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tv   White House Briefing  CSPAN  March 9, 2018 2:17pm-2:42pm EST

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sen. sanders: good afternoon, happy friday. we are once again seeing strong evidence that the american dream is back and real under president trump's leadership. based on today's jobs report president's economic policies of historic tax cuts and deregulation are working. the obama administration was losing around 100,000 jobs per month in the manufacturing industry, but since the president's election manufacturing jobs have increased by 275,000. over 300,000 jobs were created bring they alone, total jobs created since president trump create was elecd
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president to 3 million. hasews today the president submariner.avy submariner he was 22 years old at the time of his offenses and has served at his 12 month sentence. he has been recognized by his fellow service members for his dedication, to scale -- dedication, skill, and patriotic spirit he served as an instructor for new recruits. appreciative of his surface that his service to the country. -- of his service to the country. >> what are the considerations that are -- what are the locations that are under consideration are the meeting to take place? sen. sanders: we will certainly make those announcements when those--gwen moore and their mission is available -- when
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more information is available. not going to have those conversations between me and you and the press. those are conversations that will take place at a much higher level and certainly outside of this room. the south korea national security adviser said the u.s. responded positively to south korean request for waiver and steel tariffs. president's athe proclamation said yesterday there to countries that were and therely excluded would be the opportunity for us to negotiate on matters of national security. and we're going to be doing that with a number of different countries. think kime president jong-un is sincere about talking about denuclearize asian? denuclearization? sen. sanders: what we do know is the maximum pressure campaign has been effective.
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we know it has put a tremendous amount of pressure on north korea. they have made some major promises. they have made promises to denuclearize. they recognize that regular military exercises between the u.s. and its allies in south korea will continue. the maximum pressure campaign, we are not letting up. the maximum pressure campaign, we are not letting up. you're not going to step back and make any changes in that. we are to have this meeting take place until he see concrete action that match the rhetoric of north korea. -- cankim jong-un been kim jong-un be trusted as a negotiating partner? >> based on them following through with concrete actions on the promises they have made. >> lindsey graham said about this news, he said word of warning to north korean president kim jong-un, the worst
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possible thing you can do with donald trump in person it to meet in person and try to play cam. -- try to play him. think lindseyi graham knows president trip is one of the best negotiators and he has great confidence in his ability and is glad he will be the one at the table for the united states. i think senator graham has been andhe other side of that certainly knows the capabilities and determination of president trump. >> [inaudible] sec. sanders: they have promised to denuclearize, they have promised to stop missile testing, and they recognize we are going to continue in our military exercises.
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the united sits has made zero concessions. but north korea has made some promises. this won't take place without concrete action that matches the promises made by north korea. >> do you think a two-month time period is enough to make sure they will fulfill those promises. he says he wants to do it by may. sen. sanders: we working on a determination of the time. let's not be lost in the fact that this didn't happen overnight. this maximum pressure campaign and this process has been ongoing since the president took office. time -- for the first time in a long time the president -- the unites states is having a conversation from position of strength, not a position of weakness like north korea finds itself in. >> does that mean it may not be may? a time ornot set location. those things are to be determined.
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>> did he promise to talk about denuclearize? >> the understanding from the messaging from the south korean delegation is that they would denuclearize. that is what our ultimate goal has always been and that will have to be part of the action that we see them take. we have to see concrete and verifiable actions take place. >> is in the president giving kim jong-un exactly what he wants? sen. sanders: i think the president is getting exactly what he wants. tois getting the opportunity have the north koreans denuclearize. you have to remember nothing is changing from the united states position. we are going to continue our maximum pressure campaign. we are going to continue working with our allies and partners to do that. nothing is changing from our side when it comes to this conversation.
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>> kim jong-un gets his equal footing on his view -- footing in his view on the world stage. sec. sanders: i don't think the president is getting nothing when we have said many times, since walking here in the last 10 minutes, that the president will not have the meeting without seeing concrete steps and concrete action take place in north korea. would beginning something in the world would be getting something. that gets aclue place where north korea is denuclearizing -- if we get to a place where north korea is denuclearizing, that will make the world much safer. president moon said this is because of the leadership of president trump. given the economic news and the north korea news, what words would you do -- would you use to describe the president's mood? >> the president is in a great
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mood. the president has been in a great mood. we have had a successful year. we have to make sure we have seven more. >> was this done in a haphazard way? sen. sanders: not at all. this has been an ongoing campaign that has been ongoing for a number of years. the individuals were involved in the conversation doesn't mean the appropriate pop -- appropriate parties weren't in the room and want a part of that discussion. spam is appropriate? should he have not reached out to international partners first? we have had: ongoing conversations with leaders across the world. the president simply said there would be an announcement. the president had conversations
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with world leaders last night and today. all of these countries have been working together -- this is something all of these countries have been working together on. and secretary of state's deputy was in the room at a time these conversations went on. it is absurd to pretend like they weren't a part of this process and haven't in a part of this process all along. >> how will the president and the united states be able to verify this before the meeting? how will they be able to verify the denuclearize a shenyang go sen. sanders: that is something determined through the national security and intelligence community. click the president said previous predecessors have mishandled this. why can he be so confident this is the right move when in october he was telling his own
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secretary of state it would be a waste of time to talk directly? sen. sanders: i think famous plated it otherwise we wouldn't be in the position we are in. to president wouldn't have be cleaning up the mistakes of the previous ministration. again, we are going to continue the maximum pressure campaign to make sure they follow through on these commitments. >> is there not an ambassador in south korea? doesn't he plan to step up the for this meeting? sen. sanders: at the end of the day, the ultimate person to lead that negotiation or that conversation and the other table .ill he the president >> north korea has made promises before. avery nagged on those promises.
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-- they've reneged on those promises. the united states is going to continue that maximum pressure campaign. we are making no concessions. we are not going to move forward until we see concrete and verified action taking place by north korea. we are also operating from a position of strength. due to the maximum pressure campaign, not just the united states. they have stepped up and do -- and done and didn't -- done infinitely more. effort tocollective put the pressure on north korea and it's going to continue. north korea is in a place of weakness. that is certainly recognized by the promises they have made in this conversation.
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>> you could say he is responsible for the death of -- why put them on the same stage as the president of the united states? reporter: -- sen. sanders: eyeglass you guys are knology a lot of the problems of north korea. a couple of weeks ago a lot of members in the press were elevating north korea and some of the members of the regime and comparing them to people in the united states and this administration. that would put north korea on a similar state. francesca? >> yesterday south korean official came out and said that this meeting would be taking place i may. you do not say that in your original statement. the place and time hasn't been set. was very miscommunication?
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what definitely has been said by -- sec. sanders: i'm simply saying a time and place hasn't been set free at -- set. president the deciding here. sec. sanders: i'm pretty sure you guys are all here. than the white house and the telling us it will be here on this property. it wasn't until an hour after that you even said that even sent out a statement that even sent out a statement confirming the details that president trump would be meeting with kim jong-un. not the fact that the white house briefed us on our own sanders:outside? sen.
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this is the result of the south korean delegation with them coming here to give us an update on their conversations and meetings, and relating that information. and the reason for the south koreans addressing her because those individuals have directly spoken with the north koreans. they were the ones making that response. >> it was the president's idea to come in here and make that statement? sen. sanders: expect in an announcement coming a couple of hours later. april. >> they are the blackhole when it comes to intelligence and what happens in north korea. what will be put in place specifically to qualify and quantify? do in denuclearizing?
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what you do when you want to employ world bodies? >> they will be determined by the intelligence community, the national security team. you have some kind of meeting of this nature it's --ortant to understand >> it's important for our security community to understand that area that is going to be a major part of any conversation and some thing i'm not going to relay at this point. .> one more subject trump c president stormy daniels? text, email, any information? have discussede this extensively and i have
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nothing to add. >> on was the governor brown said president trump was declaring war on california. i know -- have they talked on the phone recently? when the president goes to california, will it be war, or will it be peace? sen. sanders: i think if anybody's stepping out of bounds here it summit a is refusing to follow federal law, which is certainly not the president. we are going for what we hope to be an incredible he positive trip. the president is going to look at prototypes along the border. and also meet with and speak to the members of our armed services. he will be speaking with members of all five branches of the military. i don't think i could be anything but a positive thing.
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>> stating the date coming up and who might be helping the president or who is expected to help them, would be assume then that general mcmaster would remain national security adviser throughout the duration of the negotiations? >> no reason to believe otherwise? itit could be later but could still be on their? sen. sanders: i don't have a crystal ball, but the idiotent's national sick visor is general mcmaster. he's an important part of this process. >> he's not leaving anytime soon? reporter: not that -- sen. sanders: not that i'm aware of. >> three weeks ago the president came out is that are going to have the largest nuclear or sever. going to have nuclear like you've never seen before,
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and we won't lead the way. cameay after that mulvaney in here and said you all were 15ng to stand close to billion dollars to upgrade the nuclear arsenal. the president came out that he had a first strike weapon. whether or not we believe he has a first strike weapon, isn't it inherently dangerous for the two largest owners of the nuclear arsenal engage in brinkmanship, and why are we abandoning our role as a peacemaker in disarmament? >> i don't think that is the point anyone is making. the president wants to make sure we have the most robust and modern military. he has been in constant conversation with the secretary defense and working on the recommendations of the secretary. i think everybody can rest assured knowing that secretary mattis is making good decisions
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when it comes to how best to rebuild and modernize the military. >> you don't come back from that. isn't it dangerous to talk about brinkmanship? sec. sanders: i think it's dangerous to push a narrative that is not at all with this -- at all what this administration is pushing. i'm talking. we are talking about the safety and security of this country. we are talking about making sure we have a strong us military in the world so we can operate from a place of strength. i'm going to keep moving. on when to take one more question. >> is there a possibility that these talks with north korea may not happen? sec. sanders: they have to follow through on the promises they have made. we want to see concrete and verifiable action on that front. there are a lot of of things possible, i'm not going to sit here and walk through every hypothetical.
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i can tell you the president has excepted that invitation on the basis that we have concrete and verifiable steps. you have knowledge that the president's knows about the arbitration involving stormy daniels, doesn't he remember speaking with his lawyer about that? addressedrs: i've this extensively, i don't have anything else to add. what specific steps is the president taking to prepare for this major summit? sanders: the president has been repairing for this for quite some time. he's going to continue to do that. but also the president is, i think, the ultimate negotiator, dealmaker when it comes to any type of conversation.
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we feel very confident where we are. tanks so much, guys, have a great weekend. >> the news conference dominated by questions about president trump's announcement yesterday that he would meet with north korean leader kim jong-un. that announcement happening us secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first official trip to the continent of africa. today in a news conference he responded to the president's decision. here's what he had to say. respect to talks with north korea, there seems to be something that -- so that people continue to struggle with, the difference. the conditions are not right for negotiations. we've been saying for some time we are open to talks. president trump has said for some time that he was open to talks and would willingly meet with kim jong-un when conditions
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were right and the time was right. i think the president's judgment -- in the president's judgment that time has arrived. , i wasomments yesterday indicating comments about negotiations. we have been open for talks for quite some time. in terms of the decision to engage between president trump and kim jong-un, that is a decision the president took himself. i spoke to him very early this morning about that decision and we had a good conversation. this is something he had on his mind for quite some time, so it was not a surprise in any way. i think this has long been something he has expressed openly before about his willingness to meet with kim jong-un. aboutk it's a question agreeing on a timing of that first meeting between the two of them and a location, and i will
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take some weeks before we get all that worked out. note the prize. we know there has been a lot of discussion, and you have been reading about it too. we also have been having contacts back and forth with him, as you are all aware, through channels we have had open for some time. the mosthis was forward leaning report we have -- in terms of kim jong-un's not just willingness, but his desire for talks. i think what changed is his posture in a very dramatic way that, in all honesty, came as a surprise to us as well. he was so for leaning in his conversations. >> coming up in 20 minutes we will be hearing from a group of young chicago residents about gun violence in their community. of chicago schools and former education secretary
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arne duncan moderate the discussion. that's coming up live at 3 p.m. eastern here on c-span. ahead of that, a look at some of today's washington journal. .to joining us is chris whipple, author of "gatekeepers: how the white house chief of staff defined every presidency." your book is out in paperback with a new chapter talking to the president's first chief of staff, reince priebus, and steve bannon. what did you learn? know, it's been the most dysfunctional white house in modern history, but it turns out it was a wild ride then we even imagined from the outside. when i sat down with reince priebus for the first time, he said off the record and the later i persuaded him to put it he said, "take- everything you heard and multiply it by


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