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tv   Brad Heath on Nunes Memo  CSPAN  February 2, 2018 8:15pm-8:29pm EST

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i was born in 1935. i am from alabama. i have books on the civil rights movement. i thought we were getting on down the road to becoming a lovely country, and i do not know how come we have not gotten trump out of that office. it makes no sense that the republicans are just selling out. i just cannot believe it. i am 83, and i cannot believe that we can keep a man in there like that. he has disgraced everybody. he has disgraced the country and everything. why don't the republicans wake up and do right? thehat do you think if democrats cannot out with their own information about the fbi investigation? >> they should have theirs,
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too. let us be the judge. that is not right. up -- sorry, next this is hudson, florida, tom on the line. go ahead. >> yes. howst do not understand brain-dead the democrats are and half of thised country is to believe the lies that keep on going on and on and on. all i have to say is thank god for donald trump, and i have been waiting many years for this, to have common sense in the white house, and he just wants to get things done. they are trying to block him in everything he does.
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presidentglad he is that is all i can say. >> have you had a chance to read the memo for yourself, tom? >> i listened to it on fox. and that is just the beginning. they are saying, the markets are saying they did not -- that they want their memo out. bring it out. i am so confident that what they have done what the fbi did is wrong. there's nothing that a democratic memo will come out and change anything. it will make it worse. all the power to them. >> thanks for the call. you can find this on our website, top, sayingt the unclassified, talking about the purpose of the memo. this was written by republican
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congressional aides to congressman nunes. it goes over a number of issues that the republicans say they have them including with the christopher steele dossier that they say was compiled on behalf of the democrat national committee. democrats want their own memo to come out, and for that to happen, the committee would have to vote for that to be able to come out. florida, daniel on the line for independents and others. >> thanks for having me. i think the release of the memo, the declassification on the part of trump's legal team was brilliant. if they can prove why law that -- by law that the basis of the investigation was illegal and
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the renewal of the warrants was based on an illegal move, then all of the evidence gathered during the investigation is null and void, it cannot be used. that investigation went on years prior to the election. >> do you think he will be able to get the full story with so much of this being intelligence material that is classified? it, you're notof going to be able to get. if it is illegal, they will not admit it or it will not be admitted. and any evidence that you have toward particular people, you're not going to be able to use it in our courts. host: thanks for the call. scott iscall, oregon, on the line, independents and others. hi.tcaller:
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i believe it is a good thing for allowing that to come out. democratse -- if the not wanted to come out, what are they hiding, you know? how deep does it really go? --es it go as deep as >> can you tell us about it? aboutabout -- it is depopulation, taking away properties from people. it gets pretty deep. but if you do not know about it, you should look into it. >> thanks for the call. if you have not read it yet, the memo on our website,, released earlier today. the republicans talking about what they say are abuses by the fbi. click there in the upper corner, the house committee memo, and we
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will have phone lines open again tomorrow morning on "washington journal." we talked earlier today to a reporter with "usa today" with more on the memo. >> this is an investigative reporter. what does the release of this memo mean for the overall house intelligence committee investigation into russian interference? >> it is hard to know. it is hard to assess whether this is a legal or political document or something else, and it is hard to assess the claims that it makes. it is saying this is surveillance that was legally questionable, but it does not really say what the legal standard was or what law might have been broken, and it is not clear as a reader where that comes from. >> you tweeted about that, saying the curious thing about
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the memo is it does not accuse the fbi or justice with any particular law. there are legal bantered for warrant applications, but it does not reference them. do youthat important or think this memo is just meant to make a statement? >> i do not know what the intention is. i am wary of anybody, including the authors of this memo who are trying to make assessments about people's motives. ut it is interesting to me that there is a pretty clear fourth amendment standard. there are hundreds of fairly recent cases on this about what kind of information the government has to put into a warrant application. and the memo does not really say how, leaving out the fact that oppositiona paid operative, would violate the standard.
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the memo talks about what was left out of the fisa application, but not what was included. we do not know what other fbi evidence they had. do not know what the fbi said about steele to begin with. >> when the committee decided to release the republican report, they at the same time did not agree to releasing the democrats' report. we'll let happen, and what is expected to be in the democrat'' memo on this? seeheath: you can representative schuiff, the ranking member, has taken exception to the way republicans have handled this. you have seen from the speaker there is some willingness to make the democrats' memo public. there is a transcript released today of the intelligence committee meeting where they decided to release this. there were some description of the democrats' memo that is 10 pages long that includes 36
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footnotes. that ifk with that is you want to talk about the legal side of this and leave the political bit alone, the way you look at whether a warrant application is valid, whether this information about steele needed to be disclosed is by looking at everything else the fbi put in that warrant application. so to have that conversation, you're going to start bringing a lot of other facts, resume ugly about a lot of other intelligence sources, out into the light of day, and it is not clear -- the fbi did not want this out, which does not say a lot about other sources. gave the intelligence community harper, it is hard to imagine what the schiff memo might do. >> there is an investigation in this senate committee. mark warner said earlier today unlike almost every house member who voted in favor of this
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memo's release, i have read the underlying documents on which the nunes memo was based. they separate did not support its conclusions. do you think there will be an impact in that investigation in that second look at russian interference? >mr. heath: this hard to know. every committee that looks at this seems to have a slightly different focus. be moree committee may than anybody else is looking at the justice department and the fbi wrote in the early stages of the trump investigation and their handling of matters related to secretary clinton, too. how tied hard to know together they are, and at some point that political currents become unalterable. this case has reminded me of and maybe especially the special counsel
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side of it, there is some capacity here force apprise. covers heath issues of law and justice at "usa today." thanks so much. : my pleasure. journal,"gton saturday morning, kelly: will join us to assess the house memo and the impact of the mueller investigation. also michael allen will share his views on the release of the intelligence committee memo and intentional fisa abuses. watch "washington journal" live at seven eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. night, former speech writer for george w. bush david
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cracy."d his book "trumpo "trumpocracy" is a book about the study of power. this is a study of donald trump's power. umpocracy is a system of enabling between trump and the media that enable him and create an audience, the system that donors, the republican traditional elements, and above all between him and that core group of his voters within the republican party who enabled him to win the nomination and go on to the presidents. >> what sunday night at 9:00 2's "bookern on c-span
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tv." >> jeff sessions talked about human trafficking efforts and how the part -- department was collaborating with mexico and local law enforcement. this portion includes remarks from rachel brand. it is 20 minutes. >> it is a pleasure today to have the opportunity to gather with so many professionals, business and other partners who work every day to combat human trafficking and make our nation safer, especially for the most honorable among us. collaboration, the exchange of building relationships, is what this summit is all about. it is with great pleasure that i introduce to you the associate attorney general of the united states, rachel


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