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tv   House Democratic News Conference  CSPAN  January 20, 2018 12:45pm-12:59pm EST

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the speaker pro tempore: 377 members have recorded their presence a quorum is present. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 124erk chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> have room -- it had been approved by the house. it will begin in the house. there is a talk about a short-term extension, earlier
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mentioned of a face id are the eighth. february 8. the one-year anniversary of his presidents. steve covers the white house voa. he tweets, according to the press secretary, the president was receiving regular updates from members of his administration. he has spoken with speaker mcconnell a couple of times. he just spoke with speaker ryan. jennifer jacobs, saying the president will not negotiate on immigration reform until democrats stop playing games and reopen the government. sarah huckabee sanders says in a statement. we plan to take you chuck schumer. he will be briefing reporters. ,ou can see in the capital
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reporters are gathered. let's stay here live and wait for senator schumer. [laughter]
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>> we will have this live for you once senator schumer comes out. we want to bring you comments. mark meadows spoke to reporters earlier this morning. here is a look. what is leadership saying? >> we did our job in the house. at this particular point, there was a decision last night, in the senate, to to shut the government down. a government shutdown under affectnt trump will not our veterans and military the way a government shutdown did under the obama administration. it is not good. it is a serious thing. we are calling on our senate colleagues to reverse
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course. we provide enough votes in the house less than 48 hours ago. it is time for the janet -- the senate to do their job. daca --ration and amnesty is the number one thing, this vote -- this light in the .enate -- stop the negotiations negotiations will not go on until we open the government up and start being serious about the fundamental issue that is before us all -- to make sure we do our job in congress. the house did theirs. >> how is the freedom caucus reacting? negotiate against ourselves at this point -- the question to our senate colleagues is what is wrong with four weeks? if we are talking about a few days less than that because it is for some tactical reason would be good. -- should we be supporting a
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continuing resolution we had a hard enough time passing a four-week resolution? i have to go. >> that is mark meadows with reporters this morning on c-span. we are back live, waiting to .ear from chuck schumer the senate has been in session. it is on c-span two. the house will be back in session. thispect 3:00 eastern afternoon, we will have live coverage of it. they will come back in, debate, and take up a same-day role allowing consideration of any legislation on the same day it is submitted. thereason we are here -- vote in the u.s. senate. the senate failing to move forward and approve the continuing resolution, which had been approved by the house the day before. our congressional chronicle at
12:53 pm shows the score on it. it did not get closer than what withote rejected, 50-49 senator mccain not voting. the units -- the u.s. session is in senate on c-span2. we will wait for chuck schumer and his comments to reporters.
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>> it looks like a couple more minutes for senator schumer to come out. we will have it live when it starts on c-span. readings all across the capital today. we are trying to get as many of them as we can to show you what you missed on c-span. you can catch it online at, including this from a democrat earlier today -- from democrats earlier today. here is the democratic leadership. >> good morning and welcome to the trump shutdown. i am joe crowley, the chair of the democratic caucus.
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democrats worked tirelessly to avoid this shutdown. not a single democrat wanted to see critical federal programs shut their doors or put our economy at risk. this is not how we ran government when democrats were in charge. the republicans struggled to keep doors open. they struggled in december. yesterday, they failed. they failed the american people. this trump shutdown could have been avoided. if speaker ryan or leader mcconnell would have shown an ounce of leadership, a bit of havege, none of this would happened today. we would not be here today. complicit in
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this republican shutdown, the government would have been open today. if they should have the effort they did it hassinger tax bill -- they did in passing their tax , government would be open today. the republicans and president trump have shown they lack the leadership skills. that they have no coverage and they lack the empathy with struggling americans today. that alone is the reason why we are shutdown. middle-class americans and working families are being put at risk. for is the penalty we pay the trump shutdown. johnthat, i now turn to
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yarmouth. >> thank you. we are -- for one reason and one reason only -- the incompetence of the leadership of the republican majority in the house and the senate and the incompetence in the leadership in the white house. hadou think back, we never an operating budget for the first seven months of the fiscal year. we finally got one for five months. so far this year, not only have we gone through for continuing resolutions, we did not -- through four continuing resolutions, we did not -- now, we here we are, four months into this year with no spending plan for the remainder of the year. that is the only reason why we are here -- incompetent leadership from this republican
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majority. we are not here because of chip, daca, or any other single issue. what republican incompetence has done is bring urgency to get those items dealt with because they were not dealt with under regular order. once again, all of my colleagues -- >> we will show you to that -- -- showw you that later you that later. let's go to chuck schumer. sen. schumer: after midnight last night, after a lot of a finalo negotiate jeffrey american people, republicans in congress plunged headfirst into the trump shut down. how did we get here? why is it republicans and president trump are unwilling to do the jobs they were elected to do?


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