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tv   Washington Journal Arnie Arnesen  CSPAN  January 2, 2018 3:20am-3:30am EST

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author of 10 national security drillers. on sunday, lived january 7, or watch it on demand on book on washington journal, here from a number of radio talkshow hosts from around the country. they share their thoughts on what to expect in the new year and the message to washington in 2018. here is a look. morning,ng a soft this the syndicated talkshow host from new hampshire. good morning. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. about messagesng to be delivered to washington in 20. what would be at the top of your list? >> the greatest i concern from -- the greatest concern from 2017 is a message to america a messageally
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delivered from washington. you are on your own. why do i say that? when you look at what is happened with deregulation, the rise of inequality aided and abetted by the tax reform act. what is happening with climate change and the extreme weather and the cost of 2017 alone is probably the -- probably going to be billions of dollars. ? what do we do we give huge tax cuts and we don't put anything if i to address the extreme weather of 2017 and try to make -- and 2018 will be worse. i want congress to pay attention. they don't look at the evidence, the reality. they are saying when you must government in a time when need a
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stronger safety net. bash thewant to deficit. we want to exploded. they are obsessed with the word know -- known regulation, no taxes, no climate change. all of those things would make a difference in the quality of life for americans. that is my message. say yes.t how to >> what is the avenue for democrats or others, even in congress, for those interests and those concerns you have expressed? 2017 the rise of the me too movement. it doesn't have a leader. it is every woman in every walk of life who said me, too. at bestaderless, but but it has created a significant change.
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happened bywhat has the actions of donald trump and congress. they keep saying, where is the leader? we don't need one. you point your finger at transgender, poor people, women, hispanics, everyone. you have harmed every person in america except the rich and famous. that is the only people you have protected. democrats don't need a leader, because donald trump in the republican party have delivered a message -- this is your government. you better take it back. >> any democrats that stand out? who are the voices you like to hear from? >> i don't know if i have met them yet. int you saw happening virginia with the rise of so many interesting people that suddenly emerged on the scene, you will see mayors and governors and maybe even state senators who will find their
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voice. part of the problem with the predictable voices in washington is that they have been in washington too long. they basically have their hand out to lobbyists for money. i don't know who i am going to hear, but bernie sanders has been around in politics forever. even find vermont on a map, and he showed up with the right voice at the right time. maybe there will be a voice that shows up at the right place at the right time. this is a year of change. inequality, the events of 2017 and climate change, and between the deregulation that leads so many americans vulnerable in health feeling,feeling -- now -- now failing, is this government responding and respecting you? you better change it.
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don't wait for the democratic party to knock on your door. put your name out there and start making the change, because you are the change. when it comes to the opioid crisis, overdoses what do you see in the coming year? opioidme explain the crisis in new hampshire. new hampshire is the seventh richest state in new hampshire -- written just state in the country. guess where we went when it comes to eating at addressing the problem of opioids? we ranked at the bottom. you -- whatat to does that tell you? if you know you have a problem and you want to be helped, weight two month, three months, five months. you die in that period of time.
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services matter. safety nets matter. you can't fault this without helping people. we don't have an excuse. we are not best virginia. they are struggling and they rank number one. if you are not going to spend money on your people, then what is the money for? that is probed -- that is part of the problem i see. the opioid crisis is like the inequality crisis. we have an economy that serves the top 1%. what is an economy for if it isn't for all of us? what is wealth for if we let our people die? here is the sad thing about the opioid crisis. i lived across the street from an elementary school. i talked to elementary school teachers about the new kids now coming into their classroom, children of addicted parents.
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they are children being raised by grandparents. their children you can see the remnants of that addiction in them, because their parents were addicted when they had them. this is not just about addiction and those that may die. this is now about children coming into schools that have burdensome problems and schools are not prepared. it is going to affect her child and mine. to talk about matters of local politics in new hampshire, your governor is running for reelection. what are his chances? >> donald trump one new hampshire. the primary in new hampshire. he did lose to hillary clinton. it was our current governor who was on a radio talk show that suggested that busloads of voters came across to massachusetts to vote for
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democrats. that was a lie. he knows it. if that were true, then how come he got elected and donald trump did not? here is the new poll that came out. chris sununu has a 53% approval rating. guess what donald trump's approval rating is in republican new hampshire? everything. approval in new hampshire, a whopping 27%. this is the state that gave him his first win in the primary. this is the first two burly lost in the election. he has tanked. the same question when it comes to the economy, the numbers of
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the economy are almost as low as donald trump simmers. best donald trump's numbers. of you outside of new hampshire, and they listen to you? >> online, we have a podcast. we cover national politics. we cover everything going on in this country and look at the stories nobody talks about. in the end, they will make the the 2018 election. ignore the tweets and focus on your life and reality. you are on your own. that is what the administration is telling you. >> thank you for your time, happy new year to you. joining us on skype, good morning to you. happy new year. >> happy new year.


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