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tv   Washington Journal 01192018  CSPAN  January 19, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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talk to congressman steve pearce about federal spending in the possibility of a government shutdown. later, congresswoman col hanabusa on the false missilelarm that took place in her home state of hawaii. ♪ host: good morning. it is friday, january 19. for the first time since 2013, washington is inching closer to a government shutdown. deadline, theght senate remains at an impasse. the house approved a stopgap spending bill last night with a vote of 230-197. in the senate, 60 votes are required, and democrats say they have enough votes to block it. good morning, everyone. democrats, (202) 748-8000.
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republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. also, send us a tweet if you would like, or you can go to we will get to your thoughts in just a minute. what is your message to washington over this impasse? here is how it played out on the senate floor last night. [video clip] >> there are many other issues out here. make no mistake about it. national death live hasow long we declined because of opiates. this resolution does nothing on opioids. veterans. in my state and your states, veterans are waiting on line for
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treatment after ey risked their lives for us. this resolution doesn't fund it. may be will do it after a month? we haven't done it for six months. what about pensions? millions of americans, working people have paid in months after months, who lost salary, declined salary increases so they knew they could live a life of decency and they were tired. that is being extinguished. we have an urgent obligation to deal with those people. we feel it. so many other issues, health care issues. i see my friend from maine, we had a discussion last night. friend from my washington, florida, and we could come to that issue
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quickly and deal with that. disaster relief for texas, florida, puerto rico and the west, we need to deal with that as well. there are lots of issues to deal with, and on all of these important issues, all of them, this resolution kicks the can down the road and gives us no reason to believe that it will be any different than the first cr, the second, the third, and the foth chuck schumer on the floor last night saying democrats are united to oppose this continuing resolution to keep the government running. who will blink? that is the headline on the drudge report website this morning. orl it be senator schumer
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mitch mcconnell? forceatic strategy is to the republicans to negotiate on the so-called dreamers. newheard the senator from york outlining the other reasons why democrats say they are opposed. here's how the majority leader responded. [video clip] >> a variety of issues were all being discussed over the last two months in the hopes that we could reach an agreement to address them all. now i gather he is saying he opposes the bill because it doesn't have everything we have been talking about and it even though then it even things that are in it he does like. the reason it doesn't have the it is issues and hit -- in because we haven't been able to reach a global agreement on how
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much we are going to spend. we are exhausted. on and on and on we have been talking about this. everything the democratic leader said, and whyo theyever let us reach an agreement? illegal immigration. shoehorned they've into all this and said we won't solve any of this other stuff until we deal with this. i gather the democratic leader ofstunning the good faith some of us of whether we want to do with the daca issue. i do. i see senator cotton back here, senator tillis. i think we would all like to deal with the daca issue. but there are some serious problems with legal immigration. issue to big enough
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warrant being discussed all by itself without being shoehorned into a bill full of real emergencies because there is no real emergency in the immigration area. we have until march to deal with it. we are where we are for one , within a day of government shutdown, and that is the insistence of our friends on the other side. host: the republican leader in the senate talking about democrats, saying they will not agree to a continuing resolution, a stopgap spending bill to keep the government running. democrats insistinon more provisions, a longer deal. the deadline is midnight tonight. what is your message to washington? we are only a day away from the president marking his one year anniversary since his
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inauguration on january 20, 2017. the president is planning to leave later today to celebrate that anniversary in mar-a-lago, hosting a party that costs $100,000 per couple. vice presidentnd planning to leave town. the vice president leaving for the mideast this evening. neither the president or the vp will be in washington for what could be the first fiscal crisis to take place during the trump administration. sylvia, good morning. i had to get up at 2:00 in the morning to try to call you first thing. nobody gets through but west coast anymore. i have so much i wanted to say, so can you please not hang up on
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me. this whole immigration system, this chaos going on in this country, you wonder why people are flipping out and going over the edge. i happen to have an mental illness, and i take offense to all these people. they were crazy. you get pushed in a corner, anody has a tendency to come out swinging. this whole thing is driving not only myself totally wacko, but other people i know. host: the president this morning tweeting, government funding bill passed last night in the house, now democrats are needed in the senate, but they want illegal immigration and weak orders. shutdown coming? we need more republican victories in 2018!
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the president saying it is democrats, but republicans also don't have the votes they need on their side. senator lindsey graham, republican of south carolina, as well as rand paul of kentucky have both said they do not plan to vote on this continuing resolution. threatenednell has to keep the senators in town all weekend to force a yes vote on keeping the government running. who are republicans looking at? senate democrats up for reelection in 2018 in states where president trump won. that is tammy baldwin in wisconsin, senator manchin in west virginia, also claire mccaskill of missouri, jon tester of montana, heidi heitkamp of north dakota, and sherrod brown of ohio.
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those e the lks to watch today as the senate is set to co and weater this morning, should say bob casey of pennsylvania. those are the democrats to watch this morning to see what happens when the senate comes into session later today. george from west virginia, a democrat. what do you think? caller: can you hear me? host: yes. caller: i have one word, and then a comment. shut it down. how can you trust the republicans when they are talking about illegal immigrants? these are dreamers. these individuals came here through no fault of their own. we can go all the way down to march or april or until the time really runs out, but we could have done that a long time ago. it is a stance. you have got lindsey graham and
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paul ryan on the republican side also saying they are not going to do a short-term. why can't they do long-term? they had another agenda to kick this can down the road. i agree with lindsey graham, and i am a democrat. i think they should shut it down because donald trump is trying to go to his $100,000 party that he is going to be making money off of wealthy senses vice president -- while he sends his vice president overseas. that is not leadership. shut it down. host: arizona republican, what do you think? caller: i think it is basically a win-win for the republicans because chuck schumer paints democrats into a corner. if he agrees and passes a cr,
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democrats are liars as usual. if he shuts down the government, democrats are responsible. i see it as a win-win for republicans. host: you think let it happen? let the government shutdown? caller: no. i would rather see they pass the cr and chip, but this is a win-win for the democrats because chuck schumer threatened to shut the government down last night, and he did not move mitch mcconnell. move didn't change anything. the democrats are in a bind. the: referring to chip, children's health insurance program. this resolution includes a
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six-year extension of that program, republicans hoping that would get democrats on board to vote for this. chuck schumer laid out the other reasons why senate democrats will not be voting for this continuing resolution. ennessee, to jane in independent. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. what is your message to washington on the shutdown? caller: shut it down. trump is not doing nothing. how can you go to mar-a-lago this weekend and call yourself the president? he is not doing anything but party. shut it down. independent, who would you blame? republican leadership warrants, hold on, wanrs against schumer shutdown.
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caller: the republicans have been lying. they shut it down in 2013. it was a great thing when obama was president. they are not doing anything. they are in charge of washington. they are in charge of the white house, the senate, and the congress. shut it down. host: political observers noting this morning that this will be the first shutdown for the first time when one party has control of the house, senate, and white house. jerry, democrat, what are your thoughts? caller: good morning, greta. in watching the debate on the cr, i am thinking about the shared government between all thre branches of the governnt. you hear the congressional
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leaders talking about they want to do something the president will sign. ishink what would be better if the leaders would decide something themselves, pass it, if hee president veto it wishes, and then they can override his veto if this is the position they want. it doesn't have to be what the president wants. i think the leaders need to grow a pair and do something themselves. new jersey, republican. go ahead. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. go ahead. caller: yes, what i think should happen is the republicans should let the democrats shut the government down because we have the law on our side.
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illegal aliens have broken the law. we should give them a mandate of what we want done. first of all, the law should be paid for and built. secondly, they should have the raise act. lottery.ld stop visa that should be stopped. host: we are listening. finish your thght. caller: when we have illegals coming in, we need to have a system where they are repatriated immediately, otherwise we will be doing the same thing a few years from now. the democrats would have to go out and campaign and tell american citizens why they shut down the government, why they put illegal aliens before american citizens. they should have to defend that.
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the economics is the main issue. you see what happens. the hill newspaper reports, if there is a government shutdown, a couple callers advocating that, many major federal responsibilities like operating the military and sending social security checks would continue. the administration would have some wiggle room in what it does. general, essential operations would continue. that applies to about half of -- 2.1 million postal federal employees. those workers would still get
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paid, but not until after the shutdown ends. beessential eyees would prohibited from showing up to work. thosess opted to pay employees after previous shutdowns, but pay is not guaranteed. longan look back at how previous shutdowns lasted. in 2013 it lasted 16 days. let's go to bill, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. what you wasd that just reading in the paper about what this shutdown would affect, and to think that d.c. is theing but a game, and republicans set this up so they would have two things to deal
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with for the budget. they said, give them one, but we are going to stop the other one, way it would put it on the democrats. to all these republicans that think they are so smart, they need to read the papers, they need to realize what is going on. the republican party should not be called the republican party. it should be called the heritage foundation par because they e tharthk tank that set this these senatorss how to run this. host: bill, do you agree with the democrat strategy to vote billo oppose this spending
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over the undocumented youth in this country? caller: you have got to realize it is just a game that they play. that the american people have to put up with d.c. being a joke, and republicans are the biggest jokes of all. host: the last time in late december when congress voted on the last continuing resolution to keep the government running, 18 democrats voted yes, now chuck schumer says they have enough democrats to stop this continuing resolution. they needed 60 votes in the senate. the house voted to keep the government open last night, largely on a partyline vote. 230-197. our producer on capitol hill noted that this will avert a
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shut down tomorrow, six democrats voting yes, 11 republicans voted no. here are the democrats. 11 house republicans voted no on this continuing resolution, that hollingsworth,r, jones, and whitman although they no.. -- all voting we will see what they do when the senate comes into session later today. get that free c-span radio app so you can hear what they say when they gavel down.
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leslie, good morning. you are on the air. caller: thank you. thank you for taking my call. c-span is the best. article about what will bethe covered and what wl nobe covered. will you be covering the women's march tomorrow? host: we will. i will be there. i hope my picture gets on the television. year'se covered last women's march, and we will be covering saturday's march. that is 11:00 a.m. on c-span, and you can listen on the c-span radio app. it will be the one year anniversary of that rally, and there will be rallies taking place across the country. on the washington journal, we will have three hours of your phone calls this saturday and sunday marking the anniversary of president trump's
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inauguration and the women's march. today, you have the march in washington as well against abortion. you have the march for life that is happening. it is the 45th annual one. we will have coverage of that at 12:00 p.m. eastern time on c-span3, or you can listen on the free c-span radio app. michael, democrats, good morning. caller: good morning. just a couple quick things. first of all, mcconnell was part of the problem. elected, and the first thing he says is, we are not working with him. said this is a temporary help. you need to come up with something to help these kdiids
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out. these kids are nine or 10 years old. there was nothing else they could do. their parents brought them in here. why not assist them, which is what the u.s. upposed to be about? as far as 45, he set the deadline. don't blame the democrats. republicans are in charge of everything. the other thing is the chip pr ogram, that expired a couple months ago. they are using the chip program as hostage. uses bone this man spurs to get out of the military, and now every time you need something, he goes to the republicans like he really cares about the military. give me a break. , theyings that trump says
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theped stalin from saying media is the enemy of the people because that is such a divisive statement, but he throws it around. i am not for shutting it down, because that is people's paycheck. they have just worked against everything we have tried to do. thank you. host: it is not just government workers. funding seternment to expire midnight friday, the interior secretary was still figuring out arrangements to keep parks functioning with funding running out. officials from three ses thursday said they were unsure how to proceed. let's go to cap the from michigan. caller: good morning.
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i am always so happy when i see your beautiful face. i say this with respect for you, c-span, and all the viewers that have their opinion. let the government shutdown. the only way things get changed is when it affects the pocketbook. let these women that are taking care of their children that have guys in the military fighting for us, let them not get their checks. let these kids and all the people that need their money from the government not get paid. get they do that, they will those democrats out of congress. mr. trump has done everything he can for this country. the democrats have one agenda, destroy him. it is not his fault. i thank god he has been there for a year. i thank god for c-span and all you do. host: before you go, what if a
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government shutdown causes the economy to falter and that etc.ts 401k's, pensions, caller: that is too bad. when you gamble, you lose or you win. host: frank in ohio, republican. you are on the air. caller: good morning. how are you? host: doing well. what are your thoughts on this impasse in the senate? caller: my thoughts are the democrats are clearly only jockeying for votes. their number one issue is daca. i hope they find a pathway for these kids. to shut the government down over it, the only thing they are doing is jockeying for votes in the 2018 election. it is almost sickening how they are going to put our whole country below the illegal
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immigrants. i am for the kids. for them to make that the number one issue in shut down the government is just a travesty. president trump is doing a great job for this country. thinky got on board, just what this country would be if the democrats got on board with his agenda, build the wall, end chain migration, start taking care of the people in this country first. let's take care of americans. that's what trump is about. he is america first. sad situation that all the democrats care about is votes. they are losing minority votes, african-american votes, the mexican votes. slowly but surely trump is gaining, the truck train is. they are going to illegal immigrants to try to get more
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votes. that is a sad situation. host: it sounds like you voted for president trump 2016. how did you vote in 2012 and 2008? caller: sadly enough, i am a union man, and i was a democrat all my life. when they started playing these gottics, and when trump elected, when he made the make america great again slogan, i was on board with that. to see the democrats, all they do is negative, negative, negative day after day on the news. everything he wants, they go against. cryingchumer on tv was over illegal immigrants. what about the americans that are being killed and the border agents that are being killed? it is a joke. all this is about is votes. stop.bout time this
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democratsa know that are against everything america stands for. hopefully we can get this agenda going. the economy is going through the roof. let's keep it going. host: republican in ohio, union member, lifelong democrat voted for president trump in 2016. gwen in michigan, democratic caller. go ahead. caller: thank you for having me on. the i don't understand is republicans promised the democrats that when they did the tax bill, they would do chip a nd daca in january. they fell for it and passed the tax bill. tax bill.s did the wanted a bill he
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with compassion or whatever for the daca, so they said to bring something to him at that last meeting, and he changes his mind. he is justnow that going to keep kicking down the road about daca? that is what he has been doing. wanted has -- he compassion and heart. i am so upset about this. host: we will leave it there. you referenced something i want to share with our viewers. senator jeff flake voted for the tax reform bill. he was promised there would be a vote on the so-called dreamers, undocumented youth, by the end of january. here is his tweet from last night, i maintain the only way
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to find out what the president supports is to put a bill on the floor and vote on it. that is from last night. we will continue this conversation on "washington journal." we will talk about this with republican congressman steve pearce of new mexico, a member of the house freedom caucus, who all agreed last night to approve this continuing resolution in the house. later on, democratic congresswoman colleen hanabusa of hawaii. we will be right back. ♪ >> sunday night, women's march on washington cochair reflects
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on the 2017 march and what is ahead for the movement in her book together we rise. she is interviewed by the president of dmos. , andat do you say to them what do you say to them to say to their sisters who might not have marched? >> i say they may not feel like this, but we are fighting for them, too. we believe in their potential, they can oftentimes disappoint their white sisters. what i ask people to do is what i do myself, i am not loyal to any party. have been critical oth decratic party for a long time. what are your values and principles? last year we got into a big controversy about pro-abortion,
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pro-life. what i said to people is we never said we were a pro-abortion movement. that was not the language we use. we are pro-choice. we believe a woman should have the agency to choose whatever she feels is right for her and her body. on tv onsunday night c-span -- booktv on cspan2. >> a look at 12 new supreme court cases. each week, historians and experts join us to discuss the constitutional issues and personal stories behind these supreme court issues. to help you better understand each case, we have a companion guide written by veteran supreme court journalists. .95 plus costs $8
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shipping and handling. >> "washington journal" continues. host: at our table this morning is republican congressman steve pearce to talk about what could be a possible government shutdown today. you are a member of the freedom caucus. according to news reports, you struck a deal with leadership for your vote last night to approve ts continuing resoti until february 16. what was the deal? guest: basically just wanted to take care of the military. as a veteran, i feel it is wrong for us to not give certainty to the men and women in uniform. many of the planes are not flying. we have not had to pay raises we were promising. families are struggling. that is a big element. one of the things we want is a
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vote on how to move forward on the daca question. those are the things we said, ok, this is not the way to run the government, should not be doing month-to-month lending of things, butnding of the military is the big piece of what we are working on. host: what did you get on the military? vote: that we will have a on the whole appropriation bill for the military. we will get that somewhere around the state of the union message. what some are saying is a more hard-line stance on immigration, includes border security. it was outlined last week by the judiciary chairman. what is in that legislation? guest: you are saying it is perceived as hard-line.
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i perceive it as the other way. hard-line says we send everybody back and follow the law as it exists. that is a definite view in the country. the other extreme is amnesty, which is citizenship. takes my bill, which says there is a middle of the road track that says we are not going to send them back, and amnesty is not the ashes, but we will continue to give them continued provisional status. wesend the wrong message if give amnesty to people in that category. those that are trying to follow the law and come here correctly get the wrong message. it has always been a problem to me saying that we are going to forgive people here illegally. watch what we are stimulating, be careful what we are
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stimulating, and that is the arrivals illegally. we also need to solve the problem. .hat is basically the core it ends chain migration, the , and it has elements of border security. i think the nation will want to secure the border. that is kind of the core principles. said, crestview this as a hard-line approach to immigration. e you concerned that tting forth that legislation, having a vote on it in the house is detrimental to talks about the daca participants. guest: no. why would it be detrimental? it is not the hard-line at all.
7:39 am
says that youne follow the law. the law says you have to go back. we have examples of that occurring. amnesty is the other extreme. i think we have the approach of giving permanent status without is in ship, without benefits. -- citizenship, without benefits. it is not hard-line at all. host: has the freedom caucus heard that president trump would sign that legislation? i don't think he will lock himself down into anything. the negotiations are two fluid. he said we need to solve the problem. i appreciated that when he said legal, werder was il are going to cure it. we are going to get a six-month delay so congress will be responsible. let's see what comes up. host: could this legislation
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pass in the senate? guest: i don't know what could pass in the senate. they are having also to difficulties. all we can do is what we can do in the house. i think we can pass that legislation in the house. no one actually thought the senate was going to pass the tax bill, so predicting them is problematic. host: this morning they are at an impasse over the government funding deadline. what have you been told this weekend about the house? have you been told to stick around in washington? guest: no. i am heading home to new mexico. we are going to go about business again. after a while, you get used to the senate has different processes and procedures. democratshat senate are placing amnesty against the funding of the government, against chip funding is
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something you have to question. host: we will go to see what our viewers have to say. hawaii, democrat. caller: good morning. thank you. i would like to ask mr. pearce if he is aware that his colleague and wisconsin, ryan, that he has asked people to reproduce at a higher rate because brits are falling off -- births are falling off in the united states? if he is asking us to reproduce at a higher rate and then throwing these young people out i think been educated, he has a lot of nerve. what: i don't know exactly he said about reproduction or not. thatou be a separate bill i suspect. .ost: he will go to ralph
7:42 am
caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: they keep kicking the can down the road. we had laws on the books for immigration and so forth for years and years. they have been violated for many, many years. that is why we have so many illegal immigrants here. i have something for those daca people that are here also, but you have got to draw a line somewhere. we have got to honor the laws on the books to get these people who are in here illegally. there is no problem giving a timeframe that you have to be here and do certain things to gain your citizenship in the united states. what is happening now is we are just letting more people come in and heck with the law on the
7:43 am
books. we have laws. honor those laws. those people coming in here illegally, it is just not fair to those doing it legally. it is not fair to the united whoes citizens who are here tried to look at the issue. issuely issue is the daca of these illegal immigrants. it is just a shame that we have that situation whereby the enough towould go far shut down the government and ignore all the rest of the united states citizens that are are here. host: ok. we will get the congressman's thoughts. guest: i think a lot of people would agree with you. the idea that we would shut down the government over giving basically amnesty to 800,000
7:44 am
people. i want to do with those 800,000 shuttingut the idea of down the government over those people when you're not willing to shut down the government over our soldiers, that is a curious position. i think he is pointing out correctly that a lot of people are angry that we are giving special attention to one group when there are so many seniors that are suffering, and we have the homeless, and we have americans that live here and pay their taxes. i hear in new mexico frequently, what about us? host: let's go to south carolina, independent. caller: thank you. i live in one of the poorest counties in one of the poorest states in the nation. all the schools are run by the local taxes.
7:45 am
everol we have in our county, there are at least two teachers assigned for second language teaching. that is just taking away from the teaching of our children that we pay taxes for all our lives. think they should have a foot up on the rest of us. dacas.sorry for the we are being overrun and have to pay for it. host: do you agree with that last statement that the country is being overrun? guest: i live right on the border, and i don't necessarily hear that. i think the greater concern is we have limited resources. sometimes attention is given to the people who are living here
7:46 am
illegally. the most vibrant observation is the family that is having kids, and the person next to them in the bed is here illegally, and they are getting free childcare. just the diversion of resources in the classroom is something that is becoming a big issue. that is something we have to have a discussion about. hanis sympathetic to the daca, but let's be aware of the resources illegal immigration is costing us. host: what federal benefits to illegal -- do illegal immigrants not receive? there is a lot of misinformation out there. guest: i am not sure myself. it looks like they have access
7:47 am
to all of the federal benefits. when you go into the hospital is aave a child, that precise activity. hospitals in the southern district of new mexico, when it comes to an emergency, that hospital has to go pick them up at the border. they have told me they have to carry people to denver to have expense.gery at their on the border, we realize there are expenses associated with it. the frustration is growing. host: we will go to eric in kentucky, democrats. caller: as i seem to remember , afterublicans in 2012 really trying to dodge the issue ran on doing term,
7:48 am
immigration reform because only republicans could do it and do it rht. after the elections, you could not be a republican and mention immigration. it got shut down by your own party. guest: i don't find that true at all. i have talked about immigration reform since i have been here. party in only been one the last 10 or 15 years that has had a filibuster proof majority in the senate. the senate blocks down everything. obama, nancysident pelosi, and harry reid, they did not pass any immigration reform, and they did not do anything with daca. that tells you they understood the voters in america are really flinching back from this
7:49 am
issue. when we have the majority, they are willing to block everything, but when they had the majority, they did nothing. host: the president has said he would like a wall and other provisions in exchange for allowing the undocumented youth to remain in the country. what is your position on the wall given that you are on the border? that: i would point out the wall does not work everywhere. i have a little section of the wall in my office because someone on the other side .utting it down for scrap iron it is really good scrap iron. just in the remote places, we are going to have to hav somethindifferent. mulvaney, youck talk about securing the border, everywhere is not going to look the same. this idea that we are going to build a $35 billion structure
7:50 am
everywhere is going to leave a lot of people disappointed. they are coming over it or going under it. districtffs in our tell us they will remote activate and drop the package of gps signal.tivate a that is a daily occurrence. let's be honest, the physical wall will not work everywhere. where it seems to work fine is the big cities. that's ok. the bigger issue is the border. that is what the president is talking about. the wall means secure the border. dana int's go to florida, republican. caller: hello. host: good morning. what is your question or comment? caller: we are a military
7:51 am
family, and i find it a disgrace. i watched foxnews last night, and for lindsey graham and rand paul to sit up there and act like they care of this military when they go on this tv and run s, i find that a disgrace when they are putting immigration over our military. can our military lay down their guns and say we are not going to fight? host: the military in a government shutdown continues to operate. guest: he continues to operate, but it operates on short-term funding. we are not getting the training we need. the equipment does not have replacement parts, so many of the planes are not flying. that is what we in the reagan caucus were insisting on, that we vote yes for the funding that
7:52 am
the military would be funded for the rest of the year. we did not get that concession, we got the concession that vote would happen around the state of the union. we cannot keep dealing with the government in this fashion. it is very difficult for businesses trying to do business with the government. you cannot make some big investment for a project as you get 30 days, and then it may run out. we in the house did our work. the senate democrats have blo cked that. as a house member, i am not aware of all the pluses and minuses in the senate, but if we need to go back to the way we used to handle the filibuster, then we do it the way we did it traditionally. right now, you don't en have to be prest on the floor.
7:53 am
you can be downtown having dinn. we need results. host: 60 votes needed in the senate to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government funded. night ase last as many members rose on the floor for a back-and-forth. we will see what happens later this morning. tune into c-span2 when the senate gavels in. trupm in with republicans in congress, a majority would blame the republican party if the government shuts down. you are running for governor in your state. are you worried this could impact you negatively? guest: i don't think about things like that. we are in a difficult situation. i don't think about who is going
7:54 am
to get blamed or not get blamed. outcomesquired to have and results. it requires difficult decisions. i never calculate, is this going to hurt this race or that race? that is not the way i operate. we have a responsibility. if the senate democrats d ecide to shut down the government and we get blamed, that is just the way it is. i am not too interested in assessing blame. the system is not working. i think the senate needs to start making the system work. for one person to drive to a 60 vote threshold, it is a problem. they changed the rules 30 or 40 years ago. they need to go back to you can hold the floor as long as you can speak. host: as the president noted earlier this morning, republicans have the majority,
7:55 am
but it is 51-49. republicans don't have their entire conference on board. senator lindsey graham and rand paul are opposing the continuing resolution. guest: that is a problem with having this narrow margin and voteypo threshold. -- high threshold. the rules in the senate allow one or two people to block everything. if it came to an actual vote on the floor, that is not going to happen. they keep the discussion from coming to the floor. i guarantee there will be people who find religion and decide the government ought to be operating. host: we had people this morning saying shut it down. it is not working, they echoed what you said. shut it down because that is the only way to shake up this town.
7:56 am
guest: the shakeup is what the democratic party, they moved to bernie sanders. she it up. republicans moved to donald trump. i was on the streets talking to voters probably more than anyone , and i am hearing from both sides, it is time to shake it up. the anchor in america is real, and it is vibrant. it did not go away just because of the election of mr. trump. host: do you agree with those viewers that say shut it down? agreedi would not have to keep it working if i agreed with that. high, and are very the margins are thin. let's keep things moving forward. that was the vote last night. host: from ohio, independent. caller: i think we should shut it down because as everyone says, it is not working.
7:57 am
knowegislators have to that they do not need the president to pass anything. if they were serious, they would sit down, find an answer to our health care not just the chip program, but other health care programs that keep hospitals and innics going would be appropriations. if they want, they know these here without their consent. you have the responsibility to answer that question. if you put together a bill, and the president says i am not signing it, you have the power to override a veto. you and the legislators are not doing your job. gloria is saying very honest and direct routes. i cannot find anything i would
7:58 am
disagree with. we should do our job. what the president does is separate. in the house, we have the responsibility to come to an answer. the senate does the same. it is what happened in the tax bill. we had one vision. they had another. we came together, and the president signed it. it may not have been what any single individual wanted, but we passed theat. the deal with health care, that is something we should go back to. that process failed again because of this process in the senate. it is time for us to start solving problems and getting results. i think it is what the american people are looking for. host: let's hear from robert next in south carolina, democrat. caller: good morning c-span. host: good morning. caller: let's shut the government down.
7:59 am
they are getting paid to do a job. they need to go ahead and pass something like president trump said they would -- that he would sign and put the ball in his court. outis congrs chickening and not working with leaders like lindsey graham? for president. he's got some sense. it seems like everyone wants to count out and do the same thing -- kowtow and do the same thing, duck and run. these dreamers were brought here like slaves, like us black americans. their parents brought them here through no fault of their own. what is the problem with giving them amnesty? why? host: congressman. guest: sure, the problem with giving amnesty or citizenship is
8:00 am
everyone around the world who would like to come here is looking for those messages. it says if you get here illegally, we will solve the problem and give you citizenship. from new mexico, i probably work sometimes it takes 10 to 20s years to get here legally. you will let people that come in legally and give them citizenship, that is a message that says two other people, come on. now we are dealing with 11 million people instead of one million people because the message is they said it would be ok. we all want immigration. and brings vitality and a of ideas, excitement about success, and making way for your family. llegs just make it
8:01 am
immigratn and not illegal immigration. host: gop leadership finally wins around versus freedom caucus. little out of negotiations despite enlisting president trump. how do the group and list donald trump's help? guest: i'm not sure that we did. ae idea that leadership won round against anyone -- we are group beingoup, the congress, to find our way forward in very difficult issues. we did not feel like it was worth shutting the government down because we were a key piece of that. i do not see that the headline is very accurate. the mood in your closed-door conference meeting with leadership? guest: it was fine. they were saying we need the votes, let's get together.
8:02 am
very similar to the tax discussion. probably been has more active now soliciting comments from all members of the caucus. the vote last week was very divided. i heard people on both sides of the issue walkout. it was an hour and a half of open discussions. i found myself wanting to stand for the side of the issue and cheer, then this side. it was very passionate. that is what we want. a full, open debate. if we return to that process in congress -- debate is like tension between 2 springs. you find the center point of the idea. not the center point of the politics, our agenda, or their agenda. the center point of the idea. that is what debate does. if we return to that, the government and the people would be well served and get results instead of the dickering back
8:03 am
and forth. host: thank you, very much for the conversation this morning. we will take a short break. we willcome back, continue talking about a possible government shutdown. the senate is at an impasse. we will see what they do on c-span 2. what is your message to washington as funding ends for the federal government ends at midnight. ? we will be right back. >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3, on saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on presidentin history" abraham lincoln's per trail in art and photo -- portrayal in art and photograph. >> give me back my 5000 sons. hour of thedarkest
8:04 am
civil war in 1864. the artist chose lincoln with legs flung over his chair like he is a country bumpkin. his reputation for being so crude. way, that reminds me of a story, which was another pt of his reputation. he was always telling stories jokes,l tales, and sometimes to a really irritating extent. >> free speech on college campuses. >> intellectual diversity is thinkier than many people . that does not mean there is not certain students' views and groups have felt that they have received less active the faculty and
8:05 am
administration. i include conservative students in that group. they have received less public attention. i think that we need to meet those students where they are to help them to develop a place in our public conversation where they feel more included. america, the 1987 film "drug abuse: meeting the challenge." >> anyone who says cocaine is not dangerous, it is a lie. >> anyone who tells you it is ok is a liar. >> every weekend on c-span3 watch american history tv. >> washington urnal continues. ast: where waking up to senate showdown. last night, the two parties could not agree on funding the federal government passed a midnight deadline today.
8:06 am
the senate democrats say that they have enough votes to block it. there are 2 republicans that are not on board, senator lindsey graham from south carolina and senator rand paul. whatare opposing washington is calling a continuing resolution. that is a stopgap spending bill. the house approved it along a partyline vote last evening. that would keep the government open until february 16 to give both sides more time to negotiate. what is your message to washington this morning? , democrat, california. what do you think? do not think that the democrats or republicans should shut down the government over daca. i think that that is a separate issue and should be handled separately.
8:07 am
host: michael, kingstown, new york, independent. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. it is a pleasure listening to you this morning, and all of the other mornings. i would like to ask about the tax break that they plan to install with the overseas markets returning the tax revenue that they would have to pay for bringing the money back in the country, and also for care andhe affordable care act. i want to know how they plan to pay for the wall. not: the congressman is longer with us. we are continuing to talk about what will happen today in the senate. stopgaproved the spending measure in the house. what will the senate do? tune into c-span2 or you can get the free c-span listen to what happens next. senate democrats say that they have the votes to block another
8:08 am
measure, theirg fourth. south dakota, republican, what do you think about the impasse? caller: i think that everyone should get together and do the right thing for the country. i am a vietnam veteran, disabled . i know a lot of vets would like to see everything done equally right, you know? my wife has cancer right now. she is terminal. the va system does not want to even help us. squawk about sticking up to the va is malarkey, because now they are death penalties on people, especially the spouses. host: you might be interested in
8:09 am
what happened with dr. david shulkin. he was testifying about the oversight of the veterans affairs department. you can visit to find that. ohio, a dayton, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. happy pre-shutdown. i think that we do not have to reach a shutdown point. we have tot first realize that the gop is in control of both houses and the white house. they could get this done without republicans. they were able to do it on tax reform and can do it on this here and we do not need to go there because there are enough votes right now to get daca and chip passed. why don't we get those two passed on a clean bill?
8:10 am
then get the government-funded? that is what republicans promised the american people and what they got put into the majority for, to get things done and do it in a bipartisan way. hat on.t your political are you concerned that notcrats' stance on approving a stopgap spending bill because of the stalling, the impasse, over undocumented so-called dreamers, that that could impact them in 2018 and hurt chances of winning the senate or the house? caller: i don't actually think so. mainly because the house, senate, and white house are controlled by the gop. ultimately, they have control. even what goes into a bill and what does not. i think that daca and chip are worth standing up for because
8:11 am
they are not bargaining tools. they're the lives of children in the united states. to turn our back on them is to turn our back on american values, being the shining city on the hill. we should not make them suffer for political gains. it is rather disturbing, where we are at. host: senator mark warner from virginia, who republicans that could be a yes vote on a continuing resolution because he has many federal employees in virginia said he would not vote for it. he tweeted, "this is not leadership. without her 24 hours on the clock the president's repeated statements urging a government shutdown are only making the dysfunction worse." nelson it democrats are needed -- now senate democrats are it.ed to pass
8:12 am
senator mark warner is saying that the president is advocating for a shutdown. good morning, mason. caller: i am still here, but i can go ahead -- host: sorry, we already talked to you. republican. caller: this is completely on of the chief,ce donald trump. it is remarkable that we allow , to runecile, imbecile our affairs. on sanctuary cities, it is currently illegal, it is a felony. when we deport someone and they it is ak illegally felony. the federal government and republicans choose not to enforce that. instead, they deport them again, and again, and again. host: sanctuary cities -- can we go back to this impasse over
8:13 am
keeping the government of and running? caller: five times, that is a priority republicans have made. tax cutsd rather give to hedge fund managers rather than building a prison to lock these felons who come into the country several times. host: jennifer jacobs tweeting that the president plans to stay in d.c. we told you earlier tt th hill was reporting that the president would go to mar-a-lag toark the anniveary of his .nauguration with a party he will stay in d.c. until the senate passes the stopgap bill so he could sign it before leaving for mar-a-lago. the tentative plan is for trumpet to depart tomorrow for florida and still make the big party on saturday. in honolulu, a democrat. good morning.
8:14 am
caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. we could shut it down, or not shut it down. if you shut it down, the military sufferers. the enlisted guys. the guys on the ground. , the government like congress and senate, they get paychecks. as for daca, that is one reason it is getting shutdown. put them back in the car so they can drive home. host: schumer shutdown, that is the hashtag that republicans have going. crocodile tears for the military, a transparent attempt
8:15 am
to deflect from the fact that he prioritizes debate about illegal immigration over funding the military and the children's health insurance program. independent.a, your message to washington? caller: good morning. i would like to say that i --ten to rand paul argument listened to rand paul's argument as to why he does not support the continuing cr. as a constitutionalist, i agree with him. host: tell us why. caller: he was explaining allocated congress $700,000 away from studying autism and reallocated the money
8:16 am
to some program trying to figure out what someone said on the moon. that is ridiculous. who cares who said what on the moon so many years ago? real-life thing that people are having to deal with with their children. they are already misappropriating funds that they are receiving. as a constitutionalist, i stand with rand paul in what he thinks is best. rand paul and senator lindsey graham are both no votes. leadership says they have enough votes to block the stopgap
8:17 am
spending bill. 18 senate democrats voted for the last resolution in late december. strategy isell, his threatening to keep the senators in washington this week to put pressure on the senate democrats , who are up for reelection in won where president trump in 2016. donnellyom florida, from indiana, baldwin in wisconsin, mansion in west , high camp in ohio, sherrod brown, the cast school, clairebie staab and -- senator stabenow. they will be coming into session later this morning.
8:18 am
good morning. good morning. thank you for taking my call. i wanted to make a comment about the continuing resolutions. it is obvious that they are just a stopgap measure. i called both of my senators yesterday and said why don't you do a cr every two weeks for the rest of the year? how sad we cannot reach an reemt on something like daca. daca would be fine. if we're going to push for legalization of dacas they should be able to take important phd'sbecause they are all . they should be able to replace ofryone at c-span and all the staffers in congress because they are so much smarter than everyone else and they deserve a mean?ou know what i so all of the people advocating
8:19 am
for daca need to be willing to sacrifice their own welfare for the program. host: here is one from dan sullivan, the republican from alaska. immigration reform that includes border security should occur. keeping the government open and operational must take priority. in pennsylvania, republican. caller: good morning. , aant to say that yesterday lot of people need to get in touch with their senator and mitch mcconnell. has already been endorsed by kotten and purdue and president trump. he does have a plan. chaoticid of this lottery system. there are all kinds of things that are good. it would be a merit-based system.
8:20 am
these ceos from gm, silicon valley, if they are so interested in daca, having a wall street journal i had to bring them in, especially after listening to the congressman saying how much we are subsidizing. take them up at the border for a card operation, picking them up -- were heart operation, picking them up to have their baby delivered here? why don't you put them on the other side of the border? they can get themselves down there. it costs money to do these things. start the process of bringing the men ill illegally with the dollars.alley they are draining our system. i do not care how many people say they do not cost anything. they cost a lot.
8:21 am
host: should president trump try to find middle ground on immigration? should he try to broker a deal with senator lindsey graham, dick durbin, steny hoyer, democrats and republicans that match with him last week. the infamous meeting where the president allegedly used that word. they met yesterday at the white house. should he try to strike deal with them? extent oft at the more money. i'm not interested in paying more money. host: and internal document has been leaked about the white house's assessment of a deal by those lawmakers that we just talked about. the gram-durban proposal. said.s what the proposal failed to secure the border,
8:22 am
where the administration's internal assessment said that it would provide less than 10% of the necessary funds for the border wall. it increases illegal immigration and guarantees future amnesty. it provides benefits for certain illegal aliens that came as juveniles. it grants citizenship to dreamers, legal status to their parents. it grants citizenship to an population that is nearly five populationr than the of daca recipients. usa today has this story about on theirrecipients front page. 3.6 million lives caught up in emigration of people. the end of daca would affect more than the 800,000 dreamers. dreamers describe all 3.6 million immigrants brought to the and united states before their 18th birthday. daca protected 800,000 dreamers
8:23 am
three or younger from deportation. --'s hear from luis, louise, democrat. they would stop treating us like we can't comprehend anything. they're young adults. number 2, we understand. we don't have to have everything broken down to us. senator graham, senator durbin, they are not the least bit interested in what the people want. --i do nott going to blame trump for not taking what
8:24 am
they were doing. they were trying to pull a fast one on him. anybody knows anything at all and are willing to listen to both sides of the fence and not dig into one, you know good and well this is not what is best for our country. we need that border closed. everyone else has borders to their country to their country. you remember the military guy that by accident went into mexico? he was imprisoned and beaten up yet, we are supposed to take and give them lives that we ourselves are not entitled to? people out american there that are having to struggle every day to make a living, we would like for the politicians and the media living high, we would like for them to
8:25 am
understand that if they want to legally and live a life like we do. work for it. host: independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. pearce.with mr. a physical wall is crazy. there ishows us nothing that keeps out men. think about the native americans confronting people from europe. who are we to say these people should not come here? we should ask them in the first place if we could be ok. host: walter in new orleans. democrat. caller: good morning, greta. this daca they is a smokescreen
8:26 am
-- thing is a smokescreen. is raw meat trump them. of judicial system to deport them, i can guarantee you that that would be massive. you willr of daca's identify, they will be coming across on the wall that trump wants to build that will cost millions of dollars. no one mentions millions of dollars for a wall that everyone this wall at it said will not be effective as far as stopping people coming from mexico. base arend his
8:27 am
behind the military know that they threatened a shutdown. they have daca people serving in the military. host: taught in louisiana. thoughts in louisiana. in other news on capitol hill, probing the obama-era decision to justify surveillance of donald trump. arrives of law enforcement actions during the 2015 presidential campaign. the justice department information-- used from a former british intelligence official as part of the request for a secret court order to monitor a foreign-policy advisor to mr. trump and his ties to russia. at the time he was working for a research firm teeing paid for by .he democratic party he produced a dossier of allegations involving mr. trump
8:28 am
that the president has dismissed as false. republican lawmakers want to know how the information was used. they are trying to determine when and if the fbi learned that the democratic party was financing his work. the editorial board of the wall street journal says this about the dossier. transparency and the fbi. devin nunes moved thursday to release to the public glenn simpson. forblicans voted democrats voting for the exposure. the democrats voted against memo thate house see will list the facts about the fbi's use of fisa to surveilled members of the trump campaign in 2016. house can declassify as much as possible and read in the
8:29 am
american people. access to the facts of what happened should not be limited , protectors, and partisans in congress. yesterday, the senate voted to approve a six-year extension for fisa. it now heads to the president's desk for his signature. journal" haseet the story that trump's personal lawyer used a private firm to stara former adult film for her not to discuss an alleged sexual encounter with mr. trump according to people familiar with the matter. the lawyer established central consultant llc just before the 2016 presidential election. he is based in new york.
8:30 am
he used bank account to send payment to the client's trust account. you can read that story on the wall street journal website. e, north carolina, democrat. what did you think about the impasse in washington over keeping the government funded? 900 joined the military in the daca program. it takes 60 votes to pass the spending bill. republicans do not have control, democrats have to participate. i will pay $5 per brick, and so will my friends, to have the wall built. we should not be paying funds when i cannot even have insurance because obama took it from me. my wife is a cancer survivor p
8:31 am
or we cannot afford insurance for both of us. i have to sacrifice my insurance so people who came here illegally can live free and high on the h. i am 3% native american. i think that they got screwed more than anybody else. thank you. in with theoming phone calls. what is your message to washington on a possible government shut? the deadline is midnight tonight . we will the conversation going after a short break. this week's newsmakers interview over overhauling the student loan process. missouriirginia fox of answering a reporter's question. lamarr alexander's program
8:32 am
unifiedreate a program. it sounds sick a simplified system, but your critics would say that it eliminates some of the aid available to low income students. how would you address that criticism? >> we do not eliminate any funding. we have done no cuts for financial aid in this bill. we have simplified it. i have heard, since i have been in washington, d.c., that the fafsa is impossible to deal with it we have too many programs, they are confusing, we have too many grant programs, they are confusing. we are responding to the public and our members. we have members who have children who have gone to college in recent times and have
8:33 am
dealt with these issues. i have a grandson who is a junior in college. i listened to his mother complain about filling out the fafsa for him and the intricacies of financial aid. studentsis to help look for ways to be able to complete a college education with a minimum hassle. particularly as it relates to -- to financial aid. i graduated from college without any debt. a lot of people say, that was so long ago it is not possible. it is possible. i think that with the right kinds of transparency, with continuing the financial aid , withe currently have having students be better consumers, that we will see a reduction in the number of students needing to borrow money
8:34 am
and better help coming from colleges and universities. host: "newsmakers" will air with congresswoman virginia fx north carolina. , member of the armed services committee, democrat from hawaii, to talk about a possible shutdown. you voted no. why did you vote no? hawaii is a complex state. i know that everyone thinks that their state is unique, but one thing that we rely heavily on is the community health systems. basically, that provides medical services for all of the other a lots and rural
8:35 am
areas. we have an elderly population. there are issues such as caps on therapy for medicare, which was not extended. there are medicare and medicaid extenders. we are a state that did take expansion under president obama's plan. amazing coverage the medicaid issue is a critical one for our state. when you add everything up, it was not something that i could support at this time. as you know, daca is always a concern. especially in a state like hawaii where almost everyone is a minority. immigrants. recent i think that our daca population
8:36 am
is 600 in count. is that plus all of the extended families that we are concerned about. host: how large is your military population and how many military installments do you have? guest: hawaii has every service. we headquarter pacific command, the largest area of responsibility. 55% of the earth's surface. we have the navy, the marine corps, the air force, the army here they are all there. the coast guard, they are all there. we also have pearl harbor naval shipyard. before done this issue and 2013 where we actually did shut down. one of the things that was good for hawaii is the fact that our
8:37 am
workers were determined to be essential, especially pearl harbor. they continued to work. even if there is a shutdown, there is the determination when someone is essential, the services provided are essential. one of the things that people may not realize is that it almost makes no sense, and this is what we learned the hard way, i learned the hard way as a new first in 2016, one of the pieces of legislation that we pass pays everyone. it was three weeks in 2016. though they were not permitted to work, at the end when they came back they were compensated. everyone was compensated for the time they were not working. host: how do you respond to republicans who say democrats
8:38 am
with their no vote are prioritizing illegal immigration over our nation's military? guest: one thing about being in the house, that does not apply to the house. 194 members now -- 10093i think were actually voted. 193 i think were actually voted. the house does not need our votes. that makes it difficult for us democrats to negotiate. even on other issues, like this. none of the priorities democrats have are subject for discussion, because as far as the house is concerned they do not need us. even the votes that were taken, thecrats waited until
8:39 am
republicans have the votes. those who felt they should vote voted with it. i think it was only 6 democrats who voted with the majority. there are republicans who voted with us in terms of a no vote. a poll yesterday showed that americans are split when it comes to the blame. democrats, 34%. republicans, 32%. guest: that is probably within the margin of error. we are both to blame. so. if that happens, it is both of our faults in some form or another. i can return home and explain my boat to my constituents -- my vote to my constituents. one thing hawaii is concerned about is taking care of those lesselse. that is always a priority, especially for the hawaii
8:40 am
congressional delegation. host: last weekend, the false alert about a ballistic missile heading towards your state. how did it happen? guest: it was clearly a mistake. are doing investigations now into how exactly it happened. we have been getting -- if you look at the hawaii paper, every day there are some revelation. initially, we thought that it was someone just pressed the it was someoned pressing a button. we have learned that it is like a pull down screen. not only is it o click, but there is an affirmation which follows. the main problem that we are having is that it is a wireless did not completely go into effect. i can tell you that my phones
8:41 am
did not ring. that is why my conversation with the fcc chair, he has 2 investigators in hawaii at this time, we are waiting to hear how they unscramble it all. there are legislative hearings going on in hawaii today in the state legislature. thatdition, i believe there will be further investigations. there was a meeting held yesterday. we have asked our armed services colleagues to consider convening a hearing on exactly what should be the row. the problem is that the emergency alert system is run by the state. the only entity that really understands if a missile has been fired is the military.
8:42 am
not that they take over the system, but at least have the in.ity to undo or weigh in this particular situation, even pearl harbor had the alarm go off. they were tied into the state system. i know people working at pe harbor just took off. it is extremely unfortunate and should not happen again. the only way we can address that and guarantee it is to have this full investigation. i am pleased that the fcc is there trying to feed her out tryingppened to the -- to figure out what happened to the wireless alert system. coveragepan will have of the debate happening at 3:00 p.m. eastern. go to for more details. it was an hour before people were told that it was false. how long did it take before that you knew? 38 minutes for
8:43 am
people have said it so often. host: 38 minutes, not an hour. guest: it was the official withdraw time. what people have to recognize is that we are creatures of habit. the alert in one form, we will only trust the withdraw in that form. it is my understanding within 3 minutes, our head of the emergency system, the general, knew that it was false because he called the pacific command. it took me a while because we tried to get calls in. reaction was to call the pacific command because if anyone would knoit would be them. in the meantime, for me to almost theit took
8:44 am
same amount of time. it was not until almost half an hour later that i was comfortable that it was not -- that it was a false alert. in southampton, pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for c-span. i'm a bernie sanders democrat. , i would hold the democrats responsible for a government shutdown because of the immigration issue. i have a different perspective. out 1.2y, we give million green cards every year. i do not know if you are aware but oxford university did a study. they came up with 40% of all current jobs will disappear
8:45 am
2030 because of artificial intelligence, automation. obviously that has to be considered at some point. we do not need unskilled people. with artificial intelligence we have 5 million people currently working driving trucks, vehicles, taxis and those jobs to be within the next 10 years gone. there are so many other things. factories, that work is gone. we will have a struggle with respect to finding legitimate jobs. to theow do you respond caller who is a bernie sanders democrat but would blame democrats? guest: but we need to recognize is what is a dreamer and what is daca?
8:46 am
what are the democrats fighting so hard for? they are not, the category that , but they ares here by no-fault of their own. they are making contributions to our economic base. in order to qualify for daca, they must either be in school, their backgrounds are checked, and when i was on the armed a republicanittee did a brave thing when he tried .o put in a daca provision so that those undocumented serving in the military, and they are serving in the military, would have the right to have a green card.
8:47 am
i do not think he went as far as a pathwato citizenship, but a right to be here. that is what the democrats are finding out. it is to protect what we call the dreamers. that is why when you take a poll, people support it. they recognize that they are not here because they technically wanted to be here. most of them came over his children. -- over as children. people may not feel it is the government's obligation, but it is important to remember that the government said trust us, sign up. by signing up they have admitted to their undocumented status and were given daca status. i think when the government did that it was almost like saying
8:48 am
trust us, we will take care of it. we are going to make sure that they are not harmed, put out, to aback, or whatever, country they don't know. there from here. most of them have spent their whole lives here. host: republican caller. caller: thank you. it is nice to hear from you. i have a question. 2013 when wean in were talking about the daca's. obama passed the law for the immigrants to come in. in 2014, my daughter's friend from school went to get her --ver's license and find out
8:49 am
and found out the social security number was not hers. she was an know illegal immigrant, what her dad did. her dad was arrested 2 weeks after that in 2014. i miss that little girl. it was not her fault. why don't you democrats and -- didn'ts stop obama you democrats and republicans stop obama? 19 times he said i can't do this, i need congress to vote on 5.s you have until march fix it. it should not go in the bill tonight. do not hurt our military. 2have 5 family members, overseas. do not vote no. please. talking about the
8:50 am
senators. the house already voted to keep the govnment ruing until february 16. the senate is at an impasse. we will see what happens this morning. guest: i would like to clarify something for season. susan. it is touching what you have to say about your daughter. it was done by an executive order. president trump repealed that executive order and told congress, as you pointed out, that we have until march to pass or all 800,000 people like your daughter's friend will be deported. the issue of the military, the continuing resolution by definition continues all of the spending that has been in place.
8:51 am
they continued resolution passed earlier, which democrats did support, is one that had an increase of $4 billion for the military. the reason this has become an issue is when paul ryan was the ,peaker -- is when paul ryan who is the speaker, was the budget chair they made a deal that the caps would be set and no one group would be hurt. in other words, if we raise the military, the nonmilitary discretionary funding will rise accordingly. it is not cutting the military, for the military being affected. by continug resolution, a resolution that continues what is in place, the military is getting what it has gotten. everyone wants certainty, but
8:52 am
that is not saying they are getting cut. they are keeping everyone open, in essence, by doing a continued resolution, but only until the middle of february. host: the senate has until midnight tonight to pass this or the government will shutdown down. the last time the government shutdown was in 2013. the impact? situation.d a each congressperson or senator did what they did with their offices. i had a skeleton crew. for myself, i was on the phone calling the different liaisons to be sure my federal workers in hawaii would remain essential. that is what it would affect. it does not affect -- one of the first things that is done is our
8:53 am
men and women in uniform are not affected. they are a matter of national security. the civilian workforce of the military, and in places like where we have a large population, but not as large as virginia, and you heard some of the senators say that they would still vote against the continued resolution because of other aware and it, but the that it is not as depicted. that somehow we are going against the military. i represent hawaii. our economic base is military and tourism. i would not do anything that i felt would hurt that or our employees in the state. the senate has until midnight passed the
8:54 am
stopgap spending bill. they come in at 11:00 a.m. this morning. tune into c-span2 where we will find out the latest. how they move forward to avoid a government shutdown. steve in bristol, virginia. caller: good morning, congresswoman. thank you for taking my call. of the no vote on the cr, but not necessarily for the reasons a lot of democrats are saying. , i think this is about the republicans who should have passed a budget in september. doing the cr's is not the way things are supposed to go. --the democrat side democrat's side, it seems you are interested in putting in all of these daca-based programs. wouldn't that b left outf the dget -- wouldn't that be better left out of the budget until the program is passed?
8:55 am
why would you hold of programs that are already law for programs that are not? both sides of the equation are not concerned about passing a budget, they using it to play political games. guest: thank you for your comments. first of all, you are correct. but congress should do, both houses, is pass. thatudget is a resolution does not technically become law until we change something. most budgets that are passed are, for lack of a better description, a policy statement. it does not even require the president to agree. what you are talking about is true. that is the appropriation measures. how the money is spent. they should be done before the fiscal year begins so that
8:56 am
everyone has certainty. that did not happen. i expected it would happen this somethingse this is that republicans in particular have always run on the issue of we do not have appropriations in place or a budget passed. this is a time in history when they control everything. not just by marginal numbers. they contr i substantially. they have a house, senate, and presidency. this is a situation where democrats, if they feel there is --issue that is dear to them one of the things i believe in deeply for hawaii is community health centers because they are essential to keeping our rural areas and neighbor islands and medical care, plus all of the
8:57 am
medicare and medicaid extenders. the only way, and we are talking about daca, the only way that they even have to listen to what the democrats are raising is if the democrats have something the republicans want. in this case in the senate they need their vote. the first time it happened last year, they needed our vote. that unfortunately, that is what we do to make our point and get laws passed. if daca be wonderful would come to the floor. it would beoted, but
8:58 am
publicankeep it from cing to the floor. if they would come to the floor on it, i do not think we would have an issue, but they will not let it come to the floor. why? that is something they have on the democrats, and the democrats feel it is important to the 800,000 young people suffering this by no fault of their own. host: you have been told from your leadership about this weekend. could you state in washington to have to pass a continuing resolution? guest: we have been told to not go home. we are to stay in washington. people haveyou, trips planned. not only home to district like
8:59 am
me, but trips planned. the president has is one-year anniversary party in marijuana bill. -- party in mar-a-lago. all the plans are on hold. if they have not taken off by sunday, all bets are off. host: do think when it comes down to the wire congress will pass a 3-4 day continuing resolution? guest: i think that congress will pass something. it might be a clear cr. i think that is probably what they will do because no one wants to be responsible for shutting down the government. , thankolleen hanabusa you for your time. we will leave the conversation there. the house is about to gavel in.
9:00 am
live coverage here on c-span. ci pposes is exprsly ohibit by the u.s. house of presentatives.] the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offeredy the guest chaplain,ab mara nathanabbmara nathan, le bh-el, san antonio, texas. the chaplain: holy one of blessing,oure the source of all. regardless of our faith's tradition, we recnize a force in the uverse calling each of us toe fulfill -- to fulfill our potential. we chlenge ourselve to compensate for our shortcomings and emphasize our tlents and energies for the greater good. wededicate ourselves each in our ownay to a life of service andeaning.


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