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tv   Memorial Service for Rev. Billy Graham  CSPAN  February 28, 2018 5:29pm-6:27pm EST

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announcer: you can continue to watch the public visitation of billy graham at our companion network, c-span3. we'll take a look at the memorial service for reverend graham from this
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we honor a man of faith, billy graham, whose preaching and teaching was transformative in our nation, calling us to ever greater faithfulness and trust in you. we thank you for his great witness. and for modeling for us all of the blessings of faithfulness to gospel, to his
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vocation in life, and as a husband, father, and friend. as we continue this celebration of honor, grant that all who attend to these proceedings might transcend smallness and limitation and emerge as people desirous of being our best selves in service to all our brothers and sisters as you might call us to be. dear lord, thank you for inspiring such greatness in and continue to bless the united states of america. amen.
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>> welcome. mr. president, mr. vice president, members of the graham ,amily, and all of our guests on behalf of the senate, the speaker and i are honored to have you with us. the man we honor today shared the gospel with more people face than anyone else in history. his clear voice thundered through tents, auditoriums, s the worldplaza over. his warmth and graciousness let up living rooms and touched hundreds of millions of hearts. -- scotch irish son became a counselor to american presidents and powerful leaders around the globe.
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blush, the life of reverend billy graham sounds like a personal success story par excellence. a determined young man finds faith at age 16. he starts paddling out in a canoe to practice his preaching with alligators, and eventually through his own strength and personal greatness, he founded a world changing ministry, leads historic revivals, and eventually lies here in honor in the united states capital, while a grateful nation pays respects. a man-made success story for the ages. but the most remarkable thing about billy graham is that this is not his story.
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billy knew better than anyone that fame and an impressive rolodex were not the real standards of success. his aim was simpler, sharing the good news with as many souls as he possibly could, and when triumphs, billy insisted they were not man-made in the slightest. my work, hef explained, is god. i would be nothing without him. that is what made billy graham america's pastor. that is how he inspired life-changing conversions, not his great talents so much as his deep humility, his unwavering fidelity to faith and family, his plainspoken preaching of essential truths without ego or
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embellishment. billy graham lifted up our , not because he occupied the spotlight so masterfully but because he knew he was not the one who belonged in it. he was just a happy instrument in the hands of his creator, and so we trust that he was right, that his true reward is something far surpassing all of his achievements here on earth, a warm welcome for this good and faithful servant into his eternal home. the senate and the nation are so very grateful for his service.
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>> in the gospel of matthew, jesus says love the lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. billy graham woke up every day and did just that. .e shared his love of god that love had no end. that love had no barriers. from some of the greats whose statues line this very hall. andnhower, king, ford, reagan, to everyday citizens lining up to pay their respects. long the lines grew, no matter how much the times changed, his message never diminished. that love was so infectious,
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wasn't it? the man had such a gift for connecting with people. when listening to reverend if he israel as their there next to you, praying with you, -- it is as if he is right there with you, praying with you. profess to have all of the answers. "look to the bible," he would to thet he pointed us right questions and challenged us to look up and to look within and to reflect and to repent. we in those moments, when felt weak in spirits, when our country was on its knees, he reminded us, and he convinced us, that is exactly when we find our grace and our strength.
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if you love others as billy graham did, and few were as -- grahamed others as billy did, and few were as beloved as he was. man lies billy graham, a made great not by who he was but by who he served with all of his heart and all of his soul and all of his mind. god for theks to life and the works of this now and forever.
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president trump: thank you, speaker ryan, leader mcconnell, and most of all, thank you to the entire graham family for honoring us with your presence today. thank you. in the spring of 1934, billy graham's father allowed a group of charlotte is this man to use a portion of the family's dairy a day ofather for prayer. on that day, the men prayed for the city. they prayed that out of charlotte, the lord would raise up someone to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. we are here today, more than 80 prayerater, because that was truly answered. billy graham was 15 years old at the time.
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just a few months later, he accepted jesus christ as his lord and savior. that choice did not just change billy's life. it changed our lives. it changed our country, and it changed, in fact, the entire world. the north carolina farm boy walked out of those fields into , great and beautiful history starting at a small bible school in florida. revivalled a nationwide , from a large tent in los 100,000 people in a single day at yankee stadium to more than 2 million people at , over 16quare garden
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weeks in 1957. i remember that because my father said to me, "come on, son," and, by the way, he said, "come on, mom. let's go see billy graham at yankee stadium," and it was something very special. came in droves to hear that great, young preacher. mp was a big fan. fred trump was my father. bogotá,n, tokyo, seoul, saigon, johannesburg, and scores of other places all over the shared toerend graham the power of god's word with more than 200 million people in person and countless others through television and radio, where people love to watch and listen. in 1978, with the support of the
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catholic bishop who would soon become pope john paul ii, reverend graham went to poland and spoke of the meaning of the cross to a people suffering under the soulless oppression of communism. billy graham carried his message , but his heart, as franklin will tell you, was always in america. he took his message to the poorest places, to the downtrodden, and to the brokenhearted, to inmates in prison, and to the overlooked and the neglected. he felt a great passion for those who were neglected. everywhere he went, reverend graham livered the same beautiful message. god loves you.
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that was his message. god loves you. we can only imagine the number of lives touched by the preacher and the prayers of billy graham, the hearts he changed, the joy he he eased, and the .rought to so many the testimony is endless. today, we give thanks for this extraordinary life, and it is very fitting that we do so right here in the rotunda of the united states capitol, with the --ory of the american people where the memory of the american people is enshrined. room, we are reminded that america is a nation sustained by prayer. the painting to my left is of the pilgrims as they embarked for america, holding fast to the
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bible and bowing their heads in prayer. along these walls, we see the faces of americans who prayed as , who prayed as they headed west, prayed as they headed into battle, and prayed andhey marched for justice always marched for victory. around us stand the statues of heroes who led the nation in prayer during the great and difficult times, from washington to lincoln to eisenhower to king , and today, in the center of this great chamber lies legendary billy graham, an ambassador for christ who reminded the world that the power of prayer and the gift of
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god's grace. only, we honor him as three private citizens before him have been so honored. and like the faithful of today, we say a prayer for our country that all across this land, the lord will raise up men and women like billy graham to spread a message to everynd hope precious child of god. thank you. god bless you. and god bless america. thank you very much. ♪
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♪ just as i am ♪ lamb of god, i
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just as i am come,-- o lamb of god, i i come , thou will receive will welcome, pardon, cleanse,
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relieved because i promise i believe come of god, i come just as i come, i do believe ♪
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>> let us bow our heads for the benediction. , the fountain of every blessing.
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we praise you for your greatness and goodness. worldave our nation and the gift of your servant, even angela's william franklin graham jr. we thank you for using him to preach your gospel around the world. to counsel and pray for national and global leaders. and to invite the multitudes to anrt and sustain experiential relationship with you. for his are grateful scandal free life of integrity. characterized by conduct that
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was above reproach. you blessed him through his humility and his commitment to you. to bring deliverance to those sightaptive, to restore to the morally and ethically lined, to set on the path of freedom those shackled by addictions and despair. thank you lord. that the force of billy graham's convictions transcended the boundaries that divide humanity. creating a spirit of oneness. life,ed by his great challenge us all to become salt and light to our generation.
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god, as you used evangelist billy graham, so the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts will always be acceptable to you. name of billy graham savior and closest friend , jesus christ. amen.
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