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tv   Vice President Pence Addresses the Congressional Republican Retreat  CSPAN  February 1, 2018 4:17am-4:58am EST

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those things. it is your training that kicks back in. every single person up here, they are all experienced physicians, they all know these things. it can be scary if you don't have that training, but when you do, you can use every skill you have. i don't care whether it's in the dirt like today or in an operating room. you do what you can to try and save a life. that's what everyone has done for decades. >> thank you. we do need to get moving. announcer: now we will hear from vice president mike pence, who spoke at the republican policy retreat in west virginia. he talks about the trump administration's priorities, and the train accident involving gop members of congress as they traveled to the retreat.
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>> good evening. if you could all take your seats, and we will get started. all right. my name is mark strand, i'm the president of the congressional institute. welcome to the 2018 congress of tomorrow retreat. [applause] a couple of quick announcements. afterwards is going to be an after-hours sponsored by your leadership. it will be in the same place where the reception was. tomorrow morning at 7:00, there is bible study. at 7:30, there is a catholic mass. make sure you are prompt, because breakfast will start
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promptly at 8:00. secretary mattis and secretary tillerson will be there. there will be nothing surged after 8:30 so we can get on with the program with the secretaries. please be prompt. yes? >> [inaudible] >> you are saying mass, it is listed in the app. i will find out where you are saying mass, sir. [laughter] one thing i want to say, on a serious note, we saw something today that was a tragedy. i wanted to point out as we reflect on the difficult things that happen, the tremendous response of the capitol police, the virginia state police -- [applause] -- the members of congress further medical knowledge, and the swift decision-making. this is a tremendous act. [applause]
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make sure you thank your capital policeman. we are proud of them. now to start the evening off with the blessing. i would like to introduce senator john boozman. >> what i would like to do is take a second, if you would all close your eyes and remember the individuals that were involved in the tragedy, their friends and families, and ask the lord to bless and keep them. then i will close us out.
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dear lord, we just thank you so much for your many blessings. we thank you for the privilege of serving our constituents, the people of america. we pray for wisdom. we pray for discernment. as we tackle our challenges, we ask you to bless the nourishment, and be with the vice president as we share his thoughts. in jesus we ask you, amen. >> thank you. now to sing the national anthem, i would like to introduce a group of young ladies. [applause] >> ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed
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at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
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o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> [applause] >> ♪ my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty of thee i sing land where my fathers died land of the pilgrim's pride from every mountainside
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le freedom ring my native country, thee land of the noble free thy name i love i love thy rocks and rills thy woods and templed hills; my heart with rapture fills like that above let music swell the breeze and ring from all the trees sweet freedom's song let mortal tongues awake let all that breath partake let rocks their silence break the sound prolong my country tis of thee
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sweet land of liberty of thee i sing land where my fathers died land of the pilgrim's pride from every mountain side let freedom ring let freedom ring ♪ >> [applause]
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>> velvet touch from pennsylvania. i am not sure he wants to follow that. [laughter] the next guest, speaker of the house paul ryan. >> [applause] speaker ryan: no, i'm not going to be singing. >> [applause] speaker ryan: first, happy birthday phil. we'll sing for you later. look, i know we are all a little shaken up by what happened today. i think it is important to note we need to keep praying for the
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victims. we need to keep praying for the people that were hurt, for their families. i am so thankful for the people who sprung into action today. >> [applause] speaker ryan: i am so thankful for the capitol police, first responders, and our physician members of congress who sprung into action. thank you so much for what you did today. >> [applause] speaker ryan: it kind of reminds you sometimes how fragile life can be. we have to serve with all of our hearts. which brings us here to why we are doing what we are doing, to improve people's lives, to make our country a better place. that brings us to our dear friend, vice president mike pence. >> [applause] speaker ryan: when you think
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about all we had worked on, and all we had done over the past year, only achieved for the country, the glue that kept us together, your mind runs right to mike pence. he has served in such an important irreplaceable role to making sure that we do the things that we need to do to help the people we represent. here to introduce mike pence is our great senate majority leader, senator mitch mcconnell. >> [applause] senator mcconnell: thank you very much, paul. the speaker likes to lay claim to the vice president, given the close friendship and past service together. my house colleagues are rightly proud to have served alongside. i would remind everyone he now
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belongs to the senate. >> [laughter] sen. mcconnell: in fact, the president of the senate, mike pence, is well on his way to set the record for breaking the most tiebreakers in senate history. >> [applause] sen. mcconnell: i told you guys it was close in the senate. just to put that in context, mike has cast eight tie-breaking votes so far. betsy devos, sam brownback, ted cruz's important tax reform amendment, cre's on both title 10 and cfpb. the vice president enjoys spending time in the senate because surveying the landscape, i am starting to suspect we will see even more of him this year. >> [laughter]
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sen. mcconnell: to put those eight tiebreakers in context, dick cheney broke eight ties in eight years. mike pence broke eight ties in one year. things are tight. >> [applause] sen. mcconnell: so we all appreciate the leadership of the vice president who acutely understands life and congress. fortunate to have an ally that is a consummate legislator in his own right. he put that to work on behalf of the president's agenda and american people. he meets with our members. does more of his share of the hard work to keep our government united. mr. vice president, we are looking forward to working with you more in the year ahead, and hopefully we can make a little senate history in the process. the vice president of the united states, mike pence. >> [applause]
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v.p. pence: leader mcconnell, speaker ryan, members of the house and senate, and your families, it is a joy for karen and i to be back, to the house and senate retreat, this congressional institute gathering with the men and women who helped make 2017 the most accomplished year for the conservative agenda in 30 years.
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[applause] v.p. pence: it is a joy to be with you all tonight. thanks for making us so welcome. let me reflect on the events of today. i know in speaking with many of you, speaking with paul ryan train-side over the phone, i know it has been a harrowing day for all of you that have been involved in today's train accident. i was in the oval office with the president when we informed of what had occurred. frankly, for me, and i know for the president, we were both deeply troubled at the initial reports. but quickly relieved that the
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scope of the accident was not larger. for our part, karen and i have many fond memories of house and senate retreats. we remember the train. we remember the time of fellowship, sitting in a booth, catching up with a colleague you did not get to spend as much time with as you like to. we remember bringing our kids, watching our kids now in their mid-20's, going on through life, running up and down the rows of the trains. our hearts were with you this afternoon. just know that our prayers go out to the families of the lost and injured for comfort and for healing. let me be clear with all of you, we thank god. we thank god today because we know it could have been much worse.
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we are grateful for the first responders, including the capitol police and the house physician, who i heard sped along with the house chaplain to comfort and assist those that were injured. days like today especially, i just want you to know, to you and your families, thank you for your service to america, and god bless you all. [applause] v.p. pence: so we gather tonight, less than 24 hours from a great night for america. [applause] v.p. pence: how about that speech last night? [applause]
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v.p. pence: president trump gave his first state of the union address. we thank you for the warm reception and affirmation tonight and last night, displayed before the american people. the president said in his speech before the congress and nation that we were in a new american moment, and we believe that with all of our hearts. the president said that the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. and they have a president who knows them. the president laid out a vision of america, where, in his words, everyone knows the dignity of a hard days work and everyone is safe and proud of the land that we love. it is a great honor for me to sit behind the president and to see the strong response of each
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one of you, and to see writ large the partnership we have forged together. it is a partnership between a president and republican majorities in the house and senate that have delivered real results for the american people. [applause] v.p. pence: just think about it. think about the progress we have made in just one short year. when i made that reference to 30 years, i was quoting leader mcconnell, who said when we were gathered at camp david, he been around washington, d.c. for three decades, and this was the most significant year for the conservative agenda in all the years he has been there. in the few minutes i have tonight, i want to encourage in the days ahead to tell that story, and promise you president trump and i will be with you every step of the way in 2018 to tell that story to the american people.
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it's been truly remarkable, rolling back more federal redtape than any president in american history. our friends in the senate managed to confront not only a great new just to the supreme court, but more court of appeals judges in one year than ever done in american history. [applause] v.p. pence: restoring accountability at the v.a., passing a national defense authorization act, with the largest increase in military spending since the days of ronald reagan. we've made incredible progress. there are a lot of people to thank. i want to ask these leaders to stand. i want you to give me a chance. i will start from the lower end up. conference vice chairman roy blunt, conference chairman johnson, majority whip john
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cornyn, and majority leader mitch mcconnell. this is a team of leaders in the united states senate. and this administration and america are in your debt. in the house of representatives, i can tell you having spent more time there than in my current duties, as president of the senate, this is the strongest group of leaders i have witnessed in my life. from the chairwoman to our great majority whip steve scully's, -- steve scalise, stand up plese. to house speaker paul ryan, the speaker of the house. >> [applause]
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v.p. pence: would you all mind getting on your feet and thanking these leaders of the house and senate, and showing how much you appreciate the principled courageous leadership they provide? [applause] v.p. pence: i know the leaders will permit me, but finishing up the year passing the largest tax reform american history, there are two more people i want to thank. if they are here, i want them to stand. orrin hatch and chairman brady, thank you for your extraordinary leadership for america. [applause] v.p. pence: i know i speak for everyone in the room who raises their right hand and takes the oath of office. the people who made the most difference, karen and i know the sacrifices those in public
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service make. what is special about a weekend like this is you have the opportunity to get families together. would the members mind getting on your feet and showing how much you appreciate the spouses that stand by you and make service to america possible? [applause] v.p. pence: to all the spouses and loved ones in the room, thank you for the sacrifices you make. it really is remarkable to think everything we have accomplished in the last year. i won't recite the legislation to you, but i will tell you the results speak for themselves. because of what we have done in rolling back red tape, in unleashing american energy, cutting taxes for working
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families and businesses and large since election day, 2.4 million new jobs created. more than $8 trillion in new wealth created on the stock market, enhancing the well of americans and pensions, 401(k)s and their retirement. the results speak for themselves. we have a story to tell men and women. i hope as you gather at this retreat, you will put into practice that old proverb, iron sharpens iron. one person sharpens another. i hope you have opportunity to reflect on your success, also how it is making a difference in working american's lives. i made a stop in the area before i came over today. it was a little company called
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worldwide equipment. it is a great trucking company run by some great people. it's got about 1100 employees all over the country. this was an employer. they hauled a lot of coal in this trucking firm. during the war on coal, the leaders of that company said, we are not going to lay anybody off. and they kept that promise during difficult times. [applause] v.p. pence: thanks to the policies you has been advancing, they gave me the opportunity to celebrate today. worldwide equipment announced they are investing $8 million back into their business. thanks to the tax cut, they have already given a bonus to every single one of their 1100 employees. it's amazing. i mean, businesses large and small have committed to invest an extra $425 billion to expand and innovate new jobs across america.
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you all are watching the numbers. 3 million americans have already received a bonus in their paycheck thanks to the work that you did in putting that tax cut on the president's desk before christmas. i know the other side has a different view of that sort of thing. i heard nancy pelosi before the tax cut, she predicted economic armageddon. remember that one? that wasn't the worst of it. it's just amazing to me that after this tax cut passes, 3 million americans get another $1000 in their pockets in some cases. she describes that as crumbs. i come from the joseph a. bank wing of the west wing. [laughter] v.p. pence: are you with me on that? [laughter]
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people stop me and say, is that a new suit? two for one. [applause] v.p. pence: if you say $1000 is crumbs, you live in a different world than i live in. i promise you. i have done that math. $1000 -- back when our kids were little, another $1000 in my pocket, i had a term for that, christmas. am i right? there may be a little something extra for mrs. pence under the tree. [applause] v.p. pence: or maybe a new refrigerator, down payment on the car. the truth is any leader in
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america that would say $1000 in the pockets of american families is crumbs is out of touch with the american people. [applause] v.p. pence: we have a story to tell, not just about bonuses. it will be about the paychecks all across this country. president trump directed the irs to produce those new schedules. your constituents are going to get a paycheck. it's going to be bigger. but we've got to tell the story. i know that conventional wisdom holds that the upcoming midterms will be a challenge. i think you all know what president trump thinks about conventional wisdom. am i right? i mean, the conventional wisdom said in 2016 that hillary clinton would be elected president of the united states
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of america. the truth of the matter is, we made history in 2016 and we are going to make history again in 2018 when we reelect republican majorities in the house and senate. we've got our work cut out for us, but we got a story to tell. i believe president trump laid out a blueprint for american success. i encourage you to avail yourself of it. take a look at that stage of the -- state of the union address. the president talking about the biggest tax cut in american history, repealing the obamacare individual mandate, defending religious liberty rights, standing with veterans, restoring the credibility of american power in the world, rebuilding our military, securing our borders, confronting and defeating isis
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at its source so it can no longer threaten our people, our allies, or way of life. if you haven't noticed yet, the american people elected a builder to be president of the united states of america. he has plans to work with each and every one of you, to pass the kind of legislation that will make it possible for america to continue to grow and prosper. there is a blueprint there. i know it works because last night i went home after the speech and i turned on c-span. apparently nobody else did. [laughter] v.p. pence: but i like that part in c-span where they take telephone calls. you know what i'm talking about? they were taking the calls. as soon as i turned on the
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television, this is absolutely true -- they said, let's go to the democrat line. a man on the other end said, i'm from west virginia. i already told shelley this story. the man said, i'm from west virginia. i'm a lifelong democrat. he said, i'm a disabled veteran. i called on the democrat line to say i agree with 100% of what president trump just said in that speech. [applause] v.p. pence: men and women, the president laid out a blueprint for american success. it is how we need to tell our story this year. it is about the progress we need to continue to make, not for our party, but for the american people to deliver for this country. i encourage you to do it.
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elections are about choices. i was in the congress the last time the other side was in control. i remember how they tried to pass cap and trade. they gave us dodd frank and the disastrous policies of obamacare. i remember their decision to hollow out our military, and their belief that we could borrow and spend our way to a growing economy. remember all that? and higher taxes along the way. you have worked every day with this administration to undo the damage they did the meantime -- they did in the time they were in control. we have made incredible progress, but we need to finish the job. i encourage everyone of you in the days ahead to go tell the story to your constituents in the district in your state. go tell the story of what we have been able to accomplish,
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not for our party, but for the american people. you will continue to deliver the results that will result in a america more secure, an america more prosperous. i will say as i close, president trump and i will be with you every step of the way. he will be here tomorrow night. i expect you will hear the same from him. we believe in these republican majorities. we have worked shoulder to shoulder with these great leaders and everyone of you to advance policies that are turning this country around. in a real sense, america is back. i'm not talking about the progress at home, in jobs and the economy. i can tell you having traveled around the world in recent weeks, i hear leaders around the world. they see once again under president donald trump, america is once again leading on the
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world stage. you are supporting and making a that possible. [applause] v.p. pence: let's go tell the story. as i close tonight, i can only imagine what a challenging day today was for so many of you. i remember the experience karen and i were involved in, an incident during the campaign, where an aircraft slid off the runway. thankfully there was no loss of life and no one injured. i remember exiting the plane that night at the airport, and seeing the lights and sirens. in speaking with so many of you today, i know what a troubling day it was. i want to encourage you today. as we gather together in this place, i encourage you to have
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faith, to remember in these moments how precious life is, how precious is the privilege that each one of us has been given to serve this nation. i encourage you to have faith. have faith in the great men and women of this great republican majority in the house and senate. have faith in the boundless capacity of the american people. have faith in that strong president that have elected for such a time as this in the life of this nation. i also tell you from my heart, have faith in him who i truly believe had his hand of protection around you and your families today, that he will yet yet bless america.
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if we do all the we can to ensure in our time of this nation remains one nation, under indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. god bless you. god bless the service to the people of the united states. [applause]
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♪ >> trump will be at the retreat and west virginia today, he will talk to gop lawmakers. that is live here on c-span. in the evening, ruth bader ginsburg it's down for a discussion with the editor in chief of "forward" magazine. "washington journal" is live every day. aaron by this morning, costs and david wasserman discuss their new projects on gerrymandering and
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redistricting. talk about the future of the daca program. we are live in montgomery, alabama, for the next stop on the c-span bus 50 capitals tour. c-span'so watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern. join the discussion. >> this weekend on american history tv, saturday at 8:00 p.m. on lectures in history, fundamentalrthen on ism. >> they are conservative protestants who militantly ideas about the
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science, and society. >> at 10:00 p.m. on real america, the documentary "island of hope, island of tears." >> millions passed through here. here, they traded for dollars. they sang their first american songs, experienced their first american christmas and hanukkah. to be givenited permission to pass over to the new land. 10:00, an at interview with catherine west moreland.
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my main work was red cross. day in avlmost every enemies hospital -- in a vie tnamese hospital. >> watch american history tv every weekend on c-span3. susan collins, house minority whip steny hoyer and adam schiff discuss president trump's first state of the union address. this was hosted by axios.


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