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Mick Mulvaney
  White House Brieifng with Mulvaney and Short  CSPAN  January 20, 2018 2:20pm-3:02pm EST

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afternoon? guest: i think there are a lot of discussions about all of these issues -- immigration, the budget deal. tot: we wanted to take you the white house like press briefing. >> this morning, the president has spoken to peter mcconnell, speaker ryan -- leader mcconnell, speaker ryan, speaker mccarthy -- leader mccarthy. he also spoke with secretary .attis, who gave him an update about 90,000 national guardsmen and 20,000 army reservists have had their training canceled because of the government shutdown and additional costs they have had to incur, picking up their own pay and travel costs. thetand here, ready to sign bill that the house passed last keep thexious to
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government open -- or should i say to reopen the government. the white house position remains the same -- we will not negotiate the status of 690,000 unlawful immigrants while hundreds of millions of taxpaying americans, including hundreds of thousands of our troops in uniform and border agents protecting our country are held hostage by senate democrats. we continue to remain anxious to reach a deal on daca, and we look forward to resuming those negotiations as soon as the senate democrats rio open the thernment -- reopen government. the reality that is difficult for many americans to understand is if you put forward a bill that continues funding the government, reauthorizes health insurance for 9 million children, provides a relief of , democrats and republicans
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were on a bipartisan basis. the rationale for shutting down the government on a bill that democrats and republicans agree with, on the basis of saying that we will not negotiate, we will not reach a resolution to open the government until there is a solution on a tangent --dle -- tengion neil tangentilal issue. i do not think men and women can understand why we are not paying oursoldiers in uniform, troops on the border, and this is related to a lawful residence. to the senated majority leader, who has already offered a continuing resolution that goes to three weeks instead of the original four weeks. we look forward to that boat and hope that senate democrats will isld and except the position
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unreasonable, and reopen the government to make sure that our men and women in uniform continue to get paid. director of omb, mick mulvaney, is here to update you on the status. then we will take some questions. >> good morning, good afternoon. we will walk through some of the -- how a lapse in appropriations and a shutdown works. keep in mind, those technical terms, the legal terms are a lapse in appropriations. so when you saw the notices go out today, they referenced a lapse, the formal name for a shutdown. earlier this morning, federal variousgot notices from agencies as to whether they were exempt or for load employees. either you were exempt, you were to come to work today or monday, depending on your ordinary work schedule. --furloue for load ghed.
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there is another group that would show up on monday or today, up to four hours, to close down shop and prepare for the lapse. so both notices went out today. i mentioned yesterday that this shutdown, this lapse would look different than it did in 2013. we are already seeing evidence and are walking folks through a couple ways it is already different. in 2013, most of the epa during themediately lapse. the epa this year, consistent with omb guidance and direction from the president, is using its .nobligated balance most of the agency will remain open, unlike several years ago. thatumber of inspectors will be on the job for mine safety inspections will increase to 25% of the total in 2015 to 50%. ministrations the
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intentional plan to use unobligated funds that were already at the agency, something the of previous that previously ministrations did not emphasize. cyber security -- the safeguarding of i.t. systems will continue to work doing the lapse. the parks, national monuments, private concessions are open. yesterday, we will not be picking up the trash or cleaning the bathrooms. number five, trade negotiations. during the last shutdown, the obama administration canceled a new high-level trade negotiations. by contrast, the ustr will use its funding flexibility -- the ability to use transfer of funds from one account to another to continue a round six of the nafta negotiations later this week. finally, the last example i have is the merchant marine academy was closed during the 2013 shutdown and will stay open.
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another example that does not compare apples to apples from 2013, but is evidence of how we are managing this differently than the democrats did during .he 2013 shutdown after working closely with the white house, with omb to review the exceptions allowed in the law for agencies to continue to operate if their work is necessary to protect life and has announcedc this morning they will continue immediate response work and surveillance to protect americans from seasonal influenza. we will have updates on that later today or tomorrow as to how the shutdown, the lapse, if it continues, is managed. i will take a couple questions. i am wondering -- >> i am wondering how certain you are -- if you look at social media, twitter, the trump shutdown seems to be far surpassing democrats shut down or gop shut down. how concerned are you that the wholeness of this on the public
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eye seems to be on the president. >> it has that nice little ring to it, doesn't it? >> [inaudible] yesterday with the president, thinking he had arrived at the broad outlines of a deal, and then the president changed his mind. schumer said he relented from pressure from the far right. in that meeting, and i talked to the chief about it this morning. i will give you an exact love how mr. schumer is mischaracterizing the discussions. according to the suit -- chief, one of the things mr. schumer told the president is i will give you all the money you want for your wall. the president said that is great, i need $20 billion. chuck schumer said no, we had a $1.6 billion request that we would like to see in the 2018 appropriations bill. that is not all of the money for the wall, nor was it ever
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intended to be all the money for the wall. chuck schumer had the gall to look at the president and say i am giving you everything to ask for the wall, and then when pressed, admitted he was not. that is the kind of negotiation mr. schumer has been engaging in. you have to ask your self, doesn't even become profitable to continue to work with someone like that? mr. schumer will have to be a little more honest with the president of the united movingif we want to be through this. >> how long will the shutdown last? >> the democrats in the senate could end the shutdown today. we plan mostly a day at a time. there are different things on the horizon. for example, we have a pay period on friday that would be a goal post but we manage this day by day. the funds i mentioned, some agencies can sit on a lot and are going out longer, and some
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have none, so they will be impacted immediately. >> is the president still going to go to davos monday morning if the government is shutdown? >> we talked about this before hand, the president will not be going to florida now. we are taking davos on a day-to-day basis. you are notusly talking immigration right now, after the government is not shutdown. this is all on democrats? president has the trust issues. why should democrats think they should trust this president on that? say, again, if we step back for a second at where we were in asking congress to , provided what we asked congress for in october and finding that again. i know have their -- there have
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been some questions about senator schumer today, the lack of clarity as to what the white house is asking for. i do not think there is lack of clarity. your are the principles we set up in september. here are the things we are asking for in four broad categories. in the negotiations and conversations, it there was a sense it needed to be refined. we sent back a three page document and pulled off some of for offs we were asking the table. and there were bipartisan meetings at the white house with republicans and democrats that many of you covered and were shown to a national audience. when that conversation began, there was an agreement that there would be were principles of negotiations. kevin mccarthy, senator durbin, .enator cornyn, senator hoyer that is the process we have put in place, and it continues to focus on those four principle. what i would add to director mulvaney's comments as i look at it as progress the democrats are willing to accept funding for border security and physical
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barriers. that is a step forward as well. we have given some ground. they wanted a broader definition of the daca population. to me, that is progress. all the more reason to -- if we are making progress, wire we shutting down the government? why are we shutting it down? we were making progress. andill not be held hostage let our troops be held hostage over this. when we reopen the government, we will continue to discuss it. >> this is the one-year anniversary of the president being sworn into office. how does this white house feel to have a shutdown one year after the president was sworn in? i think it is disappointing that congress has chosen to shutdown the government, particularly senate democrats have on the one-year anniversary. >> i'm questioning the leadership coming out of the white house? >> i think it is a reflection of the position many members of the democrat party find themselves in. i think the democrats look at what the administration has a
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congress over the past year, and tax cut ingest history. they see the individual mandate, the regulatory rollbacks, and what has happened with $7 trillion added to the stock market. they see more circuit court judges ever confirmed in one year. a new supreme court does this conference. we look at those -- a new supreme court justice confirmed. we are saying we demand a shutdown, so i think they are related. they look at the accomplishment of the last year and all the said ministrations have their reaction is because we cannot beat them, we are going to shut down the government. mullaney, on entitlement payments, social security, medicare, for the public, can you let them know and reaffirm that conversation regarding how long this lasts, what happens and what are the implications? >> if the source of funds is nonappropriated, mandatory would
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be the largest component of that, the funds will continue to flow. the practical application of that general rule is that social security checks will go out. >> and any other entitlements covered by that as well? >> generally speaking, the answer is yes. >> you either work for a member of congress at times when you thought it was a matter of principle when you had political leverage to withhold votes on behalf of a principal you thought was important. democrats andy 74 believe -- sympathy for democrats and believe they are doing this now under these circumstances because they believe, as a matter of ethical -- -- principle -- back when you were doing that, you were accused of being the small base responding to activist pressure to do something. >> i have a lot more sympathy if i had not been accused at that time of being an arsonist. differentnd, that is in that 2013, we were being
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asked to vote something -- vote for something that we did not like. the funding bill that was before us in 2013 included funding for obamacare. we objected to that, and for that reason refused to vote for that funding bill. we have a funding bill today sitting in the senate that senators do not oppose. they support all individual pieces of it. we have talked about chip, the delay in the cadillac tax in the medical device tax, the fact that they are generally ok with crs. that is one of the primary differences. we were asked to vote for summing a 2013 at we did not approve of. that is not the circumstance your. here, they are simply taking advantage of the situation to --ert not only a new topic mark had mentioned this earlier -- they introduced even another topic. i think you heard mr. schumer talk about bailing out union pension funds? new $60 billion topic that has been interjected into the conversation today.
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things are out of control on the senate side. >> do you really believe that democrats are not negotiating and this cannot be resolved? >> i do not think it is ever fair to get into somebody else's mental state. i do not know what happened in your mind and you don't know what happens in mind. i think it is difficult to negotiate with people who do not want to vote for something they like. trump was critical of president obama's handling of the shutdown. he said you have to get everybody in a room, you have to be a leader, a president has to lead. why is he not following his own advice? i would say that is what he is doing. if you look back the last week in the meeting he had to discuss the issue, the one they had complaints about, they had a amber of discussions in bipartisan fashion. he helped to encourage the bill that got passed in the house on thursday.
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it was his influence to help make sure it passed to keep the government open. and following up on major's question, like make said, -- ick said, there is nothing in this bill that democrats object to, yet it is like a two-year-old temper tantrum to say that i will take my toys and go home because i'm upset about something else. it has nothing to do with this bill. aresenate democrats basically conducting a temper tantrum in front of the american people. what is the shortest cr the white house would be willing to accept? you said there was a three week one offered in the senate, some democrats said they wanted to book for something that would stay long. what is the minimum? >> we are not going to negotiate that with the national press on what we would or would not take hypothetically. the reality is there is a bill that passed the house the president said he would sign to give us why throw weeks to continue the daca negotiations. we are going to reduce that to
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three weeks. that is a concession on our part. leader mcconnell has offered that. i hope the democrats come to their senses and keep the government open. the ministrations was saying yesterday that they felt pretty confident we would be able to the end oftdown by today. you have been on capitol hill meeting with lawmakers. based on those conversations, where are you at now? >> i was confident we would , becausehutdown everything in the bill are programs democrats have but i was wrong. i will not get back to handicapping what i think the chances are today. but i am hopeful democrats recognize the harm they are doing to our border patrol agent and our troops overseas, and the inconvenience they are placing on millions and millions of americans. >> keep in mind, when we handicapping bill, one of those things in passages can we get a
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bill that people can and will support? is what is in the bill acceptable to them? that is why we shared the opinion this was going to pass. once folks of either party started inserting completely new and unrelated topics into negotiations, then it is impossible. >> thank you very much, thank you, thank you, thank you. our live coverage of the government shutdown continues here on c-span. in about 20 minutes, we will take you back to the u.s. capitol, a live look at the capital here from district cross -- just across the street at the library of congress. back to the capital now for a briefing from house republicans. i had on the floor of the house, they will be back in at 4:00 eastern this afternoon. we will have live coverage of the house at that time. we continue to take your phone calls as well, at (202) 748-8920 four democrats, (202) 748-8921
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for republicans. independents and others, (202) 748-8922. and we have set aside a special line for federal government employees. that is (202) 748-8923. a warm day in washington, president trump observing it in his tweet, saying "beautiful weather all over our great country. great for women to march. celebrateere now to the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. lowest female unemployment in 18 years." the women's march in washington across -- and across the country, we are covering it online. you can see it on . let's go to our federal employees line. dan, we appreciate you waiting . first off, a little
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history. i am a retired marine, two terms in vietnam, and i worked for the army for 24 years, the apartment worked inense, and i army recruiting. that was a significant event as far as doc is concerned. right now, there are about 900 soldiers in uniform that are daca. he will seem to forget that little point. i have been listening to a lot of calls and i appreciate other views, and i am a democrat to, by the way, i have been my whole life. there is a lot of anger, a lot of blame, far too much spin, and tons of disinformation with strong opinions. but there is a lot of fault to go around for everybody. the voters, people in office, people appointed, those serving in various agencies, what have you. sadly -- this is my view, of course, -- i think most of it is unnecessary because it is for political gain, not for the gain
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of the republic that they say they support, defend, and are loyal to. i think it is a false flag to say that you support all of these things. on fourth of july, kiss every baby in town and eat the apple pie, and -- it is mind boggling. this is the worst i have seen in my life. since 1964, just before i went to vietnam on my first tour. i'm a pretty loyal american. i am a democrat with strong views, but i would support a republican if they think -- i think their views and policies are right. opinions should never enter in to public policy. that is what we have too much of today. the press conference with mr. mullaney -- i know his record when he was in congress. to bring those views into office and put them into public policy -- i think no american can appreciate that. but i appreciate your time and letting me speak, and i held for
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30 minutes, so maybe i took a few minutes to make up for that. i appreciate it very much. thank you and all the listeners. hear from stockton, california. emma on our democrat line. caller: hi. yeah, i'm amazed at everything that is happening. i am so disappointed in our government right now. republicansat, the are working hard to cover up that they are the ones who are the cause of this shutdown, because basically the democrats are going to make sure that the domestic agenda, and the policies of the people of america are equal to what they are going to spend on defense. basically, from the last republican administration, when cheney was there, there were
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mechanisms for stealing a lot of money and stuff. we just want to take care of our people, and especially the babies. ,he daca and the chip everything, all domestic policies that we have as a safety net for our nation seem to be getting destroyed. -- i think they did that so they can start laundering money. you have not found out what trump and russia are doing. also, trump, like he says, the art of the deal? his art is conning everybody. right now, he is sitting somewhere and is going to go to his $100,000 cup of dinner, but he is sitting somewhere, not doing anything but tweeting. that is not leadership. once people open their eyes, because you know what the truth is when you see it, hear it, and experience it.
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the republicans better get it together, because they are the ones trying to give trump's wall. all we are trying to do is save ourselves. that is all i have to say. in thatntioned briefing, the president remaining in washington. he was anticipating to go to mar-a-lago yesterday. an event there tonight marking his one-year anniversary in office. also, the president had been scheduled to go to the world economic forum in doubles, switzerland. switzerland. that is of the year because of the government shutdown. portland, tennessee, as we await to hear from house republicans. this is at on our republican line. caller: how are you doing? think you for taking my call. lead by example. it might move the president to make an appearance to let everybody know that he is in charge. her seems to be a question us to who is running the show up there. from my understanding, this be
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grand the house and the senate are the ones who put the bills on the floor to be voted on. daca has been on the back burner for about three years, so in regards to hostage, that keyword , the catchphrase there, they have been holding the republic -- the republicans have been holding daca four years as leverage over the democrats, and being promised and promise and promise, just like last tuesday, when the democrats were promised something on daca, and three other items got added to it. --t a they have a separate why don't they have a separate vote on daca by itself, and just work on the immigration factors over the next coming weeks? in regards to the presidential library for trump, i think the taj mahal of new jersey is waiting for him. alaska.muel, fairbanks, what are your thoughts? caller: a few of your -- accuse
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your enemies of that which you are guilty. that was a tabloid on the new x-files episode, and the trump administration knows a lot about that. we know who is responsible for the government shutdown, the party in power and what they are demanding. what they are talking about is the military budget that is draining the soul out of this country. the amount of money we spend on this enterprise, basic and for structure, medical research, you name it -- we could address those serious problems in our country if we were not spending this massive amount of money that goes down this blackhole that is the pentagon. because toa shame, be honest, i have a sneaking suspicion that the trump election is nothing more than a right-wing christian coup. host: samuel, are you still there? caller: yes, i am here. host: we appreciate your call. the impact of the shutdown -- a
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caller earlier had asked about the effect on social security. this was mentioned with mick mulvaney. for clarity on this, the federal government entered into a partial shutdown midnight on saturday. in the event of a shutdown, social security and disability checks will still go out while core functions would not be affected. some social security administration employees would gh and minor furlou services would be frozen. there is our live look across the street, the stretch of the capital from the library of congress, which itself is closed today. we will continue to take your calls as we go to our right in anniston, alabama, a federal employee. caller: hello, good morning. employee,ired federal whohere are millions of us are in jeopardy of not receiving a paycheck, but i am also a
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widow of a military member. and i have a son who was a three-time war veteran, who is disabled. now, i have a lot of interest in what is going on here. this is a lot of people, myself included, that are going to be income inir source of their hour of need. and it seems to me that this all revolves around a group of people that are in this country illegally. understand that --y of them have no choice had no choice in how they came into this country. however, there was a gentleman who called earlier who said he
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veteran, andan, a an african-american. he was very simple in what he stated. compassionate, but we must take care of our own first. anyplacego someplace, -- the bank, the grocery store, to enroll your child in school, whatever your daily function is, there is a line. you have to stand in line. thatll of these people want to come into our country, absolutely -- we should welcome them. this is the greatest country in the world.
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in a legaled to calm fashion, and to deny the benefits to all the citizens of this country who have made it great through a great deal of sacrifice for those who came here illegally? that's just egregious. in alabama,a calling in on our line for federal government employees, (202) 748-8923. in about 10 minutes, we are expecting a briefing from house republicans. and 10n in one hour minutes, 4:00 eastern, the house will gavel in. a briefing a short while ago with the budget director, mick mulvaney, and the legislative affairs director for the white short.mark short -- marc
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this tweet from politico -- "white house says there is no way they will negotiate on immigration while the government to shut down. short says they will accept a three-week cr, but immigration is a nonstarter until the government reopens." democrat line, hurley, virginia. caller: good morning. my take on this thing is this is all mcconnell's doing. there is a blue wave coming in november. let's round the space up, -- this base up, and everyone is all worked up over nothing. they refused to leave this country. they have all the daca immigrants, take them out of the country if that is what you want to do with them. every time it gets close to national orump,
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gets close to president trump, these guys throw out something else. after another. mueller will find out that this nation was stolen and the supreme court justice -- will he be removed? that seat was stolen as well. now they are stacking the courts , like it isn't a big deal. but that is the problem in this country. i amisabled coal miner -- a disabled coal miner. i cannotack lung, but collect disability because it is not thick enough. they refused to help people like me, but donald trump and his buddies get all their tax breaks this year. what are they going to start me, thefor people like disabled and down and out in this country? i will tell you one thing, there will be a blue wave washing over this nation in november. this is all mcconnell's fault,
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him and the president. host: our caller from southwestern virginia, beyond the shenandoah mountains. a tweet here from shenandoah national park, saying during a federal government shutdown, we socialmonitor or update media. some shenandoah national park areas are accessible, but access might change without notice. provided no nps services. that is at least at shenandoah national park. on the others' line is paul, brandenburg, kentucky. go ahead. caller: this nonsense going on in d.c. right now with the democrats and the daca, illegal immigrants above and before the paychecks of our soldier s is a reason you need to look
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at themselves. they have families waiting back here, thinking the same thing. when you put illegal immigration and illegal immigrants in front of our american fighting men and women, there is no reason for you to be representing this nation in any way. that goes for the republicans who voted against this bill last night also. what i am asking the people to do, find out what your legislator, what your senator did last night, and call them out personally and individually and find out why did you do this? how do you take and put anyone in legal in front --i a militaryfront of man or woman? i am so embarrassed of the democrats and the republicans and our
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president to not stand up for the greatest nation on earth. there, goingitting to keep your paycheck, going to keep your insurance, we will have the children on the chip program not get theirs. explainingn you be this to people, other than the word hypocrite? that is for everyone in the congress and the senate and in the white house. to reply onanything that, if anyone wants to say something, i will be glad to listen, but we have to get the hippocratic out -- hypocrites out. let the democrats, republicans, and the president know that if they do not get behind the american military men and women, we will not stand behind them. host: let's hear from rachel in
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waco, texas. hello. caller: hello. in regards to being a federal employee. i was wondering how are we supposed to go to work and take care of the veterans at the v.a. medical center in waco, texas, knowing that the government is shut down? does the president not give a that?bout and our bills waiting to be paid -- how are we going to get paid? department or agency do you work for, rachel? caller: the waco veterans administration. host: have you gotten any guidance? and email, or friday, did they tell you to be prepared that this may happen? buter: we have guidance, nothing a few minutes before midnight, just to show up to
2:57 pm
work. that is not very encouraging. host: go ahead and finish your thought. caller: and where they are taking care of war veterans. host: so veterans are probably going to show up on monday expecting service, and you are expected to be at work? caller: i'm expected to be at work at 3:30 today to take care of the veterans. it is a hospital. i take care of veterans. it is very disgraceful and encouraging -- discouraging to go to work and not know if you are going to get paid. host: if this continues, we would love to hear your experience. if you are into work today, call us tomorrow or the next day. if it is still going on, we would be very interested to hear what your experiences. -- experience is. this is a photo from ap, the
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sign on the entrance of the ferries that go out to the statue of liberty. down on the entrance of the they are- ferries, closed. the statue of liberty and ellis island are closed. another call from gina in fresno, california, republican line. caller: hi, how are you? host: i'm good, how are you? caller: good, good. i want to address rachel from waco, texas. i'm a registered nurse. my husband is a registered nurse at the icu at the ba in fresno. a in fresno. v.a. employees are paid. i do not know what universe in america,, but veterans will not be displaced from their health care at all at the veterans administration. the v.a. is not for load --
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oughed and they are paid during the shutdown. it is a law in the united states of america. -- 95.5% of all v.a. employees are paid. i do not know what her function is, but she said she is providing care for patients. anybody in any care position is paid. when president trump was inaugurated, he made sure of that. that is all taken care of. california. am in i have been here my whole life. we need security. california has turned into what appears to be a third world periphery nation. california is an example of
3:00 pm
marxism, and if the federal government was not funding it, because they are forced to because of the constitution, if they were not funding it, ok, california would be a great example -- it would be just like venezuela or any other failure of marxism, ok? we do need security. our priority for the article four, section four is that we are guaranteed protection from and protection -- this is a guarantee. we do not have it. americans are killed. americans are addicted to drugs, which greater than 95% come across that border. that's gina from fresno, california. more coming up. we're expecting a briefing momentarily here from house
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republicans. here is where things stand in terms of house floor action. in recess buttill now planning to come back in a session at 4:00 p.m. instead of 3:00 p.m. debate and vote will follow on a rule that will allow the house , likelyder a bill considering a resolution on the same day it is offered through monday, january 20 nine, the day before the state of the union address. we show you a short while ago when the house came in the session at noon eastern, they heard from house speaker paul ryan.