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tv   President Trump in Moon Township Pennsylvania  CSPAN  March 12, 2018 10:39am-12:01pm EDT

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>> president trump campaigned in the pittsburgh area for republican candidate rick saccone ahead of the special election tomorrow. he is running against democrat conor lamb for the seat in districtnia's 18th held by tim murphy who resigned in october after initial marital affair. he held a rally at the pittsburgh international airport. this is one hour and a half. ♪
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>> ♪ from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. there is pride in every american's heart and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today cause there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today cause there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪ [applause]
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pres. trump: i love this place. hello, pittsburgh. hello, pittsburgh. you know what? do me a favor, get out on tuesday, vote for rick saccone. we can leave right now. come on. we don't have to spend any time. great guy. i'm thrilled to be back in pennsylvania. where i went to school, went to college with so many hard-working american patriots. you are great people. great. pennsylvania is the state that gave us american independence, american freedom, and what else? american steel. american steel. they've been joking about steel the last little while, haven't they?
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we are saving the steel and a lot of steel mills are opening up because of what i did. [applause] not all of my friends on wall street love it. we love it because we know what it does. many plants have just announced over the last few days that they are expanding, opening, steel is back. it's going to be back. steel is back and aluminum is back. it's going to be back. and on november 8, pennsylvania is the state that gave us the 45th president of the united states. [applause] and i think we are doing a good job for you. i hope so. we are working hard. not easy.
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that washington, d.c., a lot of evil there. we are getting it out. step-by-step. a lot of bad people. a lot of bad people. a lot of fake media. look at them. a lot of fake media. [booing] fake media. you know, it's funny. i don't know if you saw it, but we have had a problem for years with north korea. in fact president obama said it , was the biggest problem we had. south korea went there and we put very strong sanctions and lots of other things we've been doing from the first day i was in office. south korea came to my office after having gone to north korea, seeing kim jong-un -- it is very positive. no.
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after the meeting, you may do do that, but now we have to be , nice. let's see what happens. so the south korean top people, top representatives, they walked out of the white house to a throng of these characters. big, big group. everybody wanted to find out what happened. they just left north korea. north korea is tough. they are testing nuclear weapons. they are doing a lot of things. this should have been handled over the last 30 years. not now. [applause] they should have been handling it. this should have been handled. everyone will say it. that's ok. that is what we do. we handle things. these guys came out and they said that your president has done a great job. we did a great job in the olympics.
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president moon of south korea said without donald trump, the olympics would have been a total failure. it's true. it's true. might as well say it. nobody else is going to say it. right? might as well. a little hard to sell tickets when you think you're going to be nuked. when north korea called and said we would like to be in the , olympics, everybody said let's buy tickets. let's go. i would have gone. became a very successful olympics. south korea did a great job. it was great to see north korea going and participating. there was a nice unity. it was really nice. really nice. but when the south korean representatives who left north korea came outside, a throng of press, they announced north korea, kim jong-un would like to meet with president trump.
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this doesn't happen. well, obama could have done that. trust me, he couldn't have. he wouldn't have. he would not have done it. by the way, neither would bush and clinton. they had their shot. all they did was nothing. clinton gave away billions and billions of dollars and as soon as they made the deal, the following day, they started working on making more nukes. that is not a great deal. did you see the story, 1999, i am on "meet the press" headed by sleepy eyes chuck todd. he is a sleeping son of a bitch, i will tell you. they showed it this morning. 1999. i'm talking about north korea, you got to take him out now.
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they have clinton saying, we are pleased to announce we have made a deal with north korea. you know how that deal turned out. we gave billions and billions of dollars and we got nothing. they show me, young, handsome. i sent, why couldn't i look like that today? i should have run back then. right? i should have run back then. i would have done this earlier. [applause] they had me literally saying -- i don't know if anybody saw it. literally saying to a very good guy actually, but saying we've got to do something about north korea. that was when it was not en vogue. then they have clinton giving everything away and then they show and here we are today with a man who is nuked up all over the place.
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we have been very strong and very vigilant, and now lots of good things i think are going to happen. we will see. the funny thing, so, they announce he is not going to send missiles up anymore through the meetings. think of that. we were getting a lot of missiles sent. i would not say japan was thrilled, missiles flying over japan. they are very happy with what i'm doing. and who else could do it? honestly. when you think. they are not going to send missiles. think of it. they are not sending missiles. i believe that. i believe that. i really do. they want to do something. they want to make peace. it's time. i think we have shown great strength. that is also important. right? [applause] and i must tell you president xi of china has helped us a lot. they have really helped us.
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because 93% of the goods come through china going into north korea. 93%. that is powerful. they've been very good. they could have done more, but that's ok. you have been great. i say to them, you could do more. china has done more for us than any other president or for this country, and i respect that. you need that. stopping the flow of goods. very important. and we put sanctions on. so they come out, white house, many of the same characters that i see. i see those faces. [booing] for the first two hours, it was unbelievable. this is amazing. this is incredible. i can't believe this is happening. we go from -- a lot of people thought we were going to war and
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all of a sudden they say we are going to have a meeting and there's no more missiles going off and they want to denuclearize. nobody had heard that. nobody thought, but they said they want to, they are thinking about that. who knows what is going to happen? who knows? i may leave fast or we may sit down and make the greatest deal for the world and for all of these countries, including north korea. that is what i hope happens. the press for two hours is going, this is fantastic. amazing. a certain anchor on cnn, fake as hell, cnn. the worst. [booing] so fake. fake news. [chanting "cnn sucks"]
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the ratings are lousy, by the way. compared to fox. [applause] and a certain anchor, female, said this is really something. he would go down as a truly great president, if this happened. ok. but all of them saying this is amazing, incredible. did you hear what they said? denuke. all of these things. no more missiles. they said they want to meet with president trump. they could not believe it. the worst of them, cnn, msnbc, which is worse. msnbc, third rate, and nbc, which is horrible. the newscast is not doing well on nbc network. they are heading down the tubes. listen to this.
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i did "the apprentice" on nbc for 14 seasons. i made a lot of money for them. we had a big, successful show. arnold schwarzenegger failed and he is a movie star. martha stewart failed when she did "the apprentice" and i kept chugging along every year. it was a big hit. i did "the apprentice." i gave them good ratings when they were dying. they do nothing but kill me. nbc is perhaps worse than cnn. i have to tell you. msnbc is horrible. so here they are. they are outside, these wonderful representatives, very high level from south korea are saying all of these things. denuke and all of the things they can't believe because it's like five years of head of schedule. before this, they would say that will never happen. and you will never get them to stop with the missiles. they are saying all of this. now they say they want to stop the missiles. they want to denuclearize. they want to do all of these
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things. all of these people can't believe it. it is unbelievable. i said to my wife, it's amazing, they are really nice tonight. it's amazing. they are all saying this is an incredible achievement. ok. then i get up in the morning. [laughter] right? the same people are saying not that big of a deal. anybody could have done it. obama could have done it. obama had his chance. no, no. they are saying obama. , obama. [booing] obama was driving you down. take a look at the numbers before we took over. they were heading down. just let me say, so nice, i'm looking forward to watching in the morning. i go and literally they are saying clinton could have met. clinton gave away the house. they got nothing. bush, bush, bush. another great republican. he got us into the middle east.
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that was great. we spent $7 trillion in the middle east over 17 years. $7 trillion as of three months ago. ok? you know what they did? that was like taking a big stone and throwing it into a hornets nest. we are bringing it back. isis, we have 98% of the caliphate land back. 98%. [applause] so i woke up and i saw these reports that anybody could have done it. yeah, sure. anybody could have gotten president xi, president for life. that was another one. he is president for life. it happened two days ago. i was joking. i was at a roast, actually. i was joking. i said president for life.
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that sounds good. maybe we are going to have to try that. president for life. [applause] but i'm joking. but i'm joking. they knew i was joking. everybody was laughing. everybody is having a great time. i'm joking about being president for life. donald trump with his dictatorial attitude wants to be president for life. fake news. fake. fake. horrible. you know what is going to happen? did you see the other day? 96% of what they do, all they do is good stuff, the economy is the best it has ever been. by the way, some of you are in the coal world, it's coming back. big, big, big. steel is coming back.
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your steel is coming back. those plants are going to be opening and what we have done with the 25% tariffs for those guys who come in and dump their steel all over the place -- by the way, it is not good steel. you guys know what i mean. it is crap. but your steel is coming back. it is all coming back. six months prior to the election in 2020, every one of those guys, we really endorse donald trump. we think he has to with. yo-- win. you know why? if i don't win the election, the ratings are going to go so far down, they will be out of business. can you imagine? can you imagine covering bernie or pocahontas? pocahontas. how about that? pocahontas. can you imagine these guys, some of them are smiling, some of them can't stand it. honestly.
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some of them, they can't take it. can you imagine having to cover elizabeth warren for four years? you know, i was watching during the campaign, and heavily was sitting right there, and pocahontas was up and she was so angry -- we love each other, the women and men. we love each other. she was so angry, i said i think she is losing the entire male audience and many of the women. she was going at it. hillary is sitting there saying, oh my god, what did i do? can you imagine if they had to cover these people? i think any of them, to be honest. i think any of them. i would love oprah to win. i would love to beat oprah. i know her weakness. i know her weakness. i know her very well. i was on her last show. one of the last. the last week. she had donald trump and his
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family. my, my, we have come a long way. i am now president and probably -- you know. think of it. i know her weakness. wouldn't we love to run against oprah? i would love it. i would love it. that would be a painful experience for her. we have created 3 million -- thank you, darling. they are positive. i thought they were negative. they are positive. that is always the problem. we have a room that is packed . person, and that is actually a fan. that is a fan. if we have one person it's a big deal the next day. we have created 3 million jobs. since election day. nobody thought that was possible. we have passed the largest tax cut and reform in american history. we have created more than 300,000 new jobs last month.
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and you saw the numbers yesterday. numbers, jobs report was among the best numbers ever , produced in the history of our country. in the history of our country. [applause] in fact, my guys -- [chanting "usa"] my guys came into my office and they gave me the number. if you add the previous month, which was adjusted upward by 52,000 jobs, they were low last month. it adjusted upward. over 360 thousand jobs. i said, is that a mistake? 160 is good. we were at 360.
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i said is that a typographical error? one of the best reports. the amazing thing, wages went up a little bit. you haven't had wages in 19 years. wages are starting to climb. think of it. wages. how good is that? african-american unemployment has reached the lowest level in history. the lowest. i'm very proud of that. african-american unemployment reached the lowest level in history and last month it went up a little bit. i made the mistake. it was not as good. it wasn't historic. i was in a different month and i said it's the lowest level in history. they killed me. because it was the previous month. the new month brought it down to the lowest level.
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now it is the lowest level. hispanic unemployment is the lowest level -- think of that. hispanic unemployment is the lowest level in history. women, women, we love you. we love you. didn't we surprise them with women in the election? remember? women won't like donald trump. have i had that kind of a problem? i don't think so. it will be a rough night for donald trump because the women won't come out. we got 52%. [applause] and i'm running against a woman. you know, it is not that easy.
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155 million people are now employed. that came out this morning. that is the highest level of employment in the history of our country. 155 million. think of that. while the obama administration in its final year was losing 1000 manufacturing jobs a month, we have created almost 300,000 new manufacturing jobs. think of that. think of that. the task for all of us tonight is to make sure that this great american come back continues, for speed ahead.
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we are doing things that are amazing. you know make america great again? right? you know what the new slogan is going to be -- i won't tell you. we've got to keep it secret. did you ever see so much press? do you know what the new slogan will be? i can't use it in three years. very good. i can't use it and say here's my slogan, which is now to half years we have to start thinking. we can't make america great again because i already did that. right? right? so our slogan, this is a team, our new slogan will be -- this is the assumption it happens, which i am almost positive. you can never be 100% sure. let's assume it's going like
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it's going. by the way, if we coasted for two and half years, we did a hell of a job. i was telling the guys, let's coast. the stock market is up almost 40% since election day. think of that. that's not rich people. that is for everybody. your 401(k)'s, i tell it all the time. i take pictures with the policeman. i love the firemen. they are great. they are always coming up and saying thank you very much. my 401(k) is up 41%. my wife thinks i'm a genius. they think like they are great investors. they are up. that is good. that is what we want. that is what we have to have.
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we are so proud of this country. the new slogan, when we start running, two years from now, is going to be keep america great, exclamation point. keep america great. we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values and that is why we have to defeat nancy pelosi -- [boos] and maxine waters, a very low-iq individual. did you ever see her? did you ever see her?
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"we will impeach him." he hasn't done anything wrong. it doesn't matter. she is a low-iq individual. you can't help her. we will impeach him. you have maxine waters and others. nancy pelosi, you can't have that. and connor lamb, lamb the sham, right? lamb the sham. he is trying to act like a republican. i don't know, looks like a nice guy. i hear he is nice looking. i think i am better looking than him. i do. i do. i do. he is slightly younger than me. slightly. i heard that. he's ok. he's all right. personally, i like rick saccone. i think he is handsome.
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you did a great job on television today. that was a great interview. that was a great interview. he is really good. here's the thing, we are dealing with people that want to obstruct. they want to stop us from doing things. we have an infrastructure bill for 1.7 billion dollars and they want to stop it. they want to stop daca. that is their issue. we've got to get it done. besides that, honestly, we need good workers in our country. i am bringing a lot of companies into the country. we are not going to have workers. daca, they are here. they are good people. the democrats are trying to not -- i offered a deal that was so good that you could not refuse. like the mob. i made a deal.
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"i'll give you a deal so good you cannot refuse." i thought they were going to refuse, and they did. they are getting killed now by the daca recipients. they are getting killed. somebody like lamb is not going to vote for us. i appreciate his nice words about me. this is trump country. he has to stay nice. he's smart. he says nice things. as soon as he gets in, he is not going to vote for us. he is going to vote the party line. he has to. and if he doesn't come he's never going to a chairman of the committee -- it's a crazy system. he's going to vote the party line. for getting your votes, he is talking about how much he likes tariffs. which is my baby, and i took a lot of heat over that. all of these countries are calling up can we don't want the tariffs. european union, sounds good.
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a lot of us came from the european union -- different countries. sounds nice. they kill us on trade. we put on tariffs, and the european union is like, you can't go any higher than you are anyway. they have trade barriers. we can't even sell our farming goods. they totally restrict us. then they say we want those tariffs taken off. i say, good, open up the barriers commit and if you don't, we are going to tax mercedes-benz, bmw, you want to have money? you want money to come into our country? [applause] the cars are really the big item. the big-money item. when i said that, it's like, let's stop talking with this guy. with the european union we are like $100 billion down, because
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we had stupid politicians doing stupid things. think of $100 billion. i have always said $71 billion. mexico, $130 billion. that is a real number. nobody includes the vat tax. mexico charges a 16% vat tax. nobody talks about it. that deal was bad the day they made it. they had attacks and we didn't. -- they had a tax and we didn't. they have a 16% vat tax. nobody talks about it. i talk about it. we are either going to renegotiate nafta -- and i said we won't put the tariffs on mexico and canada. canada is brutal. canada is really tough. we have a big deficit with canada. they send in timber, steel, a lot of things. our farmers in wisconsin are not treated well when we want to send things to them. i don't blame them. why should i blame them? they outsmarted our politicians for decades. i don't mean obama. i mean all of them. since bush the first, that
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includes a lot of territory. ronald reagan. you remember. i didn't love his -- i thought he was great. i love his style, his attitude, he was a great cheerleader for the country. not great on the trade. for many years, we used to be a nation of tariffs. countries had to pay for the privilege of taking our product, our jobs. they had to pay. they want to to sell their products, they had to pay. today in china they sell a car to less than they paid 2.5%. we sell a car in china, which is almost impossible to do, it is 25%. why is that? that is why we have a trade deficit with china.
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$500 billion a year. it is no good. we are changing it. it takes a while. i am there a year, little more than a year. we are changing. [applause] we have to. we have a trade deficit with all countries of the world. listen to this number, children close your ears. we have a trade deficit of almost $800 billion. who makes these deals? so with mexico -- he said obama. [laughter] honestly, it is more than obama. plenty of people. plenty of presidents allow that to happen. we are going to get a lot of things straightened away, nafta is under work right now. they are going to be very good. you saw what i did with the tariffs.
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let's make a deal on nafta. if you make a decent deal for the american people, we will have no problem with the tariffs. i said the same thing to the european union. look, you are killing us. we are losing $100 billion a year. they are not accepting our product. i want to help the farmers. they don't accept it. i said open up your countries. they pounded together. why did they banned together to screw the united states on -- why did they banded together to screw the united states on trade? that's ok. they are allowed. here it would be called a monopoly. wouldn't be allowed. but those countries got together to do well on trade. people don't know that. you hear the european union. it sounds so innocent. it is not innocent. they are very tough and smart. $100 billion a year.
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they sell stuff into us and we charge them practically nothing. we sell things into them, you can't get it through the barriers. they have artificial barriers. that is not a monetary barrier. that is other things. environmental -- they come up with things you would not believe. we can't get our product in there. i said open up your barriers. get rid of your tariffs and we will do this. we have -- that's ok. that is where the cars come in. we have a lot of work to do. i need people that can help and this guy can really help me. this guy can really help. [applause] rick saccone, and he's got a tough race. we won by 22 points. look, it is a crazy time. it's crazy. i think the republicans -- you never hear this, i think she is here, karen handel. she was here. where is she?
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did i do a good job in atlanta? karen, is this, karen was down. she started off with a group of people. it is a little different voting. she had running for congress in atlanta, the atlanta area. a young guy who spent $34 million, that is the world record, running to be a congressman. they make $150,000 a year. something is going on. i did not know you were here. that is great. karen was running with many republicans, 14 republicans. karen was the one i wanted. that's a lot of republicans. karen ended up with 14 or 15. this guy was 58, which meant he would have won the election with no more runoff. we came after him. we came after that guy and we found out a couple of minor things.
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he did not live in the district. nobody cares about that. really? let's try it. anyway, you have to get 50 in which case the election is over. if you get less than that, you have a runoff commend you take the top karen was fantastic. two. she was with so many republicans. he was the only democrat. i brought him down in four days, i got no credit from these guys, from 58 to 48. now he is in a runoff with karen. think of it. he is at 48, she is at 15. by the time karen and i finish with this guy, 32 million he spends, she spends less than that, like about $29 million less. she spent $29 million less. by the time we finish, the winner by five points was karen
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handel. [applause] they love the job she is doing. i think you're going to have a good victory now. people of gotten to know you and they love you. i hope i don't have to make speeches all over the place. we need karen and we need our congressman saccone. we have to have him. nancy pelosi, maxine waters, the only chance she's got to become speaker is electing democrats. we don't have a big margin. it is very small. they are doing a number in your state. you see what they're doing with the congressional districts. hopefully the united states supreme court will take that case. this is horrible, what they have done. they had state judges that are democrats change or voting districts. what kind of stuff is that?
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[booing] it is going to make it hard for republicans that would easily win. now it is all changed. it is very unfair. let's see what happens. it is in court. it is very unfair. the people of pittsburgh can't be conned by this guy lamb. he can say i love president trump. i don't want to meet him. anybody that says that, i might like him and then rick will be angry at me. he's not going to do that. he's not going to do it. there's no way he is going for the things -- he says he's not going to vote for pelosi. that could be possible. most people are. most people are.
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he says he's not, he's going to do this for steel. well, the democrats are opposed. he is weak on crime. he is weak on the border. he is weak on the second amendment. all of a sudden he got strong. way, in terms of abortion? take a look at his record. it's amazing. he has come back -- oh, take a look at his record. where his record is, that is where he is going. pelosi's party is full of people who tell their voters one thing in the election and go to washington and vote lockstep. the one thing i noticed about them and i've been there 14 months, 14 months. have we done a lot? man. [applause] we have done more than any first-term administration in the
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history of our country. we have. you take a look. regulation, tax cuts, a great supreme court, look at we've done. look what we've done. we passed the biggest tax cut in the history of our country and did not get one democrat vote. and how good is that kicking in? remember? remember? we did not get one democrat vote. think of it. now they're getting nervous. that's ok. but we didn't get one. you know what helped, when at&t and the big company started to pay thousands of dollars in bonuses to millions of people, it is up to 5 million people now. that was not in the schedule. but they are paying the money. the people are getting the money. i'll tell you what, we are so
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proud of that. we also got rid of the individual mandate from obamacare,which guts obamacare. that will be next. that will be next. that is where you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not getting health care. how do you like that one? how that made it through court -- you pay a lot of money for the privilege. we got rid of the individual mandate. nobody talks about it. the tax bill was so massive. bigger than reagan -- biggest one ever done. we are calling it tax reform. this is where a non-politician like me is good. they had a name, for 40 years they could not pass it. i said, how was it possible not to pass tax cuts? i don't know. we can't. reagan was the last one. we just can't pass it.
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"sir, the tax reform is not easy." i said do you call it tax reform or tax cuts? he said -- [applause] sir, we call it tax reform. we are doing a lot of reforming." people don't know what reform means. neither do i. people want tax cuts. [applause] they want tax cuts. they want tax cuts,and honestly the word reform could mean they are going to triple your taxes. i said nobody knows what it means. it could be really bad. they said we never thought of that. they said could you come up with the name. i did. the tax cut cut cut bill. but i must tell you, the
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politicians thought that was hokey. we called it the tax u.s. tax cut and jobs bill. which is nice. which is nice. and we got it passed. we had unanimous -- unanimous in the republican party and unanimous for the democrats. by the way, you are going to have a great man running as a republican for the senate. while we are here, rick. sweet lou is going to be great. he's got a chance. he is with you all the way. he loves this state. we will be fighting for him very hard. he's going to be running. ok, you know who that is. he is running very hard. he's going to be fantastic. we did not have one democrat vote. think of that. i think they're going to have a problem. historically after a presidential election, the other side always wins.
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you've heard the story. people become complacent. you had a victory. elected your president. do you like me? [applause] i like you, too. i love you. i love you. so -- is there any more fun than a trump rally? [applause] a lot of times i have to do readings, we will pass and environmental bill. they want me to go to -- i'm very spoiled. if i go to a small place with 2000 people, open a stadium. other guys get 50 people and are satisfied. we need crowds like this. in fact, the fire marshal was
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fantastic. he is a great guy. don't want to get him in trouble. he opened up those doors and he's got guys and he let most of the people, they were sent away, those cameras are never going to cover those corners. they never are. they are never going to cover, they never show the crowds. they never like to show the crowds. ever. the only thing is the noise. you can't imitate, it sounds like a state football game. it sounds like an ohio state football game. right? i will say to friends, did you see my speech? yes. i have to say it -- how good was i? and they say good. did they show the crowd? no, they didn't. but i could tell by the noise
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the crowd was really big. you can't hide that. you can't hide that. [applause] can't do it. so the democrats are the party of sanctuary cities. explain that one. they like to protect criminals. they like to protect ms-13. this is the party -- how about that? how about ice? these ice guys are tough as hell. they go in, and they are not playing games. the only thing i hate to say, not so politically correct, the only thing these gang members understand is toughness. i hate to say it. they are not interested in genius, they are interested in someone to suffer.
11:28 am
we have the toughest people the -- you have ever seen. they went to long island and they grabbed them by the neck and threw them into the paddy wagon. we are cleaning out. [chanting "build that wall"] we are building the wall. [applause] 100%. 100%. the president of mexico, who is a nice guy, it has been built the wall. i was all set to say build the wall. these guys start screaming "build the wall." we are building it. the president of mexico calls and we are in the midst of negotiating nafta. we have a sticking point. he called up, respectfully, he is a high-quality guy.
11:29 am
he called up and he goes, "mr. president, we would like you to make a statement that mexico will not pay for the wall." i said, are you crazy? i'm not making that statement. he said you have to. i said, is it a dealbreaker? he said yes. i said bye-bye. we are not making a deal. there is no way. what i will say and what i told him is, president, don't worry, it comes out in the wash. we are going to put it into the nafta agreement. we are going to make a better nafta deal. we have to. when we lose $130 billion with mexico, we can do better than that. you know what the wall is? you don't even notice it. it is like a little asterisk on the bottom. he said to me that and i said we can't do that. he was going to come to washington. no way i'm going to say anything like that.
11:30 am
but i will say, we will build the wall. we had a deal, 25 billion. if i get $25 billion over the wall, you're going to have a lot of change. a lot of change. i've got all the big builders, the best ones in the world. we want to use the good builders, save a lot of money on the airplanes, on air force one. $1.4 billion we saved. still too expensive. it is crazy. we saved a lot of money. i got boeing in and we saved 1.4 billion dollars. that is worth a 10 minute meeting. i don't care how big the united states is. we are going to build a wall. we have to build the wall, for people, gangs, drugs, -- it has never been a problem like we have right now and like the
11:31 am
world has with drugs -- we fill up these councils, they want to be on councils, blue-ribbon councils, where we take melania, a great first lady. she is great. [applause] she is great. you think her life is easy? not so easy. she is a great first lady. we put melania and others on this blue-ribbon committee. do you think the drug dealers that killed thousands of people during their lifetime, do you think they care who is on a blue-ribbon committee? the only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. when you catch a drug dealer, you've got to put him away for a long time. when i was in china and other places i said, mr. president, do you have a job problem?
11:32 am
-- drug problem? no, we do not. i said, big country, 1.4 billion people. not much of a drug problem. i said, what do you attribute that to? well the death penalty. , [laughter] hey, if you are a drug dealer and you're going to get caught and you know you're going to kill people, you're killing our kids, they are killing our kids, killing our families, killing our workers, we have a hard time, of the 100 million people, they want to work. we have a hard time. a lot of them can't qualify at these factories. chrysler is coming back from mexico to michigan. we have companies coming back to the united states. you haven't seen that. i used to held -- tell you that is happening, and now it is happening.
11:33 am
a lot of people can't qualify because of drugs. i said to the president, i said you don't have much of a problem? no. they had a problem. if you go back to hundred years 200 years ago they know , about drugs. it was devastating to china. the opium. devastating. it destroyed china. i'm not going to let it destroy us. there was an article in one of the main papers, maybe the failing new york times. i don't know where they get it. honestly, i don't know that the united states is ready for it. they should be ready for it. at a minimum, you have to give long, tough sentences. if you go to singapore, i said, mr. president, what happens with your drugs? well, we don't have a problem. we have zero tolerance. he is not playing games. these guys don't play games. we have a different type of people. they don't play games.
11:34 am
i said, how are you doing on drugs? no problem. what do you mean? entertainment, a lot of things happening. we have a zero tolerance policy. what does that mean? that means if we catch a drug dealer, death penalty. [applause] they don't have a problem. remember this, if somebody shoot somebody or killed somebody, they go away for life and they can get the death penalty. one person. they shoot one person they get the death penalty. they shoot one person kill some , person, the person dies, they get may be the death penalty or life in prison. no parole. ok. killg to -- dealer will
11:35 am
2000, 3000, 5000 people in the course of his or her life. thousands of people are killed or their lives are destroyed, families are destroyed. you can kill thousands of people and go to jail for 30 days. they catch a drug dealer, they don't put him in jail. you kill one person, death penalty. in many states. or you get life imprisonment. think of it. you kill 5000 people with drugs because you're smuggling them in and you're making money, people are dying, they don't even put you in jail. they don't do anything. you might get 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, you might get a year. you are not going to get -- you wonder why we have a problem. that is why we have a problem, folks. [applause] i don't think we should play
11:36 am
games. i never did polling on that. i don't know if that is popular. i don't know if that is unpopular. probably some people say that is not nice. these people are killing our kids and they are killing our families. we have to do something. we can't keep setting up blue-ribbon committees with your wife and your husband and they meet and they have a meal and they talk. talk, talk, talk. then they write of report. that is what i got in washington. i have all of these blue-ribbon committees. blue-ribbon. we have the opioid problem. we have to go after the drug companies. we have to. we have no choice. we have to go after the drug companies. we have no choice. [applause] so it is a discussion we have to think about.
11:37 am
i don't know if this country is ready. i think it is a discussion we have to start thinking about. in oakland, you have a mayor. [boos] she told people we are going to be captured in a big raid. she told him that there is going to be a raid. can't do it. we have to get smart. my administration believes our cities should be safe havens for american people, not for american criminals. not for american criminals. [applause] we are going after violent criminals and we are going after vicious gang members. these people are so tough. we had our ice agents in long island. can you imagine? i grew up in queens in new york, but i knew long island.
11:38 am
places i know so well are loaded 13.ith ms they don't use guns. the nra happens to be very good people. they want to do the right thing. [applause] they don't use guns. they don't use guns. they like to use knives and other things because it is much more painful and slower, these people are animals. we send these guys out and we liberate them. hillary would not have liberated those towns. we liberate those towns. the people are cheering. it is like a war. it's like if you got liberated as a country. can you imagine this taking place in our country? it's crazy. we are doing a great, great job. we are loving it. we are making tremendous progress.
11:39 am
today, i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can save american lives. [applause] the funding bill should not give precious and massive taxpayer money to cities aiding and abetting criminals. that is what they do. look at the stories. look how horrible they are. i am also calling on congress to finally end chain migration and cancel the very dangerous visa lottery. [applause] the democrats want to extract. -- abstract. obstruct. we are going to
11:40 am
have to wait until after the election. we will get rick in their and other people and we will get it passed. these guys don't want to do anything. they do want to do anything. they criticize me because we have vacancies in certain offices. we have 270 people we cannot get the democrats to prove to come in and work in our administration. they are out there. we have the ambassador from germany and i take heat. these guys say you don't have an ambassador. the democrats won't approve them. they obstruct. they delay. they do everything they can and that is all they are good at. they have no ideas. they have no ideas. i look forward, i really do, to 2020 because i want to see how far left the person is going to be we are going to run against. i look forward to it. i really do. i really do. together with your help, your
11:41 am
voice, your vote, we can achieve more than anybody. i really believe and i don't say this as braggadocio. the tax bill, we got it approved. that was a part of the tax bill. they have been trying to pass a for 40 years. that alone would have been a massive thing. we have one of the biggest fields in the world we will start working. and other things. as long as we are proud of who we are and what we are fighting for, there is nothing beyond our reach. nothing. we need republicans put in office. we need senate, and we are going to do well with the senate. the numbers are looking good. did you see the numbers from two months ago?
11:42 am
you see the numbers now, it is a different world. people are seeing what we are doing. we stand on the shoulders of patrons who poured out their sweat, blood, and tears and we are going to do things that nobody has been able to do. it is funny, every time i go out to speak, we have these massive crowds. thousands were turned away. we let thousands in. thousands turned away. i read one woman in the wall street journal today, nice woman, and she wrote an article about me. i went to the wharton school of finance. ivy league school. the best business school. one of the hardest schools, even in my day. and then you've got to read how we are like, is trump a good speaker? she was talking about that he
11:43 am
uses a language -- i used to say how easy it is to be presidential? you would be out of here. red.would be bo right? [applause] i'm very presidential. [laughter] ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. rick saccone will be a great , great congressman. he will help me very much. he is a fine man. he has a wonderful wife. i just want to tell you on behalf of the united states of america that we appreciate your service. we appreciate your service. [applause] and to all of the military out there, we respect you very much. thank you.
11:44 am
thank you. and then you go, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause] that is easy. that is much easier than doing what i have to do. this is much more effective. don't forget, this got us elected. if i came like a stiff, you would not be here. i am reading peggy noonan, and she is a nice woman. i like her. she doesn't like me much. she is writing like i am some kind of a neanderthal. and i said, i am really smart. it's funny, they always talk about how, they said we could not get elected. youy we, because some of
11:45 am
never voted before, but you love the country. a great congressman from tennessee, the voting have started, he was at a speech i was making in pennsylvania. he was there with one of his friends. it was lou. i did not know him. they had early voting in tennessee. he said, mr. president, he called me that because he side -- saw what was happening, he said in tennessee the early voting has started. i've been doing this stuff 32 years, and i've never seen anything like it in my life. those people are coming out of the hills, the valleys, and coming out of everything that you can come out of. it is the most amazing thing. these are people that love the country. they never voted because they never saw anyone they wanted to vote for. now they've got trump, trump, trump-pence. they have all of the stuff.
11:46 am
i've never seen anything like it. [chanting usa] and then they ask, is he good speaker? i don't know. look, i don't know if i am a good speaker. every time i have a 25,000 seat stadium, we fill it up. something must be right. maybe it is just ideas. i don't know. it is hard. this man, a great guy, congressman, he said all of these years i've never seen anything like it. i can only tell you our love the state of tennessee. i can only tell you if the rest of the country is like tennessee, you're going to win this damn election. and it is going to be easy. remember the famous 270?
11:47 am
he cannot win the election. he cannot get above 270. they could not get me to 269. they said he cannot win, he cannot get, remember? we didn't. we got to 306. [applause] we got 306. remember pennsylvania? that was really terrible. i have never done this before. i ran for president. somebody said i've been running for the senate six times, you ran for president and you won. what happened is, pennsylvania, remember that night? we were one point away, 99% of the vote was tabulated.
11:48 am
if i lost, 10 points, there was no way you could lose. we were winning by thousands and thousands of votes. one point doesn't have all of those thousands. they would not call pennsylvania. they refused to call it. remember? i wanted to win. i wanted to win with pennsylvania. it was so befitting because they had spent 10 times more in the state of pennsylvania yet than i did. 10 times more. i am waiting for pennsylvania. i am saying, on, pennsylvania go. one point and i win and i have thousands more than i need. if every person of the remainder voted against me, we win easily. they would not call it. and then what happened? wisconsin came in. we won with wisconsin that had been one in decades. and then we won with michigan, and then finally, did you see they were crying?
11:49 am
[laughter] crying. she is crying. my god. my god. oh. remember john king with the board? the red board is all red. that board was red. meaning republican. and john king can't believe it. he said i think he just one the state of florida. yes, donald trump won florida. the electoral college is harder than the popular vote. the popular vote you go to three or four states. i was all over the place. i went to maine four times because i needed one vote. they had one vote. that was going to be 269. the one vote was important. i went to maine four times. that is a lot. a lot of people said, why are you doing it? first, i liked people of maine, but i needed what happened was one. incredible. one of the greatest nights in
11:50 am
the history of television in terms of numbers of people watching and we have done a job. so here's what's going to happen. let me give you the bad news. the bad news is they want to take it away from us. they want to take it away. they are doing everything they can to take it away. that starts with the election coming up in a few months. we have to win it. we have to get out and we have to win. normally, i would not come except it is pennsylvania and i love it. i love the people. i went to school. i went to wharton. i went to school here. i love pennsylvania. how can i not love it? right? somebody else would show up here and then honestly, rick, 50, 60 people? first of all, you wouldn't have this, you would have a little place. but i love this state i feel
11:51 am
. strongly about rick saccone. i know him. i feel strongly about him. he's an incredible guy. number one, i don't know this is important, he is a very fine human being. he's a good person. he is really a good person. rick, come appear. he is a really good person. [applause] [chanting rick] he is a good person. does that mean anything? he is a very competent person. he is a very hard worker. he knows things that many people don't know. he understands north korea may be better than anybody.
11:52 am
i spoke to him about north korea. he was there for a long time. i spoke to him about north korea , and i am telling you, i learned things that all of these great geniuses and experts did not tell me. this is a very extraordinary guy. we need him. we need republicans. we need the votes. otherwise, they're going to take away your tax cuts. they are going to take away your second amendment rights. [boos] it is true. they are going to take away -- and the military, military place. we got approved $700 billion. we have to rebuild the military. $700 billion. [applause] far more than the other party. they will take that away. our military was depleted. i just want you to know, i came tonight because this guy is special. beyond the vote, it is important
11:53 am
to remember this, the other opponent is not voting for us. he can say all he wants. there is no way he is voting for us ever. he can be nice to me. and he is. but there is no way he is ever voting for me. rick is going to vote for us all the time. all the time. [applause] i want to ask rick to say a few words. again, it's an honor to be with you. go out on tuesday and vote like crazy. you've got to get out. the world is watching. i hate to put this pressure on you, rick. they are all watching. i won this district by 22 points. that is why i am here. look at all of those red hats, rick. look at all of those hats. that is a lot of hats. we just had a poll, we are more
11:54 am
popular now than we were on election day. this guy should win easily. he's going to win easily. you've got to know him. he is an extraordinary person. go out and vote on tuesday. vote for rick saccone. [applause] mr. saccone: do we love our president here in western pennsylvania? [applause] we do. let him hear it. the cameras probably turned the volume down. they did not hear you. [applause] they love you. they love you. just a couple of words, you already heard me speak. i want to thank president trump. as i said before, president trump is in your corner, and how can you lose?
11:55 am
he is the best man anyone could ask for in your corner. as any good businessman knows, you work on a deal, you work on a deal, there comes a time to close the deal. this is the time to close the deal. we have two days left. are you going to help me on tuesday? let's close the deal. pres. trump: so, again, we will say good night. go out and vote for rick. he will never disappoint you. he is a winner. he will never disappoint you. go out and vote with your hearts, vote with your brains. this is an extraordinary man. i'm going to be home watching the returns, and i hope i have to make a call on tuesday night where i speak to you and i say, great job, great race, the whole
11:56 am
world, they are watching. we want to keep it going. we want to keep the agenda to make america great. we got to get him in. this is a very important race. thank you all. god bless you. we love you. thank you. thank you very much. god bless you. ♪ >> ♪ i saw her today at the reception a glass of wine in her hand i knew she was going to meet her connection and her feet was her footloose man no, you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want
11:57 am
but if you try some time you might find you get what you need i saw her today at the reception a glass of wine in her hand i knew she was going to meet her connection and her feet was her footloose man no, you can't always get what you want
11:58 am
you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try some time you might find you get what you need i went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse singing we are going to vent our frustration. if we don't, we are going to blow a 50 amps fuse you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you
11:59 am
want you can't always get what you want but if you try some time you might find you get what you need ♪ >> president trump tweeting this morning about the pittsburgh post-gazette's endorsement of rick saccone for the seat or the election is tomorrow. the president wrote on twitter he will be much better for steel and is this. battery -- very strong on experience and what our country needs. lamb will always vote for pelosi and the democrats and they will raise taxes come week on crime and the board appeared a look at
12:00 pm
the article with the endorsement saying that rick saccone has represented part of the district in the legislature. he is a good fit for the district and would be an effective representative for it from his first eight on the job. he also write mr. lamb can get more experience, perhaps following the footsteps of his grandfather. we hope he does state involved. some of his obvious talent is to be encouraged. coming up life here on c-span from the heritage foundation, a scotian on school discipline and directives issued by the obama administration to deal with suspension rates of certain students. this should start momentarily.


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