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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer Preview on SOTU  CSPAN  January 30, 2018 3:33pm-3:50pm EST

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america's pocketbooks to the ongoing fight begins isil there is more good news than i can begin to recite. i look forward to the state of the union tonight and hearing from our president. on behalf of all the americans we represent, men and women from coast to coast, who are seeing the economy turn around and their country grow stronger before their eyes, i'm glad there will be so much to applaud.uorum call? the presiding officer: we are not. mr. schumer: mr. president? the presiding officer: the democratic leader. mr. schumer: mr. president, tonight the president will address a joint session of congress in his first official state of the union. i want to talk about p what i expect the president to say, and i also what i suspect he won't. the president will be eager to defend the accomplishments of his nascent administration and take credit for a healthy american economy, pointing to low employment, job growth, and
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a soaring stock market. but the truth is these trends were present before donald trump took office. president trump was handed an already healthy economy by his predecessor. like many things in his life, he inherited the healthy economy. here are two words we won't hear president trump say tonight about the economy -- thanks, obama -- because much of the growth in 2017 was created by president obama's policies and by many measures the growth under president obama was better than under president trump. under president obama, employment was driven from over 10% down into the fours. the tightening of the labor market began to -- the stock market that president trump often touts on twitter, it was
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booming under president obama as well. in president trump's first year, the economy created 2.06 million jobs. that's less than the 2.24 million jobs created in 2016, the last year of obama's term. again, president trump -- president obama created more jobs in his last year. sorry. president trump, president obama created more jobs in the last year of his term than you created in the first year of yours. so if you're going to pat yourself on the back, give a shout out to barack obama because he did even better than you in job creation. in 2017, under president trump, the average monthly job growth was lower than in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 -- all under president obama. again, president trump, job
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growth in your first year of your term was less than in each of the last six years of president obama's term. how about the stock market? in the first six months of 2017, the percentage growth of the s&p 500 was lower than during the first six months of president obama's term. in the first year of the trump presidency, the percentage growth of the dow was lower than during the first year of president obama. so again, here are two words we'd like president trump to say tonight about the economy -- thanks, obama. we may never hear president trump say those words, but he ought to. i also expect the president to speak about bipartisanship. president trump understands there's a very low bar when this comes to the topic. his first year in office has been so divisive, even a mere
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appeal to bipartisanship sounds like progress. but the proof will be in the pudding. will president trump pursue real bipartisanship through his actions or will he fall back on empty rhetoric? when it comes to bipartisanship, president trump has to walk the walk, not just talk the talk intermittently. mr. president, when it comes to bipartisanship, actions speak a whole lot louder than words. and i'd remind president trump that this has been one of the most partisan administration's many of us have ever worked with. i've worked under president reagan, president h.w. bush, and president w. bush -- all republicans. all of them were legion more bipartisan than president trump's first year. what have we seen? an assembly line of partisan c.r.a.'s designed not to need a single democratic vote.
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a supreme court justice picked by the hard right, heritage foundation and federalist society. no consultation, not a consensus nominee. a partisan health care bill that failed under reconciliation specifically designed not to include democrats. a partisan tax bill that ultimately passed -- also under reconciliation, no consultation with democrats, not a single democratic vote. the reason that these don't get democratic votes is president trump and his administration don't talk to us. they don't ask us what we might suggest. they don't try to create a bipartisan meld which great presidents have done from the time of george washington. they just act in a narrow partisan way and the american people know it. there's hardly been a shred of bipartisanship in the trump era. despite our many appeals for it.
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the president and congressional republicans seem to think that bipartisanship happens when one side puts together a bill, pounds the table, and demands the other side support the bill. -- with no negotiation, no compromise. they're missing the step where they consult with the other side, work with the other side to earn their support. that's the hard work of legislating in our democracy. but this administration eschews hard work. the republican majority in the white house have been content to craft legislation on their own, demand democrats support it, and then label us obstructionists when without consultation, without compromise we don't. that dynamic is the root of the ineffectiveness and gridlock here in congress. now, i sincerely hope it changes, mr. president. if the president calls for bipartisanship tonight, i welcome it. but we eagerly await action, not
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just a sound bite in a speech. we await honest debate, good-faith give and take, an eventual compromise that are the actual hallmarks of bipartisanship. if those things arise, even though they haven't in the first year, democrats will gladly work with our republican colleagues and the white house to get things done for the middle class. but we need to see it to believe it. mere words in a speech tonight do not create bipartisanship. action do. finally, mr. president, here's something that president trump should discuss tonight, russia sanctions. he ought to impose the sanctions as congress voted for in an overwhelming bipartisan fashion or at least explain what he hasn't done yet. we call on president trump in the state of the union to tell
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americans that he will support the sanctions 90% of america supports or tell us why he won't. over a year ago the u.s. intelligence committee concluded that the russian president putin ordered an influence in the campaign aimed at the presidential election. that is a shocking fact. a hostile foreign power interfered with an american election and likely influenced it in measurable ways. the founders of our country feared this very possibility. they knew for a democracy to work, the election of the people's representatives must be free, fair, and legitimate. and that foreign powers, even back then, would try to corrupt the process. they wrote in safeguards to protect it. last year the american people were victim of such an attack by an antagonistic foreign power,
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russia. so i call on president trump tonight to use his state of the union to tell americans what he plans to do about russian attacks on our democracy. implement sanctions, president trump, or at the very least tell us why you haven't because today is the day that the president is supposed to obey the sanctions issue congress voted on overwhelmingly a while back. there is no subject more worthy of a thorough and bias investigation than the russian interference in our elections. yet the president and his allies have waged a campaign to discredit it in any way possible by assassinating the character of career civil servants, assailing the credibility of the media, attacking our own law
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enforcement agencies and officers, even denigrating the institutions of american government. the white house and congressional republicans attacks on mueller and his investigation make you believe it was taking place in a banana repolitic, put irn's -- putin's russia, not in the united states of america. what has been done by house republicans and gone along with by just about the whole republican establishment is not worthy of this democracy. it makes us look like a banana republic, and it is shameful. a different kind of president would be encouraging special counsel mueller's investigation, shouting down force it's that tried to interfere it. a different kind of president would want to know how precisely
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russia meddled in our election and want to severely punish putin to discourage him from trying it again. but here we are, 180 days since the president signed the historic russia bill passed by this party and he hasn't even implemented those sanctions. he's supposed to do it today, the day of the state of the union. again, mr. president, implement the sanctions tonight or at least tell the american people why you're not and letting russia -- and opening an invitation to russia to do it again. why won't donald trump use the power given to him the near unanimous vote of congress. there last night the administration released a mandated report of russian ol
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garts that matched a list put together by "forbes" magazine. this is a reflection of the seriousness they took up this task. when it comes to sanctions, the white house is engaged in ha theater that tries to show strength when there is fun. these -- there is none. these actions are not good enough. they are for show. why is the president so afraid to sanction putin, his associates or other corrupt superficials? -- officials? why is president trump giving putin a pass when he attacked our democracy? what is he so afraid of? the american people are asking that question. only a year after a hostile power shook the bedrock of our democracy, any other president would spend his first state of the union talking about efforts that were under way to punish
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the abuser and prevent such an attack from occurring. why not this president? if president trump wishes to save his presidency from the shame of having failed to address some of the gravest threats threatening our country, he would announce this evening in no uncertain terms that he was sanctioning president putin. any other president would have taken decisive action in their first year, but this president is paralyzed when it comes to putin and his cronies in russia. here are two words the president will not say tonight -- here are two words the president may not say tonight, russia sanctions, but he ought to. i yield the floor.
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>> his vision for a safe, strong and proud america and in the people's house we share his goal and we've been doing our part. from eliminating obama-era regulations to the tax cuts and jobs act, creating jobs, repealing obamacare's individual mandate. this past year has been about putting power back in the hands of hardworking men and women in this country. and when i was home last week, i heard the excitement and the energy from so many, where they were young families, small business owners, job creators, very optimistic about the future and they feel like an even stronger economy is on the horizon because of tax reform. that's part of why i'm so excited to be listening to the president tonight, during his first state of the union address. about how we can build on these reforms so that all americans and their families have an opportunity for a better life. host: our coverage of tonight's
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state of the union begins at 8:00 a.m. eastern with a preview of the address. 8:00 p.m. eastern. followed by the state of the union at 9:00. after the president's speech, we'll take your calls. we'll also hear reaction from members of congress. that's live here on c-span. and also available on our free c-span radio app. right now a conversation on i.r.s. implementation of the new tax law from "washington journal." ournal" continues. welcome back nina olson, i.r.s. national taxpayer advocate here to talk about the implementation of the new tax law, amongst other things. good morning. remind people about your position, the role you take at i.r.s. guest: i am the voice of the the i.r.s.side i head the taxpayer advocate 17-1700 about employees, who are supposed to taxpayer solve their problem with the i.r.s. and make legislative and administrative recommendatito