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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Debate on Government Funding Budget Deal  CSPAN  February 9, 2018 10:04am-10:35am EST

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message, and having us around, really allows him to do that. >> q&a, sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. this morning, the u.s. senate approved both the short-term government funding bill as well as a two-year budget agreement that happened after kentucky republican rand paul delayed the vote until 1:00 a.m. eastern. the vote was 71-28. then the house gaveled back into session to consider the bill that they approved after 5:00 a.m. eastern by a vote of 240-186. we will show you some of the debate proceedings, first from the house, and then senator paul's remarks on why he delayed the vote and did not want to support the measure. >> mr. chairman, ideal to myself. >> gentleman is recognized. >> i want to present the amendments of the house, a
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bipartisan, mr. speaker, the house is not in order. >> gentleman is correct. the house is not in order. >> i rise to present a bipartisan bill outlining the funding for the next two fiscal years and funding for the government through march 23, providing much-needed supplemental funding for disaster recovery and raising the nation's debt ceiling. this legislation will help our legislation will forward without the threat of a slowdown -- threat of a shutdown. this bill will also allow us to move past the destructive cycle of continuing resolutions, which undermine the appropriations process and promotes only more uncertainty and doubt about our government and this congress's ability to function. and to meet the needs of those we represent. i am pleased this legislation
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includes an agreement reached on a bipartisan basis by house and senate leaders on spending caps for both fiscal year 2017 and 2019. is aially important substantial increase in funds for national defense. our donation faces multiple security challenges, and increasingly aggressive, not to mention well equipped adversaries, and we must be prepared to meet these challenges. we must take your of our men and women in uniform, who truly do the work for freedom. after years of reduction in military funding and months of uncertainty, it is time we provide our armed forces with what they need to rebuild and to keep our nation safe. the agreement also outlines investments in important domestic priorities, such as fighting opioid abuse, supporting veterans, and
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rebuilding and renewing our infrastructure around the nation. these topline spending levels will enable us to get to work immediately on our 12 appropriations bills, to wrap up the fiscal year 2018, and quickly turn our attention to fiscal year 2019. legislation also includes a short-term continuing resolution. our last for this year, which will fund the government through march 23. this will maintain programs and services that all americans depend on until all annual appropriations bills can be enacted. i look forward to working with the senate and their counterparts to negotiate and complete all of these those ahead of that deadline. in addition to these critical pieces of government funding this legislation, it provides $89.3 billion in emergency .isaster funding -
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the funding to provide residents of texas, florida, puerto rico, and the virgin islands and western states with the resources to rebuild their lives after last year's historic and devastating natural disasters. last of this bill increases the debt limit through march 1, 2019 so we can pay our bills, and avoid the economic damage of a default. mr. speaker, the senate has passed this bill. to do is up to the house the same at the senate legislation to the president for his signature. i urge a yes vote on the bill and reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from new york. >> he is recognized. myselfspeaker, i yield such time as i may consume.
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is a basic constitutional responsibility of congress to fund the federal government, and republican majorities in the house and the senate are just turning the process into an embarrassing spectacle, running from one crisis directly into the next. it has been clear for nine months that a bipartisan budget agreement would be needed to enact appropriations law. yet, it has taken five continuing resolutions, two lapses in funding, countless hours of effort to take even this first step toward full year funding bills. months into the fiscal year. with many aspects of the budget agreement.
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increasing statutory spending caps would allow the appropriation committees to write responsible, bipartisan investg bills that would in the nation's families, communities, and national security. i am also pleased the legislation would provide funding for families and ,ommunities in texas, florida california, puerto rico, and the u.s. virgin islands to rebuild their lives following natural disasters. unfortunately, this legislation cannot be considered in a vacuum. refusesker of the house to considering bipartisan legislation to protect teenagers and young adults from deportation is unjustifiable and maddening. [applause]
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dreamers are sons, daughters, parents. they are students and teachers. they serve with distinction in our armed forces. they pay taxes and contribute to their communities. president trump and the republican majority hold the lives and future of these children and young adults in their hands. yet, their only concern seems to be how much they can extract and exchange for doing what a decent human being should do, simply because it is right. i cannot vote in good conscience to provide immigration and customs enforcement, the very funding that could be used to
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deport the dreamers. i cannot vote to continue the appropriations process, while an unthinkably tragic fate hangs 1.6 millionds of young people. i do hope that in the weeks ahead, a bipartisan bill for dreamers can pass the senate and enough pressure can be brought to bear on house republicans to act. friends, will condemn these republican majorities if they fail to do what is right. i reserve the balance of my time. [applause] >> the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield two minutes to a member of the appropriations committee. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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fellow members, west virginia is ground zero in the opioid epidemic. our overdose rate is not just a little bit higher than the national average for the number two we does state, it is 33% higher than the number two state. when we pass 21st century legislation dedicating $1 billion to fight this horrific epidemic, it gave us hope. it gave me hope. and that help was strong and rural stateside west virginia. that finally we might see real resources where it really counts in rural communities. but unfortunately, many of the worst hit states like mine in the top receiving only minimal amounts of funding. let me give you an example of more populous states receiving five times more funding than my state, but my estate's overdose
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rate was five times higher than the more populous states. this though, like every bill, has parts i like, parts i don't like. one of the issues i thought for, billion we that $6 are putting toward fighting the opioid crisis will actually get to the places where it matters most. we must use a formula based on per capita statistics to ensure funds go to the hardest hit states and smaller states, where the crisis and the need is the greatest. as a member of the appropriations committee, and having a direct hand on how the $6 billion would be targeted, i have been reassured that rural states, like mine, will not be shortchanged, and we will work to make sure the language in our funding bill makes it abundantly clear to the federal agencies
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that actually set the allocation formulas, we want resources flowing to where they count most. i want to thank the chairman and his predecessor for their commitment and leadership to helping. i yield back. >> the chair would remind the house to calm to order. if you feel the need to have a conversation on the floor, take it off the floor. now the gentle lady from new jersey is recognized. >> mr. speaker, i am very pleased to yield two minutes to the gentlelady from new jersey. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, the speaker of the house is supposed to be the speaker of this entire house. and the entire will of this house and the democratic side and republican side is to pass a daca bill. but we are running out of time. instead of following the
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bipartisan consensus of the majority in this house, this speaker is yielding to the will of the majority party's anti-immigration french unilaterally. and that fringe is led by this president. bend to thise to fringe, this body, the shining be can on the hill, this light in this country will go dark. the senate was able to pass the bipartisan agreement due to the hard promise of leader mcconnell, and the good works of our democratic leadership as allow, theow, simply body to vote on a daca bill. we, however, have no such commitment on this side. 22,000 dreamers in the state of new jersey, their doctors,
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lawyers, they are connected to their churches, parents, teachers, they are business owners. i spent time in a church where a immigrant was taken from his family and put into a detention center. he was not a threat to anyone. my constituents did not send me here to deport young people who are american and no no other country. you, and big you, i employ did your job. save these dreamers. until they do, i urge a no on this boat. with that, i yield back. jerseyleman from new reserves. >> gentlelady from new york. >> mr. speaker, i am pleased to
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yield two minutes to the demo men of california, a member of the committee. >> the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. speaker. ladies and gentlemen, we have a choice today. i want to complement the work that the committees have done to reach an agreement on these funding levels. i am not here to quibble with those funding levels. what i am here to ask for is a chance. house, is the people's we deserve an opportunity to address these issues. i have never said this is a bad deal. i have just sent this was an incomplete deal. it isn't complete because we have not had the kind of commitment we need. the commitment that we need to address critical issues that are important to our communities. we have addressed some of this
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-- opioid, community health centers -- those are important in all communities, but we have not addressed issues that are important to everyone. guest at the state of the union who lost her sister in december, who is scared, who wants to know when her priorities are going to be our priorities? when we are know going to bring up these issues? and i can tell her, the senate has a commitment. they are going to talk about these issues. but the people's house has not said we are what you talk about these issues. we are going to say, well, when the president signs off, then we will have a conversation. he doesn't have a card that votes in these machines. he has a voice.
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he should be consulted. voice on theave a people's house. he doesn't have a vote here with me and you. all we want is a commitment to bring up a bipartisan bill that addresses these issues. all we want is a chance. all we want is an opportunity to address these issues that are important for communities. please, please, please give us that opportunity. i yield back. >> gentlelady from new york reserves. [applause] from new jersey. >> reserves. >> who seeks time? demand from new jersey? >> i have the right to close. >> the gentleman from new jersey reserves. >> i reserve. >> gentlelady from new york?
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to theeld one minute gentlelady from california. >> gentlelady from california is recognized for one minute. i could, i could, i could. [laughter] >> the house will come true order. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i think for the gentlelady of yielding. thank you congresswoman for your extraordinary leadership, and i thank all of our colleagues for the unity we had over the months while we were having this debate about what this bill would look like. letter thato read a we sent to the speaker this night. this is what it says. it is very important for people to understand the simplicity of our request. the fairness of request to the
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speaker. wille gentlelady suspend until the house has come to order. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> i am trying to let the gentlelady be heard. you, mr. speaker. we write to be iterate our sincere desire to enter the government remains open, and that the priorities of the american people are properly addressed. as you know, democrats have been clear that we support a budget agreement that ensures our men and women in uniform have the resources they need to protect our country and themselves. but it will provide the middle class and working families in our country having the tools they need to succeed. as part of this agreement, we have always expect it the house
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and the senate would address the issue of daca and are dreamers. believe themembers budget agreement is a reasonable compromise to address america's military strength and critical domestic priorities, like fighting the opioid crisis, , moving to resolve the pension crisis, caring for our veterans, making college more affordable, and investing in childcare for working families. indeed, that is what the fight has been about all along. we have had to fight the resistance on the republican side to invest in the domestic agenda. so, i was pleased to hear some of our republican colleagues talk about some of the things in this bill that we on the democratic side, insisted upon being there. and so, mr. speaker, we are writing again that you make a public statement regarding the scheduling of a vote on the taco
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bell. that is -- the scheduling of a vote on the daca bill. that is our request. our request is that you publicly state you will schedule a vote ,o consider the bipartisan bill and any other daca bill that you wish to consider. we strongly believe that members of the house and their constituents deserve the same dignity that leader mcconnell has extended to members of the senate by stating he will allow a boat on this issue -- he will allow a vote on this issue. that we did not receive that. i said earlier that america is the greatest country that ever existed in the history of the world. aren't we proud to be americans? and what is america? ,t is a country of great people a beautiful diversity that has changed over time from the days of our founders.
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they could never imagine how it could be, how many different , they, and yet established a constitution that enabled everyone, everyone is a stated in the declaration, everyone, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. it is a beautiful thing. and who was our country -- and how has our country has become? a more diverse country over this bookstill, today, we are saying pavers that to the fact that we are a nation of immigrants, constantly reinvigorated by newcomers, coming with their hopes, dreams, aspirations, encourage to make the future better for their families. that is what america is about.
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what the optimism of our founders was based on, that every generation with take responsibility. so, these newcomers have made america more american. americas are great -- is a great constitution of the united states, which we take an oath to support. , patrimony, this beautiful land that god has given us to be stewards of. >> the gentlelady will suspend. please take all conversations off the floor. gentlelady, please continue. you, mr. speaker. great passion about our country. it is important to know that our thetry, the 50 states, district of columbia and our territories. and in respect for that, i am very pleased that in this bill, we were successful in
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negotiations to get more funding for the territories, especially puerto rico and the virgin increase of what was in the original disaster bill. but there are other things, and it is important to note, that are in this bill, again opioids, mental health, these were my credit priorities we fought for, and that is why this took so long to calm to fruition because -- why this took so long for it to become to fruition. recognizing the domestic side includes our budget functions -- homeland security, the state department, veterans' affairs,
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anti-terrorism activities of the justice department. so there is much security on the domestic side, and that is why we insisted on increasing the number, and that did happen. and that is why i am able to say in this letter that there are many good things in this legislation. but for some reason, sometimes i think the speaker feels like he is speaker of the white house and not speaker of the house of representatives. but we should have the nerve,nity, i touched a but we should have the opportunity to have this house, the people's house, work its will, and not be the recipient of something that might, well if it passed 60 votes in the senate and the president approves, then i will bring it to the floor. that is not a commitment. let me say again what an honor of -- what an honor it is to associate ourselves with the
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dreamers in this country. they are so magnificent. they are so magnificent. they are a model of patriotism to our country, and all they wanted was the recognition of the speaker of the house that they are worthy of that. i am almost finished. , or i could go longer, but in any event, and i think the various speakers who were presiding the other day. i think the speakers for their courtesies extended, but here it the fouri was one of in the white house negotiating on this registration. nobody wants to shut down. and this is a good bill. itdoesn't do everything, but is a compromise. but the one thing, the one , to build allay fear
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confidence, to honor the bowels ws ofr founders -- the vo our founders, saying that in this people's house, we want to assure you that we will allow the house of representatives to work its well. let the chips fall where they may, but give us a chance to allay the fear that it is in the hearts of the streamers and their families, and remove the tears from the eyes of the statue of liberty. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentlelady yields back. gentlelady from new york. >> i am prepare to close. does the gym and have any further speakers? have anyhe gentleman further speakers? yield to the gentlewoman to
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close, and then -- >> you are going to close? >> i am to yield my remaining time. >> the gentleman from new jersey will reserve. myselfspeaker, i yield the balance of my time to close. >> the gentlelady is recognized. while one party controls all levers of government, chose the republicans' inability to govern. even more upsetting is their refusal to put a bipartisan dreamer bill on the house floor. while there are provisions in the senate amendment democrats support, we implore our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to do what is right, and permit a vote on a
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bipartisan dreamer bill. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from new jersey. >> i'm pleased to yield a minute to speaker ryan. >> the speaker of the house is recognized. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i will be brief. [applause] a few hours ago, the senate passed this agreement with a rave a big bipartisan vote. , and 68% ofrats republicans coming together on this measure. it accomplishes with so many have been fighting for. first and foremost, this agreement accomplishes getting the resources we need to rebuild our military. but also, this includes long-delayed disaster funding
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from the hurricanes and wildfires, money to fight opioids, extension of important health care programs, and this up the bills that don't help our military. americans are not awake yet , or maybe they are just getting up for their first shift. by the time they catch up with the news this morning, they will see one of two things, depending on what choice we make. either congress will have done its most basic responsibility, funding the government, and taking care of our brave men and women in uniform. i really believe that is what the majority of the people in this body wants to see happen. or they will see a second needless shutdown in a matter of weeks. entirely needless.
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morelicans will deliver than our share of both this morning. i urge my friend and the minority to stand with us on this bipartisan bill. my commitment to working together on an immigration measure that we can make need sincere commitments. my commitment to working together on an immigration aasure that we can make sincere commitment, and we can solve the stock of problem. once he gets his budget agreement done, we will focus on bringing that debate to this floor in finding a solution. but we cannot do that unless we pass this budget agreement. our military can no longer be held hostage in this process. so for this morning, let's honor our troops, let's do our most basic job, let's pass this bill. i yield back. >> the gentleman yields back.


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