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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Pt. 2  CSPAN  March 5, 2018 9:33am-10:07am EST

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side, there is one less loophole, meaning -- as it relates to whether or not there is commentarya mix of or not. there was some clarity given there. what is also clear is what is still troubling to me, that they are still not the expert agency. it is still not the agency that had any background of when it comes to a common carrier or net neutrality regulations, the fcc is still the agency that does not answer or come into play unless harm is done and unless you can prove unfair or deceptive practices. things forery high security systems to be able to realize or be able to forge to bring to the ftc. announcer: watch the communicators tonight on c-span
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two. announcer: washington journal continues. host: this morning we have talked about the potential for a looming a trade war, we have talk about efforts to pass new gun-control laws. the implication of the new tax any ofu can talk about those issues or any other public policy issues on open phones. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. we will be open phones until 10:00. democrat, north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning to you, sir. i believe it is kind of ironic that you do this every week. something ands the whole media flocks around it, but we all know this
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is not goingtariff to happen. he signed daca, he is going to do this, he is going to stop the guns. and of the week progresses, he does nothing. the people in the industrial belt, they get behind this guy like he is really going to do something for them. he is out for one person and one person only. himself. clean,iping the treasury he is making every dime he can make, and i guarantee you a nickel to a billion bucks, he will not find a bill to enforce that tariff. host: the lead story is that trumps firm on that plan, according to his advisers, no nation will be excempt.
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a 25% steel tariff is what the president says, 10% on imports of aluminum. we will look for that next week. virginia, independent. go ahead. the trade deals. it is a myth that the reason why the companies would fall short in the bill and trade bills, there is nothing in any of those trade bills that forced a lot of the countries to go overseas to outsource jobs for manufacturing. they did that voluntarily. it is also a myth that they went overseas to escape high taxes, as with all of the loopholes that they have, and exemptions, they still were paying 35% and they are not going to pay the
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21% because of those loopholes. the only reason they went overseas is not because of trade deals, which is a myth, they went overseas to undermine labor unions and to cripple the labor movement. and that is my comments. cleveland, ohio. democrat. good morning. workers are in peril right now, especially with everything hanging over our heads and this national right to work movement from the right. since the key0, party takeover of statehouses, this right to work issue has surged to the point where some states could not even control to workthey had a right or not. it is wrong for workers, it lowers rages, and it allows companies to disregard safety issues when it comes to
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construction projects. what the other gentleman was ,alking about with off shoring doing it for cheap labor, doing it for the fact that you can pollute water in some other country. these issues have to come to the floor so that we can have a good debate. thank you. ,ost: dave in california independent. go ahead. morning, that was a good point to the last gentleman had about the right to work, as far as not going anywhere forward, my comment is what is being done about the war debt? host: what do you think should be done? caller: i think that we should withdraw all military engagements and reconvene ourselves into a more peaceful enlightenment of what could be and processes of elimination of any type of violent force of media and
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fools suchd full -- as people who are in a position they should not be in, who just thought they could do it by the force of thought. host: do you think we should even have a military? maybe if we had some kind of a redesign effort of what military means, we don't even have that focus anymore. host: indiana, democrat. good morning. good morning, my question is -- we know it has happened -- why is the president not -- why has congress allowing him to not release his tax and -- are you there? host: yes. caller: why is congress allowing him to get away with that and not using his tax returns and business properties, they were supposed to have signed over to someone else, he has not done
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that to my knowledge. why is congress allowing this with so much that we know one day he will change is, has so, my comment any president before him withheld taxes or tax returns, is he setting a price for future presidents, if he doesn't do it, they don't have to. we will hear the limbaughs and the radioys get on and criticize them, but they would never criticize trump. understand why he is allowed to get by with so much when congress has control. indiana, last week, the late reverend billy graham lay in honor of the needs of the capitol dome up here on capitol hill, the state of north carolina trying to keep billy graham's presence in the halls of congress for longer than that.
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of the citizen times from asheville, north carolina. they noted that the state general assembly in 2015 approved a bill calling for a statue of graham to replace that of a former governor, one of north carolina's two hundred'stives in the statutes in the national statuary hall collection in the capital. nothing more was done after that because federal rules that those honored with a statue in the -- aal must be deceased state committee will be appointed to choose a sculptor now and oversee placement of the grandma statue in the capital subject to congressional approval. theer roy cooper wrote to architect of the capitol last week asking him to approve the states request, they are calling grandma one of north carolina's most celebrated figures and america's pastor. republican, go ahead. caller: in light of the activity
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that we see on the part of russia and china, civil defense programs, for our children, i wonder why do we in the u.s. not have any program to create or support them internally since 1972. the bestseem that interest of the people would be to have some type of program where we were trying to at least have a method of protecting or defending some of the people if there was some type of nuclear conflict, and it would also be beneficial in terms of a natural disaster, hurricane, if we were to reinforce or reinstitute that type of program. any comment? host: we want to hear your comment to this morning. about 15 minutes left in open phone. any issues you want to talk, the phone line is yours. missouri, independent. go ahead. there areod morning, a lot of things that bother me from last week.
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heard that the bears fears national monuments in utah -- .ears years -- bears ears they were afforded a map to plot out coal and oil deposits and that 85% that it got reduced almost shadows this map. they said we were going to conserve the land and that we would not be drilling for oil and digging for coal, and yet a month later, there is applications to drill for oil there and to dig for coal going on at the white house. another thing that bothers me from last week is donald trump when weo armed teachers saw trained officers lost their nerve and did not go in. what is a teacher going to do?
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that hepoint, i hate told the bald-faced lie that he would run in there without a weapon when he got five deferments from vietnam. i think the only place he is going to run is due a golf course and a cheeseburger or a poor and star -- or a porn star. host: line for republicans, go ahead. law,r: on the gun control we have armed security in the bank, armed security in the courthouse. why can we have armed security in the schools to protect our children? mean, it do not make sense where everybody says you have to keep guns out of. no, you need the right people protecting our kids. you get the right people protecting our money, protecting the president and congress.
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armed security to protect our kids, too. a few tweets this morning as we are having this conversation about the issue of gun control. " i have no problem with federal background checks, but the criminals really do not adhere to any laws." good are universal background checks at the mental health professionals don't want to label patients mentally ill and cops are not arresting violent people who join in the discussion" one of the stories from yesterday, the oscars in hollywood. this is the headline from the arts section of the new york times today. a big hollywood night in the metoo movement, noting the post harvey weinstein era taking care of serious business at the start of the 90th academy awards. the host jimmy kimmel addressed
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the sexual-harassment scandal that has rocked hollywood. here is a bit of jimmy kimmel from last night. >> oscars are still number one, no question about it. most beloved and respected man in hollywood. and there is a very good reason why. he keeps his hands were you can see them. never says a root word, and most at all.tly, no penis he is literally a statue of limitations. that is the kind of man we need more of in this town. hollywood is about women, we made a movie called what women want, and it started delegates in. that is all you need to know. -- it started mel gibson. last year we expelled harvey weinstein. harvey deserted the most.
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that's very sweet. i'm sure he will appreciate that applause. the academy kick him out, and aggravated, i look it up. you know the only other person to be expelled from the academy inr was a character actor 2004. he was kicked out for sharing screeners. he got the same punishment as harvey weinstein for giving his neighbor a copy of seabiscuit on vhs. [laughter] [applause] what is happening is long overdue. us, weld is watching need to set an example, and the truth is that if we are successful here, if we can work together to stop sexual harassment in the workplace, if we can do that, women will only have to deal with harassment all the time at every other place they go. about 10 minutes left of the washington journal, open phones.
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any public policy issue on your mind, give us a call. san antonio, texas. democrat good morning. caller: good morning. showh you all would do a on who promoted and made money off of that $45 million gas intion that we built afghanistan and then turned around and said they did not have any cars that ran on gas, but we decided that we needed to buy them cars. either the democrats complained about this, grandpa has complained about it several times. ever said who promoted that, who made money off of that, and why the taxpayers ended up putting such a stupid project. also, --
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host: we have had the special a specialor -- inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction on this program a couple of times, and that specific gas station i believe was something we talked with him about one of the times he was on. if you want to watch it on we will likely be inviting him on again in the future. what is your other point? i wanted to get on with the tax plan because hillary clinton and trump both ran saying that they were going to do something about the outrageous tax breaks that these hedge fund managers were getting , and nothing got done about that. i want to know if these companies are still giving discounts off their taxes for
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moving expenses when they move their projects over to other countries. anyway, that is my rant for the day. host: illinois, republican. two very quick things. first of all, the hollywood people lecturing the rest of us about the ill treatment of women in this country, when every woman on that program last night had their breasts pouring out of their close? hypocrisy. indiana, hen from need not worry about a billionaire who had no financial need of gaining going into the white house, instead, people like him should be thinking about a known name in a senator who came out of illinois and left the white house in upwards of $500 million. that is the people should be outraged about. that level of gain and wealth coming out of the white house, coming out of politics. thank you.
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host: oklahoma, democrat. hope this last presidential election will teach the people in the united states that they need to change over the way the president is elected. everybody else is elected by the votes, he is elected by electoral votes. he thinks he had a big landslide, he won by 34 elector" electoral votes. let the people vote for the president. i do not think that is right. the whitegoing on in house with his son-in-law and a daughter, they should not be in there. that is against the rules, look what a mess that is. more rallies and protests against him than for him, and he is not a businessman. has gone into bankruptcy several times. that is not a good businessman.
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i can't wait until he gets impeached. that will be the best thing to drain the swamp impeach trump, get him out of there, this man should have never been in a position to run for president. it is a joke and a sad day in history that will go down as one of the worst things that has happened to us in the united states. thank you. of elections, it is primary season and campaign 2018, the congressional campaigns. texas has its primary this week, tomorrow. does go weeks from now, illinois will have the second state the focus the season, of the new york times lead story today is on democrats facing a primary shove from the new left. focusing specifically on some of those texas contests.
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tuskegee, oklahoma. republican, good morning. caller: hello? host: go ahead. caller: i hope you don't cut me off please. i just want to say straight up, zi, all ofmp is a na those people at madison square garden, you better find them because they are all nazis. the ark of the covenant -- host: let's move on to stephen in northampton, pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: good morning. i am surprised it is being brought up in the news, the situation of au taking over facebook and stuff like that with false narratives, what i am finding on the internet is a lot of people voicing their opinions like you used to be able to write a letter to the editor.
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onhink a lot of our media one side is scared of the public opinion that is being addressed on all of the social media websites that you can contact. the false narratives versus the truth are being taken over by the computer, and it is funny how a lot of people aren't seeing science fiction become a science fact. go in and have to root out the bad reports. accumulating, the computers are saying i am doing ai isnd certain sections, constantly taking over the websites by itself. there is a thinking pattern i , like running the people's thoughts and opinions. but the main thing is the public opinion being pulled off of the computer for fear of someone having more knowledge than another. whether it is a newspaper or not. the opinions are very good on the computers now.
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host: phoenix arizona, democrat. good morning. my comment and question is that we have steel tariffs, dealing with security clearances for incompetent businesspeople, we have more investigation getting closer to the trump finances, five guilty pleas, 19 papadopoulos, other people directly involved in the trump administration, if we are following the money, where did the trump money come from for his loans. following the money, why does he not have any bad words to say about pugin in russia? why is he trying to fire everyone getting close to his finances knowing that he could not borrow five hours from wells fargo, yet he continues to get funding from offshore investments. i think our elections have been
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compromised, we see the republicans are not even interested in doing things the that actually presents a clear and present danger not only for the security of the united states but to our veterans and our military personnel overseas. why is it that we do not have anyone looking into why the money is literally be leading cause of the corruption that has now taken place and why these investigations are so essential? the topic of the people of the president surrounds himself with the white house. here is the story from the washington times today. former new jersey governor chris christie said that trump is housebating his white proclivity for staff chaos by bringing family members on as top advisers and taking scrutiny of the son-in-law and his business interests. that jeffie also said
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sessions should stay on the job and can be effective. but that trump has to act confidencehas lost in mr. sessions. the president has been ill-served by staff of it -- over the period of the last 15 months. time for a couple more phone calls. tennessee, independent, go ahead. caller: good morning. i am calling to comment on the thisr of the president weekend, last year i made a comment and i called this for my and said that section of the president's comment and when he was running for election, when he became that the point is to be the last president of the united states and the first
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dictator of the united states. joke,t believe that was a i believe he put it for so it could be considered by his race and that is how i am looking at it. host: north carolina, republican. good morning. i just turned on to your station, all of these people are just calling in and don't have the right information. lying, theare democrat news media is lying, and i don't get fox news, but i hear that is the best station to watch. they report the news the way it is supposed to work, report news fairly. the other stations are not doing that, they are pure democrats and they are liars and these people believe everything they hear and what you have to do is
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pay attention to what is going on. you have to research what is happening, he has done everything he said he was going to do, he is the most honest president we have ever had and he has been done dirty since he walked in the doors. he has the strongest backbone of any man to put up with the crap he has put up with, and the democrats have so much hate that it is so sick. i live in a small town and the democrats -- the people -- we get along great, but they are ill. they are mean, and it is set and the democrats have done all this stuff that has separated the people. obama, supremacists.n,
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they always voted for hillary because -- and this year they voted for donald trump. she may even pay them to do that. host: ok. an independent come a good morning. thank: i just want to c-span. people keep getting their information, i want to thank c-span because they are the only news source we have nowadays. you know what i mean? are you still there? host: how do you figure out who to trust when it comes to newspapers and all of the news out there? caller: none of the newspapers, well, they did the op ed thing, but they can kind of make up their own opinion and why and the whole russian scandal or
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whatever came out from, was in the washington post or something? it was a totally fabricated story. people got fired over it and it is still going and people think that robert mueller is really investigating a russian scandal. it is insane. how much power the media has. host: when it comes to the investigation, what do you make of the guilty pleas and indictments that have come out of that so far? deepr: i think they go so into -- like, i forgot. like everything that is based off of what james comey said cannot be used because it is all fabricated. i think he was in cahoots with hillary and the obama administration, back to the bush administration, but we are try to fight a war on terrorism.
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the president said, the last three presidencies were corrupt, people would not believe him. even if it was true. even if we were watching it happen. how would you expose it? i think c-span is the only option we have, to keep watching c-span. host: and are less caller today, zach. we will be back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, 4:00 a.m. pacific. in the meantime, have a great monday. ♪ announcer: on capitol hill, both the house and senate in session today.
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in at noon,veling back at 2:00 p.m. to start legislative business. seven bills on the agenda today, naming post offices. that will take place this evening at 6:30 p.m. considering measures that would delay or suspend rules for wood heaters and electric power plants that use waste for fuel. the senate is back at 3:00 consider nominations for a three district judges at 5:30 p.m. eastern. areock my lawmakers expected to begin work on easy banking regulations. you can watch live on c-span and a c-span2. in about a half an hour, we will look at a bill sponsored by mike crapo, that would revise some of the dodd frank regulation law. again, that will be at 10:30 on c-span2.
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later we will hear from betsy devos speaking to a gathering of state education officials in washington dc, live this afternoon at 4:15 p.m. eastern on c-span3. and vice president pence and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley speaking at the american israel public affairs committee conference in washington, joined by congressional leaders come alive at 5:00 p.m. eastern, also on c-span3. tonight, democratic fcc commissioner clyburn discusses the rejection of net neutrality, spectrum auctions, and had to expand broadband throughout the u.s. -- and how to expand broadband throughout the u.s. >> earlier you brought up the federal trade commission, this week there was a court decision involving their authority and whether or not he can sue at&t for the a legend -- alleged
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misrepresentation to consumers about unlimited data. what lessons do you draw from that court ruling, and particularly the loophole involving the kerry exception -- carrier exception? ison a positive side, there one less loophole, meaning that the court gave clarity as it relates to whether or not there is authority under the -- wh carrierere is a common or not, so there was clarity given, but what is also clear, what is still troubling, that the expertstill not agency, it still is not the agency that has any background when it comes to common carrier or net neutrality regulation. the ftc is still the agency that does not answer or come into
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play unless harm is done and unless you can prove unfair or deceptive practices. those are very high hurdles for security systems to be able to realize or be able to bring to the ftc. announcer: watch "the communicators" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. -- on c-span2. inouncer: next, a debate that eight teams district -- at the house race in pennsylvania congressional district between republican rick saccone and democrat mr. lamb. this is about one hour. announcer: a local race on the national stage. >> a special house election drawing national attention. >> fascinating race. announcer: a special election for the 18th congressional district. >> i"m running for congress because i want to help the people of the 18th district. >> i just feel like i can go down there and be an asset.


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