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tv   How Would You Make School Safer  CSPAN  February 21, 2018 5:33pm-5:53pm EST

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>> president trump in a listening session along with vice president mike pence on what can be done to make schools safer, hearing from parents and students from the douglas high school shooting a week ago, also from parents going back to the columbine shooting in 1999 and the newtown connecticut school shooting at sandy hook.
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lines and our phone go to the topic of discussion, how would you make schools safer. would like to hear from you. send us a tweet as well that is here from sharon who is from charlotte, north carolina on the democrats line. go ahead. sharon, andame is peopleer and eight other were killed in the charleston church shooting. make schools safer is for our legislators to look at thomas that we have already, ban away the loopholes,
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automatic weapons, and put the responsibility to teachers to arm themselves while they are supposed to be teaching. nine people would not have been killed in a church if our laws were stricter. i am hoping that because of what happened in parkland, our legislators will look at the laws and think about people and not about themselves. >> let's hear from gerard in eastpointe, michigan. >> i would like to see the military come and be in our schools and in every door to her should be our military guard their. >> you're talking about national guard or something like that? >> yes, at every door there should be some kind of national guard or military personnel. thanks gerard, let's hear from our under 18 , this is from florida.
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how you make schools safer? >> my thought is that you will take a u.s. military veteran, clear them from -- run them through a background check and not diagnosed are with ptsd, that they are mentally stable and arm them and set them in front of every school. host: are you still in high school? caller: yes sir. go to school, was the process of getting him, what is the security like in your high school? caller: you walk in through the front doors at 8:45 a.m., they lock our doors, and that is it. we have doors that open out to allow to exit but you cannot come in back through those doors, you have to go through the front office. host: is anybody on your school grounds turning armed firearms? caller: our school police
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officer. host: some of the ideas that came up today headlined by usa today, president trump vows tougher background checks, mental health screens for gun buyers, in meeting with students he also talked about arming teachers or school officials and administrators. a healthy round of discussion with the folks in the room at the white house, getting your calls and comments about your ideas on making schools safer one week from the shooting at douglas high school in florida. this is marysville, washington, and we hear from preston. go ahead. caller: hi, i am a former student i live that had the terrible shooting at a high school, and i believe that every student should go through a metal detector, because metal detectors will tell us if they have something. if they want to go through a
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detector, then every security guard should have a weapon on them. we have no safety in our schools. do with theou situation last week in florida where the shooter was originally outside of the building forced his way and, reportedly? i believe you should do is have police outside on the ground be visible. they should be visible because when you have people visible day are more cautious on the ground. host: thanks for that, preston. we have a life or under 18, and we have a caller from cincinnati. caller: my thoughts is that when we attend school we go into the building and they do have metal detectors but they don't use them. have one police officer on school grounds, but he is not always there to protect -- the protection of us going to school is not safe at all.
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they need more metal detectors to be able to scan us through. go through our book bags and make sure we are not bringing in things we should not bring into the schools. and teachers carrying a concealed gone -- i don't believe that is necessary, that is too much strength and pressure on the teachers that they do have to teach us. host: i appreciate that reaction. twitter, sing the event saying, so proud of them, brokenhearted but fighting for our safety, god bless you all. doas a country have to something against and violence. you can also catch us online at afternoon. you're on the air. caller: we need metal detectors
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and we need a police officer at each of the doors. this is from marysville, washington, after the shooting there. marlborough, from how are you doing? caller: the reason i am calling -- i have seen a lot of errors in ourlife, and lifetime, marion barry -- in,: folks, when you call turn down your our so we don't have feedback. your thoughts on how we make schools safer. no in syracuse new york, the
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under 18 line. hi, i lived in north syracuse my entire life, and i personally don't agree with the idea of arming teachers. we have a school resource officer who is armed and our school has multiple exits, but we only have one entrance and we have enough security. you need to sign in and make is out know anyone who of the school. host: i will put this in the form of a test, on school safety if it is multiple choice, what is on top of the list? arming teachers? eliminating certain firearms? banning the ar-15? his mental health? what is your top priority? caller: i am a firm believer --
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it is a simple fact, when you have more guns were going to have more gun crimes, and guns like the ar-15 are unnecessary. they aren't hunting rifles, and i believe arming teachers with a handgun, what is that going to do against an assault rifle in that situation? and when the swat team shows up, how are they going to know who is the active shooter and who is a teacher tried to defend students? host: i assume you are still in high school, right? caller: yes, i am a senior. week'since last shooting, has your school changed procedure or build awareness about the potential for shootings? february breakon right now, but i am sure when we get back will have a meeting or seminar talking about knowing the signs. host: thanks for joining the conversation. we go to oklahoma, janet, go ahead. ridiculouseel it is
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to arm teachers, that is not what they are therefore. they are there to teach kids, and i think it is going to cause and the thing is, what we need to do is put stricter gun laws. i don't understand why australia can do these things but yet we can't, and we are a greater nation than australia. i can't understand it. in my day you just had to worry about going to school and trying to learn, and that is it. kids haveys, the poor to worry about other things happening like this shooting, and one of the things that could be done in school to help is not to just arrest kids or send them to a mental place, they need to get them help and talk about less bullying, and i would help these children having problems at home or doesn't have parents.
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putting morers, policeman around, sheriffs, whatever, it is ridiculous. we need the president and congress and the senate to put laws just like they do in australia. surely we could do this. i know it won't be done. it will just keep going because the rifle association has too much power. it is ridiculous. all the harm we are causing to our kids and everybody is complaining about it, yet we need to make congress -- for them to make some laws, and there are laws that can be done. arming teachers and putting more -- they need to be checked out when kids go to school, i don't think so. be done ist needs to
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laws were 18-year-olds can't get a gun, dale needed. they don't be done need it. they don't even need in ar-15, it is ridiculous. host: including tougher background check these of legislation authored and sponsored by senator john cornyn in texas. a couple of more calls, this is john from san diego. caller: hi, i am calling from hi, i am calling from san diego. host: understandably the fbi has admitted they missed the reporting on this alleged shooter, and there are ways we can safely protect people's privacy and yet report on or peoplethan men
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have potential problems like this? caller: i believe there should be legislative law. individual or or as a friend, see someone with concerns of mental health and wanting to hurt someone, especially to kill someone at a school, i think those concerns should be addressed and brought up to whatever law enforcement needs to be brought up so they could take care of it. should things like this not be missed by that the and that is something that should have been taken care of at that point. sessionmebody at the compared it to missed signs at 9/11 before 9/11, thanks for the call, joe. host: margaret from arizona, go ahead. caller: i think the focus on the mental health issues -- my daughter works as a counselor
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for a elementary school. about six weeks ago a young 14-year-old boy tech a gun with him to school and committed at the school bathroom. that she hadold me a chance as an assistant counselor to interview this young man before all this happened several weeks back. angry, butat he was of course he never said why. the reason he was angry -- he just appeared angry, and withdrawn. didn't at the time think he is potentially suicidal or potentially a threat to
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others? caller: nothing like that. she kind of blames herself, and i told her not to blame yourself. you were filling in for the actual counselor at the school at the time. she wasn't at the time prepared to handle something like this. school outll, little in the boonies, rural area where you would never think something like this happens, well it did. my grandson goes to that school, and he was devastated because he knew that 14-year-old. 14-year-old.
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try to intervene, try to do something about it, the point is what you do with a child like that? you go and talk to the grandparents, who were the ones taking care of him at the time, or what do you do? you have to have more people that can understand and treat young children are having palms like this. host: margaret, i appreciate you sharing the story come it is a difficult story, and we appreciate your calls and suggestions on how to make schools safer, but i pick up the conversation again tomorrow on washington journal at 7:00 a.m.
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eastern, and i remind you that the program at the white house, the listening session with president trump will re-air tonight on c-span at 8:35 p.m. eastern, and you can find it online at the focus of protest though by local bc area students and others ahead of today's session -- there were a lot of students outside of the white house earlier, calling for gun reform, let's take a look. >> we are here to send a message for all the lawmakers who are bought and owned by the nra. their time is coming, we're going to vote in the 2018 midterm election and vote in the 2020 midterm election, and in of them are going to stand a chance. [applause]
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we need common sense, gun-control legislation, now! [applause] no more waiting, no more thoughts and prayers. tell me the last time thoughts and prayers stopped shootings. [applause] we need it now, we did it for all of us here. [applause] as long as lunatics are running around with ar-15 assault rifles, none of us are safe, to the needs to give, lawmakers have to do something, or they are out of here. [applause] thank you all for coming out, this would have been nothing without you. [applause]
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we are here -- march 24, that is the national lockout, be here. sunday on c-span q&a, duke professor and prosperity scholar kate fuller talks about her everything happens for a reason." >> i felt the presence of god and people pouring and that the intense prayers -- the second i got sick, my whole community got together in a chapel and prayed like marathon runners for me, handing off for my whole surgery, and part of it is reflected back to the love and the sense that my hope is as you prepare to diewa


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