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tv   Minority Leader Chuck Schumer News Conference  CSPAN  January 17, 2018 11:17pm-11:30pm EST

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the speech. you all -- my view is you all have a job to do, and we are happy to entertain your questions, but beyond that, i don't really have any observations of that. thank you. >> now, senate minority leader chuck schumer -- his capitol hill briefing is just over 10 minutes. [laughter] ok, goodmer: afternoon, everybody. i'm proud to be joined by senators durbin and murray. senator wyden is joining us but had to go somewhere else first.
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i don't remember where, but he shall return. now, republican leaders in the house have offered a continuing resolution that does not address some of the most pressing issues that face our country. instead, it just kick the can down the road. cr after cr. the house republican build a log of our veterans, who wait in line for service, the health they need. it does not make necessary investment to fight the scourge of opioid addiction, which has a stranglehold on so many of our communities, urban, suburban, rural. it does not honor the promise made to over one million pensioners who contributed to an earned every penny of their pensions. it does not fund community health centers or other important health programs that have lapsed. and i would say the defense also the republican side of the house
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, it does not give our military and our troops with secretary mattis said they need either. and of course, as senator durbin will get into, it does not provide the necessary protection for the dreamers. democrats have been negotiating in good faith. as many of our republican colleagues have noted. there is a bipartisan legislation. it does not give anyone everything they want. but that's the nature of a compromise. it is a fair down the middle compromise. it protects dreamers, includes president trump full budget request for border security, including funding to build barriers along the southern border. it deals with family reunification for the dreamers and the diversity lottery. these are all the issues the president outlined when he said what he needed in a bipartisan agreement. instead, republicans in the president seem intent on
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pursuing a policy of intransigence, doing the same thing they did on health care, on taxes. no negotiation, no discussion, take it or leave it. so, i challenge president trump and republican leaders to step up and be willing to take "yes" for an answer. we have been fair. we are happy to negotiate. we have been right down the middle when it comes to immigration. time for political posturing is running short. bipartisan groups of senators and congressmen are fervently working towards a deal on all the issues i outlined. we can do it all. we should do it all. senator durbin. senator durbin: on september 5 of last year, president trump announced the daca program would be shut down as of march 5, 2018. he challenged congress to pass a law to solve that problem.
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he understood, i believe, as we hang in lives the balance. they could lose their protection. 1000 and they will continue to lose protection after march 5 of this year. . group of us came together three democratic senators, three republican senators, and worked for four months to meet the president's talent. -- challenge. there was no other effort underway, none, in this republican-controlled congress to meet that challenge. we worked on it, went through some tough negotiations, and we finally reached an agreement. it is a painful agreement for us because both sides had to give a lot. it is a true bipartisan compromise. it deals not only with the daca but itamer challenge, also provides border security. this agreement gives president
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trump every single penny that he asked for for border security in his budget request. almost $1.6 billion for construction on the border of barriers and all sorts of fences and whatever else is needed. even walls. it also includes about another $1 billion in electronics that the people on the border tell us they need to make it safe. , dide bottom line question we meet the responsibility, the challenge, providing border security? we met it with every single dollar president trump asked for, and then we tackled two very painful issues as well. of familyestion reunification. that is a heartbreaking issue for us to take up. theree some concessions we did not want to make at all but we did it in the interest of a bipartisan agreement. finally, the diversity visa, lottery, we have come up with an
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approach which we think is sensible, reasonable, safe for america, and sensitive to the challenges we face. this was not easy. we came to this agreement and sent it over and had it drafted. it will be introduced this afternoon. the original three sponsors will be joined by three more. on the have six sponsors republican side as we go forward. we are hoping for more. now, it is up to president trump, it is up to senator mcconnell. now that we have met this challenge with the only game in that with the only bill addresses these key elements, it is time for them to include it in any cr deal brought before us. i am fed up with cr's. this is the fourth one this year, and there is no end in sight. they are asking for another few weeks. cannot postpone any longer this protection for hundreds of
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thousands of innocent people across america who are simply asking as dreamers to be part of america's future. well, it is absurd that we are here once again, days away from another republican government shutdown, having the same conversation that we have had so many times before. but while it is frustrating that we are stuck here again, i want to be very clear. there is absolutely no reason for the republicans to shut down the government. none at all. no reason. democrats and republicans agree we should increase investments in domestic and defense priorities. democrats and republicans agree that we should finally address the children's health insurance program and the other public health investments. democrats and republicans agree we need to help our young dreamers, which is senator durbin just did a great job outlined to you. the list goes on.
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issues we should be able to work together on to get done. representfamilies we are sick and tired of waiting on republicans to work with us to address. there is no reason we should even be talking about another republican shutdown. as we have heard right now, house republicans are talking about another short-term extension. another copout. another can kicked down the road. there are so many pressing issues which republican-controlled congress should be taking on right now. have delayed,hey pinched pennies on children's health insurance. they have philandery whether their children's coverage will be run out. they did not even bother to include funding for community health centers. and other critical investments in primary care. families struggling that depend on this. working families are
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waiting on whether or not they will get the full pensions they have earned. communities who are hard-hit by the opioid epidemic are wondering when president trump and republicans will provide the desperately is so needed for response efforts. veterans do not have the certainty they deserve. reason we need to be here again today, having a conversation about taking this can down the road again today. there is no reason republicans who control the white house and congress should be once again to the precipice of another completely unnecessary crisis. we can get our worked on the moment republicans decide to stop focusing on president the latestt tweet or way he disparaged immigrants as soon as they stop with the brinkmanship and dysfunction. and as soon as they come to the table in good faith to work with
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us to get the votes needed to get this done. i am hopeful that that will happen, but time is running out. >> thank you, leader. i am going to be very brief. i think it is a sad state of affairs when a america's vulnerableake a -- take a backseat to wealthy donors. here is how you get to that judgment. this bill does not take care of community health centers. it does not take care of the home business program. it does not deal with key health services, rural health expenditures. but what it does do is it delays the health insurance tax. you get a sense that people who got a big chunk of tax relief at the end of last year, they are going to get even more in the house though.
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really a miss opportunity -- missed opportunity. cost --we could get a better deal and save even more, but i'm very hopeful we will have a chance to negotiate some improvements and ensure that america's most vulnerable count as much as some of the powerful. sen. schumer: we can only take a few questions because i am due at 2:45. >> [indiscernible] sen. schumer: let me just say a few things. number one, we just had our caucus. we don't know whether the house will send us this bill, but the revolting was broad and strong. number two, we democrats believe that we want to do everything we
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can to avoid shutdown, but we democrats believe that if there is one, it will fall on the republicans' backs, plain and simple. why? number one, they are in charge. 78% of the american people believe republicans will be to blame if there is a shutdown. second, who called for the shutdown? not a democrat. president trump has repeatedly said what the country needs is a good shutdown. we hope to avoid it. we will do everything we can to avoid it. we hope we will. but if we don't, it's going to fall on their backs. >> how do you navigate a caucus that has some members -- [indiscernible] a number in our caucus have said they don't like this deal and they believe if we kick the can down the road this time, we will be back where we started from this time, next time. there is very strong support not to go along with their deal.


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