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tv   Capitol Hill Interview - On the phone with Bob Cusack  CSPAN  February 24, 2018 3:00am-3:10am EST

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out hope that there is power in numbers. every single school district in teachers thats are some of the most engaged in the community. >> barbecue zach's editor in chief with the help. every time congress goes on break it seems something happens to alter their agenda when they return. in this case, last week's shooting in parkland, florida. it's going to be on the
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front burner. the president has put out some proposals. we have seen marco rubio changes position. i think congressional leaders, specifically speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, are going to have to answer questions about what now? what kind of gun legislation are you going to move? there is a bipartisan proposal sponsored by sarah -- chris murphy. it has support on both sides of the aisle. it would increase the system of communication on background checks and sending between various government entities. say it needs to be shored up. gun-control activists are not going to be happy with that. they want stronger complete background checks. pat toomey says he would -- said he would revise his old bill that failed a few years ago.
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i think it's going to be something that congressional leaders are going to have to deal with front and center and remember, the florida movement, the student movement, which marched to tallahassee, that's coming to washington next month. this issue is going to be a dominant one for much of march. >> let me ask you about the potential momentum building for legislation. this headline with florida gov. rick scott announcing that he is bucking the nra on age restrictions. rebello whos carlos is calling for speaker ryan to bring up gun safety right relations. finally jeff flake saying he would like to increase the age for rifle purchases. you have covered this issue for some time. have you ever seen a time when potentially some legislation on
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guns, some significant legislation on guns, could be enacted? time, was after the sandy hook tragedy when president obama took on the national rifle association in one of the biggest lobbying battles i've ever seen. that.rse, the nra one that was a democratic led senate. he got voted down. this is somewhat different. the movement seems to be dominating the news more so than back then. i think the momentum of shifting positions whether it's ruby or other republicans saying, we need to rethink this. that is something you did not see after sandy hook and certainly the president has been the one, he also wants to raise the age. that is a nonstarter for the nra which wrongly backstrom.
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rick scott also thinking of running for the senate again. his shift is also very significant because public opinion has changed. certainly, this movement in florida has been quite potent. >> let's turn to the immigration and border security debate. they had failed to move forward on their legislation. is word that the bob goodlatte deal in the house is gaining republican support. where do you think things stand? a sedany are kind of at still. the conservatives in the house want to pass the bill and they been pressing speaker ryan to whip up support for it. but i checked the cosponsor list and it's still under 100. they have not had a lot of success. that doesn't mean there's not more support after their that -- out there it just means there's
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a lot of support they need to pass the bill. the immigration debate dominated before they left town. mitch mcconnell indicated that was going to be the only week. that was the week to get something done. all the proposals were voted down. it is a big question of what now. you have the march 5 deadline but the enforcement that trump administration wants to do is put on hold because of the courts. until we get a new court ruling, nothing can happen. democrats will be talking a lot about getting a deal although it to the funding deadline of march 23. i don't think you will see another shutdown. democrats lost the pr battle on the last time and i don't think they're going to shut down the government. the political divide reflected in these headlines. , thee cpac meaning
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democrats have abandoned daca. schumer saying to step up and lead on guns. let me ask you one last thing. we are a month away from a budget deadline. what has to happen between now and march 23? blueprinthave the which was a big deal. agreed on the spending caps and what you're going to spend for various things. but now you have to pass the authorizing appropriations language. because they have the blueprint, i think it's going to be easier for them to do. but immigration is intertwined with this. you have a lot of democrats, many of whom are thinking of running for democrat -- president, they are not supporting any type of appropriations bill unless it has immigration. fact that schumer in
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trouble are finger-pointing is why a deal will not happen a time soon. >> thanks for the update. us today at 9:30 a.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span3 at the american civil war museum in richmond, virginia for live coverage on the civil war impact on americans. speakers include the director of gettysburg college is civil war institute and james robinson, an author. taylor.y morel p.m., from the georgetown university law center. thomas west talks about his book. >> in a republican form of consent,t based on
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virtue is needed more in than any other form of government. republic, the people themselves pick the rules. >> sunday at 4:00 p.m.. the film, a city decides. the group use had delegates from all the high schools in st. louis. at our school, some kids don't like colored people. >> i think it's the individual that counts. how are you going to get to know a person without meeting them? >> these children were ready. at 6:00 p.m., we look at a selection of clifford berryman's popular political cartoons from the early 20th century. >> he continued to draw for the washington evening star for a lot -- next 42 years. his cartoons appeared almost daily.
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very prominently placed. he is quite illustrious career. >> watch american history tv every weekend. >> president trump welcomed australian prime minister malcolm turnbull to the white house friday, where they held a joint news conference. while taking questions from reporters, the president was asked about several topics, including gun safety, trade, and the white house security process. this is 40 minutes.


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