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tv   Washington Journal Niels Lesniewski Sarah Westwood  CSPAN  January 21, 2018 2:41pm-3:47pm EST

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today, tba. thisare possible later afternoon and evening. we know they house republican conference will be meeting in 20 minutes, 3:00 eastern. any briefings or news out of that, we will bring that to you as well. the senate is in session. the debate continues on the senate floor to you can follow that over on c-span two. here on c-span, we will take you back to the discussion from this morning's washington journal looking at yesterday's events on capitol hill. our guest, sarah westwood, who covers the washington -- the house. what do you know? guest: what we know is we do not hold -- know a whole lot. as of right now, the best that we know is that the senate is scheduled to vote at 1:00 a.m. monday on this next offering of a continuing resolution that
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would reopen the government through february the eighth. host: why 1:00 in the morning? guest: because it is the senate. in the senate, under the -- the way the rules are set up, if there is a filibuster, and you have to move to limit debate, the earliest the vote can occur is one hour after the senate , two days after the majority leader has called for the vote. you were watching the senate floor at about 2:00 a.m. on saturday morning, that is when mitch mcconnell filed the motion to set up the vote, normally you would have a situation where it would be one hour after the senate comes in, a normal time. it would be at 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. because of this government shutdown situation they are trying to make sure they have the vote to before federal
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workers are supposed to report to work and that is 1:00 a.m. at the white house, the president was supposed to be in florida. he is here for the weekend. he is scheduled to leave for switzerland on wednesday. that trip is now very much up in the air, correct? guest: absolutely. the idea of going to vet -- going to dive us was controversial because it was somewhere the where the elites is not on brand for president trump. for him to travel there in the midst of a government shutdown sends the wrong message. we know he canceled his planned a trip to mar-a-lago where he was supposed to have a ritzy fundraiser where his supporters would be mingling with ampyra he was disappointed he had to miss it. because we are ready see them canceling trips, it is easy to them taking data is off the table. ,ost: the president tweeted great to see how hard
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republicans are fighting for our military and safety at the border. the dems just one illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked. if the stalemate continues, republicans should go to 51%, the nuclear option, and vote on real, long-term budget, not see ours. your tweet, kevin mccarthy was telling but he was pushing the nuclear option. i see donald trump agrees. explain. niels: this is not a surprise because we have heard this from the president before. that many house republicans have been pushing and were pushing yesterday is itssenate should change rules and eliminate the ability for a minority of senators to filibuster legislation. this is the same move that was used first by the democrats to get rid of the ability to filibuster or block with 41 votes.
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most nominations during the obama years, it was expanded by mitch mcconnell and the senate republicans to the supreme court so they could confirm neil gorsuch to the supreme court. last year, house republicans have long pushed for the senate to throw the whole thing out. there is not very much chance at all that the senate would go along with such an idea. the senate likes its ability to block legislation, knowing that majorities are often short-lived in the senate. here we are again with the president, once again, pushing mitch mcconnell to make this change. ast: sarah westwood, this is town of finger-pointing because of the shutdown. yesterday, senate schumer said it was trying to nail down jell-o. has the white house shifted in terms of what it was trying to offering the democrats and said no, we want x y and z? sarah: the broader framework of
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what the white house is wanted was to uncouple immigration from the spending bill. they did not want to have to deal with a dock at the same time they are dealing with a cr. that has not changed. thatd hear that on the day chuck schumer went to the white house, had lunch with president trump and started to hammer out a deal, that the terms that were discussed did not apply a few hours later. it is one of the reasons why senate democrats decided to unanimously withhold their votes from the continuing resolution. potentially, even though chuck schumer offered some nominal funding for the border wall in that meeting, by the end of the afternoon, it was not enough for the white house. host: the republican argument, we are giving you a six-year funding for the chip program. this is a clean cr. the docket issue does not face a debt -- daca issue does not face a deadline until march. why are democrats doing this now? guest: there is a site -- sarah: there is a saying that when the
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train leaves the town, this is your best opportunity. they -- they're negotiation is strengthened when it is attached to the spending bill because they have the pressure of the government shutdown. there is a risk that republicans will take the blame even the republicans voted for the short-term spending bill. the republicans are in control of all three branches of government. positionns know their would be strengthened if the negotiations were done separately which is why they are fighting so hard to keep these issues separate. the: will republican say to democrats, ok, we will negotiate on daca? niels: it does not sound that way at all. when the white house yesterday had mark short and -- who is the director of legislative affairs who shuttles back and forth to the building behind you all the time, and mick mulvaney, the omb
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director, yesterday say we are happy to negotiate once the government is open. that is the same line but later in the day, mitch mcconnell came on the senate floor at 6:00, 7:00, saturday evening and said the same thing. position thatme the democrats took largely in the 2013 shutdown. the obama administration would say, we are happy to talk about changes to obamacare, once the government is open. that is where we seem to be right now. which you could see, and what seems to be happening is there is a possibility that mcconnell perhaps, although maybe not speaker mark -- speaker ryan, but mcconnell pledges to put something on the floor. that might be a weight to not be a negotiation -- to not be a negotiation for the white house. host: we will get to your phone calls in a moment. so much can happen today. and her this week. what are the potential scenarios?
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what are you hearing from democrats, republicans on the hill? what can we expect over the next 48 hours? this 1:00e we have a.m. vote, whether it takes place at 1:00 a.m. or they push it up a few hours, that could happen. you could get some sort of agreement that people do not want to be around all night. they just do it earlier. once that's a vote happens, that is the key because once you cross that threshold, right now, that vote against defeated because the two sides are too far apart. that is the key vote because once that vote happens, if it goes down, you have crossed the of departments and agencies supposed to open on monday not opening. when you have a shutdown over a weekend, yes, there is some inconvenience. yes, you have bathrooms not being cleaned, you have things go being closed,
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but you do not have the mass of the federal workforce that is either reporting to work only to have half of them sent home, which is what we hear what might happen at the health and human services department, or whatever the case may be. to monday, we could be in for a long call. if the government is closed at 10:00 monday morning, it may not reopen for a while. host: in terms of a white house, will be present at take on a different stance? himaw photographs of yesterday from the oval office. he met with his team. satellite,ess the the darpa strip is on hold. what more does he do publicly and behind the scenes? trump i think president came out early saturday morning with an early morning tweet starting to blame the democrats. before democrats started getting out and blaming this on the trump shutdown, versus the
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schumer shutdown. i think what you will see president trump do is hammer this line that the senate democrats are responsible for the shutdown, that the senate democrats are holding the government hostage. that they are more than willing to deal with immigration, but not as long as the government is closed. president trump has a big megaphone, you can expect to see him use it to push the republican party line to give congressional leaders the space and platform they need to negotiate with the democratic leaders. host: are there lessons for the 2013 shutdown? any differences with realizing this is happening over a weekend? as you indicated, tomorrow will tell the real test. niels: right. one of the things that has been interesting is that with a director mulvaney, i think it alreadyhe -- the day is blurring together. i believe it was the friday news conference at the white house where mullaney said in their
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study of how shutdown's work, that they think the obama administration went too far, and too draconian in blocking access to facilities and declaring agencies needed to do much larger furloughs them they think are necessary. some of what we have heard is there will be departments that , they have cash reserves on hand, and they are being told to deplete those reserves and use them up, rather than immediately sending everybody home. the other thing i would say that may be of interest to the audience is so far, it looks like on capitol hill, that they withoing full be ahead shutdown mode. that they are not going to be doing the same thing that mullaney wants the executive branch to do. we found out, it was literally about two minutes after the
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shutdown kicked in on friday night into saturday, that we got the notice that these -- that the parking attendants were furloughed. we got police officers stationed outside of buildings yesterday as what are normally public barring anyone access to the dirksen building, for instance, to anyone who does not have a congressional id. the buildings are close to the public. the capital seems to be going full into shutdown mode in a way that maybe some other agencies aren't. host: there is a related article at the administration trying to keep agencies operating for is long as possible, a departure from the government shut down from 2013. the vice president is overseas. is miles awayt he from the drama that is unfolding now. maybe hee talks that would cancel his trip, but this
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was long scheduled. i believe his trip was delayed previously because he wanted to stay and be a tiebreaker vote. this trip to on the middle east, he is not really held to the same standard in terms of needing to be here to send the correct message the way president trump is. host: one side note, what is the health status of senator john mccain? this is all sort of related to the last question for sarah. the reason why mike pence can be gone is because we don't expect the possibility of any ties in the senate because there are 99 senators and washington. -- in washington for we don't know we have not gotten a lot of health updates for senator mccain's office. he was stillnew, in arizona. we don't think he has come back to washington yet. they had said he would be available to vote if necessary. that has not been necessary. is keeping everyone
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an i on what is going on in arizona because we honestly don't know. host: yet, they have issued statements on his behalf talking about the impact of the shutdown has on the military. let's get to your phone calls. our guest, niels lesniewski covers congress. and sarah westwood, who covers the way has. kathleen, our line for democrats in chicago. good morning. caller: thank you. how are you doing this morning? host: we are fine. thank you. caller: it's a strange thing. in 2013, and please don't cut me off. the same republican party that is hooping and hollering about the democrats shutting the government down, if i'm not mistaken, for 16 days, and the sameof dollars, republican party that was being obstructed toward president obama for eight long years, can'ttime they booed, he get anything done.
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that is why he had to do a lot of executive orders. they shut they government down because president obama would not veto his own health care. mitch mcconnell, and i think, what is his name, not the one who is here now, harry reid. mitch mcconnell -- you can't trust harry reid. mitch mcconnell told harry reid if you do this, if you do that, it it is about unemployment. let me come back over the christmas break, we would talk about unemployment. these two kids, they are children. they were in diapers in 2013. they don't go back that far. they are only here right now, today. when they came back, mitch mcconnell did not even take up the unemployment. you cannot deal with the republicans like you can deal with the democrats. host: thanks for the call. niels lesniewski was here with the government shut down. your perspective? capitol was in the
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building for 21 days and a row in 2013. i was looking back -- to the point,point -- caller's everyone is on the opposite side. this could be one of those situations where the shutdown drags on. everyone could just hand their talking points from one person to the other because so far, everyone is predictably saying the opposite thing of what they said in 2013. host: that is next, our line for independence. and sarah lesniewski westwood. good morning, matt. start: i would like to with the article one, section seven of the constitution where it says all bills for raising revenue will originate in the house of representatives, that and/orate may propose concur with amendments and other bills. that being the case, why are we
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worrying about what the senate has to say, and why should the president have to sign a budget when it is not law? if i am accurate in my meaning the house of representatives have done their jobs, that no further action needs to be taken, who made that change and violated the constitution to make that happen? host: thank you. who would like to take that? niels: i will jump in here and say the phase we are actually at is the question of whether or not the senate is going to concur in the judgment of the house as to what the spending bill should be. originate in the house of representatives and the intol, if you tune c-span2, at approximately 1:00 monday morning, which you will
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actually hear a clerk say is they are voting on limiting debate on the motion to concur in the house amendment with a further senate amendment, that is where we are. no, you cannot just send something to the president's desk that the house has passed without the senate's concurrence. trivia question. if anyone knows the answer to this, you will. when was the last time the house and the senate were both in session on a sunday? niels: it's a trivia question i do not entirely know the answer to. i would say, it would not surprise me if it was even during -- it may go back to the fiscal clip. it's probably been a fairly long time. we will have live coverage on the house on c-span, the senate on c-span two.
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.xm on thefocusing now government shutdown and congressional action later today and tonight and maybe tomorrow morning -- early in the morning. jesse from indiana, good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to make a couple of points. i do hear this all the time from reporters and pundits. and journalists on tv where republicans hold and are in control of the executive and both houses of congressi do heam reporters and pundits. and that isn't really a true statement. lady is a well-educated young lady and she knows that it takes 60 votes in the senate. in order to get major legislation through. they are in the majority but
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that is very different from being in control of the senate. i did say that if they were in introl with the congressman red states that are of for reelection, they would have got the votes they needed. even with the defectors that they did have from the republican side of the aisle. host: thank you for your call. the nuclear option is a possibility with the threshold in the senate. guest: that is what republicans focus on when they deflect blame from the shutdown. they just need nine senators from across the aisle and it was senate democrats who withheld the votes from the continuing resolution and allow that to fail which is why they are as what happened so
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that it reflects poorly on the and they do point out that there are red state democrats who are up for reelection who voted with their republican colleagues to pass a continued resolution and they and they do point out that that they know there could be a backlash for the shutdown. senate democrats do recognize that they could face some backlash. hattie a measure whether the democrats or republicans succeed in the shutdown? what is the benchmark? the benchmarks will be who blinks first. if democrats agreed to a continuing resolution or a budget that doesn't include immigration talks and agrees to these talks and does
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them separately then may be republican sense that democrats have turned on them -- that public has turned on them. right now they are waiting to see how public opinion shakes out, to seek better seating position. host: you mentioned the white how is the white house and the rnc using this with an eye on the future election. how is the white house and the rnc usingthis will be pr narrative on the tax cuts. they voted against lowering premiums and shutting down the government and they are structured nests and the obstruction argument is how the rnc has been streaming this. the larger narrative about why republicans should be sent to congress. host: we did an interview with ed o'keefe yesterday saying
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there was a movement by some more prominent senators and what can you tell us about that? there was a group of moderate members of the senate who met in senator collins office yesterday. we haven't heard too much about have decided out of the meeting yet but i think that is one of the potential outcomes here. that there is a block of senators that could develop that agreed to vote yes on this vote, whether it takes place at 1:00 a.m. in exchange for some sort of side deals that they make amongst themselves that doesn't necessarily require the blessing of donald trump. and that may be one way out of this. wherecould be a deal are enough senators who
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agree to do something or not do something that brings us to a quick end. host: let's put that on the table. if you had nine or 10 democrats who said they wanted to move on the closure and proceed with the closure of the government, where does that put chuck schumer? haveuch effect as he moving forward? guest: chuck schumer is always looking ahead to the next election. he didn't seem particularly bothered by the idea that the heidi heitkamp's of the world voted the other direction. i think that the question with chuck schumer so far, it has been that he has maintained a degree of unity. but if people want to go the other way i don't think he well stop them or cause the same sort
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of problems for them that one might have expected harry reid to have when he was the them aquatic leader. host: a graduate of hamilton george washington university. we go to the republican line. good morning. caller: i have a quick comment along the lines of one of the last callers talking about the same group of republicans stopping the government in 2013 but it seems to me was that obama got his way and it took another eight years to figure out that imposing taxes on people for not having health care seemed unconstitutional. and now that we have a president who is actually getting into the white house to do something, it seems that these people seem to be offended that he is actually getting his way. when if you look back over the
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three administrations five, it seems like they all got their way sooner or later. suits are still getting paid six figures. guest: i think the white house has tried to put the focus on the areas where the shutdowns will be most painful, in trying to paint the democrats as culpable for forcing something bad to happen, whether it is military payment or military service members and pointing to the fact that theculpable for fg bad to happen, whether it word y used was weaponize. appeared to be more painful than it needed to be because they place the blame on republicans at the time. even though the white house is trying to draw attention to areas of the shutdown, i do not think they will exacerbate that.
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caller: i was wondering, why can't they put these on the floor as separate and vote on them? we have no budget. mcconnell bring all of them to the floor when to the house.ed why didn't you bring that up? guest: it goes to the broader point about the broken nature of the appropriations process. is theey actually have budget in effect right now. there is a statutory spending lot in effect right now that nobody wants to follow. there are budget caps that have been established that run until
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the fiscal year of 2021 that are really restrictive that would cut government spending discretionarythe side. it would be a huge military cut and there would be huge domestic spending cuts and an f people in congress voted for them and obama signed them into law and that is the law. and one of the reasons why you can't do regular appropriations processes is because no one wants to write associations with thet comply actual law which allows them to spend more money on whatever they want to spend it on. theng killed -- and until caps get fixed, there is no way to do an appropriations process because the bills look like swiss cheese.
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an editorial that goes to this point saying the headline with "the country is sick of the shutdown game." let me read. barely flinch at the dire warnings of what might happen to them should we run out of cash. since 2002, congress has passed barely flinchmore resolutions e federal government to keep spending. --
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guest: people don't like the way things work in washington and this is the kind of thing that lawmakers fear backlash from when we head into the midterms. controversial votes might come back to haunt them. that is what is said on twitter and in public and the fact that they can't get things done -- we have had a series of change elections in 2010 and 2016. of the same ispeople are tired games from washington. host: michael has the same tweet chuck schumer looking forward to the next chuck schumer lookid to the next election. guest: to the broader point about what happens going into the next election cycle out of ofs, this is only the first three crises this year. we do think that a lapse in
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appropriation in january is one thing. and members of congress and trump have to increase the debt limit this year. and the regular fiscal year ends up september 30. going, i don't think we can automatically assume that it will going, i d't think we can automatically assume that it will be smooth sailing for raising the debt limit or that we won't, somehow as crazy as it sounds, that we might risk having another government shutdown one month before election day. which seems implausible except the things have gotten so unpredictable that if you do have the minority leader in the senate saying that they are houseating with the white being like negotiating with a
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bowl house being like negotiating with a bowl of jell-o then i don't really know where this ends. host: let's go to anhost: let'n. go ahead. caller: good morning. i was calling in to see. trump said that we needed a good government shutdown. and he got what he wanted. the republicans control all of the branches. house, the senate and congress. they have been going against everything for the regular people and one thing i do want to say to you -- please don't cut me off -- trump voters who put him in there, this hurts them to. o. up and smello wake the coffee. have a good day. last point, callers will continue to get paid
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-- members of congress will continue to to be paid. guest: members of congress continue to get paid because there are relevant laws and appropriations and a constitutional provision. the most recently adopted amendment to the constitution says that members of congress cannot make a law that changes for salaryate of pay status during the current time. pro spector. to be so if you were to actually pass these bills that says members of congress shouldn't receive any paid during a shutdown, that would be pro for next january when the new congress comes in. these bills that says members ofthe irony, of course,t when john boehner actually -- i before he was the
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speaker of the before he was the speaker of the house, when he pushed this constitutional amendment, there is no way that this is what they were thinking. the idea was to keep members of congress from raising their own salary in the middle of the year. worryng that they didn't about political consequences and they wanted to give themselves more taxpayer money. and instead, this is the scenario. it requires them to be paid while the rest of the government is not. host: this is a tweet -- with republicansit requires totally g the government, that is why it is a republican shut down or a trump shut down. we should point out that the democrats do need to vote on this. guest: that goes back to my earlier point where they were trying to lessen the pain of the shutdown because to a certain extent, some people are going to blame the gop for this. areperception is that they
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the party of the antigovernment so when there is a shutdown and control, ite in will be associated closely with republicans. post,in the washington writing that the dynamics of the shutdown policies, on the trump, this is -- this -- this iso not how he expected to spend his one-year anniversary. guest: absolutely not. there are some critics who accuse the democrats of choosing this fight because it was one after trump's inauguration.
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and now all of a sudden we get to before continuing resolution and there is a sense of urgency to attached provision so a skeptic would say that this timing played into their .ecision host: you cover the white house and the president sat down with reuters on the one-year anniversary but there is a very limited number of interviews he has done thus far and as we approach the state of the union, no interviews are scheduled outside of fox news. why is that? guest: in the earlier part of the administration he would do impromptuviews on an basis and sometimes that got into trouble. his messagep on because he is candid in interviews and would say things that would overshadow what the white house was trying to accomplish and john kelly's arrival has seen the end of the
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long parade of interviews and they are fairly careful now about who gets to speak to the president. even and press conferences where trump is tasked with choosing the reporters to call on. it usually is a friendly journalist or someone from fox outlet outlet.rvative we see less of the white house taking chances on cnn when they know they will probably be hostile questions. host: in fact, he was ordered out of the room. guest: yes, they do not have a great relationship. please don't cut me off. all right. i think we have to say the facts that the president of the united gnash has the --ing of a street merchants
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has the cunning of a street -- hasurchin. the problem that we have with the shutdown -- you could blame democrats or republicans -- but we have an idea that is not care about the american people. would would save the ship of the united states even if it got rid of the captain. guest: one of the ideas of who will win and lose in the shutdown is that there clearly is some testing going on in
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terms of the parts of the trump campaign where there was an ad that was circulating yesterday and there have been increasing numbers of statements by republicans suggesting that democrats have shut down the government to provide rights to andle who are not citizens then they are taking away things so there is starting to be anti-immigrant or racial overtones that are starting to creep in to this conversation. the wayhat could change this develops. someone overreaches and i think there is a sense already when i heard from republican strategists who felt that the campaign ads that trump put out yesterday went too far and we could go down that road where
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much in thattoo direction where republicans have to cave. host: we do have that ad and we moment.w that in a this is a sign outside the memorial today. arerials are open but there limited services because of the government shutdown with the lack of appropriation of funds. and this scene is being played liberty andtatue of the library of congress be enclosed. national archives are closed and this most sony and and the national zoo could be shutting down this week if this continues. guest: this is what happened. affect people
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outside washington, d.c. than this could continue for a while because politicians won't be feeling the heat so much but if we see veterans turned away affe outside washington, d.c. than this could continue for a while from monuments or children turned away from museums, it increases the pain for whichever party takes the blame. be in this case that could republicans. host: you mentioned the ad released yesterday by the president. here is an excerpt. quarks president trump is right. stop illegal immigration now. democrats to stand in our way will be complicit in every murder. trump will fix our borders and keep our families safe. >> i am donald trump and i approve this message. host: both parties use the shutdown for their own political leverage. guest: that is absolutely the case and what we will see in the next week is more campaign ads. the trump is from
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presidential operation or the congressional committees, there were ads that were prepared ahead of time, even before the senate vote, some of which they can't run because there are democrats who voted for it so those ads got shut to the side. but the airwaves are going to start get busy, i think. as this goes on. host: from the independent line, good morning. caller: they should continue the shutdown. this government, whether it is republican or democrat, they do inventions.e respect the people who made it possible this
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industrial revolution that allow the united states to become the greatest power. you cannot become great under a communist government. there is no more opportunity now they -- do the work. guest: i think they -- do the -t is interesting there is that if a government shutdown goes on, you actually start to curtail their research funding, among other things. and a lot of what the u.s. government does -- the u.s. government spends a lot of money on various research projects, whether it is nasa or other scientific research with the fda anotherof that, that is area where when things come up, there are issues with the cdc
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having issues with vaccines as a result of the shutdown so there is plenty of issues with a shutdown when it comes to innovation. host: we have a few tweets from a self-described lottery winner. too big to fail? one --n there is this who decided that the folks who clean bathrooms are nonessential? and then there's this one with the majority rule saying that the senate should also be majority rules. is what makes this a unique legislative body. it does have the ability to block or steer legislation in way that they don't have in the house. and a reason why is because we may not see the nuclear option being invoked even though in
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this case it would help republicans and that is because there is a recognition that if they pull the lever there is no going back and the party in the minority in the senate would lose a lot of power. and there has been regret what harry reid did with trying to get nominee parties through. because democrats didn't have any recourse but to delay the process. expressedas democrat by going down that road. it is unlikely that you will see mitch mcconnell go down that road. let's go to fredericksburg, virginia. good morning. caller: it seems crazy what is
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going on in our country. it has been going on for a long time and it is the first time that i lot of people are little people are not being frightened that they will lose their job because i think people are speaking up more than they have in the past. i have always been one to say immigration, if we for that thenpay our country would have been a shining beacon of what it could be. and then we would have lateral capabilities to do greater things that our humanity makes us able to want to be. but we can't figure out what the big problem is. if you make 30% on a stock, you would be pleased and that appears to be the appearance of what is going on.
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guest: they have to own it on the way up and on the way down. there are some people who think that markets are overextended at the moment and eventually this could turn on trump that economic growth is something you americans lot of talking about over the next 10 months, attributing that growth to the effects of the tax reform bill. that is going to be a top message in 2000 18 that people are feeling more confident about the economy and they have more firstin the bank and the cut of the argument will be the democrats who voted against the policies that make that growth possible. day to of the partial government shutdown. we are online at washington to outline what impact this has on federal government workers. social security checks will continue to be sent out and there will not be an impact on that.
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medicaiddicare and will remain open. veterans hospitals will remain open. courts will stay open. most federal office buildings will be closed but we begin to see changes at national parks and monuments. also at smithsonian but museums and at the national zoo. the panda camera is shutdown because the government shutdown. i want you to know that. offices -- weort are not sure yet. tsa will stay in operation. guest: if there is an issue with the military overseas, the american forces network has been taken off the air because of the shutdown which means that members of the military bases around the world are scrambling to find ways to watch the nfl
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playoff games this afternoon. telecast from cbs or fox, the two military bases through a government television services. the that is one thing they are trying to scramble to find a way around today. ad we had a caller who found question about the bathrooms of the capital versus national parks, i think we will be having the bathrooms cleaned? at the capital? there are a lot of people working through the shutdown so we are hopeful for that. but we do have very limited food service during a government shutdown. ae support staff is on skeleton staff through the capital and they cut down as many people as they possibly can and i do think there will be some custodial services although
3:31 pm
if i remember correctly from 2013, we did have reduced trash collection. and we had a lot of overflowing garbage cans through the capital building. host: so potentially, no nfl and no panda camera. let's go to share in joining us , a federal employee. what do you do? caller: i am retired at this point but i am also a veteran. thank you for taking my call. i want to say that this is all partisan politics. you get a lot of mistruths spoken by nancy pelosi saying need resolutions but cannot find out that we have anything but a continuing resolution at this point because of a budget cap so they that putting veterans and military as
3:32 pm
the priority on this. it is ridiculous. how long has she been there in the senate? immigration is not been reformed for 30 years. so there's nothing here but partisan politics. ,nd when i watch the address the veryapped for that the messages president gave. and i want to say that i am a registered democrat that i no longer will be. guest: do may think there are partisan politics at play here. but there is no time in recent you have the immigration fight at this moment and there is no policy reason to attach it to a continuing resolution. daca promised to wind down but they have at least another month to negotiate some kind of immigration solution and we did see early signs of progress
3:33 pm
after trump convened the meeting of lawmakers at the white house. he allowed cameras to film it and it went on to weeks ago now. and there were signs that potential he lawmakers could come together on something to address the visa lottery program. and address the migration that would have provided funding for the boardwalk and extend protections to daca recipients. but right now, those talks have there are stalled and questions as to whether they will continue. we don't know now whether republicans will pay. host: questions over what the president may or may not have
3:34 pm
said when referring to haiti -- if that didn't come out, would we still see the government shutdown? guest: i don't know if it would have mattered so much whether it came out publicly. i think honestly -- i'm not sure the effects would have been different. said, i'm not sure that it needed to come out publicly or not. because even if it hadn't, there was no way that the senator was going to hear that and is not going to tell chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and presumably members of the hispanic caucus in the house. and that it would be something that whether or not it was even public would have been known. host: good morning. i would like to say my husband is a dod employee.
3:35 pm
he wants a budget. i'm sorry for what the shutdown does to everybody. my comment is, for people who will will tender reconciliation on the budget means you need 60 votes in which means you need to garner those votes. you cannot expect the democrats to vote the way you want. do of course they did not that with the tax break, when they kept trying to take away the obamacare. there would immediately go to the senate and say, what can you pass? 51 votes. everyone needs to remember that. i put a spin on that and say, you would not expect republicans to say, hey, democrats, you need to vote with us. they will try to hold out. host: we will get a response.
3:36 pm
thank you. i willi would say that take the first half, when the caller was talking about her continuing say that resolutions as the caller pointed out create such tremendous uncertainty. it is not -- a government shutdown is operationally worse, but when you have these continuing resolutions running for a couple of weeks at a time, someonerd if you are who deals in federal contracting and you cannot figure out how much when you can spend. you are constantly having to change your plans. you are having foreign meetings you might have scheduled or work changed.uddenly get
3:37 pm
it is very difficult, even under a continuing resolution with this uncertainty level to know exactly what to do. let me follow up with quick points. host: why not have a two-year budget? why do we have to year to year? guest: there have been senators who have been proposing that for years and have not gotten traction. there is no good reason. that i can think of. appropriate ears would like to do appropriation bills every year -- pro creators with -- they would like to do bills every year. they have been trying biannual budgeting for a long time but it hasn't gotten traction. host: cnn is reporting we are into sunday morning and chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell have not spoken to each other since friday. that means all day yesterday went without them sitting down to talk about a path forward. what does that tell you? guest: that negotiations are so stalled right now that they are
3:38 pm
not happening at all. lawmakers are focused on messaging now, trying to put the most favorable frame on the shutdown, talking to supporters, taking speeches on the floor that have no other purpose other than politics. they're not trying to negotiate now because they're waiting to see how public opinion shakes out before they gauge how many concessions they need to make, come out opinion polls next week that shows the public overwhelmingly lames democrats, maybe chuck schumer will recognize democrats need to make more concessions -- lame democrats, maybe chuck schumer will recognize democrats need to take more concessions. host: and the white house is one point by week away from the president's state of the union address. guest: that will probably factor into the state of the union address, congressional this is something president trump has spoken about before and something you might see in the
3:39 pm
state of the union, it is typically supposed to lay out the year ahead for the president, his agenda and certainly the shutdown does change what the calculus may be for the white house's legislative agenda and you will see it get mentioned. host: let me go back to my first question for those not tuning in a full hour, walk us through what will happen in the house and senate today. guest: the house is coming in this afternoon and meeting just to wait basically. house members have been told to stay in town and they are waiting for the senate. host: they were supposed to be out this week. guest: recess was for this coming week. host: but they are all here. guest: the senate has a vote scheduled at 1:00 a.m. on monday , so less than 24 hours from now. it is on a coulter motion, which is to try and break a filibuster of a government funding proposal
3:40 pm
that would run through february 8, which is a little bit shorter than the previous one. and that vote is scheduled to happen at 1:00 a.m. later thanpen no 1:00 a.m. and it could happen earlier it there is some sort of agreement to move it up. that is what we are waiting for. we are waiting to see when the senate holds this vote, which needs 60 votes. if the democrats block it again, we go back to the drawing board and we could have a long government shutdown. host: were you familiar with what leader pelosi did last night with house democrats? at dinner? dinnerthey went out to as i understand, and a fantastic restaurants over on barracks row in washington, d.c., so they took a dinner trip and since everyone has to be here on the weekend -- there were other lawmakers going to dinner. he wasto dick durbin as
3:41 pm
leaving the building yesterday, trying to debate where to go to dinner, and they picked a spot on the senate side. covers its lesniewski all. thank you. and sarah westwood, we appreciate you being with us. >> it is our continuing coverage of the government shutdown day number two on c-span. , the house is in recess subject to the call of the chair, meaning they are here and waiting for any possible senate action or it the senate itself is in session and you can follow that on c-span two. meetings continue on the floor on the senate side and in senator schumer's office on a way forward on a continuing resolution. on the house side, the republican conference just wrapped up their meeting and our
3:42 pm
capitol hill producer is catching up with congressman chris collins who said they would support the same funding bill. we are just waiting for the senate, that is chris collins after that meeting. here's the majority leader kevin mccarthy speaking to reporters. good. meeting was we were given an update of where we currently are. we are hopeful that the senate can move something. have agreed to be willing to take a three-week cr to make sure we keep the children health insurance program up and running and keep the government up and running. nobody wins in a government shutdown. too many people are hurt. here we are on a sunday, we know monday gets more serious. r headshoping calme prevail. the votes to keep
3:43 pm
government open and make sure that children's health insurance gets extended for six years, we we onlyget this done, picked the legislation that democrats would agree to, the bipartisan legislation that is already been agreed to. we are hopeful that in the senate, they are having some meetings, i hope that they would be able to move that and if they take a week off of continuing resolution we will make sure that on monday morning everything is up and running. >> will immigration talks continue once the government opens? wewants the government opens will go back to those conversations we've been having in my office with chuck schumer and steny hoyer and the secretary of homeland and with the president's office and with senator point. we want to solve those problems but unfortunately the government. shutdown and as soon as democrats are willing to open it back up we will go back to
3:44 pm
our meetings. >> is support -- >> i've not seen a great deal of support for that. we are able to move a cr of her there, we have a lot of bills here. having the senate and the house and the republicans and the democrats at the table is the best option to solve this problem. >> could you pass the dreamers deal with the majority of the majority? >> now. i do not see the legislation out there. i do see the opportunity to find common ground to solve this problem. thank you very much. again, any debate in the u.s. house, we will have live on c-span, they are in recess but members are nearby for any session. the senate is in session on c-span2, at the white house a fairly quiet day so far, no real
3:45 pm
news out of the white house, the president remained in town, not going to mar-a-lago where an event was held marking his one-year anniversary in office. if you try calling the comments line at the white house, you will get a bit more of a political message. changede house has their answering machine message to blame the democrats on the shutdown. here is what it sounds like. >> thank you for calling the white house. unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today because congressional democrats are holding government funding, including funding for our troops and other national security priorities, hostage to an unrelated immigration debate. due to this obstruction, the government is shut down. meantime, you can leave a comment for the president at we look forward to taking your calls as soon as the government reopens. >> that is the white house
3:46 pm
answering machine. there are a few things that are open across the country. the interior secretary tweeting that states and private partners are helping keeping our parks accessible through the shutdown. happy to announce the statue of liberty will reopen soon. here's where things stand on the senate side of things. a report from bloomberg, an update on the shutdown. she says that 20 centrists senators worked an option to extend stopgap funding through february 8. the plan includes a separate vote on deportation for dreamers, lawmakers are meeting with mcconnell and schumer now per other reporters. those meetings are underway but we wanted to show you the opening comments this afternoon on the floor of the senate from the majority leader mitch mcconnell and the democratic leader, chuck schumer.


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