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tv   RNC Winter Meeting  CSPAN  February 2, 2018 10:47am-11:55am EST

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>> could everyone please take their seats? if everyone could please take your seats.
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i am calling the 2018 summer/winter meeting to order. on chair would like to call the committee man from texas to the --. >> could we all stand for the invitation please? dear lord, we thank you for giving us another day to serve you. we thank you for the blessing that it is to live in the greatest and most prosperous , and lord,he world we thank you for the opportunity to work to preserve the foundations of freedom and liberty and we ask that you would help us to continue to be the leaders that you called us
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to be. help us to serve faithfully, and help us to understand that like your servant esther in the bible, we have been called for such a time as this. he asked that you would bless and protect the leaders of this great nation, president trump, the house and senate leadership, governors and state legislators all over this land, that you would give them wisdom and understanding, and that they may make decisions that improve the lives of all americans. bless and protect our party leaders and their families. therwoman mcdaniels, and 168 that we may continue to lead the party with strength and resolve. and lord, we pray for a great revival of the elementary principles of faith, hope, and love that this nation will remain the greatest hope of freedom in the world for this generation and for many generations to come. pray,n jesus' name we
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amen. >> thank you, robin. we call on the state chairman of oklahoma to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. ask that you please stand with full attention. with your hands over your heart and for the veterans, salute the flag in which you sacrificed her life for. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, pam. the following members have been designated to serve on the proxy committee. golden,ambrose, scott ,harlene ostroff, ben reynolds jane temkin, dan welch, art
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.hich, jane temkin served as the chairman for the proxy committee. membersask that those commence at the side of the room. our secretary will call the roll. thank you, madam chair. if you are holding a proxy for a member, please signify by saying proxy when her name is called. >> paul reynolds. >> stacy drummond. alaska peter goldberg. cynthia henry could recommend babcock.
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arizona, bruce ash. jonathan lyons. jonathan barnett, arkansas. doyle webb. shawn steel. colorado, george lang. fry. mike arrington. robert cable. jill holman. pose a cunningham. peter from florida. kathleen king. randy evans, georgia.
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ginger howard. john watson. margaret metcalf. uz.tor cr idaho, damon watkins. jonathan parker. illinois, richard porter. tim schneider. indiana, john hammond. iowa, steve shepard. camaro scott. jeff kaufman. kelly arnold. kentucky, mike duncan.
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casey crosby. matt brown. louisiana, ross little. roger hillary. maine, alex willette. maryland, david cup. massachusetts, ron kaufman. kristin hughes. michigan, robert steel. kathy burden. ron weiser. minnesota, rick wright. jennifer carnahan. mississippi, henry barbour. jeannie lucky. kenney.gordon todd gray. k.ntana, art witic
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deborah lamb. spary.a, jl dan welch. nevada, lee hoffman. diana orrick. michael mcdonald. new hampshire, steve dupree. jeannie forrester. jimmy haynes. new mexico, harvey eight. york, charlie to wait. cox. north carolina, mark brodie. robin heyes. cindy wheeler. kelley armstrong. esther fleming.
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ohio, jim dickie. joanne davidson. jane temkin. oklahoma, steve curry. pam pollard. --gon marilyn shannon. pennsylvania, bob asher. senard cyni drew mckissick. that is an unusual one. [laughter] dan lieberman.
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campbell. scott goldman. rob armstrong. james dickey. thomas wright. rob anderson. martin blackwell. cynthia dunbar. washington, jeff kent. susan hutchison. larry pac. melody potter. wisconsin, tom tribal. brad courtney good richard . richard george.
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thank you, susie. i would like to call upon jane temkin for the report of the proxy committee. >> thank you, madam chair. theproxy committee reviewed proxies admitted to the secretary of the rnc. the proxy committee has determined all 21 submitted proxies are in order. on behalf of the project committee, i conclude this report and moved that the rnc except the report of the proxy committee. >> without objection, the report of the proxy committee is excepted. say that aneighta agenda be sent to members of the committee. front of you is a final agenda. without objection, we well commence with the agenda. readingl dispense the at the minutes. hearing no objection, call upon the committee to approve the minutes of the general session
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of the 2017 rnc summer meeting. without objection, the minutes are approved. at this time, we have new members to ratify. i am pleased to announce the election, please stand when i mean you. lydia brasch to service the new national committeewoman from nebraska. kathleen king for florida. west pack to service virginia. and tom tribal to service the new national committee for wisconsin. it is stipulated in the rule that the election of new men and women to fill vacancies shall be ratified by then republican party upon the election by the state republican party. do i hear a motion to ratify the election of these new national committee members? the motion is made. is there a second by susan hutchinson? secondeden moved and to be ratified the election of our new members. all members say ay.
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the ays have it. am pleased to officially welcome you as new members of the republican national committee. welcome. [applause] it is also my pleasure to welcome four new state chairman to the republican national committee. ben bilodeau, vermont. frankie thoren, wyoming. lucian smith, mississippi. doug steinhardt, new jersey. congratulations on your election and welcome as new members of the republican national committee. two regions held their election at breck is this morning. it's my pleasure to announce the following results. the midwestern region nominated steve shepler as the new vice-chairman to replace steve king to step down as his appointment as ambassador to the czech republic. congratulations, steve.
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[applause] the southern region elected robin armstrong from texas as the new vice chair to replace joe no sense who recently stepped down. congratulations, robin. [applause] election, robin stepped down from his position on the executive committee because he will sit on that committee in his role as regional vice chair. an election was held to fill his spot and josh barnett was nominated. congratulations, jonathan. [applause] moving to our next item of business, as you all know, i have appointed todd ricketts as the new chairman for the rnc finance committee. this appointment needs confirmation by the rnc under rule five c. it is deeply unfortunate we are in this position but incredibly fortunate that we have someone of the highest caliber to step up and take on this role.
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please let me share a little bit about todd. todd is the co-owner of the chicago cubs and a businessman who has long supported the republican party. he is a member of the board of directors for to the ameritrade holdings, a small business owner and an investor, his distinguished career is defined by a commitment to the principles of economic opportunity. i'm thrilled he has agreed to take on this role for the rnc and look forward to working with him, to strengthen our party. with that, i would like to ask for a vote for confirmation. to i hear a motion to confirm? york.e joyce, new do i hear a second? freddie simpson. is there any discussion? here are no further discussion, we will move to vote on the confirmation of todd ricketts as the chairman of the ar rnc finance committee. all those in favor say aye.
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the motion is adopted and todd ricketts is our new finance chairman. [applause] >> now it is my time to give you my report. hello, everyone. welcome to the winter meeting. have you had done so far? [applause] it truly has been an incredible year and we have celebrated a few milestones, a week ago, a couple weeks ago, i mark my one year anniversary as chairman of the rnc. we also commemorated president trump's first year in office. we have so much to celebrate. please join me -- broken every record in the history of the rnc postpresidential, over $120
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million. i think the rnc has done a tremendous job in fund raising. >> we have literally doubled what the dnc has been able to raise. eye on the prize to make sure that they have the opposition research. >> she has raised so much more money than anyone thought possible. >> we are working with our voters, we are getting in front of them, talking about the good things we are doing. >> we were have a volunteer army going out to support swing voters. the republican party's national day of trading takes place in 106 different cities across the country. >> we have so many more recesses -- resources than the dnc. on 364,000 doors and made more than 100 point 5000 calls. >> the management of the republican national committee has differed substantially from the management of the democratic
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national committee. there has been less funny business, it is more of a professional staff. >> the republican national committee invested significant amounts of money in technology and they beat us at our own game. >> the dnc is sucking wind when it comes to money. >> one billion predictions. >> it is just embarrassing but i have to say this. we are constantly the by these guys. >> look at our economy, look at how much has improved under president trump. that is something that will resonate with voters and we are pushing that message at the rnc. >> great job. thank you. you are representing everyone very well. none of this would because of all without our -- i will let you clap.
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go ahead. that is pretty great. would be possible without our phenomenal staff at the rnc. we have such a great team working on behalf of this president. i want to thank our new chief of staff richard walters or all that he's doing. thank you. [applause] i know richard is going to address all the rest of the staff but i think it's important that we acknowledge our member services team who does such a wonderful job putting this meeting together this weekend. emily threadgill, where are you? mariana, thank you for all that you've done. [applause] of course, how about our cochair? isn't he great? [applause] bob has done such a great job, we are think of for tony, susie, doyal. most importantly, think for you, our members, thank you for all that you do.
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i want to acknowledge three members leaving us, this will be their last meeting at the rnc. hutchison,, susan roger hillary. rnc, thank youe for all of your hard work. [applause] we will miss you and, yes, randy, we will be visiting you in luxembourg. wanted to get a special thanks to our speakers this week, speaker gingrich, kellyanne conway. i hope you enjoy the meetings. we have the pleasure of hearing from our vice president and president. [applause] thank, ands have to
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i put them last, and we are going to clap for them even though they are not here. my husband patrick and our wonderful children. [applause] let's think about how far we have come since president trump was elected. republicans delivered the biggest set of tax cuts in a generation. 3 million people across this country have received bonuses or higher wages or increased 401(k) contributions as a result, and today, americans across this country are going to see bigger paychecks because of these tax cuts. unemployment is at a 17-year low. 2.4 million jobs have been created, job killing regulations have been cut, our military is strong, and veterans are being cared for. the president is making america great again. [applause]
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now let's compare that to what the democrats have accomplished this year. anyone? anyone? [laughter] they are good at something, they work well together to resist, to obstruct, and to divide this country. on tuesday, their hatred was on full display when congressional democrats sat on their hands during the president's unifying speech. they refuse to stand when the president of the united states walked into the room, when he talked about the american flag, the national anthem, or the lowest african-american unemployment in history, and the lowest hispanic unemployment in history, they even refused to stand for a 12-year-old boy who was putting flags on the graves of our veterans. i'm going to remind you. we have made incredible
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progress and achieved in coronary success. we have gone forward with a clear vision and a righteous mission, to make america great again for all americans. [applause] usight, i call upon all of to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground and to some of the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve. [applause] we have created 2.4 million new jobs. [applause] unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low. [applause] unemploymentcan stands at the lowest rate ever recorded. [applause]
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this, in fact, is our new american moment. there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. [applause] [applause] they hate this president more than they love this country. it is unacceptable. they forced the government shut down on the american people because they refuse to work with him. not one democrat, not one voted for the historic tax-cut legislation. in fact, nancy pelosi thinks these 1000, 2000, $3000 bonuses are crumbs. i have news for you, nancy. november,ember in
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this november, let's send them home. [applause] it is not going to be easy, we know that the party that holds the white house usually loses seats in the midterm. but when i look at how the democrats behaved during the state of the union, it's clear we have to keep our majorities in congress. [applause] ready, ournc are permanent ground game has staff in 22 states across the country, they have knocked on 4 million doors and made a lien phone calls. they have made more than 700 leadership trainings for 7000 fellows. to put that in context, in the whole of the 2016 presidential cycle, we only trained 5000 fellows, so we're ahead of schedule. our total investment of 200 million in digital and data over the last two years has allowed
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the team to build a warehouse of 300 terabytes of data. when you ask what that is -- i did -- if you were to store that on a dvd, you would need over 63,000 dvds. our digital and communications department have played a huge role in our outreach to voters. we are connecting with grassroots in ways we never thought possible through social media, email campaigns, and daily published products. on tuesday, our digital --artment said in our line set up an online fundraising ticker to display the names of donors during the president state of the union. $1.56 millionined from over 50,000 people. [applause] democrats are energized, we know this. they thought they were going to
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win in 2016, they thought it was theirs. they are awake, they are coming back or the majority. we need to out match them because we know what is at stake, the future of our country. it is the reason that we have been so successful, that over the pastor at the rnc, because this is at the heart of everything we do. it is why we engaged more voters, why we recruited more volunteers and reached out to our communities. we are on the front lines of the movement created. as president trump said in his inauguration, this is your moment. it belongs to you. we are here to drive this movement forward and together we are creating history. america is a shining city on a hill that has been a beacon of democracy and freedom for so many people. many of them who are part of this party. people like derek, a missouri uprative -- native who grew
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in a poor neighborhood thinking he would never have a chance of success. as he grew up, he realized democrats were doing nothing for his african-american community and turn to the republican party and found a pathway for a better future, inspiring him to become a volunteer for donald trump's campaign in 2016. people like priscilla in texas whose mother was told her review would be born with physical abnormalities but kept her anyway. priscilla was born healthy and became a passionate advocate for life, joining the hispanics or truck campaign. people like eva in nevada, an immigrant from poland who was inspired by donald trump's message of opportunity that you register to vote for the first time when he announced he was running, and has been volunteering for the republican party ever since. there are millions of stories like this across our country. people from different walks of
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life who were deeply inspired by this president and this movement, our movement. the president said it best tuesday during the state of the union. this is our new american moment. there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. if you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in america, you can dream anything. you can be anything. together, we can achieve anything. we all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny, the same great american flag. rediscoveringre the american way. isamerica, we know that it stated and family, not government and bureaucracy that are the center of the american life. our motto is in god we trust. [applause]
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i am so ready for this election. i am so passionate about this president. we have so much work to do, and i hope you will join me as we keep working together to keep our majorities, because our country, one nation under god, is one worth fighting for. [applause] thanks to each and everyone one of you, god bless each of you. god bless the united states of america. [applause] thank you. bob ourll upon cochairman for the purpose of giving his report.
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thank you, madam chairman. i am really grateful to be part of rhonda's team because she has done such a tremendous job leading our party. you have heard all the accomplishments, you have heard it even from those in the media, those in the democrats. when those folks are complimenting you, praising you for what you done, you know something is going on. the success is great but it comes through leadership. her leadership has helped us deal with these issues in easy times and in hard times. those record-breaking -- we come to these meetings every quarter and it is new records broken in fund raising, new records broken in our ground game, new records broken in what we are doing with the data, the amount of data we are putting out. that comes through hard work. we know about the success and we all appreciate the sacrifice.
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she spent a lot of time away from her family and kids. she spends so many miles on the road, so many hours on the phone , raising money, running this party. i'm grateful to be part of her team but i'm more grateful for her leadership. without it, we would not have the success that we have today. [applause] richard, i want to thank him for everything that he does, we have had a great meeting this week. he had to step away. we have come together, it has been a wonderful time in washington, d.c. for those of you new to the rnc, we don't always get a president, vice president, former speaker .f the house guest i think richard for what he does
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for the rnc in the cochairs office. i would be remiss not to point out my staff year. i am not sure where they are, amber,, east and the -- thank you for everything that you do. [applause] we know the midterms are tough year, but we're in a great position for that. every midterm cycle for an incumbent parties president is difficult but we are going into this election cycle in the best possible position we can with leadership at the rnc, we have resources, we have the ground game, we have the data operation, we have the plans to do our part for this. in addition to that, we have a president and a republican congress that is delivering for america. think about what has happened this last year.
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we have had serious regulatory , allm, historical tax cuts of it has created an economy that right now, by every measure, is booming with unemployment at historical lows. it's been fantastic. but it has not just been about the economy. we are sitting at a right now where isis, for all intents and no longeris nearly operable or in existence. it is a term of this factor in our nation's safety and security. [applause] those of us that care about conservative originalist opinions on the court, what the president has done for the judiciary has been phenomenal. justice gorsuch on the supreme court is great. everything happening in appellate courts and district courts has also been extraordinary for us. that puts us in a great position, because we have had this real accomplishment, but it also gives us an opportunity
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about to talk about so many other things that are yet to be done for our party and for our nation. it is going to be critical this election year. no doubt about it. but our president is a fighter. we have been in tough fights before. all of you have been in tough fights back in your states. as we lean into this, this very tough election year, i'm excited about the fight that lies ahead. i will tell you, i'm so grateful for all of the members of the 168, the people back home the knock on doors, make phone calls. i would not want to stand with a finer group of people that all of you. thank you, god bless. looking forward to a tough fight this year. [applause] you, bob. i now ask tony parker to give the treasurer's report. >> good morning.
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what did everybody think about last night? wasn't that an extraordinary night? [applause] are you fired up? ready? that was an extraordinary evening. i thought that was one of the most extraordinary political evenings i have been to in my life. thank you. i want to talk a couple of minutes about how the finances are doing. i'm happy to report the finances continue to be very strong, and that is because of the extraordinary job ronna has done with richard and sara robinson, we have raised over $132.5 million. we have over $39 million in the bank. this will allow us most importantly to double our political spending this year, at more than $6 million to our data and digital budget, we have $4.5 million already available towards our convention for 2020,
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we have $2.5 million in our recount fund, and over $10 million in our building fund. these building funds have proven to be invaluable and has allowed us to make much-needed repairs to the building and upgrade our headquarters. repainting finished the building's exterior, replaced the boilers, and the roof, built out additional space to expand the data team's footprint, and renovated the green room for gop db. 42018, we are up reading the bathrooms, increasing the security of the building, and renovating the press area off the main entrance. i continue to be impressed by the professionalism of the staff of the office of administration. one of the most important initiatives we began this fall was a formal enterprise risk management project to better understand, evaluate, and minimize the ongoing risk confronting the rnc and
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rebalance our insurance coverage to protect us from insurable risks. we hard -- hired an outside team of experts, engaged every rnc department, and gained a greater awareness of the elemental risks associated with running this sophisticated operation. will be implementing many of the recommendations that came out of this comprehensive review in the coming months. as you know, i always make comparisons between the dnc and us. well, 2017 was not very good or the dnc. as you heard before, they raised about half money we did. they had the worst october fundraising numbers in 15 years. they fire their top fundraiser in november and then proceeded to have the worst november fundraising in 10 years. they ended the year with a little over $400,000 and $6.2 million in debt.
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northeast regional meetings, somebody said that probably qualifies for chapter 11. my response was, chapter seven would be better for them. [laughter] because they are not raising money, their data and digital operations don't get funded. on the ground we source is a not available and party coordination is difficult if not impossible. as a result, the democrat senatorial and congressional committees have had to take up the slack but there is no substitute for strong national party leadership. we have that, the democrats do not. as you have heard, we have raised more in 2017 than any other postpresidential election year in history. while our major donors are a vital engine, we actually raised more money from donors who contributed less than $200 and any of the other five sister committees. we outraised our closest competitor in that area by over $12 million. we all owe a debt of gratitude to ronna whose focus on our
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fundraising needs while leaving the party. our candidates will need our leadership this year. ronna has put our party in a great position for victory. now it's up to all of us to deliver. together, we will nature our candidates win this year and in years to come. thank you. [applause] tony.nk you, at this time, i want to ask our state chairman for arkansas to deliver the general counsel's report. [applause] you can apply better than that when i get up here. [applause] i should be the warm-up act, ok? thank you, monitor woman. we really appreciate all you and your family do for the party.
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it's a pleasure to work with you and all the members. we have had a very productive week and i want to say a special thank you to the people that sit quietly in the dark over at this table. our legal team, john, christina, nathan, zach. give them a round of applause. [applause] i want to tell you, just as i stepped up here, i got a text at the national zoo today, it is groundhog day. the elephants came out and saw their shadow. result, they stampeded and trampled all of the donkeys at the zoo, which foretells that the republicans will win in 2018. [applause] i had the honor of serving as the temporary resolutions chairman while alex, our chairman, was on duty with the
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army. i will give a report on that meeting as the appropriate time, but i want to take the opportunity to remind everyone of a couple of things. i hope you'll carry this message to your fellow members. resolutions should address issues were on national importance. while avoiding resolutions that cater to the needs of uniquely specific special interests that might distract us from the most important issues. resolutionsber that are statements of belief or intent. they are not legislation, they are not law, and they are not intended to be constitutional amendments. so they are statements of intent. it is important to remember to submit your resolutions to members as early as possible. the relatively recent additional staff of the white house review has increased resolution
11:30 am
turnaround time. let me tell you, litigation, one update on some of our litigation. the dnc has filed a notice of d&c versus rnc, consent degree. we anticipate a good result there. there are other seemingly minor suits that we handle on a daily basis. we continue to assist state interest of thing effort -- redistricting efforts across the country, very active cases in pennsylvania, north carolina minnesota. i would like to close with saying what a great week it has you' and may god bless all all. [applause] >> thank you. i will not call upon the chief of staff richard walker for his
11:31 am
very first report. [applause] you.alker: thank isn't it great to be here after week. fantastic we are incredibly lucky for the theident's vision and for leadership of chairman mcdaniel. she has broken almost every fundraising record the rnc has had for a post-presidential cycle. and with todd ricketts on her team, they will be absolutely unstoppable. [applause] mr. walker: i want to thank the andf, emily, mariana, callie.
11:32 am
it is not easy coordinating with the folks in this room, especially -- but they do it flawlessly and they do an amazing job. i would like to thank each rnc staff member for their efforts on the half of the party, our department has- broken every record raising $132 million this was supported by energetic grassroots. our data department led by ellen modeled 72ica has billion voter predictions to engage with every voter in the country. if you have an opportunity to understand what rnc voters are, i encourage you to do that
11:33 am
inause it is how we win 2018. our political department has made millions of voter context nationwide and held more than 700 trainings and trained over 7000 fellows did state. -- today. cycle, we train over 5000 fellows. we hope to be closer to 15,000 by the time november comes around. the team has powered our fundraising which has accounted for nearly 20% of the fundraising glassed year. booked nearly 5000 hits last year and continues to influence the coverage. deliveredch team has
11:34 am
the research products about policy issues in addition to the round-the-clock media monitoring. mike has assembled a rapid response team of about 10 -- plus folks who live on the first news and monitor the 24 hours a day. it is an amazing group of people. i also want to a knowledge and his team, bob owens, tina jackson and the administrative team, the network operation seemed because of their work, otherese themes and every member of the rnc. it is in the strongest position is has ever been going into 2018. we owe our victories to the staff, and i'm grateful for their passion for our cause. i am proud of the achievements and excited the way they will
11:35 am
move our party forward, and two more folks of what to recognize our john pence and michael glassner. john and michael, if you are here, please send a. john and the corner, and michael -- [applause] ourwalker: they are partners doing all that day-to-day work, and we are lucky to have them and to be in a position where we work with the campaign on everything we do. chairwomane to thank mcdaniel and the other officers and all of you. your strong leadership of this party and commitment to the principles is what makes us strong and able to do what we do every day. we know history tells us that the governing party of the white house loses seats in the midterms, but we have assembled defym and are ready to history in november.
11:36 am
thank you very much. thank you. there are two people i forgot what knowledge that i will add on before i go to our next report, and that is my staff, who does such a great job. many of you reach out to me about scheduling events. our scheduler keeps all the trains running on time. -- raise your hand. and then shannon, c chin the back there. -- see shannon back there. she travels with me everywhere. she is fantastic, and she has been such a wonderful addition to my team. textsdaniel family, she us and all those things. we will move on from the committee report and we will begin on the temporary committee
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-- we will move on to the committee reports and we will go to the temporary committee on the nominating process. we will go to the chairman to deliver his report. >> thank you. let me thank the members of the committee. we have met several times now and i appreciate the time, commitment and hard work he put into this effort as we received a number of different for changes and reviewing those them and i am grateful to have you there with your wisdom and guidance as we and as these proposals we address this important issue. i want to thank john and christine and sacked for supporting us on this. they do a lot of running around because when they make changes and additions, it helps us keep that on time. it is important to note we held a meeting in executive session
11:38 am
yesterday. it was very productive. we had an opportunity to review proposals. we had further discussion on those after some clarifying language. we entertain the opportunity for our colleagues from wyoming to discuss proposal that was committed called the cowboy compromise, give them an opportunity to answer questions. opportunity to address the committee and also answer questions. it is an import part of the process. i encourage all of you to contact a member of the committee or myself, my vice , if you havem and thoughts or ideas. i had a couple conversations already. i am pleased to do that. the committee will assemble again -- it will definitely assemble again in three or four weeks here for final discussion.
11:39 am
our goal is to present a report to the rules committee no later than the second week of march them theway to give opportunity to do the things in thank you for your support and your hard work in this effort. [applause] the resolutions committee met on wednesday. the chair is on active duty this week. i have appointed doyle webb as temporary chairman and will call on him now for the resolutions committee report. 10, webb: pursuant to rule the standing committee met this week to consider all resolutions timely submitted to the committee.
11:40 am
copies of the resolutions were emailed to all members on wednesday, and you have a copy in for of you today. nine resolutions were committed to the -- were submitted to the penny. two resolutions were withdrawn. the committee voted to postpone resolutions until the spring meeting and recommends five resolutions for adoption today. resolutions the committee recommends for adoption today are, number one, resolution supporting president trump's decision recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel, number two, resolution supporting hisident trump's supporting policy on transgender pers personal and military, resolution in support of seven bill 14 and elimination of continuing resolutions, and
11:41 am
number five, resolution honoring -- life and memory of evelyn in the interest of time i request the rules be suspended to admit -- omit the reading of a resolutions. ms. mcdaniel: it is so ordered. the objection, we will vote on that sorry, go ahead. willithout objections we vote on all the resolutions ahead. this concludes my report. i moved the five resolutions be adopted. ms. mcdaniel: the motions have been made. second? a the motion is moved and seconded. is there any discussion. we will move to vote on adoption of all five resolutions. all in favor cigar five by saying aye. signify by saying ayes have it. we will now go ahead and vote on the adoption of the resolution.
11:42 am
all in favor say aye. all post signify by saying no. the resolutions are passed. mr. webb: thank you. ms. mcdaniel: our next report is the rules committee report. chairman for the purpose of giving his report. >> the stem committee on rules met yesterday for what turned out to be a very brief meeting. this report today will likely be longer than the meeting was yesterday. the committee had planned to consider rule 12 amendment proposals, but none were submitted. at the next meeting, the rules committee will receive the -- we will discuss those proposals, but not take action until the summer meeting. although we do not know the amendments proposed, the rules committee is very certain about
11:43 am
how the process will turn out. the members of the rules committee imagine and expect all amendments presented to us will be well thought out and perfectly worded. the members of the rules committee imagine and expect that our debate over those amendments will be polite and pleasant to go through. the members of the rules committee imagine and expect that these amendments will be met with open arms and passed unanimously. [laughter] expect the members press coverage of our work will be 100% accurate. it is this pot of them -- positive spirit of optimism that proves our great president 100% correct. the members of the rules committee are dreamers, too. [applause] thank you, madam chairwoman.
11:44 am
that was my report. ms. mcdaniel: i noticed you had rained -- for your rules committee and i object that you did not bring them for the entire committee. thank you for your entertaining report. i imagine that all your reports will remain as entertaining. now i would like to recognize budget committee chairman for the purpose of getting his report as budget chair. >> thank you. if i could take a point of privileged to thank richard, emily, the entire stack. you have an excellent staff that has been helping me get up to speed. and i really appreciate it. finally, i would like to think our previous budget chair -- thank our previous budget chair, and i have big shoes to fill.
11:45 am
the budget committee met in you,ber, and working with bob, richard, and your entire leadership team, we put together is simplyget that conservative and waste on our prior years' results as obtainable. the 20 18th budget was mailed to to budget members pursuant rnc rules. the budget was passed by the budget committee. this budget will allow us to position8 in the best in the senate. on behalf of the budget committee, i move out we approve that 20 18th budget as passed by the budget and executive committees. thank you. ms. mcdaniel: thank you. the adoption has been moved.
11:46 am
do i hear a second? it is moved that sentiment that 2018 rnc budget. we will proceed with the budget. aye.e signify by saying ayes have it. bob just said no. did you hear that? i heard you. the ayes have it. the 2018 budget is adopted. thank you for taking on this role and for delivering your first committee chair. for the final committee report, i do not want to recognize him, but will recognize him. patriotsearing this jersey which is inappropriate attire. it is not part of our to corum, ron, ok? kaufman fornize ron
11:47 am
the purpose of giving his first report. >> thank you. electede committee was in nashville, we have met three times. with the help of staff we are prepared an rfp that was sent in january to an extended list of cities. we included documentation to help them submit the best possible bids and also economic impact studies that demonstrate the economic success of our past conventions. in particular, from cleveland, study showed the collective investment of $16 million had a direct economic return of over $180 million. the committee has been very pleased only with a number of cities that have shown interest, but more importantly, the level
11:48 am
of enthusiasm of the leadership of our cities wanting to host the 2020 imagine. madam chair, we want to thank you for your leadership and direction. i think we can say without question that you and 168 will have a great city that will host an incredible convention for re-nominating our great president, donald j. trump. ms. mcdaniel: thank you. that concludes our business today. it has been a terrific week. let we will have a fantastic event at the -- thank you for everything you are doing and thanks for being here, and we hope you travel safely. i will entertain a motion that the general session of the 2018 winter meeting be adjourned. is there a motion? motion has been made. is there a second? the second has been made. the motions have been properly
11:49 am
moved and seconded. all in favor of adjournment, signify by saying aye. all opposed, say no. ayes have it. the meeting is adjourned. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
11:50 am
>> in washington this afternoon, no word as to the release of the memo why the republican chair of the house intelligence committee on the fbi. a reporter tweeted when that committee publishes the memo of it will be declassified. we are told not to expect reductions. story andlowing this will update as necessary. earlier today in washington, the labor department releasing the unemployment figures for january. country adding 200,000 jobs, while the jobless rate remained at 4.1%. we may hear more about those numbers later today in a hit when the chairman when that
11:51 am
council of economic advisers speaks to a georgetown law conference. he is expected to talk about the corporate tax rate it has been cut. live at 12:45 eastern. night, bill james talks about his book "the man from the train." happenedf the times within 100 yards of the railroad track. one of the things that helps us identify his crime as opposed to something else's is it usually happened at the intersection of and it is attracks the intersection of two railroad tracks because he knew he had to get. after he committed his crime he had to get out before dawn and he did not want to be stranded for a train to come through that he could hop on.
11:52 am
ofwas at the intersection multiple railroad tracks that gave him the opportunity to get out of town before he was discovered. >> sunday night 88:00 p.m. eastern. this weekend the cities tour and fayetteville, arkansas. we will explore fayetteville's rich literary life. j williamsit the fulbright special collection at the university of arkansas libraries, where we will hear about senator fulbright's career. >> he was mark in a lot of ways, but he could talk about anybody, s, sorent political stripe this is a democratic leader
11:53 am
president,h the watching texas unfortunately beat the razorbacks. sunday at 2:00 p.m., we will tour the prior center for the digital history and local history and talks about the history of the ozarks and the stereotypes that people face living in the region. backwardness, low level of education, lots of things that , thoseth that territory images of stereotypes, they will stick with us and they are part of our story. >> watch the cities tour beginning saturday at new tv," and sunday
11:54 am
at 2:00 p.m. on c-span3, working with cable affiliates as we explore america. just happening at this hour, the white house has declassified republican memo on the russia thee, clearing the way for committee to release it. that is the headline, the house intel committee, what it says. byron york saying the key points from that include the steele dossier formed the parts of all the applications against former trump aide carter page. the contents were known to senior justice department and fbi officials, but excluded from fisa applications. onwill bring you updates this and reaction from capitol hill and elsewhere.


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