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tv   Speaker Ryans Remarks at March for Life Rally  CSPAN  January 19, 2018 8:15pm-8:31pm EST

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her. in herned with others community to start a maternity home to care for homeless women who were pregnant. that is great. they named it "room at the inn ." today she and her husband are the parents of six beautiful children. her oldest son benedict and daughter maria joined us here today. where are they? come on over. that is great. [applause] over the last 15 years, "room at the inn. " has given hope. it has shown each woman that she is not forgotten, that she is she reallyand that
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now has a whole family of people who will help her succeed. that hope is the true gift of this incredible movement that brings us together today. it is the gift of friendship, the gift of mentorship, and the gift of encouragement, love, and support. those are beautiful words, and those are beautiful gifts. most importantly of all, it is the gift of life itself. that is why we march. pray, and that is why we declare that america's future will be filled with goodness, peace, joy, dignity, and life for every child of god. life you to the march for special, special people, and we are with you all the way. they got bless you, and may god bless america. thank you. thank you.
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[applause] thank you very much. [applause] thank you. [applause]
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>> at the very head of this leadership, is a pro-life speaker of the house. it is our honor to have him here with us this afternoon. ladies and gentlemen and young people, please give a warm march for life welcome to the speaker of the house of representatives, paul ryan. hey everybody how are you doing? look at this crowd. oh my gosh! look at this! can we just thank god for giving us a pro-life resident back in the white house? [applause] what a crowd. this is so exciting.
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it is so exciting to see so many young people here today. your energy is so infectious. i have been participating in the march for life for years, and there is one thing that it always struck me. and there is one thing that strikes me again right now, and that is the vigor and enthusiasm of the pro-life movement. [applause] looking out on this crowd, i can see that there are people from all ages, all walks of life. is young people here is what so inspiring, because it tells us that this is a movement that is on the rise. [applause] do you know why the pro-life movement is on the rise? because truth is on our side.
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[applause] life begins at conception. [applause] do you know why the pro-life movement is on the rise? because of science is on our side. [applause] just look at the ultrasounds that have shown us more about the pre-born child than ever before, how they develop, how they react, how they feel pain. most importantly, the pro-life movement is on the rise because we have love on our side. [applause] we believe every person is worthy of love and dignity. that is why the pro-life movement is on the rise. [applause]
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one thing that gets sort of lost in this controversy, is just how compassionate the pro-life movement really is. this is what is lost by all those detractors out there. i am so proud of the work this movement has done to help women, especially women to have gone through the pain of abortion. this movement helps them find healing and acceptance. i am so proud of this movement and how it supports single mothers who are struggling to raise their children. it gives them the resources to thousands of pregnancy crisis centers throughout the country. this is the face of the pro-life movement. [applause] do you know what? we are so proud of the movement, and what it is doing to past and present abortion workers.
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to help those with new perspectives find jobs and a fresh start. this is true compassion. this is real love. that is what this movement is all about. it is why the march for life is such a joyful march. anyone out here today can feel the joy in this crowd. anyone watching on tv can see it. people come from all over the country. you market your churches. you market your friends, your neighbors. you are marching with joy and hope, not with anger and hate. you do not see the on the other side do you? [applause] excitingow what is so and blessed here, is i get to stand up with these phenomenal pro-life stalwarts in progress -- congress. let's hear it for these men and women of congress. [applause]
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this is the face of the pro-life women and america. this is the face of the pro-life movement and congress. thank you. [applause] we strive to make our time in congress in march for life itself. we strive to fight for the unborn, to pass important pro-life legislation through congress, to work with the trump administration to pass pro-life policies and laws. [applause] do you know what? we're making a lot of progress. in the house, we passed legislation to defund planned parenthood. [applause] in the house, we passed the pain capable unborn child protection act, which restricts abortion after 20 weeks. [applause] the conscious protection act, which means no
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one is forced to perform an abortion against his or her will. ago, today,inutes -- bornd the barnes alive survivors protection act. it protects the life of those babies who suffer from failed abortion. most importantly, like the march for life, we are striving to do this without judgment in our , but with compassion and love for all of the victims. i want to thank you. i want to thank you for being here. for taking the time, for the prayers, for the joy, and for the compassion, and for the love that you demonstrate right here in this march. this is why the pro-life movement is on its rise. our most these are
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powerful tools against the pains of abortion. this is the pro-life movement. this is one that we will win this day. thank you. god bless you. tell everybody come back next year and bring three friends. god bless all of you guys. they keep very much. -- thank you very much. [applause] house speaker paul ryan they're talking earlier today during the march for life rally. caught him on capitol hill. the house bill passing earlier today as well dealing with abortion. that passing in the house. it is a bill that would make it a criminal offense for doctors to not assist infants who are born alive during abortions. all of that happening today on the 45th annual meeting in the annual march for life rally that .appens in washington dc
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of course, the house finish its work on the continuing resolution. that is what they are facing right now. the shutdown happening at midnight tonight. all of the work in the house , although athe next number of members standing by as they await action in the senate. at 8:30, just a few minutes away, senate democrats are theing dealing with continuing resolution that would fund the government for another month through mid february. three and a half hours away, that shutdown if no action is taken. we are going to be joined by jordan carey who is a reporter at the hill. jordan: thanks for having me on. >> what is the latest that you know of after that meeting with the president today between my
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northerly leader schumer and he also visited with nancy pelosi and the house. what can you tell us is the latest there? >> it sounds like both sides are talking. havetalks, but we still [inaudible] >> that meeting ahead of that 10:00 vote, what can you tell us what might be happening with democrats and vulnerable states, states that voted for trump. do you expect any more be voting for the continuing resolution? thate are a couple more
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have not said how they are going to vote. the group is split at the moment. >> what can you tell us about this 10:00 p.m. vote? what can you expect there? the house is going to need 60 votes. democrats are largely going to .ote no you also have republicans that are going to vote no, so they are not going to get 60 votes in --. >> what happens? [inaudible]
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>> it is very questionable. >> of course we are following a lot of the action right now in the senate. if you look on c-span2, it looks to be a pretty quiet for at the moment. what is happening with house numbers? they were told earlier today to be on standby. what can you tell us there? >> not expecting any imminent vote, but you should be accessible. democrats [inaudible]
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>> just a curious, what is the mood up there? what are the hallways like? you are right there outside of that cement -- senate democratic meeting hall. >> it is pretty quiet for being so close to a government shutdown. they have been joking around with reporters. that is because things are happening behind the scenes of the artist during their hands up at this point? >> i think leadership on both sides are talking. they are also not voting, so there is no reason to [inaudible] >> thanks so much. >>ha


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