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  President Departs White House for FBI  CSPAN  December 15, 2017 8:38pm-8:45pm EST

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became the bride of captain charles wrong of the united states marine corps. was the firstit white house wedding and 53 years. >> at 6:00 on american artifacts, the 200 year history of the willard hotel in washington dc, whose guest include every heavenly can, world war ii soldiers, and the first japanese delegation in the states. conducted lincoln quite a bit of business. he stayed for 10 days. the first white house -- was held not at the white house but at the willard hotel. when he introduced himself, he said i want to introduce you to the long and short of the new presidency. >> american history tv, all weekend and every weekend on c-span3. trump to part of the white house to speak at the fbi academy graduation ceremony, he took questions from reporters for about five minutes.
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>> it's a shame what happened with the fbi, the we are going to rebuild the fbi. it will be bigger and better than ever. it's sad when you look at the documents and how they've done that is really disgraceful and you have very angry people seeing at. it's a very sad thing to watch, i will tell you that it ongoing today on behalf of the fbi, their new building. what everybody, not me, but everybody, there is a level of anger with what they've been witnessing in regards to the fbi is certainly very sad. >> [inaudible] >> i think he should. he tried.
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i want to support the person running. we need the seat, we'd like to have the seed. i think we are doing well on the tax, that i think we are doing well. it will be the biggest tax decrease or tax cut in the history of our country. but as far as roy moore, i would certainly say he should. >> [inaudible] president trump: you will have to make that determination. let's put it this way. there is absolutely no collusion. that has been prison. -- has been proven. my worst enemies, they walk out and say, there is no collusion, but we will continue to look. they are sending millions and millions of dollars. there is absolutely no collusion. i didn't make a phone call to russia. i had nothing to do with russia. everybody knows it. that was a democrat hoax, and excuse for losing the election.
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it should never have been this way. now even the democrats admit there is no collusion. there is no collusion, that's it. we have to get back to running the country. what we have found and what they have found, after looking at this scam, is they found tremendous, whatever you want to call it, you are going to have to make your own determination, but they found tremendous things on the other side. when you look at the hillary clinton investigation, i've been saying it for a long time. that was a rigged system, folks. that was a rigged system. when you look at what they did and respect to the hillary clinton investigation, it was rigged. there has never been anything like it in the country that we've ever found before. it's very, very said. it's very, very sad. >> [inaudible]
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how many times: has that question been asked? go ahead. >> [inaudible] president trump: i have seen it. i think it's going to do very, very well. we are going to be in a position to pass something as early as next week, which would be monumental i think they will be great. they want to see it done. i know how they feel. these are great people and they want to see it done and they want to see it done properly. >> [inaudible] president trump: we are going to see what happens with north korea. we have a lot of support. there are a lot of nations that agree with us, almost everybody. we can't let that happen. we are going to see what happens with north korea. i hope it works out. >> [inaudible]
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president trump: i think we will. child tax credit, just so you understand, the democrats have done nothing in terms of children, in terms of child tax credits. we are putting in a tremendous child tax credit and it is increasing on a daily basis. >> [inaudible] president trump: it was great. he said very nice things in terms of what i've done in the economy and some very negative things on was going on elsewhere. but the primary point was to talk about north korea. because we would love to have his help on north korea. china is helping, russia's not helping. we would like to have russia's help. very important. >> [inaudible] president trump: i don't want to talk about pardons on michael flynn yet. we will see what happens. i can say this. when you look at what scott on with the fbi and with the justice department, people are
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very, very angry. thank you very much everybody. thank you very -- thank you.