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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 24, 2017 9:07am-10:01am EST

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of us is a child of god. that is the true source of joy this time of the year. that is what makes every christmas merry. and that is what we remember today's beautiful ceremony, that we are called to serve one another, to love one another, and to pursue peace in our hearts and all throughout the world. >> "washington journal" continues. nost: we continue with ope phones on any issue we had discussed or public policy. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. democrats use (202)-748-8000. and for independents and others, (202)-748-8002. inwill hear from gina alexandria, virginia. democrat line. caller: good morning, c-span. thank you for taking my call. i wanted to speak to mr. dyson,
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but i have a general statement about america because i was sitting watching television when the trayvon martin verdict came down for church -- cannot think of his last name -- and i was watching television with my best friend, a black gentleman, and he could not get himself together when the verdict came in. he paced the apartment to couple times and i kept saying, are you ok? he said, i have just got to get out of here. i talked to my therapist about it my very next visit and i tried to express to her how it affected me. she said, what does that have to do with you? i am a black woman. i sent as a black man. my best friend is a black man. my grandson is a black man. says, from panama and she
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it sounds like you are trying to deflect today from your own problems. how could you-- say that to me? she works for the city, the community service forward. she is a senior therapist. host: this -- was this your therapist to said this? caller: yes, she said that to me in our session. she got i was trying to deflect my own problems about a verdict that did not have anything to do with me. host: gina is talking about the george zimmerman verdict. ohio, danny is next on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. for as much as the democrats talk about republicans giving tax breaks to the rich, the democrats were the party of global internationalism. their history has people at cordova hall with a general
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and basicallyrade said since we were a rich country, we should let people jump their products into our country. yet, when we send our stuff to their country, we get a 30% or 40% tariff tax on them. they are global internationalists. they cannot get over the fact that we have a president now who wants to go back to being america. there is not a wrong with being american. invented the automobile, the car. the airplane. the steam engine. television. you know, we did all these great things. for the last test you had, i would like to make a comment. do we have a problems with race? we have come along a lot better than any other country in the world.before we
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were out of the threat from britain, thomas jefferson had written the independence -- declaration of independence by saying all men were created equal with unalienable rights. as early as 1817, we had american colonization, where we tried to abolish slavery. i we perfect? -- are we perfect? no, but you look at where we are at and what we have done. before we were even a country. we question is, are responsible for slavery that took place in florida? host: danny also talked about the tax reform measure passed week. a couple of front pages to think about it. the headline -- taxing times, more or less. the gop session signed into law
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and the burden on state residents could be drastic. host: also, "the washington post" on their front page concerning charities -- tax law could crunch charities. filers.duction for many they write that many u.s. charities are worried the tax overhaul bill, signed by president trump on friday, good philanthropy,n speeding along the decline of middle-class owners and transforming charitable gift giving into a pursuit largely left to the wealthy. .com.more at washingtonpost
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can the next on the independent line from california. caller: i wanted to comment on the guest on the divide we had throughout the country. i believe a lot of it generates from the present self. i base that on since the doctor doctrine, since it was repealed in the reagan administration, the media has gone through a divide and conquer. if you are republican, you listen to fox all day. if you are democrat, a listen to msnbc all day. neither one is really providing true investigative journalism. they are just feeding what ever is the blimp of the day. i truly believe to the detriment of the country that tactic in itself, which is great for the corporations, but for the people, i think it has divided as, it has mushroomed on her
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ignorance, and in that, in that, the division and hatred it causes and that we see today. host: let's hear from memphis. kevin is on our democrat line. caller: good morning. yes, i was calling -- i wanted to congratulate the mayor in memphis, tennessee. down.inging those statues memphis is my home. i was born and raised here doing -- during the baby booming years. my mother and father fought for civil rights. i was glad to see them statues come down because in so you have walked in my shoes, that parties to be white-only. down, these statues come it is a good feeling because i do not want -- i remember my ancestors, my granddaddy, grandmother, and
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great-grandmother, who were former slaves. that is my bloodline. i do not want to see that jefferson davis, and the kkk founder. yes, they need to come down. if you want, take them to your backyard. thank you. host: in pennsylvania, it is open phones. we hear from abdul on the independent line. caller: hello. just wanted to say good morning, tanks for taking my call. -- thanks for taking my call. i respect them up society -- and love society. the caller was saying how many things that you, or he felt in this country, a lot of rings that were built in this country were built by black people. all he not know that, so thinks that his people, as he
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called it, bill, -- built, a lot , forings in this country instance [indiscernible] everybody wanted it. was -- with all its wealth, was built on the backs of others. it is like saying, we did this, we did that. basically, you did. -- you did not. it was built on the backs of people who were not benefiting from any of the wealth that is in the country. i was born and raised in the projects. we had a good home. i had a good family life.
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i was around civil rights in new jersey. a tank sat in front of our house. i know a friend of mine's mother was walking past it and they shot and killed her. that we are things going through and now we are number 45. he is dividing the country. "goodgoing back to the old days." what are the good old days? host: abdul in pennsylvania talking about her previous segment with mr. dyson looking at his recent book on racism in the united states and our previous discussion starting the program on the political divide. it is open phones now. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. (202)-748-8000 for democrats, and for all others, (202)-748-8002. and policee of race
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violence or incidents with police and members of the black community, the "atlantic" writing this week about training for police. the headline -- can cops, and their unconscious biases? implicit bias training is spreading around the country. the theory it can influence officer behavior on the streets but it isn't clear that the classes work. that is from "the atlantic." curacao lake city, brian on the republican line -- here is called lake city, bryan on the republican line. caller: you guys need to check history. david barton is the guy who wrote a book that jefferson lies. you want to learn history, that is a great guy. he done a seminar, black history month, and he says, i am not going to put your picture up as nobody will show up. all of a sudden, everybody shows up in they succumb here is david barton. they say, here is whitey going
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to teach us something about history. they said he learned more about his lack history that he never knew. caches black history that he -- black history that he never knew. in 1868, the republican party was founded. it was 100 30 black politicians and 40 white politicians that started the republican party. charles sumner got up and said, hey, these black folk made their rights. he kept fighting for them. the democrats got up and beat him within one inch of his life in the almost died. and the democrats cheered him on. you guys need to go back in history and learn the republicans have been fighting. host: brian, you said it was called "jefferson lies?" caller: well, everybody thinks thomas jefferson had the black kids. that is not true. one of his brothers did. may you know, made some.
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-- haven't barton they proven genetically sally hemmings was an offspring of thomas jefferson, right? caller: yes, of his brother, not thomas jefferson. lackwas all of the politicians -- black politicians. all of them said, hands up, don't shoot, that was a lie. host: here is john in new york on the republican line. caller: how are you doing? like the other guy was saying, some people got to get a history lesson. i am talking about the fbi. they say it is bad right now, but they should look up hoover, the guy who started the fbi. he had so many people afraid of him because of his little black book. he used to tell all of the congressional guys, even the president of the united states, and he used to blackmail them. that is how he got everything that he wanted for the fbi to start. another thing, merry christmas
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to everybody. also, they all say the president trump is the worst president going. there were two other great presidents in this country, another history lesson, teddy roosevelt they did not like much because he was like president trump. president trump is the only person, president, to be doubt teddy roosevelt's executive board. and the other one was president a blink in. -- abraham lincoln. they said he can't never be a president when he was running. he is a farm boy, and look what happened. that is all i would like to say. a lot of people in this country should get a history lesson before they open their mouths about things they do not understand. host: here's the democrats line, mauricio and guthrie, oklahoma. caller: a lot of people are talking about history and how whites have made all these discoveries and did all these things and change the world, but
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everybody has forgotten about worst history. -- when you think about broughtd for 7-11, that the europeans out of darkness, that was boorish history. -- moorish history. for people to be happy about christmas, do not forget it was constantine that did that in the first place. there really is no such thing as jesus. it is not even in the alphabet, "j" was not found in the english term. i wanted to let people remember. host: ", in the topic on "the washington journal" until 10:00 eastern. trump puts his slogan on the presidential coin -- the headline.
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it is not a new development, it is the redesigned presidential challenge coin, a custom dating back 20 years. they had been handed out to service members in commemoration of special achievements and milestones. president trump scoring, which many saw friday, is unmistakably different from its predecessors. the national motto, meaning out of many one. in his place, the presidential campaign slogan, make america great again, which the administration has used unofficial white house documents. they give a look to the new presidential coin and three previous ones, just clockwise around the one from joe biden, the vice presidential coin from him, mike pence, and barack obama's. and the new one in the center from president donald trump.
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next in athens, georgia, independent line. caller: good morning. how are you? host: doing fine, thank you. i want to start fashion like caller: i would to start by saying, -- caller: i want to start by saying, people need updated history by watching c-span and using wikipedia and google. all the information or the last 2000 years to 3000 years is that your fingertips. use it for something other than social media and entertainment. i got up this morning and turned on c-span. bill, i see you have a beard. you look snazzy. the third caller was from georgia. i met him three years ago in atlanta, fighting the good fight. i talked to him for a while and i'm glad he got in this morning. we will talk about the fact that from is not racist -- trump is not racist. for the last 40 years, he has
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been a new york liberal. he has been a new york liberal for the last 40 years. in 1988, he told the oprah winfrey show that if you ran your president, he would do that as a republican because they are stupid enough. that is what he said. i did not say that. trump is not a racist. black men have been rapping about donald trump since 1988. they want to be black trump. of thewalker out university of georgia and signed into the new york general. that hetball league has, he tried to get mike tyson on contract to fight sibley in his kissing -- exclusively in his casinos. gold this and gold that, the perfect segue when you think of his presidential coin. he is making america great. with anew york times" look at one of the president's
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closest allies in new york. a friendship of convenience after decades of weariness, robert murdoch -- rupert murdoch , and donald trump had become closer. calls come at least once a week. he says, for-- decades, rupert murdoch has used media properties to establish a straight line to australian and british leaders. bought44 years since he his first newspaper in the united states, yes failed to cultivate close ties to an american president until now. they both forged in new york's tabloid culture, one is the owner of the "new york post" and the other is the perfect subject. they have traveled in the same circles since the 1970's but did not come close until recently when interests aligned more than ever before. since inauguration day, mr. rupert murdoch has taught to mr. white housesing the chief of staff, who screens incoming calls.
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you can read a bit more from "the new york times" on rupert murdoch. they write -- they are opposites and personal style. mr. murdoch preferring slovene newsrooms to mr. trump's gilded towers, but they have much in common. both were born into wealth but that the distance from the centers of power. mr. trump grew up in queens, the son of a real estate developer. so close but so far from glittering midtown, where he would make his name and home. rupert murdoch, the son of a journalist, who became the owner of a newspaper chain, spent his childhood in melbourne, australia. they were both sent to military schools as boys before going on to outdo their fathers in the family businesses. although both parlayed their inheritances into global power, they have viewed themselves as outsiders at odds with the establishment.
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in pennsylvania, independent line. go ahead. ander: that is bertrand vandergrift, pennsylvania. graduate, ande you start off the show with the statistics on what divides the country. i can tell you in no concern terms because i will go to two other subjects, but this is the main one. the fact of the matter is that we have been -- as you showed in stats, shows it was an ongoing issue, something that had started to build on itself. what made it even more power -- paramount was the fact that people think that there is taken news. let me -- fake news. there is no such thing as fake news, just lazy minds.
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flagship when it comes to political information. important to everyone to look at all the news outlets and make up your own views. the truth is there. if you look at all the different news is, c-span first, and then then you docnn, and a large sample size, most of the time, you will have all the jews there. cues there. last calls indicated republicans did everything for the democrats. that was towards the civil war. be changed in the 1950's. -- it changed in the 1950's. host: you started comments mentioning how we started the program, looking at the political divide in the u.s.,
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what is behind it, and what to fix it. chargerge we used was a from the pew research center on political polarization. in 2017, this is a look going year to 2017, the survey goes back to 1994. back thene how much the difference is between the ideological center of the parties with them being much closer together. in pennsylvania, joy on our line for democrats, go ahead. caller: oh, my gosh. thank you and happy holidays to everybody. i want to talk about -- and thank you for having michael dyson on. i love him. i do have a question for him even though he is no longer there. he does visit -- he is a professor at george washington. host: georgetown. caller: georgetown, sorry. i wonder if he has ever visited morgan state university or
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howard university because they are down the street? host: he is on twitter. on twitter if you want to ask that question. caller: i will definitely look into that. also, i want to talk about race relations. i am a 35-year-old black woman in kingston, in northeastern pennsylvania, outside of scranton. -- most of my best friends are wiped so we always talk -- white so we always talk about race. they might not like it but i bring it up as i feel it is something we need to discuss. i know it makes people feel uncomfortable but it is real for me because i am a black woman in a predominately white area. there are things that i deal with that they do not on a regular basis and maybe they don't understand that. host: mr. dyson talks about, do you hear windows conversations with their white friends, he
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talked about a blindness with white people. how does that sound to you? do you notice that when you talk to your friends? caller: absolutely, and these have been my best friends since seventh grade. [laughter] i get it. sometimes, they try and get it, but it gets to a point to it feels uncomfortable because they do feel they have not contributed to that. they are open-minded people. we have been friends forever, and they are like, i have a black friend. the point is, i deal with the situation in my community and forever ago in this world, that they do not have to deal with. i feel like i always have to have that conversation with them. ,hether it leads to, hey, joy shut up, we do not want to talk about it, we have to talk about it and then bring it up. and then my last point is i do not want to go on and on about trump, but the man told us who
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he was. and there we still voted him in. so if that is an issue within our communities, where we need to get out and change we want to empower, and who we want to represent us, maybe that is the issue. i am not going to be angry about it anymore. he told us who he was. he won, and he still is the same person that he told us he that he was going to be. eve. it is christmas overseas, with troops overseas, the christmas holiday and a beginning to be celebrated. president trump this morning delivering a video message to troops. here's a look. [video clip] president trump: i just wanted to wish everybody a very merry christmas. we say christmas very proudly, a very merry christmas. you will have a great year. it will be an incredible year. i am thrilled to bring seasons greetings on behalf of the first family, and entire
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most important, on behalf of the american people. today and every day, we are incredibly thankful for you and your families. your families have been tremendous. always underappreciated, the military families, the greatest people on her. host: that is trump at mar-a-lago this morning. open phones on "washington journal." brian in florida on the republican line. caller: merry christmas. that is funny that just came on and happy holidays to everyone else. i am from st. petersburg, florida, which was in times of started to be integrated, it was probably one of the last areas, believe it or not. we started a couple years before i got in, but it was a few black children and when i got to be in 30-70 and was
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sometimes 50-50. i think really not in those you were just the same people. they were my friends, i was their friends. i played sports with them. i say them, not being liked it know? cial thing, you it is not a black-white thing, it is just where people lived in our area . as i grew up, when the last president obama was in power, i found a lot of people i was friends with forever all of a sudden had this negative to me when obama was elected. he is our president, you go along with it. it is the fourth year, and you try to get whoever you want to. he was president again. fourth gear, you try to get web you want. -- whoever you want.
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when you have a president with four more years to go, or three now, you have two years to listen and try to let him be the best you can do. just -- try to let can be the best you can do. just everyone get along, it isn't the time for bickering. especially today, it is a time for peace, love, and get along in the world for two more years. and then you have a whole year to argue. that is all i want to say. merry christmas. host: thank you in florida. at c-spann twitter -- wj if i do that -- a previous caller, the woman seemed to miss the point. we did vote for whoever we wanted, maybe she did not vote for who she wanted. will says, my ancestors owned zero slaves. the quality of life was built on their backs. and this one goes to trump, he is only interested in his base is set up reaching out to every american. talking about president trump's
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news earlier, saying fake refuses to talk about how big and strong our bases. they show fake polls, just like they report fake news. despite negative reporting, we are doing well. . nobody is going to beat us make america great again nobody is going to be this. make america great again. in new hampshire on the republican line, go ahead. , regarding race and being created equal, white privilege, to me, it isn't white village, it is superiority. i believe that because of the way the white people evolved from. i believe black people have not evolved. we were created equal. i do not believe we evolved equally. the black community in africa, just years ago, we had about 300 high school girls kidnapped and sold off the sex slaves. to all you blacks, that wasn't
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white people doing that. civil rights legislation was the worst thing that could happen. civil rights [indiscernible] and that you blacks are all trapped in the demo -- in the ghettos, and that is what the democrats want you. merry christmas. host: tony in marietta georgia, on our independent line. hello. caller: yes. america [indiscernible] you are holding down one section of beer population -- of your look at china, there is no section they need to hold down. that will keep us at a disadvantage with the countries theng into the cold of so-called first world. this country is sick. it is dying of cancer.
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, and people like michael dyson -- and people like michael dyson who are trying to help curate, it is too late. .the cancer runs deep it is too late -- the cancer in state. it is too late. sorry, america. you are dying. like michaelpeople it it is a glass of water. safe to america as a glass of water. she is dying. they put their foot on her neck as she dies. i cannot live forever and truth is the same. he will dalai lama says not be resurrected or reincarnated, the proof is on
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the same. good day. host: it is open phones on "washington journal." we showed you president trump and his comments are mar-a-lago. the president there during a year. the firstcbs about social gathering on friday at , saying president trump kicked off his holiday weekend friday nights at a dinner, where he told friends -- "you all just got a lot richer," referencing this sweeping tax overhaul he signed hours earlier. post,on the palm beach their reporting about mar-a-lago on their front page. the post investigation, trump and taxes. the piece, is the mar-a-lago tax deal failed from tax review? big deal to turn mar-a-lago into a private club binged on inactive charity crafted to skirt irs scrutiny and deliver for trump a seven year tax
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break. the sure trump could get $5.7 million deduction, america's future president and lawyers left out those details from the written agreements with town officials. the palm beach post rights -- the deal, which took shape in public meetings over several months in 1993, provides the best look at trump's largest form of charity: an obscure and controversial land use reduction known as a preservation easement. read more at the palm beach post website. in kentucky on our democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead, joanne. caller: i just wanted to say that [indiscernible] you are breaking up. sorry about that. just not clear enough. we will go on to massachusetts, john on our democrats line. caller: hi.
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i was 17 when the massacre happened. i am now 61. everything that has happened the last few days shows there will be something this weekend because you could not do bad news friday because the tax bill signing.with the headline i expect something to happen after sunday news shows are over. just goinging, it is to be a mass exit is somewhere. i think it will happen this weekend or next weekend with the holidays. what is tomorrow? chrysalis. if they are going to do anything, -- christmas. if they're going to do anything, i cannot believe how they're going after mueller, which is how they went after wilcox in 1973. host: john is in connecticut, thank you for that call on the
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fbi investigation. one of the opinion pieces this morning is from former special -- star,r ken st, itar entitled a solution for mueller. it is in the opinion pages of "the washington post," writing -- in recent days, the drumbeat of criticism directed that robert s mueller and rosenstein has become deafening. i continue to believe in the honor and integrity of both men, whom i not only know well, but also served with it during a period of years, but neither the deputy attorney general or special counsel have been served well by key personnel. recent revelations of deep-seated bias against president trump within the molar staff call for a thoroughgoing reevaluation of the executive branches approach and the fundamental reset. ken starr saying i understand the concerns articulated by the
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president's allies about political bias. throughout my service as whitewater independent counsel during the clinton years, my colleagues and i were branded as partisan republicans, part of hillary clinton's "vast right-wing conspiracy." into, we were a mixed bunch. a number voted for bill clinton in 1992 and i didn't ask about party affiliation. rosenstein is right to flag first amendment considerations when pressed about the mueller's teams one-sided this in there and type trump leanings -- anti-trump leanings. it implicates the integrity of the process. unfortunately, these partisan times, mueller has chosen poorly by having smart but equally politicized senior aides. there is more to this and it is available at in atlanta, jewel on the republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. i am jewel from georgia.
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the ideasng regarding democrats,icans, independents have regarding mr. trump. or we been sidetracked are accustomed to being sidetracked that his innuendos regarding fake news and all that kind of thing. attempting on his objective to make the united states the dictatorship, and he is saying it with phrases like "i am the best, we are going to ."ke america great again he has no friends in america. putin is his best friend. he lies about everything he says that we are being suckered. my solution or a solution to all of this is to be aware whom you vote for because those
9:46 am
congressmen standing behind him and talking out of both sides of their mouths are also deceiving us. ,e must know who we vote for and vote them out. one way to do that is during the primary, when they ask you who you are voting for, say, i am voting. do not give anyone any reason to believe who you are voting for. who isey do not know being leading and that does not sway the majority. a lot of people are swayed by who other people vote for, so that is my solution and i wish everybody would try and do what is best for the country the thet we are being led down path to a dictatorship, and if you know what that is, watch closely what is going on. thank you. host: reaction on twitter to some opinions. the sun from jan, saying ken starr, saying mueller team bias?
9:47 am
he has. no room to speak -- she has no room to speak. aboutil on our article rupert murdoch and donald trump saying that from talks to murdoch often, could that be why he fired the new york state attorney, investigating box? jefferson city, missouri, doug is on independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i have been sitting up in listening to the views and and we still are not hitting the subject. if we want change, we have got to teach the young people the anderence and take inferior superior away, and bring the people back together because in the earlier civilization, the government was for the people and not for themselves. as long as they goddess focused on race and not the condition of
9:48 am
the mind -- as long as they have is focused on race and not the condition of the mind, we will never come together. if we keep highlighting that in the media, it will continue to cause a problem. we have got to go back to the beginning. we cannot just hit the top. we have got to go back and bring the people together. you know what i'm saying? that is all i wanted to say. we have to reach the people and change the condition of the mind because we have been messed up by our forefathers, people who have been putting us through the blender for their control. we have got to go back to the beginning. if we don't, we will continue to be in the mess and see race as an issue. race is not the issue. it is superiority at the end of the day because you have poor white people, too. host: here's is what some people
9:49 am
in arkansas are reading, the arkansas to the crack is that -- u.s. weapons for ukraine and russia, writing that ukraine's president saturday thanked the u.s. for its decision to provide his nation with lethal weapons, while russian diplomats expressed this may, warning it will only fuel hostilities in eastern ukraine. a response from moscow came one day after president trump's administration approved to provide weapons to ukraine, including weapons for the fight against russia backed separatists in eastern ukraine that has killed more than 10,000 people since april 2014, and it strongly welcomed the u.s. -- "i am grateful for the leadership of president donald trump. the clear position of all our american friends and strong support -- bipartisan support of
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ukraine." said oninian president facebook in english, american weapons in the hands of ukrainian soldiers are not for offensive but perched on the rebuff of the aggressor, protection of the cranial soldier and civilians as a less for effective self-defense. in crockett, texas, the cut line. caller: how are you doing? host: billy, go ahead. caller: the last few times, i did not get through. i am a long time journalist and activist. i want to say i think donald trump needs to be impeached. racist. a i have white, black, spanish, asian friends. we get along. inhave the racist statement america. we have a lot of white folks that are good and look out for people. i think donald trump is instigating the trouble in america. i think we need to impeach this
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man. i met him in 1997 through kobe bryant when they were doing a beauty contest. he seemed to be all right. now that you see him now, he is the problem. he is the reason america cannot come together. he has got everybody across the world looking down on our country. we are not as powerful as we once were. we have got to get this man out of office. it is not racial. we need to come together as a people. the thing that will bring us together is moving that man out of the white house. thank you. also billy's comments remind you of an op-ed piece in "the new york post" earlier this morning. the movement to impeach trump this just beginning. read more atnyp -- read more at elizabeth, go ahead. like to sayuld just that watching your program this morning that america has come through great change in my
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lifetime, and in the sixth -- 1960's, women could not wear pants to the courtroom. black people cannot attend schools with white people, could not drink out of the same fountain, so we have come through times of great change. equale are going through amounts of great change with technology. that divide issues us are being trumped up, if you will, by opposing sources and our president being key among them. time, we really need .eadership i do not think the president is doing that. just listen to his christmas address. he makes christmas sound like a swear word what he emphasizes it
9:53 am
. he is just driving the wedge deeper. he is consolidating power behind the scenes, censoring usage of certain words in his administration. it is concerning. i did want to say that in the term fake news earlier in the programming, one guy said he read the new york times. c-span, when these call, put them on the spot and say, what do you listen to i guarantee -- what do you listen to? this bipartisan media and right wing. these crackpots got on and spout out all kinds of conspiracy theories and you can see them
9:54 am
now. they are trying to bring down mueller and soften the ground up for doubt. leave on would like to a positive note. because it is christmas eve, i would like to wish everybody happy holidays and they say happy holidays because i like to roll in new year's with my christmas greetings and my kwanzaa greetings, and to the muslim community, peace upon you. too, happy holidays to you elizabeth. let's hear from tom in lakeland florida -- lakeland, florida. caller: that was kind of hurt to spread the love like that, but it is christmas so with all due respect to her. i would think the caller that chinad or wanted to say is a better setup than the melting pot here, it is a communist-based country. you either conform or you could
9:55 am
be in prison or possibly killed. is it perfect? of course, not. are a puppy, we compared to how long countries around the world and through history have been around. do we have work to do? of course we do. the level of cynicism and negativity i hear out of folks, and i have seen it. i am not a privileged white guy talking to you. i studied cultural anthropology in college. i know about perspective. i worked the inner-city when i moved to new york. when i moved down state with the company, i worked in harlem. i have seen it. it is horrible. the problem is you are a product of your indoctrination and coulter's edition is difficult to break out of something that
9:56 am
is all you have known. good, bad goes to bed, that goes to debt -- bad ,oes to bad, debt goes to debt i do not think any particular governmental entity in america is deliberately suppressing another part of the populist and favoring another part. it is a work in progress. that is all there is to it. just the fact that spanish has become our second language, that shows how conciliatory or openly are to change. host: it is what it is. it is christmas eve, and some folks at the defense department will be busy. not for threats but program that goes back decades. politico writes about it on this christmas eve -- norad's crazy
9:57 am
santa plus, the largest public outreach program for the public of defense and the pentagon's most elaborate propaganda operation. they write -- it started long ago with a typo in the sears department store, hey, kiddies, sanna class, explains, call me direct and dial the correct number. but the number printed had a digit wrong and was the direct line into the secret military nerve center in colorado springs, colorado, where the pentagon was on the lookout to prevent nuclear war. the air force officer and world war ii fighter pilot that took the call that day for father christmas thought it was a crank, and he said so. the little kids started crying. his daughter recalled and in interview, dad went into his ho, bliss. and got the kid
9:58 am
62 years later, the continental air defense command is now the north america aerospace defense command and its interactive norad tracks santa has become the largest and go public outreach program for the defense department and you might say the pentagon's most elaborate propaganda operation. they write, on christmas eve, while monitoring the heavens for russian military aircraft falling -- flying too close to the u.s. or canada, norad will be reporting on process -- progress of santa and his reindeer. open phones, chris in jacksonville, north carolina. caller: good morning. t likely taking my call. i -- thank you for taking my call. a lot of the comments about the divisiveness in america, i do not believe it is true. i believe it is a small section of the population. against each other -- pitted against each other.
9:59 am
there is a small concentration that the press loves to report makes it seem larger than it is. the problem is the left has strategyd a sort of for capitalizing on the victimization. if you paint them as a victim, and that is how they went to get their votes, they make you seem you are being victimized and you are not getting a fair shake. the only way to do it is this represented. host: thanks for all your calls and comments this morning area "washington journal" back christmas morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. we will hear from henry olson of the policy center. that is tomorrow. it gets underway at 7:00 a.m. eastern. until then, merry christmas, happy holidays, and we will see you here tomorrow morning. ♪
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