the person who has been accused of this is the president , it is really vitally important that we don't look the other way. trump should be investigated. our elected officials, no matter what their party affiliation should act. women who trump mistreated. , the women who suffered his harassment, some have come together to speak out and demand action. others are joining us and will be joining us around the country. of reckoning,ment trump does not get a pass in the people who won't let him get a pass are here with him today.
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and what they want done. >> hello, my name is samantha holbey. as a little girl i would watch every yeara pageant and dream of being one of those beautiful, successful, incredibly confident women. these dreams never included a man lining us all up to lucas over like we were pieces of meat. this dreams never included a man coming into the backstage hair and makeup area where i sat as he walked robe, around looking at us like we were his property before he moved into the dressing room. and these dreams certainly never included this same man becoming president of the united states. i have a new dream now, that his man will be held accountable for his actions and that future generations of women can the
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fill their dreams without worry of anyone treating them like they are less than because they are a woman. thank you. >> good morning. and ie is rachel cook, think you are all probably familiar with my story. about 12 years ago as a young receptionist in trump tower i was forcibly kissed by mr. trump during my first interaction. mr. trump kissed my cheek and ultimately my lips in an encounter that impacted my life well beyond the feelings of self doubt. fortunately, given his notoriety and the fact that he was a partner of my employers, not to mention the owner of the building, i felt there was nothing i could do. given this hostile work environment, my only option was to avoid additional encounters
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with him. i do realize that in the grand scheme of things, there are far worse cases of sexual harassment and assault, but make no mistake, there is no acceptable lever of behavior. that people can use their variety to attack women speak to their character, not ours. which believe me, is a tough lesson learned. in my case, i knew it was not my fault to blame, when i heard the attack of temple taggart. i had somehow projected an image that made me an easy target. instead, this was serial misconduct and perversion on the part of mr. trump. unfortunately, this behavior is not rare in our society and people of all background can be victims. here todayason i am is because this person is now the president of our country. i would much rather have gained public interest because of something great that i
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accomplished, rather than something quite negative that happened to me. i shared my story last year because it was relevant. mr. trump dismissed his words as locker room talk, but having been the victim of such actions, i knew better. i decided to let my encounter with him be known, along with the various others, yet our stories it seemed to fall on deaf ears. recently, the metoo movement has gained momentum and women have had the courage to come forward, leaving many powerful men to separate the consequences of their actions. trump however, has escaped his past unscathed but over at one dozen women have come forward over his sexual misconduct and we have video proof of him promoting such behavior. n objective setting without question a person with this record would have entered the political graveyard never to return and yet here we are with that man as president. i want to believe that as americans, we can put aside our
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political inclinations and admit that some things transcend politics, that we will hold mr. trump to the same standard as harvey weinstein and the other men held accountable for the reprehensible behavior. therefore, i ask the congress put aside their party affiliations and investigate mr. trump's history of sexual misconduct. thank you. >> i'm jessica leeds. i'm the senior member of this group. itstory goes way back and was an episode on airplane when trump, and he decided he was bored and wanted some entertainment. i managed to get away from him and go away, but then, three years later, i ran into him again, and he remembered me. so, that really stuck in my memory. years later, i come to realize that he is serious about
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running for president, and i start telling my story. 30 years had lapsed at least, but i told everybody. i told my friends, neighbors, my book club, the ladies at the y, everybody i could. you want to know kind of person trump is, this man who is running for president? let me tell you look under person this is. so, obviously, when the hollywood tape came out and then the debates happened, i got so angry that i wrote a letter to the editor of "the new york times." withresponded, not just publishing a letter. they did a video and they did a story. never in a million years did i ever think that one day i would myn up my door and pick up
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newspaper and find my picture on the front page. was as simple as what i just explained. it was an encounter on an a totally and inappropriate behavior on his part. so, then there was kind of a media scrum, as i call it. and then the election came and he won. and i was absolutely destroyed. but i figured, the united states is a big, strong country. we can survive this person. but during the course of the year, i kept hearing from people who had come up to me on the streets, in the subway, at the library, at the grocery store. and the airport one time. in the swimming pool. and everybody had a story.
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everybody had some experience of being vulnerable and being attacked. i thought, things have gotten better for women in business, but apparently i was wrong. then the anniversary came of his election and there was some renewed interest by the media as to what i thought and all that. then, the weinstein story hit. and it was like an explosion in a shingle factory. things were flying all over the place. and it became apparent that in ofe areas, the accusations sexual aggression were being tak en seriously, and people were being held accountable, except for our president. he was not being held accountable. in fact, his staff made a big point of calling us all liars. at the position now,
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where in some areas of our society, people are being held accountable for unwanted behavior. ourwe rae not holding president accountable for what he is and who he is. so, i would like to see this movement -- i think the metoo movement is quite fascinating and i hope it creates more movement and that we get a change. but we shall see and we all have to hope. >> we will take some questions now from the media. francis from "the washington post." me tooalked about the movement and i was wondering about your next steps and the e
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concerns you have raised. thank you for speaking up about those. >> because i'm not -- i'm too old to have any working knowledge of how the internet works, so i don't know exactly how this me too movement is going, but i am just hoping that it continues forward and it grows. ins like the women's march january after the election, which was incredible and it was worldwide. so, i am hoping that this will come forward. enough pressure on congress to address it. more than just to their own members, but to the president. if asked, but it's not like
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we're running out with banners. i don't think any of us -- none this attention. if we were comfortable being a star, we would've done something else with our lives. what this is important, so when asked, we speak out. >> thank you very much. >> hi, there. i'm juanita young from reuters. ofcifically, are the three you asking for a congressional investigation and from what committee and if not, what specifically do you want to happen? they've investigated other congress members, so i think it only stands fair that he be investigated as well. and i think also a nonpartisan ryvestigation is ve importan
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important, but for anybody who has allegations against them. this is not a partisan issue. this is how women are treated every day. this is not a partisan issue. >> i would just echo. i think if they were willing to investigate senator franken, i think it's only fair they do the same for trump. >> hi, tamara, fox news. there was just the defamation suit iagainst the president. does that help when you think back to your past and getting justice? >> i was at my interview lester and what am i going to sue him for? being really creepy? that's not something that would
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stand up in court. i am more concerned that as a culture in our country, what is acceptable behavior and it is the standards that our president is setting, it's not high enough right now. the court of public opinion would be the best place, in my opinion, for this to be judged. like you said, it is a cultural thing and we should not let politicians get away with this. so old, situation, it's that i don't even think a judge would enter into any sort of case on it. so -- and i don't have any thoughts of goign to the courts for this. this is really a matter of, we have to deal with the public. and we have to deal with attitudes and changing a cultural phenomenon here. so, i don't think the courts are
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the place to go. >> hi, allison with cnn. jessica, this is a question for you. when you had that episode was mr. trump on the airplane, can you give us some details as to what happened, and also what happened three years later. just give us some details about those encounters. >> well, i was a traveling sales rep for a paper company. at that time, there were very few women traveling for business. i was on this airplane. i cannot remember if it was dallas or atlanta, but coming back to new york. and the stewardess came down the aisle and asked me, what i like to come up to first class. this had happened before. i had been invited up to first class several times. reallyext to some interesting people, like george steinberger and ralph nader. ceo's, it was not
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unusual. and the food was so much better in first class. so, i went up and sat down and this gentleman was sitting on the window, right against the bulkhead. he introduced himself as donald trump. well, i didn't work out of new york city. so, i didn't have any awareness of the trump name, or the trump business or donald trump. so, we had dinner. they served the dinner, cleared the dinner. about that time, he jumped all over me. he grabbed me and was trying to kiss me. as i recall, he didn't say anything, and i certainly didn't say anything. i didn't yell or ask for help. i remember at one point, looking over at the guy sitting across
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the aisle, and thinking, why doesn't he come to my aid? i wondered where in hell the stewardess was. it was when he started to put skirt -- andy that was the last time i wore a skirt traveling. i managed -- because i am not a small person -- i managed to wrestle myself out of the seat, stood up and went to the back of the airplane and sat back there until the plane landed. i let the plane deplane, all the people get off before i left because they did not want to run into him again. fast forward three years. i'm now living in near to the. -- i him now living in new york city. and i go to work for the humane society on 59th street and they will have a very financing fundraising gala and they asked me to man the table that distributed the table distributions. so, i go.
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and it's absolutely a new york scene. i got to meet all the designers. peopleo meet various because the humane society as a charity was very -- it was very interested in inviting all the celebrities in town. thats when i became aware donald trump was the donald trump of the trump family of new york city. and i recognized his picture. i remembered him. they aremember when assaulted. they remember when, where, why, what they had on, how they got out of it. they remember everything, even if it happened when they were eight years old. handing out the chips for the table and up comes donald trump. his wifehat time,
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ivana. at that time, ivana was very pregnant. i'm handing him the ticket and i am thinking, yeah, that's the guy. and he looks at me and says, i remember you. you are the woman from the airplane. he used to some other term before woman. and it cleared the room. it absolutely cleared the room. and i thought, oh, boy. but he went on and i went home and thtat was the end of the story. 2016 is 1983, when -- in realized he was really serious about running for president. i started telling my story to everybody. i said, let me tell you a kind of a person's donald trump is. i told everybody that i could get this it down. and i told my family and my friends. i told my neighbors.
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i told everybody. some people did not believe me, which i understand completely because it was so long ago. but i wanted to get it out. and then the debates happened. and he lied about -- and also, the hollywood buzz tapes came out. in i was so infuriated that i wrote a letter to the editor. and iey called me thought, i'm going to get my letter published. this is really super. but no, they sent over a reporter. they asked for the people that i had told over the years. they called them. they confirmed the story. and then they wrote it up. and that is really what happened. thank you. >> amy goodman from democracy now. i was wondering if each of you
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could responded to president trump endorsing the accused pedophile roy moore for the u.s. senate. and if you feel that president trump should resign. think of the endorsement, it is disgusting. absolutely disgusting. and two, i don't think he should have been elected to begin with. i think with all of the women coming forward, and so many of the women -- as is the first time we have ever met. and so many of the women having the same stories. and you know, him just being so braggadocio's about this throughout the years and of for there to be audio and video of him saying these things you know, is just -- yes, i believe other folks have resigned. i think you should. i don't think he ever will.
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think you should. i think the public needs to be aware. this is the type of person he is. think he is trying to back for political expediency somebody who's going to win. he doesn't have any moral compass. so, the accusations against roy moore, you know, puts him in the same category of, well, i di dn't do that to those women, so why should i believe those women in alabama? it's really horrifying. and it's confusing because you good -- thathat a the good people of alabama could see through this. but we have gotten so polarized with the politics that they want seat, evenepublican
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though it is a pedophile. my -- well, i think trump will eventually be forced to quit. resign. probably most likely because of financial matters in the robert mueller investigation. i unfortunately feel the sexual aggression issue is kind of low on the list of things wrong with trump. but it is important enough to me to bring this up and hope that we can get some sort of change in our culture. that will improve the situation going forward. orthing shocks me surprises me about trump anymore. i think is an dorsum of roy moore makes perfect sense for
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him because he was able to adjust and i what we said and that got him elected just fine. so, it is like passing the torch for him to do the same. in terms of resigning, i think it is probably the right thing to do, but i would never imagine he is going to do that. the investigation by congress is the only thing we can ask for. thank you. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders responded to the accusers, saying he has denied all allegations. her comments came as reporters asked multiple questions about the issue during the daily briefing. on the topics included the explosion new york city, tax reform and the president change in policy to a knology jerusalem as the capital of israel. -- policy to acknowledge truth must the capital of israel. this is just over 15 minutes. >> good afternoon.


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