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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell post Cloture Vote  CSPAN  January 20, 2018 2:20am-2:28am EST

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sunday as we look back on the one-year anniversary of the women's watch on washington -- women's march on washington. day, harvard law professor and his book. madison'sstitution is monument. in that way, the constitution is all around you when you come to washington dc. the way that people interact, speak to each other, the act of free speech, although that is medicinesmonument -- -- madison's monument. look around you and you will see everywhere. >> at 8:00 eastern on c-span. nment officially shut down at midnight.
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todayill return at noon to continue work on a bill to fund the government until february 8. here is what senate leaders had to say after the shutdown began. >> i just want to call to the attention of my colleagues, a statement -- a part of the statement of the white house press secretary tonight, presumably on the behalf of the administration. says:" we will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while the democrats hold the government hostage with ."e reckless demands t what we have just witnessed on the floor was a decision by senate democrats to shove aside millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political gains.
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a government shutdown was 100% avoidable, completely avoidable. now it is imminent. democratse senate chose to filibuster a noncontroversial bill that contains nothing that they do not support. nothing that they do not support. perhaps some of our democratic colleagues are feeling proud of themselves, but what has there filibuster accomplished? -- itas accomplished accomplished? the answer is simple, their very own government shutdown. the shutdowns affects on the american people will come as no surprise. all week, as we have said on the our colleaguesd to come to their senses, senate republicans have described exactly what this will mean for
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america's men and women in , shutting down the government means delayed pay. it means furloughs. and for the families of fallen heroes, it may well mean a freeze on survivor death benefits. have ourans who promise of care, shutting down the government means threatening their access to treatment. so many americans us trouble -- for sod addiction many americans who struggle with opioid addiction, the same is true. the children's health insurance , people will risk losing coverage for their kids. this is a state of emergency.
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out having trouble figuring which of these outcomes might democratic colleagues could possibly be proud of. which one of them? i think our friends on the other side took some bad advice. really bad advice. i'd hate to have to try to explain this, myself. they ignored the governor's, including seven democrats who wrote congress begging us to -- for 9 million children. they have held all this hostage. hostage over the completely unrelated issue of illegal immigration. republicans and the senate have done all that we can to continue the normal operations of the federal government.
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these ure certainty for kids.p. we can pass it tonight if we go to the president for his signature. these kids will be ok. will continue to do all we can. we will vote again so the american people know who stands for them. we will clear up all of this mess. we have been having private conversations here on the floor. almost everybody on both sides does not understand how we ended up your. , because most of the stuff we agree on. there is only one reason we ended up.
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here. the shoehorning of illegal immigration and this debate -- ended this debate. we do need to do things for these daca kids. it is not like we're not interested in that. we have been talking about it for three months. the reason that we are where we are is that we cannot close out any of these other component parts, because our friends on you other side said that " have to do with this issue." think most of the american people believe that shutting down the government over this , which does not even happen until march, is
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irresponsible. i have just listed all of the people are going to be adversely impacted by this action. we are going to keep on voting. and the government may be heading into a shutdown, but the senate is not shutting down, and we're open to talk, and to resolve this. i don't think it makes the institution look very responsible. the american people should expect better from us. >> mr. president, very sadly we are on the precipice of a government shutdown. the majority leader has only just allowed us to go on it continuing resolution that he knew lacked the votes well before this hour. it is nost