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  President Discusses Gun Violence  CSPAN  February 22, 2018 4:09pm-5:07pm EST

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the conservative political action conference heard from members of president trump's cabinet, as well as ted cruz. they talked about free speech on college campuses. some of the sessions focused on gun violence in schools. there is president trump's meeting today with state and local education officials. president trump: good morning, everybody. hi. how are you? hello, everybody. good to see you. nice to see you. sit down, please.
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a little coverage, huh? they must be here for -- thank you for being here. we're doing a lot of things. a lot of things are happening. the attorney general jeff issions, secretary -- who setting the world on fire now with your lowering a prescription drug prices and a lot of other things you are doing. we appreciate it very much. a lot of people are seeing already what is happening, and especially the lowering of the price of health care. we see what is going on there. it will be a tremendous reduction in health care pricing cause of what we are doing together. great going. devos,retary betsy thanks for joining us. we are here with state and local leaders, law enforcement, and education officials to discuss how we can make our school safe and our communities secure.
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and no better time to discuss it than right now. and i think we are making a lot of progress. i can tell you there is a tremendous feeling that we want to get something done, and we are leading that feeling, i hope. there is a great feeling, including at the nra, including with republican senators, and hopefully democrat senators and congressmen. i want to thank curtis for being here, the attorney general. i also want to thank a tremendous attorney general, pam bondi, from florida. yesterday i met with survivors of the parkland shooting. was so horrible. so bad for our country. families who have lost their children in school shootings and local community members in washington, d.c., who want to make sure every child is safe at
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school. having a lot of problems in washington, d.c. i listen to their heartbreaking stories. i asked them for their ideas and pledged to then we will take action, unlike for many years when people sitting in my position to not take action. they did not take proper action. they took no action at all. we are going to take action. today we want to hear on how we can improve physical security, the issue of mental health, which is a big if -- issue. this person that was caught after killed -- after having killed so many people, 70, and badly injuring so many others. people do not talk about the injured. they have to go through life with that herbal situation that were put inhey unnecessarily. people do not talk about that. i visited them in the hospital in broward county. and these are injuries like people would not leave. --
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believe. we want to ensure that when we see warning signs, we act quickly. when we have some who is mentally unstable like this guy who was a sicko, and there were a lot of warning signs. people were calling, saying, he is going to do something bad. mustsaid last week, we work together to create a culture of our country that enforces real and human connections. we are working to reduce violent crime in america and make our communities places that can be totally safe for our children, families. under my administration, gun prosecutions have increased very significantly. the attorney general is very much after that. and we're also after the gangs. the gangs have been incredible. ms 13, i see where a couple lightly commentators have said
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ms 13, who talks about that? that is not talked about on fox. that is talked about in communities where they are killing people, not necessarily with guns, because that is not painful enough. this is what they think. they want to do it more painfully and more slowly, so they cut them up with knives. they do not use guns. because it want to be a long, painful death to people who had no idea this was coming. we are getting them out by the thousands, putting them in jail, and getting them out by the thousands. and ourpeople from ice border patrol people are much tougher than they are. that is the only thing they understand, is toughness. they do not understand niceness. they understand toughness. and our people are much tougher. they grab them by the neck. there is no games being played. i let them know that is what it we -- that is what we want.
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our people are a lot tougher than they are. we're working on getting filing offenders off the streets and guns out of the hands of the dangers criminals. there's nothing -- dangerous criminals. there is nothing more important than protecting our children. we had a meeting with some of the families that have suffered -- gravely, in different places, not only florida. it was columbine, and it was a sad situation, it background checks, i have called many senators last night, many congressmen, and jeff and pam and everybody in this room, i can tell you, chris. they are into doing background checks or they would of been thinking about maybe two weeks ago. they're are going to do strong background checks. we are going to work on getting of 18.p to 21 instead we are getting rid of the bump stocks and will be focusing very
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strongly on mental health, because here is a case of mental health. part of the problem is we used to have mental institutions. we had a mental institution where you take a sicko like this guy, who is a sick guy, and you bring him to a mental health institutions. those institutions have largely been closed because communities did not want them, communities did not want to spend the money for them, so you do not have any intermediate ground. you cannot put them in jail, because he is not done anything, but he is going to be doing something. we are talking searcy about opening mental health institutions, in some cases reopening. i can tell you, new york, the governors in new york did a bad thing when they closed our mental institutions, so many of them. we have these people living on the streets. that can tell you -- say
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they should not be there. we are on to be talking about mental institutions, and when you have some person like this, you can bring them into a mental institution, and they can see what they can do. but we got to get them out of our communities. with that being said, i would like to ask the very talented people around this table to just introduce themselves quickly and say a few words, and maybe we can start off with pam bondi. bondi: i am the attorney general of florida. thank you. the president was there that night with me. we were there until 3:30 in the morning. you have been through a lot. so thank you so much. i have a couple issues that i will wait and talk about them now or later? florida, is called the civil commitment act. it is weak.
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it is about a thousand pages long. i have had my solicitor general on it, we are rewriting it, along with governor scott, who you will meet with him and give you a ton of good information. we have been rewriting it and we will bring in something called the gun violence restraining order. someone is civilly committed, and typically you can hold them up to 72 hours, but people are getting out within 24 hours. what we want to do is let law enforcement take the guns. they are a danger to themselves and others. without being educated, because they are a danger -- president trump: you want them to go to -- to take the gun and go through a trial -- and we have to give them due process. they are going to be able to are the guns when they taken into custody or into the hospital, and when they are released, within 24 hours to 72
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hours later, typically 24, law enforcement will have 72 hours to determine whether they should give those guns back or they can , youra judge and say honor, please keep these guns. we feel this person is still a danger to himself or others. this wouldrump: so not have worked the way it is currently constituted, with cruz? ms. bondi: as it is currently written. the other thing we are doing -- this is a big issue -- we need a clearing house, and that is what we have been discussing. myve curated and some of counterparts have done it, but we're the biggest, is an app. there were so many warning sounds on twitter, instagram, and they were sending them to all different sources. we just got it written in our house and senate budget.
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it will cost at least $500,000 a year. there were tenants student, and they loved it, and they said and powering them, three of them are graphic designers, they're going to design the icons. it will process about -- it will cost about $100,000 to develop. what kids can do, they can automatically send something that says i am going to buy a gun, i'm going to do this, and one of the girls i know, distance, is he has bullied her since middle school, and he reported her. they can do it with an amenity. -- with it will go to one clearinghouse and florida. president trump: we have to look at the internet because a lot of bad things are happening to young kids and minds, and their minds are being formed. we have to do something about
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maybe what they are seeing and how they are significant and also video games. more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping in people's thoughts. and then you go the further step and it is of the movies. you see these movies, they are so violent, and yet a kid is able to see the movie if sex is not involved. but killing is involved, and maybe they have to put a rating system for that. and you get into a whole very complicated, very big deal, but the fact is you are having movies come out that are so violent with killing and everything else that maybe that is another thing we are going to have to discuss. a lot of people are saying you have these movies today where you can go and have a child see the movie, yet it is so violent and discussing. so we may have to talk about that also. thank you very much, pam. sessions: myral schoolteacher watched your meeting yesterday.
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she was very moved by it and shared. it has touched people all over the country. i salute you for that. i will not talk now other than -- i would just say that we believe we can do better. we believe that some of the things that attorney general bondi is talking about can work. we have done a lot of research in this country over the last several years. we need to go back and act on it. you indicate nothing to do something about it. help youink we can develop the kind of policies that will make america safer. president trump: good, thank you, and you are doing a great job with gangs. gangs are such a problem. we talk about child safety. these gangs. of these are absolute animals. these are not human beings. these are animals, and the level of torture, in this country, who
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would believe a thing like this could happen? we are getting ms 13 out by the thousands, but they come in. they are smart. they actually have franchises. we're getting no help from california. frankie, if i wanted to pull our people from california, -- frankly, if you wanted -- if i wanted to point people from coliform, he would have such a problem. -- from california, you would see crime might know better -- crime like nobody has seen in this country. they have done a lousy management job. they have the highest taxes in the nation. they do not know what is happening out there. rightfully, -- frankly, it is a disgrace. the protection of these herbal criminals. the protection of these horrible criminals in california and other places, but in california, that if we pulled ice outcome
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and said that then figured it out themselves, in two months they would be begging for us to come back. they would be begging. and you know what? i am thinking about doing it. yes, sir, go ahead. it is aresident, pleasure to be here. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, and for all the shares of north carolina. president trump: congressman meadows is a big fan of yours. >> thank you, sir. i have been very impressed with a lot of ideas i have heard since before you came in, and i think mental health is a serious usue that is affecting across the nation. i know it is in north carolina. i appreciate your courage to talk about the fact that i think there is a place for properly trained people in certain areas as well. i think a multilayered security has a lot of facets, and i believe you have got the courage and the leadership to bring all this together. i know there is a lot of good
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ideas out. they all need to be listened to, but it will take courage on the to bring thers community together to help them do the things they want to do in their hearts, but maybe have not had the courage to do the yet. thank you. president trump: thank you. it will take a lot of political courage. some of it will not be politically correct. but time for political correctness is over. we have to get this problem solved. you're right about that. thank you, sheriff. much like florida, we went through this last month. a higha school shooting, school. we are going to hear a lot about what we can do in the future to help protect our children. where i'm concerned is, what are we going to do now to protect our children? there is going to be a love the debate, but i applaud you for having the courage to bring law enforcement, mental health professionals, and
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educators all sitting around the table to decide together what we need to do. i am really curious to hear what attorney general bondy continues to do in florida. i think the gun violence restraining order is critically important. and i also think that we in law enforcement, we need to create a database in our fusion centers where we can take information that we have on students that may be a threat and put that into a database so that the fbi can share with local law enforcement, state police, and we all have that information that we can act upon. more importantly, i think there should be something, and out of with that we did something it, and it did not just lay there, but we took that information and we actually acted on that, and that is something either interested in pursuing. president trump: thank you. federal government is going to be a coordinator between the states because you can give information and other states will have that.
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i have to say the state are starting to act. florida, as an example, your state, a lot of states are starting to act on their end. they do not necessarily need 100% from the federal government. will helpl government a lot. a lot of states can do a lot on their rent. i important to do it and as quickly as possible. see whatntil you governor scott is -- president trump: he is going to do a lot of things. there will be core nation, but the state can do a lot of this work on their own and get it done quickly. >> although i work for the department of human services in the area of making sure that mental health roses are provided to the citizens of arkansas, what you said about early warning signs is important to note, and access to appropriate service. in training educators, there is
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a program where educators can be earlyd to be identified warning signs and make sure services are easily accessible, cause access is a problem. if summary has to go to a clinic, which fire department, you have lost that time. health professionals located in schools, so those people are identified with those neat and get those people very quickly before it gets the point of having a significant need. mental health professionals also for people who have more significant needs can wrap around the whole family, because a lot of times families are asking for help and have support. issues.y be accessed you want to make sure all the services are as there, and available. there is no statement to the services. we were talking about a minute
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ago about when it gets the point where somebody gets arrested. we are starting crisis stabilization in our state. thesestates have used units, and our governor has given some funds trust to start them. justare unit which is not mental health. it is a partnership between the county, the mental health agency in that area, and the law-enforcement, so when law enforcement is trained with crisis intervention training, they can identify people when they arrest them if they have a mental illness, if they are having a mental health issue, instead of taking them to jail where they would not receive that treatment or where it would be difficult for them to try. they can be taken to the crisis stabilization units. >> and then they can make sure they get filtered and with the right treatment. at the partnership and collaboration with all.
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thank you. salo to the governor. he is a great governor. you identified serious mental illnesses as one of the core priorities already. that involved funding, and creating the interdepartmental committee around serious mental illness. i have enjoyed the discussion so far this morning, with these experts and how we are building our future agenda here to really islands --issues of iowans. what can we do to help first responders in dealing with mental illnesses? second, what can we do around screening and identification for those of risk of serious mental illness. third is preventive treatment.
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involuntarynvolve , how can we be of assistance there to get the care that people need? the fourth is community engagement. so often serious mental illness is part of the -- often disengaged. finally, research of their bees. what can we do to bring the next generation there before mental illness for people. the mayor has upload greatly -- pres. trump: christina, you have done a great job. >> i would first of all, like to say thank you.
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i don't know if you realize how .uch it meant to the students that is a very empowering thing for the students, and we appreciated immensely. we spoke yesterday and this round table has been amazing. i'm grateful to be here. this did not just happen in in a vacuum. .his is a whole timeline i'm happy there is such a commitment to action on all the steps that could have been taken to prevent it. the beginning of the mental health portion of it, the police portion of it, if there have been better communication, maybe that could have been acted on. it is -- what is very important to the residents is that someone like that cannot gain access to these schools and students are
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safe going to school. it is very important that we act on that as quickly as possible. where parents and students are afraid right now. how did somebody like this person get access to that kind of firearm? i think what pam bundy is working on his wonderful and thank you for allowing us to sit at the table and being committed to action. that makes us all very hopeful. pres. trump: thank you, i'm so sorry for what you have gone through the last week. we really all appreciate it. you done incredible marriage. in a time where they need it. incredible merit. florida is a special place i know very well, and this is probably the last place in this country. you would think this could happen. >> we were one of the safest cities.
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happensage is, if it can here, it can happen everywhere. it is important we do everything socan to secure our schools that everyone feels safe. pres. trump: thank you. andrew? >> mr. president we had a great conversation and i want to leave time for other participants. .e can break you later pres. trump: i think most people know kellyanne conway. she has become a pretty big star. i think that's right. i would like to say something because that is an important issue for you, personally. >> yes or, thank you for yesterday and today. ,he one thing i would mention the lack of connectedness of our
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youth and attorney to social media outlets. it is the lack of connectedness, i think that is a whole other issue that needs to be cured in our society we all have our role to play their. we should watch our words and actions and realize that there , butany different causes at the same time, if we are focusing on news, we need to focus on all news and the ability for them to feel they are connected. tot is not with respect anyone as individuals, i heard it very clearly for mr. scott and from the president of united states. thank you very much for being here on this, mr. president. i think you have a great opportunity to join with the nation and help them heal and move forward in a way that shows resilience and great result. i'mjust talk but action,
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grateful you are president at this time. pres. trump: thank you very much kelly and. patrick? >> thank you for your leadership on this issue. you're absolutely right about the comments of last night. we have to find a way to let good people defend their students. criminals can't think this is an easy target. we have to find a way to harden those targets so students are to sitting ducks. furthermore, i think we have good programs, like the program in colorado that has been widely successful. similar to what pam was talking about. they can also be used for suicidal ideation's. i think that is something we need to do immediately. but it is not just about the guns. there is also to probate taints -- thanks that were supposed to be a bomb.
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thank goodness that didn't go off. there are other ways that people can commit these acts. thank you for listening before just reacting. pres. trump: i preach it what you are saying and i have watched you and read about you. you have a great story of where you came from, and you are doing so fantastically well right now. i happen to agree with you. we have two hard in, not soften them up. killer, orzone, to a somebody that wants to be a killer, that is a going in for the ice cream. me.'s like, here i am, take when they see it's a gun free zone, that means nobody has a gun except for them. nobody will be shooting bullets in the other direction. they see that as a beautiful target. they lived for a gun free zones. frankly, you have teachers that for 20 years and
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retired to become a teacher. they are army, navy, air force, coast guard, people that have forshooting contests whatever, this is what they do. they know and understand guns. i am frankly, have been reading a lot about it. i think when you allow a person that has been in the marine for 20 years who has nothing but knowledge about handling guns safely and well, one of the fake -- i want certain highly adept people that understand weaponry, guns. if they really have. that aptitude. not everybody has an aptitude for gun. if they have an aptitude, a concealed permit for teachers and letting people know there are people in the building with guns, in my opinion, you won't have these shootings.
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the people are cowards. they're not going to walk into a school in 20% of the teachers have guns. maybe 40%? what i would recommend doing, the people that do carry, we give them a bonus, a little bit of a bonus. frankly, they would feel more comfortably having a bonus that -- feelhe gun anyway more comfortably having a gun anyway, but let's give them a bonus. for example, if the coaches, are guaranteed to have plenty of experience with weapons, if they have guns. no matter what you do to keep them gun free, they will be able to get in there, crawled to the back of a window or something. you will have everybody, again, without any protection. i know where you stand on, you want to harden the schools. i want to do that too. it's going to take 10 minutes for the police to get there.
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the please do an incredible job of getting there i guess, it averages and eight minutes. the shootings average three minutes. that is tremendous destruction and death. true people to see and great talent at guns being adept at guns, of which there is only a percent of the the people, but you can tire and of security. your school is an example, christine. you have 100 or 150 security guards. who wants that many security guards standing all of the place loaded up with guns? you can have conceal on the teachers, the people would not know who they are, and it is a tremendous threat. by the way, instead of advertising this school has no guns, gun free, you let the
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people know the opposite, nobody will attack the school. they are cowards, they don't want to be shot at and they will be shot at. all people -- not agree with us, but i think we need to harden sites. if you come into our schools, you will be dead, and it will be fast. unless you do that, you always have this problem. you can talk about your "gun free zones." we had a case at a military base where five marines, i believe, three of whom were world-class shots and experts at guns, they were told it was a gun free area , within a military base, if you can believe it. if you can trust the military, who can we trust? you know what i'm saying? five. they put away their guns in a different section. totally gun free. the guns were 250 years -- yards
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away. they went for lunch and a wacko shot the five of them. three of these people were world-class marksman. there was nothing they could do. all five were killed. you know the instance. that was at a gun free zone in a military base. that is no different. i want my schools protected just like my banks are protected and everything else. i was watching a politician, week and ineffective politician and he was talking about no guns, no this, know that, and he is surrounded by three guys carrying guns. i said, when are they going to give up their guns? they aren't going to give their guns up but he wants everybody else to. you have plenty of them. we have to harden our sites. we have to be very careful, and these people, as the debt as go tore, -- they have to
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training every six months or a year, a rigorous course in what they are doing. they should be paid extra money. those teachers should be paid extra money, so they get a bonus and they love getting that bonus. it would be much less expensive than the guards. it wouldn't look bad. if you have guards, it looks like you have an armed camp. it would look terrible. it would be much more effective. if you pardoned these sites in that way for or some other way in a similar fashion, -- by the way, teachers, coaches, if you pardon the sites -- harden the sites, you won't have these problems. the guy that lack courage will never go into those schools. . those schools will be safe when you say a school is gun free, it has no guns were nothing, gun
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free, that is what they want to hear. i grew do, patrick. strongly agree. first, so my mom doesn't whoop me, thank you for the veterans on march 29. my uncle is a wounded veteran, former police chief. what we are doing -- and i have to clarence -- thank clarence and we have regular jobs and it is on the side. one of the things we are doing in our school system in georgia is giving them a lot of power. there are things local. we have a single point of entry at all of our entries -- all of our schools. you have to be buzzed to get in. we have resource officers, and as you said, it would take what of it. i believe it is seven with our schools.
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we are fairly close to our law enforcement. school and elementary, police station is right around the corner. -- we do the share's ,ay the sheriff's department but it is great that they are there and present. pres. trump: how many are in the school? --n you have a share's the when you have a sheriff's department -- >> and 2014, in the last if the school board votes on it, we can't have a armed employees, they have to go andugh a safety training then our resource officers go through a third-party, in other party for training each year. you're absolutely correct.
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there is more that can be done. a lot of it, too, that we need to address, is the heart issue, one of the things that comes out of the families. become a from the community where the community wants to help all they can. when the tornadoes hit, fema thought they were going to be a long time, very short. people volunteered and came out with chainsaws right as it happened. they had to send them back. ton you are allowed hesitate, it does a lot. they're trying to figure out how to help us in all kinds of ways, but because of the separation of church and state, we would appreciate if you keep appointing the judges you are doing. pres. trump: we are having a great success with the appointment of justices. we have a lot of people praying for you and your
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administration in georgia. with quite a few churches there. with a group called president's team and once a week they pray for you and your community. with an evident -- devastation, i can't imagine, i have six kids. i can't imagine. watching what you have had -- i love how you have had everyone discuss and have a solution. you are solving things that politicians can do with in 30 years and you are doing it within a year. we appreciate it. we have taken your motto "just do your job," and it works. pres. trump: i want the politicians to watch, like yesterday. they watched and a lot of them saw that. they saw the devastation that it caused. some of them maybe don't know or see.uesday get to
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-- pres. trump: i'm the biggest defender of the second amendment. i spoke with the nra, tough people. they give me tremendous support. , think i had their earliest probably the earliest when, kellyanne, from what i hear ever. they endorse me at the earliest point of they could. i am a believer. i spoke to them, and they are ready to do things. they want to do things. they are good people, patriots that love this country. the nra is ready to do things. them, ande to blame they do have power and all of that, but they want to do -- they came up with some of the rules and regulations that we came up with not -- that we have now. but we will have to toughen them
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up because it doesn't make anybody look good. i saw the devastation of these families. we can't allow that to happen. we need a hardened school. we want to harden it without having everyone standing there with a rifle. . i don't want that either that sense a lot of bad signals. i'm watching john kelly. is a four-star marine. he is a tough cookie. if he was a teacher, i would not mind having him with guns. i guarantee he can use it better than anyone. there is no security guard that can handle a gun better than him. if he is a teacher, and other friends of his from the marines, if they are teaching, or other people like that, i want them to have a gun. more importantly, almost more importantly, nobody will attack at school because they know it general kelly is the history teacher. is teaching about how we win wars, ok?
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weapon, andcealed they will know he has a concealed weapon, because we tell them. the bullets will be flying in the other direction. you want to have these attacks if you do that. if you continue with this nonsense about a "gun free zone." it sounds so good. it is such a target for the killers. ,hey look for gun free zones because, believe it or not, they don't want to begin -- weekend -- be killed. look at the guy in florida, he had a policeman caught him in a different community. he didn't want to get shot. he is a coward. he did actually escape. they had a great policeman in a different county that found him. that is what we need. >> by board members want me to ask you, how we are looking at these solutions, and we know the kids are precious and we need to do whatever we need to do.
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one of the things that hurts our system as when we come up with these unfunded mandates. we will pass something that we need to do, and we don't necessarily have the money to do. if it's something on the federal level, i would like to make sure it is funded because we have already had to go through a different block schedule and costs us 30 teachers. this isn't so much about funding , more about common sense. the money that i'm talking about is going to save money. they talk about having 50 security guards standing around the school. that will be very not nice for the students. i'm talking about something where they are there any way and get a little extra money because they happen to carry when a go for training every year. we are talking about rules and regulations for purchasing. we're talking about changing the age from 18 to 21. so they buy a revolver, a
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handgun, at the age of 21. yet, these other weapons we talk about, some people don't like them, they can buy the meditating. how does that make sense? all be atey should 21. we are talking about common sense, not money. the nra will back it. so will congress. you are also focusing on mental illness and other issues. pres. trump: no, no. focus on mental illness, it is a big factor. in addition to that, we have to harden our schools. we have to do it in a way that doesn't look like it's hardened. we don't want to have a secret though. if you come in here, you will not last long. if you do that, you will not have a problem. >> thank you mr. president for
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your leadership on this. the question yesterday was difficult and very moving, but very important. i really appreciate our focus on protection, but also on prevention, and i think particularly about this issue of connectedness. i think of all of our teachers, and what tools can you give them , what practices they can do daily, weekly, biweekly, -- i've heard a great story about teachers at columbine who, now every two weeks, ask their students to make a list of five students they would like to sit by next week and five students that might like to sit by them, and by this simple act, regularly done, she is able to detect a pattern, if there is a child that is on the outside.
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this is a simple practice that can be implemented tomorrow or today. my heart goes out to the teachers, in some cases feel powerless, but i think we can help them and empower them with tools to notice these things. pres. trump: thank you. pam? it was aesident, terrible tragedy, i appreciate your willingness to visit the victims and their families and hear from students and parents yesterday, as well as a convenience group today. the governor of florida, rick scott, as you know, was in parkland and has spent a great deal of time there. he also asks we convene three roundtables, which we did on tuesday. i moderated the one on school safety.
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theiscussed mental health, policies and practices that need to be in place, the hardening of the school system. some any of the issues brought up came up when we talked. secretary devos mentioned one of those, which is what we would call to your one social emotional issues. -- that needs to be a practice where we help students feel connected so that we don't reach a point of tier three or tear for when they have the mental health services intervene. practices being in place, we are required to have a fire drill in school was a month. we are not required to have active shooter drills. so, a practice like that, where you put something like that -- pres. trump: active shooter
4:56 pm
drills is a very negative thing. years a child, i'm 10 old, and we are going to have an active shooter drill, i say, what is that? people may come in and shoot you. i think that is a very negative thing to be talking about. i don't like it. i would much rather have a hardened school. i wouldn't want to tell my son that you are going to participate in an active shooter drill. i know some of them actually call it that. that is crazy and very bad for children. >> i think calling it something else is something important for students in our community. he felt it was important that he and other students would want to know what to do in an emergency at this time so that they would know where to go, how to get out , things like hardening the buildings so there is one point of entry. ,aving plans that are developed
4:57 pm
minimum standards, that are established, and having those individuals in our schools who are ready to respond, as you had mentioned. the other issue that did come up was the ability to interface agencies together so that we are able to work together and know what one another is doing and be able to better address the issues as they arise. pres. trump: thank you, pam, very much. curtis? >> thank you for the opportunity to be here. i'll start by saying, as we all take,whatever measures we there have to be -- they have to be consistent with the american character. i want to bring up a few points of indiana. securing the physical environment of the school is a must. it goes beyond policies and plans. ,e have a school in indiana
4:58 pm
southwestern high school, which was participating in a pilot project and it was under the leadership of your vice president, governor pence, and through this and connection with the share -- sheriff's association, we now have bulletproof doors, containment zones, bulletproof glass. when the students are in the classrooms, doors are locked. that is what we talked about earlier, mayor. the school is wired directly, securely to the share death sheriff's department, and when something occurs, they can to munich it effectively with someone outside. pres. trump: do they have anybody inside with a gun who
4:59 pm
can help with the man right outside of the dork who can shoot through the sealed doors did iny did -- as they your school? >> that is necessary, but we need countermeasures employed from the sheriff's department within seconds to contain the ,ttacker, and in a sense [indiscernible] pres. trump: i don't know what that means, honestly. >> i can say what that means. if you have an active shooter in the hall, he is going around and looking for targets, the of the doors locked, somebody is monitoring, and they have smoke canisters that can blind the shooter, to trap him from his target, that gives time. that critical time when he is alone, now he is discombobulated . pres. trump: hold on, that's the idea. . >> in this particular school,
5:00 pm
those are locked down. we knew to have those in schools, and need to have secure or highly skilled individuals that would combine with that to make sure, if they do get in there, there is that deterrent. another piece of want to talk about, is the mental health aspect. dan is working on this in florida. we have what we call "red flat loss." laws." to be off is believed their medications or a danger, they would be able to take the guns under a warrant, and some circumstances without a warrant, and to provide due process for the individual. what that does is get past the issue of the mental illness and we address the issue of taking a big gun. in the meantime, we are able to
5:01 pm
cool down the process and take the process -- take the guns from someone. that is the type of thing that is not happening in the country. there are handful of people doing this. indiana has just issued a public safety advisory yesterday because we have learned many of our prosecutors and police officers [indiscernible] i would suggest that be something that all states do as quickly as possible. one last point, to the extent of this being about guns, let it be sout the illicit use of guns that we can do what we do in indiana and enhance the penalties for any offense used with firearms. let's double down on that. with acommit a burglar firearm, you need to pay severe consequence. pres. trump: thank you. i want to thank everybody. weill end by just saying
5:02 pm
have to have offense of matters also. i know people don't like to talk about it, but we need offense of as well as the offensive. we need to be totally defensive, but if we don't have often fit -- office of measures, you're just kidding yourselves folks. if the office of measures are strong and solid, you will stop the problem. you will stop the problem. they're not coming into that school. they will find something else, unfortunately. but they're not coming into that school. i want everyone to think about that. i hear someone he that so many of these wonderful plans about no protection, no guns, no bullets flying at the perpetrator, the animal that wants to destroy the lives of families and children, unless you're going to have all pensive --abilities -- office of
5:03 pm
offensive capabilities. they don't understand, i want to end the problem. unless we are going to have an offense of capability, it will happen again and again and again. it will be the same old story. people will be sitting around tables and talking. i like to get things done. to get this done, we need defense but we also need offense of capability. i want to thank everybody. it is tremendous. some of these ideas. the media is now hearing things they haven't heard. a lot of people that are watching on television, writes now, are hearing things they have not heard. it is a powerful situation. we would get it stopped. we will stop it through heart and toughness. it is a combination. love and toughness. otherwise it will not happen.
5:04 pm
. it will not stop. take you all very much. >> thank you mr. president. [indiscernible] thank you very much. i really think the nra wants to do what is right. i'm very close to them, they are great people, they love this country. they are patriots. the nra wants to do the right thing. i've spoken to them over the last two things -- two days. they will do the right things, i have no doubt about it. it is not a battle, i think the nra will want to do the right thing. >> [indiscernible] these are it would be a small percentage but a lot of people. what to do this, you will have a situation where, all of a sudden, this horrible plague will stop. thank you very much everybody. thank you.
5:05 pm
>> [indiscernible] thank you.: only experts. that is all we are talking about. these are people at the highest level of his rationalism -- highest level of professionalism. thank you very much. >> we will have more live coverage of cpac today at 6 p.m. eastern when president trump's son addresses the conference. vice president pence's speech will be tonight at 8:00, followed by nra executive vice
5:06 pm
president. you can follow the conference online at or listen by our radio app. tomorrow, president trump will speak to see that after 10 a.m. eastern. our coverage includes kellyanne conway, and the fcc. discussions about criminal justice, the president's affect on the country, and a bit -- economic cyber threats. amnesty international released its report on human rights, hateful rhetoric was listed as among the largest causes for human rights violations. comment by president trump and others has eroded human rights globally. >>