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tv   Russian President Vladimir Putin State of the Nation Address  CSPAN  March 5, 2018 2:00am-4:05am EST

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of landmark cases companion book for $8.95 plus shipping and handling. additional >> in his annual state of the nation address, russian president vladimir putin unveiled russia's latest technological advancements and new weapons systems. this comes a few weeks before russia's presidential election, where mr. putin is expected to win the election. few hours. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [speaking russian]
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♪ [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, members of , myfederation, counsel state of the nation address today is special. we are at a turning point, a crossroads when the significance of our choices and everything is extremely important. because they defined the future of our country for decades. such a turning point that
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russia has always demonstrated renewedty to develop possibilities to come -- to conquer space, to make tremendous discoveries. future,suit of the common nation of tradition and values is what makes our history so strong. we went through difficult transformations. extreme with difficulties in the economy and social sphere. we kept our country together. we established ourselves firmly as a democracy. stability, which is critical for our multinational, with different
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cultures, historical conflict in our past, and different tribulations we have had. firm foundation but doesn't guarantee further development. 't afford this stability to make us relaxed. thatill have many problems remain unresolved. vast potential, -- to need to prove improve the quality of our people's lives. we are not there yet, but we have to get there. this is what we're going to do. [applause] pres. putin: the position of a state in the world today is defined not by natural resources
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or productive capabilities, defined by people, but conditions for self fulfillment for every person. amped up priority is to reserve the people of russia, to an sure their welfare. our is where we need biggest breakthrough. we have laid the foundation for that, so now the can go to another level and address new challenges. we have some experience implementing large-scale projects and programs. our economy is stable, and this provides us with new opportunities, breakthroughs, and long-term growth. there is huge technology potential in the world today that enables us to achieve the life forkthroughs in our people and development and infrastructure in the
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government. be able tove we will take advantage of this technology revolution, how we are going to respond to these challenges is all up to us. years willg determine the future of our country, will determine the future of russia. let me explain something to you, and the peasants -- and this has nothing to do with the upcoming presidential election. whoever becomes the next president, regardless, every person, every citizen of russia has to realize what is happening in the world today and what kind of challenges we face today. technological changes are happening at an increasing speed. those who take advantage of this new technology will lunge forward. those who are unable to do that will be buried under this tide of technological progress.
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being backward technologically means undermining the capabilities of your country and eventually losing your sovereignty. that is a fact. this will weaken the country, undermine its potential, because new jobs, modern companies, prospects will emerge in other countries and young people will go there, talented people will move there, and society will lose its vitality and development potential as a result. civilizationalng changes in the world today, and this requires us to rise up to the challenge. we are ready for that. we are ready for this breakthrough. my confidence is based on results we have achieved so far.
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things we have achieved together. we have consolidated the people of russia and we have a huge potential. our people are extremely creative. expand the space of freedom in our different areas, strengthen democratic institutions, local government, civil society, the judiciary, we have to be open to the world, new ideas, and new initiatives. mom overduembrace decisions. we have to make those decisions. we need to abandon everything that holds us back. preventing people from fulfilling themselves in developing. we need to concentrate. we need to be strong and work , but otherwise, we will have no future. our children will have no future. our country will have no future.
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i do mean necessarily that .omebody will invade us, no we will be lagging behind. this is the biggest threat, and unless we do something, the situation will get worse. this is like a chronic disease that gradually undermines your body from within. sometimes, you don't even feel it. developmentocus on so that no obstacle prevents us from making progress. it is up to us to define our future. [applause] pres. putin: colleagues, what should be our priority? i think the welfare of our people is our top priority. we hadyear 2000,
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millions of people living below the poverty line. this is 30% of our population. in 2012, we reduced the number to 10%. because of the economic crisis, poverty went up again. today, we have 20 million of our people living below the poverty line. that is not 40 million like we had in 2000, but it is still unacceptable. even some working people live in modest conditions. further first time in our history, we were able to raise minimum wages, living wage. this will go into effect on may 1, 2018. this will affect the conditions of 4 million people. this is important. it doesn't resolve the problem. we need to renew our employment system. we need to provide people with
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jobs that motivate them, provide them fulfillment. we need to create modern, high paying jobs. this is the foundation that we need to address in the coming decade. .ustainable, long-term growth over the next six years, we need to reduce the number of people living below the poverty line by at least 50%. ofneed to revise our system social benefits. those benefits should go to families who really need it. in the past, by supporting families, mothers, we were able .o overcome we increased the birth rate and reduced at the mortality rate. we were able to overcome the consequences. democratic downturns after world
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end of thetoward the previous century. you can see on the graphic, these two downturns were very similar in terms of numbers, but it shows today there is .ncreasing the birth rate currently, we have small number of people who were born in the 1990's. there is an economic dimension to this problem. in 2017, the number of working people reduced by one million. this trend will continue within the next few years. this can become a serious limitation for economic growth. we just don't have labor resources. we need to respond to this challenge. in coming decades, we need to make sure that the population of
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russia keeps growing. policy withour extended maternity benefits program, and we have targeted first child, second child, third child, over half a million families with children will be able to improve their living conditions by getting a better deal on a mortgage. we also have a program for children hospitals. despite certain remaining resolved thehave problem with kindergarten. now, we need to provide all that need arrangements for even younger children. we need to help young mothers to go back to work if they are interested in doing so. [applause] in three years, we
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70,000 --eate 200 and 270,000 new places. we will provide rubles from the federal government for this program. least 3.4y at trillion rubles to the program of supporting family and maternity. [applause] pres. putin: and population growth. is a large amount of money, but it is not exorbitant. this is 40% more than we used to spend in 2016 and 2017. we spent 2.4 7 trillion rubles. it is our moral obligation to support the older generation as well, because these people made a major crop tradition -- major
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contribution to the country. senior citizens should have all the necessary conditions for longevity. increase pensions. we will also do our best to close the gap between -- to reduce the gap between pensions and the salary the person used to have before retirement. we also need medical services provided to senior citizens. this would require a comprehensive approach on our part. i think the future government should prepare a special program for systemic support to improve the quality of life for senior peoples. [applause] pres. putin: we appreciate every
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person. every person matters to us. we want all people to live long , to see theirves grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to see how their grandchildren become young, energetic, positive people. russia should secure a place among the top five economies and by 50% over the next two years. able to we will be achieve this goal. [applause] key, basic: another indicator is life expectancy. in the year 2000, life expectancy was a little over 65 years in russia. this is a real tragedy.
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this is a tragic figure. we increasedrs, the life expectancy by over seven years. we moved it to 73, but this is not enough. to date, we need to set a new goal. by the end of the next decade, russia should join the global countries with 80 plus life expectancy. [applause] these include countries like japan, france, and germany. expectancy should grow by increasing the period where people are not affected -- not affected by diseases where they can live a healthy lifestyle. this is possible.
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our entire country will have to make a big step towards this goal. the lives of all of our people have to change for that. [applause] colleagues, we have to create a modern environment for our people. we need to transform while we preserve our historical heritage. successful experience of improving urban environments. we have such experience in provincial capitals. we have got some experience for that. a newest we launch large-scale program that will affect many other major cities, and we should at least double our expanding on these programs over the next six years. [applause] clearly, developing
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cities and settlements involves health care and education, transport, infrastructure, all these things will require additional funding as well. i will talk about this a little later in a different section of my address. we need to improve urban development based on using new , moreals and construction than architectural solutions. we should use digital technology for transport, utility systems, and so on. this will make the whole system transparent. people should get quality services without overpaying for them. prospectscreate new for people, providing them with a new modern environment.
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this will help russia develop a vibrant middle class. a lot will depend on municipal authorities, how open they are too modern, new ideas. how well they respond to , disableds coming people, they should really care about their cities, towns, people who live there. this is not a formality. i really mean it, and i would ask the authorities at all levels to stay -- to pay special attention to developing our cities. they should be the locomotive of our development today. just a fewocus on big cities. big cities should be a foundation for well-balanced spatial development of the entire country. [applause]
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pres. putin: this requires modern infrastructure, and i will talk about this later in detail, but right now, i will say that well-developed infrastructure will develop people with all the necessary services that residents of big cities enjoy today. those people living in rural areas should be integrated with the rest of the country. we will support initiatives that towns, help them preserved their identity and pay special attention to social and infrastructure development in rural areas. every cultural industry is already competitive on the global stage, and people who
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provided this success should see improvement in their lives, accordingly. [applause] pres. putin: colleagues, i understand how important it is for every family to have a house and have residents. this is a huge problem that we have inherited from our past. it has been going on for decades, and we have heard many promises and attempts to solve this problem, and now we are finally able to actually do this. we should do this. in 20 -- and 2017, millions of families improved their living conditions. achieve this is the first time in russia's modern history, the first time we should achieve the level where every year families will be improving their living conditions. this is a difficult task to go from 3 million to 5 million. 3.1 year, last year, we had million families, and we need to
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get to the figure of 5 million people, but this is doable. there are three key factors that will help us make living more affordable and sensible. first, we need to improve personal incomes. second, we need to reduce mortgage rates, and third, we need to increase the number of offers on the market. let me remind you that in 2011 -- in 2001, how many mortgage loans were issued in our country? just 4000 loans. the interest rate was up to 30%, including some and dollars. it is a small group of people who could afford mortgage. last year, we had one million mortgage loans. in december, the average rate went below 10% for the first time ever.
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it is ae, we know that highly individual situation, but proceed in reducing the mortgage rates to 7%. we had a lot of discussions. what should i mention, december percent or 8% when i discuss my speech? i would like to say that we should require to getting this figure down to 7%. mortgage should become affordable for most working people in russia today. let me give you a few more figures. in the 1950's, 1970's, we had, on the average, 60 million square meters of new housing in the country. tothe 1980's, it was closer 70 million. currently, we have about 80 million square meters.
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we went a little bit higher on some years. now, we should set our goal higher. we should increase residential construction to 120 million square meters a year. this is an ambitious goal, but it is doable. technology and experience that our construction companies have acquired, new materials. we need to get from 80 million to 120 million. it is necessary, and it is doable. if we want to have 5 million families improving their living conditions in a year, we need to build 120 million square meters of housing every year. [applause] money inin: construction should be protected. we should gradually abandon investment schemes.
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it should be banks and other foritutions assuming risks construction projects, not individuals. some of our colleagues say we should use market valuations. the system we have in the past is obsolete. , we often haveut where housing is delegated above its market price. we need to look at our taxation , how value over the residence is estimated. it should never be above market value.
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we should make these decisions very soon, in the first few months of 2018, no later. to develop our cities and villages, we need to increase business. russia should be covered by modern communications. in just a few months, the bridge will be open for automobile traffic and it will open for railway traffic and 2019. for will provide an impetus crimea to develop and the entire black sea coast. we have renovated our roads. we need to move on to original roads now. federal roads are much better now.
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the situation is getting a little worse with regional roads. are already good. i want to appeal to mayors and governors. you need to improve the quality of your roads all the time. technology,use new new solutions, infrastructure, mortgage loans. so on. of course we need to increase safety on our roads. the mortalityuce rate for traffic accidents over the next two years. need to concentrate on road construction and maintenance in russia. [applause] to earmark: we need over 11 trillion rubles from different sources for this purpose. it's a lot considering that in
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19 -- in 2017, we spent 2.4 billion -- 2.4 trillion rubles on that. we need to bring it up. will become part of the russia -- asia specific core russia-asia pacific core corridor. we need to increase the capacity of our lines. the time. for delivery over this line should be reduced to seven days. this will secure a quick return on investment for this project. increaseoads should the capacity by four times.
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of thell create one world leaders for container traffic between europe and asia. in 1991, the seaports of the entire soviet union were 600 million tons. we lost half of that because of these disintegration of the soviet union in the early 2000's. it was 300 million tons. factor increased it by a of three over the next 17 years. russia passedf the mark of one billion tons. see this on the chart. this is more than what we had in the entire soviet union by more
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than two thirds. eight even higher than that now. it's 1.25. railwayto increase communications in the areas around the seaports. we need to develop the arctic in corridor.rn we need to make this a competitive archery. competitive artillery -- artery. we will develop. the conditions for people to live there in comfortable conditions. we want to increase the
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population of these territories. the arctic regions meet modern green standards. we have defense infrastructure in the arctic regions. this will secure russia's interest in this strategic part. we are also building nuclear icebreakers. our fleet has always been and will always be the most powerful in the world. [applause] pres. putin: we have to reconstruct and expand the network of our regional airports. more regional flights will be direct. flying to neighboring regions through moscow will be a thing of the past. we are working on it today.
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same goes for aviation for infrastructure. we are looking for widescale development. that is one of the top priorities for the government. we should be one of the world data.s for storing developing our infrastructure. should take into account global technological changes and trends. combine infrastructure with unmanned vehicles and navigation. logisticalnge the management systems.
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we should work on transportation. we should improve our energy sector. attract over 1.5 trillion rubles of private investment. we should help the far regions of russia. 2024, we should ensure internet coverage for every corner of russia. construction of fiber. every remote city and town of russia. remote cities and towns of the far east and north will have reliable access to the russian satellite network. we will make our citizens able to connect with the modern
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services. people will be able to create some scientific research. it would benefit our huge country. it will be a huge asset. [applause] colleagues, the thought for us that is common for all of us is high quality, modern health care. -- up to global standards in that field. annually. investing
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be reaching levels of 5% of gdp it comes to health care services. the allocation level twice as high as we have today. we should find new ways to finance the projects which would -- which would not limit economic growth. i want to thank our doctors and nurses for the hard work they do. these are the people of our country that we depend on. payment, goodood salaries and wages. we've done a lot on implementing the may orders is initiated in 2012. we haven't implemented everything but generally
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speaking, we have set a high bar. without that high bar, we would not have the results we have today. [applause] pres. putin: we need to be ambitious. back.uld not step we should maintain the level of salaries when it comes to the workers. we should see the incremental growth as was the growth in the quality of education. these sectors of health care, education. this has a direct affect on the quality of health care services. we are too much into the administrative information. smaller hospitals and remote cities but we have no alternative.
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people have no access to such services in remote places. they are being told you can go to the city. get some help there. but this means people are forgotten and abandoned. we should present equal opportunities. should be the case in health where and anywhere else. we should have done this in the first place when working on reforms. we should do that today, as soon as possible. next year, we should be creating new hospitals and first aid centers. remote fair amount of
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villages. we need mobile services with all the necessary equipment. we need to keep our hands on the ask to stay in contact with the people. the leading medical research centers should be tied to one of the same networks so people get the help from the overall system. every specialist and dr.. in the 1990's, we did not conduct any such things. russia should be coming through a compulsory check every year.
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modern technologies would allow us to decrease mortality in the elderly and help to prevent many cardiovascular diseases. off theto fight oncological diseases. we have family members and friends who have suffered. we should create an all russian program to fight cancer. bring in science potential and pharmaceutical companies. we should start from the very bottom. from the first signs of cancer.
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we already have positive element on that track. [applause] we should be at the same modern level as others. in fact, we should be the top one. we need to maintain a healthy nation. we need to work more than only on health care services. ensure a high level of environmental protection and well-being. millions of people are drinking water below standards. if you have black snow coming -- they could not see the sun for months. we should tighten up our environmental policies for the industry.
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as many as 300 industrial companies will be coming onto the use of new technologies and emission reduction. starting from 2021, every industrial company in russia will introduce these new measures. we have seen many difficulties along the way. there is no way back. we will never postpone the deadline anymore. [applause] we will also need to modernize the energy sector. throughl be achieved creating new roads and highways and in canceling the quality of transportation. in russia, there are more than
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22,000 him sites. -- 22,000 dump sites. we need to improve the quality of water in remote towns. we need to introduce more technologies which are already yielding results in defense and technical industries. we need to maintain and preserve the unique environments. it will have a direct positive impact on the quality of life for all russian citizens. [applause] we are to open 20 four new preservation centers and national parks. these will bring in environmentally friendly tourists and be responsible about the environment. 2018 is the year of volunteers.
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introducesa law that at every level of government could pursue the work of volunteers. those who actively participate in solving the most burning questions of today. we should preserve our identity. as we make the technological changes we experience. you cannot underestimate the role of culture. creativity.the culture, create more museums, institutions across russia.
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theater, music, many others. the leading museums of russia will be deployed -- will deploy everything they have on display. they should not keep them in archives. these will be the centers for cultural life. the first project of that kind will be implemented in vladivostok. our children are dreaming of a rush of pointing towards the future. these are many words about the dreams of our children. we should dream about bigger things. we should open up the talents of our children and help them achieve what they want. answering the call of times.
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say that our school is one of the leading in the world. high quality education should be accessible to every child in russia. its huge potential for the country to achieve social justice and equality. to use new technologies for education so people from a very young age will be able to creatively search for new information and new skills. we need to build up the competencies for the digital age. we should create an open system of selection for preparing the personnel and the heads of schools.
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they are responsible for enhancing the quality of future lives. we will continue to support these gifted children. but the system should encompass every region of russia. it should be the case for every region of russia. [applause] we need to create a modern center of professional courses. they should pair up with schools. starting with the new school year, we should launch a ticket to the future. the future that will help our children to try their skills in real companies.
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a one billionte rubles to support that initiative. allocate one billion rubles to support that initiative. it's also important to concentrate on coaching. positions.s moral and competence. these are the keys to breakthroughs. create -- lifting of every barrier for projects. unmanned vehicles, e*trade. big data. legal framework should be updated on a regular basis.
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we have all the necessary prerequisites to introduce as fast as possible a five g network and the internet of things. we need to create our own digital platforms. it would allow us to have a new kind of technological order. this is the answer for the challenges on the way. it's a very practical thing. we need to create new technologies and new solutions to discover the reach, and resources of the arctic. develop the potential of all of our industries. also enhance the quality of services which are provided to the people.
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they need to have access to rehabilitation. we need to see more startups to introduce new technology to the industry. [applause] speakingin: we're about comfortable taxation and infrastructure. these four venture investment. potentialincrease the and now we are one of the top countries in the world thanks to the russian academy of science. leading research institutes of russia. we need to come to the new level today. we see projects for modern research installations of mega science.
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russian research institutions will be one of the leading ones of the world. the use of these new capabilities will allow our companies to be more competitive in creating new drugs, new , new chips and motherboards and everything else. this infrastructure will support the ambitions of scientific research, attracting our compatriots from abroad. we need to have a proper legal and contractual basis for the work of international scientific groups. our potential should be reached. we should be integrated with the institutions. some of these things are already
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being created. many cities of russia. we need to orient them towards the implementation of huge interdisciplinary projects. example, the area of genome research. that would help us to create new methods of treatments of diseases. our mathematicians are the ones who are to push forward our digital growth. we have the necessary mathematical research centers. they are working successfully. similar centers. [applause] russian youth, they
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are capable of being the leaders in many things. our schools have been awarded 38 metals in a world competition. our students have claimed 12 victories in the competitions for programmers. practice and experience will help us modernize the professional education. we need to achieve new levels of comes to the it new technologically demanding areas. new bachelorroduce degrees and neil gorsuch and -- newnew centers
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bachelor degrees and new courses and create new centers for education. our youth and the youth from other countries must be willing to join our universities. we want students from abroad to come to russia for the sake of education. then they could stay in russia. we should have a procedure for granting citizenship. we should focus our attention on .hose who are needed the healthy, the well-educated, they should enjoy a simplified procedure for citizenship. [applause] pres. putin: to ensure a , healthough in growth
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care together with infrastructures and services, we need to allocate huge amounts of budget money to these sectors. we need to find additional money . but how are we going to do that? what will be the sources? we should single out our priorities of enhancing the efficiency of our work. in tracking -- attracting private investment. we need to create a new taxation framework that will stabilize this for several years to calm. we need new fiscal solutions that will help us improve the budget. this is together with the guarantee that we will allocate enough to stimulate growth at the same time, implementing all
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our social obligations. [applause] we need to develop russia's economic potential. develop the potential of every province. this is the source for growth. we need our economy to grow above the world's average. this is not an easy task, but this is a basic requirement in addressing our economic, infrastructural, and defensive goals. this should be the top priority for the next government. dependent on energy prices with their volatility. inflation is at an all-time low, a little over 2%. that for awe realize
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number of products, prices keep growing above the average rate. we need to keep an eye on that. i am referring to are anti-monopoly service. , slow inflation offers additional opportunities for us for development. in 2015 the inflation rate was almost 13%, 12.9% to be exact. russia has a new macroeconomic reality with low inflation and general stability of the economy. offersple, this opportunity to increase personal income, and for businesses this offers predict ability and cheaper loans. businesses should get accustomed to this economic reality as well. finally, it makes it possible to attract long term loans for
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large-scale infrastructure projects. keep inflation low, act responsibly, and at the same time gradually reduce the interest rate, making loans more easily accessible. [laughter] -- [applause] president putin: [speaking russian] translator: i hope that bank of russia will support me here. implementing monetary policy, i expect the bank to work with the government towards our common goal, creating conditions for economic growth, change the structure of our national economy to make it more competitive. we need to use a fundamental new approach for our sources of growth. where are those sources? first we need to increase our productivity.
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we are still lagging behind in this respect. we need to increase productivity on. agriculture, trade, so we need growth rates at least 5% a year. then by the end of the next decade, we will be along -- we will be among the world's leading economies. increased productivity means increased salaries as well. this means that demand will grow, and this will provide an additional driver for economic development. toshould motivate companies produce technologically sophisticated goods. we need to re-target subsidies to simulate -- to stimulate production of goods. we have a goal of increasing to
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25% gdp. we failed to achieve this, but we have to get there at any cost. i hope the next government and the bank of russia will produce specific programs on how to get there. we need to modernize our production facilities. to a level where, on the average, every other modernizes its production lines in a year. then we will see specific results from modernization. is third source of growth developing small and .edium-sized businesses over the next decade, the contribution to russia's gdp should approach 40%. thatf the key problems businessmen are concerned about
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is access to financial resources. currently the government has a special program for small production companies to get loans at 6.5%. i think we should continue this program, and we need to make this instrument freely available to businessmen and others. developing non-commodity exports . we need to remove administrative barriers and create the most favorable regime for companies to export goods. over the next 60 years, we have to double our non-commodity exports to $250 billion. [applause] president putin: [speaking russian] should increase engineering products to 100 billion rubles in tourism,
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medical services, and so on. in the early 1990's, we depend entirely on food imports. now the situation is drastically different. we have to take the next step over the next four years. we plan to export more food items than we import. to supply russia with vegetables and dairy products. agricultural developments rely wethe big companies, but need to support family farms, support farmers. we need to develop agriculture cooperatively, create necessary conditions in rural areas. havee all know that we certain problems every now and
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then. we should pay close attention to such situations. once again, i would like to thank our farmers and the workers of the agricultural industry for the bump we had this year, 134 million tons. is more than the record for the soviet union. in 1978, they had the record crop of 127.4 million tons of grain in one year. these days we regularly have tons.over 100 million of course, there is downside to such crops. there are problems with storage and transporting grain to support our producers. -- problems with storage and transporting grain.
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to support our producers, we have introduced lower tariffs for railroad transportation of grain. er similar consid measures for the future. we should help with purchasing grain in remote areas that are far from seaports. ,e need to create added value to offer products to animal farms. discuss thesenly issues with agricultural workers at the agricultural forum that we will have in march. based on that, we will come up with additional measures for the agricultural industry, calling for the economy to work at its full capacity, we need to improve the business climate. we need to ensure the highest level of business freedoms and competition.
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the rate of government involvement in the economy should steadily decrease. this the government acquired a number of financial assets, but we should market those and sell them off. we should get rid of everything that helps corrupted people in the government institutions and the law enforcement to put pressure on businesses. the criminal code should no longer be used in economic disputes. such disputes -- [applause] president putin: [speaking russian] translator: such disputes should go through administrative resolution. i would ask to set up a working the supreme court,
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representatives of the business community, and come up with specific proposals, because you cannot agree on such matters straight away, but we should come up with certain solutions, and we need to do this as soon as possible. the law shoulde, be applied relentlessly to those who violate personal rights and , unfair rights competition, tax evasion, embezzlement, and such things, and other important subjects. on the one hand, the number of infections has been reduced, but this is a formality. when we talk to businessmen, they tell us the situation has not really changed. this should only apply to
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high-risk apply to high-risk places. in other places, we should have a system of control. self-employed people who use ableal services should be to register automatically. businessmen who use cash registers should enjoy a facilitated regime of reporting. stop are the things that them from developing further. we need to do our best to get
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rid of all the red tape. introduction of digital platforms and technology will make this system more transparent. i would like to appeal now to all russian businessmen, to farms,who have family
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farms, small companies, innovative companies, were maybe large, industrial facilities. i know
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young people from all over russia. this is an important step in their lives and professional careers. i would like to emphasize one thing. for all those who want to work and who want to serve their russia willthose, always be a land of opportunity. [applause] president putin: [speaking russian] this is the trump foundation of further -- this is the foundation of our further development. all of the priorities i have mentioned today, investing in infrastructure, education, health care, environment ,rotection, new technologies supporting young, talented people -- all that pursues one
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strategic goal, breakthrough development of russia. [applause] president putin: [speaking russian] translator: at the same time, we should not forget about security. we see increased opportunities with the armed forces. we have done a lot to strengthen our army in our navy. our armed forces are equipped with modern weaponry today. we have adopted 300 new models , providing our young 102es with 18 game icbm's,
3:12 am
submarine-based missiles. we have commissioned three new nuclear submarines, plus 12 ballistic missile regiments have been equipped. increased the number of high precision long-range 12.iles by a factor of forces, our ground forces, and our navy have significantly in recent their capabilities -- significant increased their capabilities. -- significantly increased their capabilities. fighter jets, land-based systems, these are new weapons systems developed in recent years.
3:13 am
this is very important. we had this system during the soviet years, but after the soviet union disintegrated, it fell through. now we are able to restore it. we have new commanding authorities. the number of soldiers increased by 2.4 times. our military units are now manned at over 90%. the waiting period for military housing has been reduced by a factor of six.
3:14 am
now the most important thing for , oursection, for defense talk about the newest systems of strategic weaponry that we have created as a response to the u.s. unilaterally withdrawing and employing the system within the u.s. and other countries. to 2000.ike to go back the united states told us about its plans to withdraw from the abm treaty. russia objected to this allegorically. waselieve that the treaty a cornerstone in the international security architecture. according to this treaty, roadsides were entitled to just one area protected against missile attacks.
3:15 am
russia deployed this system and around the graham fox area where they had their missiles. this treaty created an atmosphere of trust and also against the unilateral use of nuclear weapons by one of the two sides. the -- thisake would make it vulnerable to retaliatory strikes. we talked to the u.s. not to upset this strategic balance, but it did not help. the united states unilaterally withdrew from the abm treaty, and for a long time after that, we tried to have a constructive dialogue with the americans. we suggested working together in this area, and at a certain
3:16 am
we wouldseemed that reach a compromise, but no. all our proposals were rejected. then we said that in order to ensure our security, we will have to improve our modern strike capabilities. in response, they said that the united states was not developing missile-defense capabilities against russia. -- can do what you want, where did this come from? basically after the collapse of the soviet union, russia, which they identified with the soviet union, this is what they called it in the west, "soviet russia," they said. russia lost 23.8% of its
3:17 am
territory, 43.5% of its gdp, 39.4% of% of its industrial potential. 44.6% of defensive capabilities, because the armed forces of the soviet union were divided between the former soviet republic. military equipment was obsolete, and the armed forces were in pitiful condition. we had a civil war going on in , and uranian enrichment this -- uranium enrichment facilities had u.s. inspectors working there. at a certain point, there was a big question of whether we would be able to develop strategic weaponry at all. some asked if russia was capable of inheriting weapons from the
3:18 am
soviet union. was deep in debt and unable to fund its armed forces. part of this problem, we believed, the resurgence of the and the defense sector of the economy, our country would be impossible in the near future. takethere was no need to russia's fuse into consideration. they decided they would push forward and achieve unilateral dominance so they could dictate there will in all the other areas as well. this kind of logic is understandable based on the reality we had back then. it is our own fault. we did our best to bring
3:19 am
americans back to these discussions about strategic stability. we were able to achieve a few things. we signed the new start treaty in 2010. yet when implementing these plans to build a global missile-defense system, all the agreements that we achieved as part of the new start treaty ,ere undermined and devalued because as the number of nuclear charges its reduced -- gets reduced, one party, namely the united states, increases the number of infrastructure missiles, improves their characteristics, creates new deployment areas for their interceptor missiles. we do nothing, russia's nuclear potential will be fully undermined. they will be able to intercept all our ballistic missiles.
3:20 am
in spite of all our progress, the u.s. machine is working at full speed. the conveyor is running at full speed. they have deployed systems in alaska and california. as a result of nato eastern expansion, they have set up areas in romania and oman. they have plans to deploy such missiles in japan and south korea. ea-based also a s group of cruisers and destroyers deployed close to russia. without any integration, i can say that they are working on this project at full speed. how did russia respond to this challenge? here is what we did.
3:21 am
after the united states withdrew from the abm treaty unilaterally, we have an working hard to create new promising weaponry systems. this enables us to make a big step forward, creating new strategic arms. the u.s. global missile-defense system is mainly against ballistic missiles. deterrent, just like with other nuclear powers. this is why russia has been developing very modestly pricewise, but effective systems to defeat missile-defense and all our icbm's are equipped with such systems. developed a new generation of missiles, namely the defense ministry works together with the defense
3:22 am
companies in the space industry. they are testing a new missile system that uses a heavy icbm. new system will replace the old system we had during the soviet period. the old system was considered a highly effective weapon. with a payload of 200 tons, it is hard to be intercepted by missile-defense. this new missile and the number of warheads is .igh
3:23 am
with capabilities for beating missile-defense systems. usednew system can be under any conditions. let's watch the video. [applause] [video clip]
3:24 am
[applause] president putin: [speaking russian] a range of 11,000 kilometers. with the new system, there is no range limitation. as you can see from this video, it can attack any target through the north pole or the south pole. willssile-defense system be able to withstand it. [applause] president putin: [speaking russian] but even this is not the end. we have developed a new strategic weapon that does not use ballistic trajectory at all, which means that missile-defense will be useless against it.
3:25 am
this is what i am going to tell you about now, this new kind of weapon, a promising weapon that russia has developed using new, unique technology designed by our engineers. one of those systems is a small, super-powerful, nuclear energy system that can be deployed in a .ruise missile-like it's range will be 10 times higher, which means there is basically no limit. as i small missile of unlimited range and unpredictable trajectory. intercepted by existing or future missile defense systems.
3:26 am
2017, at the central testing ground of the russian federation, we had a successful test launch of this newest missile with the nuclear or energy unit. it achieved for altitude. after the successful test, we can start manufacturing this new kind of weapon. a strategic nuclear weapon system. let's now watch this video. [video clip]
3:27 am
>> this is how it avoids defense barriers. it has unlimited range so it can keep going like this forever, maneuvering. [applause] of and nobodyd else has such a system in the world. they may create something similar in the future, but our guys will come up with new ideas as well. the wholell know that
3:28 am
world works effectively on drones. submarines that move at ultra deep levels, intercontinental he, with a speed that is much higher than summary and's, and even the fastest surface ships. this is just fantastic. vehicles are noiseless and there is no defense system in the world today that can cope with such vehicles. they can be equipped with conventional or nuclear weapons. defense andal still infrastructure facilities.
3:29 am
testingber we completed of this new system. it is extremely small and at the , the size is 100 times less than the suffering, and at the same time it is more powerful. develop new us to nuclear systems. let's watch the next video now. [video clip]
3:30 am
3:31 am
3:32 am
powerful. say this is the existing missiles are not able to catch up with it. russia now has such a weapon. [applause] we already have it. new hypersoniced
3:33 am
systems, air-based systems, and i think you understand by now that nothing similar exists anywhere in the world. we have successfully tested this new system. alreadytem is operational. [applause] unique specifications of this new system will allow us to deliver a missile to a target in a matter of a few minutes. a hypersonic missile that at a high speed can also air defenseercoming systems.
3:34 am
delivering a payload within the range of 2000 kilometers. let's watch the next video now. [video clip]
3:35 am
[applause] >> but even this is not the end. it is a real technology rate through.- break we have successfully tested this new system as well. warned theeatedly united states and europe nato members that we will take steps to neutralize threats that arise from the deployment of their missiles.
3:36 am
we said publicly and in our in 2000 andlks four, when for the first time ever we tested the system, and meeting with the media i said military potential of other countries grows, russia needs to have a new generation of weapons. after certain experiments we successful,h were we are sure that soon russia will have a new system capable of destroying intercontinental targets with hypersonic speed
3:37 am
and high precision, able to maneuver and change its course and altitude. every word of what i just said is important. there are no such systems anywhere in the world. and, of course, every word here is important because we talked about missiles capable of avoiding defense barriers. plans. no secret of our this was in 2004 like i said. in spite of all difficulties over the years, economic and with our problems defense industry and armed russia reached nuclear
3:38 am
power but nobody wanted to take us seriously. nobody listened to us. so listen to us now. [applause] >> thank you. this system is different from other existing systems because it can go at hypersonic speeds.
3:39 am
gliding cruise missile is lateral maneuvers, which makes it an vulnerable to any missile defense systems. it goes like a meteor right towards its target. like a fireball. the temperature on the surface of this weapon reaches 2000 degrees centigrade, at the same time it is still completely under control.
3:40 am
let's watch the video. [video clip] [applause] >> we cannot show you today what
3:41 am
the actual system looks like. think this is obvious to everybody, but i can assure you that all of these things really exist, and all of these things work very well. more, our defense companies have launched mass ,roduction of this new system this new strategic weapons system. we gave it the name of van guard. we know there are a number of countries developing new weapons systems. even here, we are one step ahead of everybody else. we have achieved significant
3:42 am
results in developing laser weapons. just the aries and plans, and not just the beginning stages of production. started equipping our military units with combat laser systems. i will not go into details. specialists know what i am talking about. such systems specifically augment russia's military capabilities. let's watch this video now. [video clip] for those and in military -- for those interested
3:43 am
askingtary systems, i'm you to send in your proposals for a name for this new system. of course, we will keep working and fine tuning these new weapon systems. of course, i did not tell you about everything, all of the things we're working on, that's enough for today. would like to emphasize one thing in particular. these systems that we have developed and continue to are not something we inherited from the soviet union. all of the things i told you about today are new
3:44 am
developments, things that we designed in recent years. bureausozens of design and research centers working on , calmly,ngs quietly without making a show. they worked hard for a number of years on these projects. thousands of people working on these things. thousands of excellent researchers, scientists, and engineers who love what they do. workers, including a lot of young people. they, like our serviceman, formed valiantly. they are the true heroes. [applause] right now, i would like to address all of those people.
3:45 am
like to tell you we will certainly give you awards, benefits, and so on. i know this is not what you are working for. you just care about ensuring our country's security. i would like to thank you for everything you did for our country. this is precisely what our country needed today. all of these new military on excellentased achievements that will later be used in high-tech civilian products. i would like to mention one thing. systems can weapons only be developed in a state
3:46 am
that has the highest level of fundamental science and research centers and industrial facilities and labor forces. you can see now that russia has all of these assets. we will continue developing this potential, and we will focus on the large-scale issues that we face today and our economy, in the social sphere, and infrastructure. such successful development of our country will be well protected. important, all of these systems together will enable our defense ministry to develop a future defense system for our country where each weapons system will play its own
3:47 am
role in addition to existing weapons systems and strategic arms, which we will also continue modernizing. of course, we still have to do a lot of things and reforming our military, but even today we can confidently say that russia now ,as a modern and compact army and the core of this army are loyal and committed military officers. [applause] our equipment and military others, sooner or later countries around the world may have that as well, and we are
3:48 am
not concerned by that. we will have even better systems in the future. the key thing, nobody has such people. [applause] i hope all of these things i have said today will sober up potential aggressors and on from the steps taken against russia. financially, this is unjustifiable.
3:49 am
eventually, nonsensical for the people who do this. all of the things i told you about today, we have to inform our counterparts because of the commitments we have made internationally earlier. our defense ministry and foreign ministry will discuss this issue in the future. i will only say that all of this work has been conducted by us within the limits of current arms control treaties. we are not violating anything. to emphasize that this military power is not to threaten anybody. we have no plans to be an aggressor. we have never had any plans to attack anybody. we are not going to take anything away from anybody.
3:50 am
the contrary, i would like to emphasize, and this is very russia's growing military power is just a guarantee of peace on our planet. it will preserve the strategic balance of forces in the world. those who have been him unlawful sanctions on russia to hold our country back, to all of those i would like to say that all of the things you were trying to hold back, all of the things have already happened. you are unable to hold russia back. [applause]
3:51 am
now, you have to face the facts. sure i am notke bluffing, and i am not bluffing. to get rid of the people who cannot look into the future and keep living in the past. and stop rocking the boat. now let me say one more thing. we are very much concerned by the new nuclear review recently published in the united states that reduced the threshold of using nuclear weapons. of course, you can tell us to calm down unofficially off the record. we are looking at the official document and it says that nuclear weapons can be used in
3:52 am
response to threats. i would like to say that russia will only use nuclear weapons when it nuclear weapons are used against russia and its allies. it is very clear and specific. i have to say the following. any use of nuclear weapons against russia or its allies, long-range or medium-range, any kind of attack, will be regarded as a nuclear attack against russia. and in response, we will take action instantaneously, no matter what the consequences are. nobody should have any doubt about that. do not create new threats for the world on. on the contrary you should come to the negotiating table.
3:53 am
we have talked to you about this on many occasions and we remain open for that. will never be based on exceptionalism. we just protect our interests and respect other countries interests based on international law. we think that the united nations should play the leading role. as an example, our strategic partnership with the people's republic of china. our strategic relationship with india. russia is actively working with international organizations. we are developing new groupings and structures.
3:54 am
we are interested in a proper, constructive relationship with the united states and the european union. we hope that common sense will prevail with our partners. even if we disagree on something still, we remain partners. facese we have to difficult challenges together, have to build a future world. we see integration taking place all over the world, and together with our partners we will make a globally competitive grouping of countries. it was soon have a common energy oil market, and we will harmonize our financial markets.
3:55 am
we will continue working on a greater eurasian partnership. the country that is open for transformations will be the next leader. our people have always been like that at important stages of our history. in the past 30 years we have implemented transformations that would take centuries with other countries. we pursue our own policy. we stay together. below is be like that. [applause] is the best basis for future development. we shouldoming years reinforce the unity and work as one team. we need to change.
3:56 am
we need to be courageous and brave, we need to take responsibility and become stronger and better, benefiting our family, our people, our country. better, life for the creating a russia we are dreaming of. the whole 21st century will be the time of our victory, our common success, and i believe that this is going to be the case. thank you. [applause]
3:57 am
3:58 am
thursday, state department spokesperson heather issued a statement concerning the russian president statement that russia has been testing new nuclear weapons. >> what i wanted to ask is about the statements made by n this morning regarding the new weapons that he said had been tested. reactionthe diplomatic to this. >> i can tell you that many of us watched that speech with great interest here from the state department and i would imagine across u.s. government as well. one of the things i want to make clear is that we are not going to react to every word or idea
3:59 am
that world leaders express. it was certainly unfortunate to have watched the video animation that depicted a nuclear attack on the united states. that is something we did not enjoy watching. we do not regard that as the behavior of a responsible, international player. i just want to make that very clear. we just do not consider it to be responsible. -- youou are reacting said you are not going to react, but you feel compelled -- >> we saw it and we do not think it is responsible. we do not think that kind of imagery, seeing the portrayal in a cheesy video of that kind of attack being conducted on the united states as being a responsible action. ok -- >> you responded to the broadcast of an animation which is, after all, a cartoon but not
4:00 am
to the substance which is russian claims of having new weapons systems that could threaten the united states. so, can you respond to that, for example, is it not the case that at least one of these weapons systems has been >> that is certainly a concern of ours. president putin has confirmed what the united states government has known for a long time, that russia has denied. russia has been developing destabilizing weapons systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations. president trump understands the threats facing america and our allies and is determined to protect our homeland and preserve peace through strength. budget a new defense that is over $700 billion. we believe that our military
4:01 am
will be stronger than ever. the nuclear posture review addressed some of this. we are moving forward to modernize our nuclear arsenal and make sure that our capabilities remain unmatched. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, bloomberg senate reporter stephen dennis and national journal of politics weekr josh discuss the ahead in congress and at the white house. economist martin sullivan talks about efforts to implement the new tax law. watch washington journal each sunday for our special series on 1968, america in turmoil. we look back 50 years to that turbulent time in 1968, including the vietnam war, and a fractious presidential election. here's a look at our live
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coverage today. the house meets at noon eastern for general speeches. landmark.m. eastern, cases continues with a look at the civil rights cases of 1883. on c-span 2, we join the american israel public affairs committee for their annual policy conference. amy klobuchar and tom cotton among the speakers. that is followed by a discussion on financial regulations. at 3:00, the senate is back in session. top state education officials gather for a conference ending with a speech by secretary betsy devos. later, remarks from vice president pence and u.n. ambassador nikki haley. >> tonight on landmark cases, we explore the civil rights cases
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of 1883, the supreme court decision that struck down the civil rights act of 1875, a law that granted all people access to public accommodations like trains and theaters regardless of race. justice john marshall harlan cast the lone vote in opposition and his dissent eclipsed the legacy of majority opinion. ,xplore this case with danielle dean of our universities law school, and peter, attorney and member of the u.s. commission on civil rights. 9:00 live tonight at eastern on c-span. for background on each case, order your copy of the landmark for $8.95anion book plus shipping and handling at for an additional resource, there's a link on our website to the national constitution center's interactive constitution. >> the senate armed services
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committee held a confirmation hearing for president trump's nominee to head the u.s. cyber command and national security agency. the committee also considered several energy department nominations. this is just under two hours. >> the committee meets today to ofsider the nomination lieutenant general paul naka sone. that is quite a b.


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