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Mitch McConnell
  Sen. Mc Connell at Senate Party Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  February 6, 2018 2:38pm-2:42pm EST

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the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. mr. harper: mr. speaker, i want to certainly thank the ranking member, mr. brady, for the great bipartisan work and his friendship in making this possible to get these important >> on little little the house in recess. members were expected back about abhour ago for vote series. but off the floor work negotiations continue. waiting for the rule committee to finish its work in order to teak up a temporary funding measure. expecting to see that on the floor later today. current funding running out thursday at midnight. we heard a short time ago from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he was asked about government funding. ere are his remarks. >> i said to all the folks who
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say they have a proposal it would be a good idea to draft it. been a lot of discussions. but in a few days we'll need to have actual proposals so we get offered. beyond that, i'm not trying to tilt the playing field in any articular direction. but i said to those working on proposals, you need to get them drafted because you can't offer them if they are not drafted. i'm hoping that everybody understands that there's a good chance by february 8 it will be time to go forward. and beyond that, i can't be specific because there's no secret plan here to try to push this in any direction. and the senate's got to work its will. i hope that we will end up passing something. 'd rather deal with the issue.
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reporter: deadline is also approaching for daca and dreamers. do you agree with the president's chief of staff and daca extension is not a good idea? senator mcconnell: i'd like to see us get a result here. the administration has a proposal. i think the president was very generous given his history with this particular issue to come out for a path to citizenship for 1.8 million dreamers. i'm honestly shocked that the other side didn't say sign me up. i think that indicates heed like to get an outcome. and we just don't know where 60 votes are for any particular proposal. o we're going to find out. it inaudible]
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senator mcconnell: i don't think that's going to happen. i think we're on the way to getting an agreement and on the way to getting an agreement very oon. answer all these hypotheticals because i think we're on the way to getting an agreement and getting it very soon. >> the senate majority leader there. the house in recess. waiting to start work on a temporary government funding bill with current fend spending authority expiring thursday at midnight eastern time. the new measure would extend funding through march 23. it would also extend defense spending for the entire year and would fund community health centers for two years. while we wait for the house to gavel back in, we'll take a look at some of today's "washington journal." "washington journal" continues. host: