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tv   British Prime Minister Theresa May on Nerve Attack on Russian Spy  CSPAN  March 13, 2018 2:50am-4:08am EDT

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you can watch every documentary online. ♪ >> theresa may told british lawmakers that it was highly likely that russia was behind the nerve agent attack against a former russian spy and his daughter. she took questions about the poisoning. the russian ambassador was summoned to russia's foreign office. the kremlin has until tuesday afternoon to explain the incident. whole house will want to once again pay tribute to the bravery and professionalism of the emergency services and armed forces in responding to this incident. as well that the doctors doctord nurses now treating those affected. our thoughts in particular are with detective sergeant nick bailey who remains in serious but stable condition.
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in responding is to end debt exemplified the duty and courage that define our emergency services and which our whole nation take this great i pride. mr. peeker i want to pay tribute to the fortitude and cam numb which would people in salisbury have responded and thank all those who came forward to assist the police in their investigation. thissents dent has, of course, caused considerable concern across the community. following the discovery of addresses of nerve agents in zizzi's restaurant, the chief medical asker had advice but as public health england made clear, the risk to public health is low. mr. speaker i share the impatient of the house and country as large to bring toes responsibility to justice and take the full range of appropriate responses against those who would act against our country in this way. but as a nation that believes in justice and the rule of law it
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is essential we proceed in the right way, led not by speculation but by the evidence. >> hear hear. >> that is why we have given the police the space and time to carry out their investigation properly. hundreds of officers have been working around the clock, together with experts in original armed forces to assess received, follow every possible lead to fine those responsible. that investigation continues and we must allow the police to continue with their work. this morning i chaired the a meeting of the national security council in which we considered the information so far available. as is normal the council wag updated on the assessment and intelligence picture as well as the state of the investigation. it is now clear that mr. scriple and his daughter were poise poisoned with if a military agent developed by russia.
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a part of a group of anybody agents. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts of the defense, science and technology laboratory, our knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so, russia's record of conducting state-sponsored assassination and our assessment that russia views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations, the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against sergey and yulia. only two plausible explains for what happened. either a direct attack by the russian state against our country, or the russian government lost control of its potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent, and allowed it to get into the hands of others. this afternoon my right honorable friend, the foreign secretary, summoned the russian
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ambassador to the foreign and commonwealth asked asked him to explain who it is and how this russian produced nerve agent could have been deployed in salisbury against mr. skripal and his daughter. my right honorable friend stated that the russian federation muss immediately provide full and complete disclosure of the program to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, and he has requested the russian government's response by the end of tomorrow. mr. speaker, this action has happened against a backdrop of a well established pattern of russian state aggression. russia's illegal annexation of crimea was the first time since the second world war that one sovereign nation has forcibly taken at the from not a europe. worry ash fomented conflict, vote zoo lating the national air space of several european
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countries and mounded a sustained campaign of cyberespionage. this is c hack thing danish defense. during his recent state of the union address, president putin showed video graphic's missile lights, flying trajectories and explosions, including the modeling of attacks on the united states, with a series of warheads immigrant can path in florida -- impacting in florida. wife the dill offering terrorists and distents outside roush with begin legal sanction by the russian parliament in 2006. and of course, russia used radiological substances in it's barbaric assault on machine litvenenko. we saw promises to assist the investigation but then that it result net denial and obfuscation and the stifling of due process and the rule of law. mr. speaker, following
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mr. litvenenko's death we expelled russian diplomats, suspended security cooperation, broke off bilateral lanes on visas, froze the -- as asset'ses. our commitment to collective defense and security through nato remains as strong as ever in the face of russian behavior. indeed our armed forces have a leading role in nato's enhanced forward presence with british troops leading a multinational battleground in estonia. we have led the way in securing tough sanctions genes the russian economy. and we have at all stages work closely with our ally and will continue to do so. we must now stand ready to take much more extensive measures. >> hear, hear. >> mr. speaker, on wednesday we were kill in detail the response from the russian state. should there be no credible response, we'll conclude this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the russian
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state against the united kingdom. >> hear, hear. >> as i will come book to this house and set out the full range of measures we will take in response. mr. speaker, this attempted murder using a weapons grade nerve agent in a british town was not just a crime against the skripals. it was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the united kingdom, putting the lives of mint civilians as risk and we'll forgot tolerate such a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians or our soil. i comment this statement to the house. >> germ corbin. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i'd like to thang the prime minister in advance -- for advance copy of her statement on this deeply alarming attack that raises very serious questions. the whole house condemns the suspected poisoning of sergei skripal and his daughter in salisbury. i'm sure, mr. speaker this whole
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house will join any in wish detect sergeant nick bailey a speedy. >> i think the prime minister for updating the house. the investigation into the shocking events in salisbury must reach its conclusions. we need to see both the evidence and a full account from the russian authorities in light of emerging evidence that the prime minister has just referred to. for now, can the prime minister clarify what level of threat it was believed mr. skripal faced and what -- what deemed niece for him and his daughter. mr. speaker, this morning the conservative chair of the foreign affairs committee said, i'd be surprised if the prime minister did not point the finger at the kremlin. the honorable members accused
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the russian government of behaving in an aggressive and corrupting way in this country. mr. speaker, we need to continue seeking a robust dialogue with russia on all the issues currently dividing our countries, both domestic and international, rather than simply cutting off contact and letting the tensions and divisions get worse. and potentially even more dangerous. mr. speaker, we're all familiar with the way huge fortune, acquired in the most dubious circumstances in russia, sometimes czeched with criminal elements, have ended up sheltering in london, and trying to buy political influence in british party politics. meddling in elections as the prime minister put it, there has -- and there has been over 800,000 pounds worth of donations to the conservative party -- to the conservative
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party from russian ol' oligarchs and and their associate. so, mr. speak are, if that is the evidence before the government, even before the investigation into sol -- sals but i his cheap the government could be taking action to o'dues -- could be taking action to introduce new financial sanctions powers. but instead, mr. speaker, they are currently resisting labor's amendments to sanctions and money laundering bill which could introduce -- [shouting] >> the -- she show call powers so will the prime minister agree today to back those amendments to the sanctions and money laundering bill? mow e more specifically, mr. speaker -- >> sought shout. >> order, order. there can be strongly held
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opinions and and a half passions but aappeal to colleagues who sincerity i don't doubt to remember we hear views and other colleagues will be heard but the right honorable gentleman mugs be heard. jeremy corbyn. >> when it comes to the stallings bury attack what, as are the local police taking to identified fellow diners at the rather and the mill pub in salisbury on the day in question and unsure they come forward and are check. what extra resources are being provided to the local police force which quite understandably have never had to deal with such an indent before. the know the national health service is under incredible pressure but what extra resheriffs been provide toed the hospitals in and around sailings bury and what training has been
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begin to an nhs staff and gp in identifying the symptoms from a nerve agent attack. mr. speaker, the events in salisbury on the 4th of march have appalled the country and need thorough investigation. the local community and public services involved need reassurance and the resources necessary. the action the government takes, once the facts are clear, needs to be, beg decisive and -- both decisive and proportionate and focus on reducing conflicts and tensions rather than increasing them. join the prime minister in paying tribute to the magnificent work of our public services, responding to this attack, the nhs staff, police and security services, armed forces and the analysts. let us-mr. speak, do everything we can to ensure this never, ever happens again. >> hear, hear.
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>> block. [shouting] >> can i first of all say to right honorable gentleman that i'm sure everybody in the whole house sends their best wishes to all those who have suffered as a result of this incident in wish them a recovery. in the case of decree sergeant nick bailey, i saw a quote which i was not surprised bat because i heard from so many police officers who have been in dangerous situations before, that he is merely doing his job and we are grateful to him and all our police peace officers fg that. we don't comment on the threats in relation to individual cases but of course the police and others look always -- always look to ensure we're taking these matters fully into condition and taking them very seriously. in relation to russia, we have a very simple approach to russia which is engage but be ware, and i think this shows how right it is that
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this government has been cautious in relations to which arrange.s with russia. i set out in my mansion house speech in november very clearly the concerns we have about thank you activity's russia. it's a matter i have discussed witch the fellow leader at the european union council. i think we must all be be very well aware of the various ways in which russia is affecting activity across the constant continent and elsewhere. there can be no question but business as usual with russia. the right honorable gentleman raised the issue of party donations. will say two things to him. first of all, as my right honorable friend the chancellor said at the end of the weekend, you shouldn't tack anybody who lives in the country with russian extraction with the same brush and sadly, there are rules on party political donations and i can assure him my party and i hope all parties follow those
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rules. >> hear, hear. >> he talk about -- an issue where challenged previously before on this question, where he do have already some of the powers that are being appropriate posed in relation to the law, but we have already been talking with all parties about the amendment that is being -- has been put down, and we will work to others to ensure that we have the maximum possible consensus before the report stage. he also raised the question of police capabilities and resources. not only are wilshire police involved but they have support from neighboring sources. but crucially, at a very early stage, it was decided counterterrorism police should take over the responsibility for this bus the counterterrorism police network has capabilities
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which are not available to regional forces and they are indeed in charge in relation to this. i can assure the right honorable gentleman that wiltshire county council, the city union, are work if welcome pentagon health england, the n s-h-h-h, wife, the police to ensure there is maximum information say to the public, the chief medical officer has aaslurred the public health risk is low and ensure that the proper arrange.s are being put in place to help the police to get on with their inquiries. and that is important. the police are still working investigating this and we should ensure that they have the time and space to be able to conduct those investigations. >> mr. ian duncan smith. >> mir may commend for arising, ma enwish others had abandoned
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party politic. >> hear, hear. hear, hear. hear, hear, hear,. [shouting] >> she is quite right, if the response from the russian ambassador is simply not credible, she is quite right to expect the house to back her in taking the most severe action as is required and commence rat, and she is also right to remind the house and the country that this country, russia, is now close to being a rouge state as any. it occupy crimea. itself has hand occupy eastern ukraine and created a hell on earth in syria and even now overseeing worse action. this is a country locking up its members of the opposition. it is a country, frankly, we hey learned this lesson before. if we appease a country like this, then we expect even worse. >> hear, hear. >> i thank my right honorable
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friend for his remarks and he is absolutely right. nobody should be in any doubt of the various activities that the russians are involved in across the continent of europe and elsewhere, and the damage that is doing in so many different places, and he is absolutely right that is why it is important that this government, this country, stand up, very clearly, and not only call out actions by russia but also ensure that we have a robust response to them. >> hear, hear. >> thank you, mr. speak ex. i'd like to thank the prime minister for are the advance couple of her statement and share with her the concerns around the recent attack in salisbury. it's important that's we all work together to get to the bottom of what has happened here. >> hear, hear. >> mr. speaker, there can be know denying that this assassination attempt on mrs. skripal and his daughter us
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not only a step too far by those responsible but calls into question every aspect of our current and future relationship with russia. mr. speaker, this action' put not only the life of -- put threatened the statement of the wide are pock who were enjoying a sunday afternoon in the cathedral city. everybody has the right to live in new york security and safety and any challenge to those rights needs to be responded to in an appropriate manner. police have so far identified more than 200 witnesses and 240 pieces of evidence and this attempted killing. our thoughts are with nick and his family, and we wish him a speedy recovery. we commend the american services for putting their lives on the line in order to -- pour already legitimate concerns on the delay in time between the events on
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sunday the 4th of march and yesterday, when the chief medical officer advised the public who had been at the restaurant and pub to wash their clothe'ing important items. can the prime minister give reassurances today to those members of the public who may have real concerns they have have been expected to he detected for the nerve agent used in i welcome the prime minister's actions detailed in her statement and can i ask when she intends to return to the house to update is all on what measures that we can all take. there must be a form and strong action taken to send a clear message kremlin. i hope the prime minister will be taking time raise this matter with colleagues across the eu as our closest allies help to give us a strong voice when we speak sat one. this kind of international action muss in the be seen again on our street.
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>> ick the think they gentleman for the tone he has adopted. >> hear, hear. >> this is indeed a matter which concerns us all. this is a matter of national interest. it is matter of an day tack that has taken place -- an attack that has taken place and we must respond it to appropriately. i think he asked a question about the chief medical officer's mores recent advice to those who had been the zizzi's restaurant or the pub. the answer is over the course of time last week, as work was being done on this issue, more information became available about the nature of the agents that had been used, and that led to that precautionary advice idea you asked when i would be returning to he house. i said we will consider a detailed response to to russian state on wednesday and will return to the house at the earliest possible opportunity. >> thomas hart. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> hear, hear. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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this is not an act of war with certain lay war-like act by the russian federation. this is not the first we have seen and some the house have stayed silent and joining the information warfare that state is conducting against us and our allies, we have seen them invade countries in the east, attack allies, attempt to kill prime ministers, and even now, even now, they are backing the murderous assad regime which sees nothing in gassing its own people and the honorable gentleman opposite stays silent. would my right honorable friend agree with me that now is the time for us to call on our allies to, to call on the european union, who have worked with souse well on sanctions, on nato and the united states, and ask, what they will do to assist us in this moment when we are in need. >> hear, hear. >> can i say to me honorable friend, it think it is
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absolutely right. we should be giving a robust response from the whole of his house to this incident, the act that has taken place, but we also will be working as there has already been a number of engagement with allies on this particular matter and we will be continuing to talk with our allies, to ensure both they are aware of what has happened on british soil, and also that we can talk with them about the response that we will begin. >> senior vincent cable, you one of the most effective for pun u-russia will be to seize the private property assets of members of the putin regime and associate and could she arrange to push a list of who they and are what they own? >> i a to the right honorable gentleman that of course we are aware here of the need in the tk
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to ensure the financial system cannot be used for elicit funding flows and appropriate action is taken by law enforcement and other bodies to ensure that we do identify sun knows and that we make the appropriate response to them. as he will know, we are already putting in place -- the holding of certain assets here by those from overseas and that is something that we will continue to work on. >> hear, hear. >> mr. dominic green. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i entirely agree with the prime minister and her approach to this murderous attack. she will be aware and stated it's part of a pattern of behavior to attack win impunity whoever it wishes.
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in those circumstances, we face a very particular challenge which is not likely to go away anytime soon. and in that context, in trying to inform the public of the risks and of the appropriate way of responding for a parliamentary direction, can i encourage to make use of the committee who chose to carry oat an inquiry into russia's threats so we can take that forward and provide as much information as we can publicly about the nature of the threat and the best means of responding to it. >> i look forward to the work that the -- his committee will dedoing on that matter. and the government will work with the isc to share relevant
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information that is within its agreement. >> thank the prime minister for her statement and it's hard to see any alternative to her very grave conclusion this is either a direct act or the russian government lost control of a dangerous nerve agent. ... and also to present her on what further action she has taken in preparation for potential u.n. security council resolutions that perhaps should be drafted in order to get the widest possible international support?
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>> can i say to the right honorable lady she's absolutely right about the need for this to be a clear response of the whole of this house. everybody in this house should be no doubt of the nature of what has happened and that we should respond robustly took. i understand my right honorable friend the home secretary has responded to the right honorable ladies a relation to those 14 at the cases. and i think a focus should be seeing the resources are put into this criminal investigation so when sure the police are able to do the work with maximum time and space. >> does the prime minister recall that when edward keith expelled over 100 russian so-called diplomats in the early 1970s it a a below two russian intelligence operations against this country from which it never recovered till the end of the
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cold war? that she also recalled that when it was clear that a a member of the libyan embassy staff, which one was unknown until -- and killed -- a wholesale expulsion of staff occurred that and that she therefore conclude as it would be possible for an operation to have been mounted by the russian state without someone in the london russian embassy knowing about it similar measures may well be necessary? >> i think my honorable friend. as i said in the statement that i gave, my right honorable friend, the foreign secretary has called the russian ambassador into the office today. he has presented these two possibilities of the origin of this action to him and we wait for the russian state response. i very clearly that should that response not be credible, we will conclude that this action
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is unlawful use of force by the russian state in against the lead candidate as this this that i will come back to this house and set out the full range of measures that will take in response. >> there is the most intense interest in this extraordinary grave matter and i'm keen to accommodate colleagues. can ask colleagues to vote me to help each of them by confining themselves to pd questions? >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister agree with further aggression from the russian mafia state that the policy of the leader opposition to engage in robust dialogue will only encourage putin to engage in further acts of sponsored terror? which she agreed the national interest, with regards to the cost of this country that the only effective answer is to have robust action against those who are using the uk as a battleground to carry out their
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own acts of aggression? >> i agree that we need to ensure that we do, in fact, respond robustly to this matter but we need to do so with careful consideration of the assessments that a been made and information which is available to us and that is exactly what the government is doing. i think nobody in the south should be in any doubt that there can be no suggestion that business as usual in relation to our interaction with russia. >> mr. speaker, the whole country will welcome the concise and clear statement which the prime minister has delivered to the house this afternoon, and in particular setting out precisely what she will do in terms of laying out the evidence for the international communities, for the united nations of the act that has been perpetrated on british soil. and may i also welcome a comment she made about the so-called magnitsky amendment? are many of us across the house of commons to believe this could make a big contribution, and i hope she will continue, consider
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following the way which america, canada and three european countries have introduced this particular amendment? >> i recognize my right honorable friend has been supporting amendment has been working on this issue, and i say to them as i have done earlier that we do want to ensure that we get the maximum possible consensus across the house on this particular issue and we will talk to those parties involved to ensure that the approach that is taken is one that is going, the foreign secretary keeps it -- there is an amendment down. [inaudible] >> there is an amendment down. discussions are taking place with parties about the impact of the amendment as currently drafted, and ensuring that any action that is taken is going to be actions that we can assure will work. >> can i commend the prime minister for today meeting the sort of resolute and realistic
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statements about the kremlin that many of us have been looking for in this house for some time? which he invited the heroic and brave bill browder stent more than any other single individual to give her a a full briefing about what he knows of putin's cronyism money-laundering exploits in london and british political figures who have been corrected by kremlin money? will she make sure the whole of the government machinery is now giving full cooperation to robert mueller sinclair in the united states because of what is already covered about what the russians have been doing here? >> hear, hear. >> my friend can we have already seen clear the relation to the molar inquiry. we will of course respond to appropriate requests. i am told other individual that he referred to has acted met with security minister and their friends been able to break them on what he knows. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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friends from the special skin of the baltics and across eastern europe have often told me how much they feel increasingly at risk from russian aggression. can my right honorable friend update the house on how we work with our allies in response to this incident? >> my honorable friend is absolutely right, and i'm very conscience that those who are particularly geographically close to russia on the european continent, very do feel very much the immediacy of many of the activities that russia gets involved in, particularly around matters of propaganda use. and i will certainly speaking to a number of our allies. i think it is important not only to people recognize what has taken place here in the united kingdom but also the implications that it has it the russian state action, the implications that it has for russia's activities elsewhere on
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the continent of europe. >> thank you, mr. speaker. can't i also commend the prime minister for her remarks? the last time we had a clear defined state sponsor act of terrorism was in 2006, and she's referred to it. can she also have conversations with our predecessor prime minister at the time tony blair about some of the issues that the rose subsequent to the action we took? is quite clear the russians will retaliate and we will then be into a tit-for-tat process. they think we will back down. we've got to say resolutely and strongly we are not backing down. this is an act of terrorism and all members of parliament should stand together. >> hear, hear. >> can i say to the honorable judge but he's also to write that when we take action, ensure that is action that we will
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continue to follow through because i sent him a statement many of the actions that were taken in response to the murder actually stood in place in relation to our relations with the russian state. but nobody should be in any doubt the likelihood of an impact from the russian state in attempting to as they did in that case and attempting to suggest that the information we are putting out was incorrect. actually what we saw particularly from the inquiry that followed significantly later which very firmly put the responsibility for the murder at the door of the russian state and, indeed, -- [inaudible] >> can i commend for the robustness tone of her statement lacks i believe it is entirely appropriate. which also accept that while we may not be in a time of cold war with russia, as we were in the
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1980s, because of the actions that could be said that we are at least now entering a period of cool war? and if that be so, which she prepared at the appropriate time to look again at our ability to deter russia in order to do so? >> can i say to my honorable friend that as i have said previously, there is no question of business as usual with russia. we must be very clear of the actions that they have taken. i think this incident proves that the actions we take over the past decade have been entirely justified. he is a crewman that is intent, seems to be intent on dismantling the international rules-based order, and we should stand up resolutely and defense to that international order. >> the evidence the prime minister provides today makes it absolutely that the onus is on
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the russian state to explain how this nerve agent entered into our country. and i thank her for her and to my colleague the chip intelligence of the security committee. it's absolute essential that we can were possible ensure the public are aware of the russian threat. but that she also agree that our inquiry should also be able to understand the pressures are our intelligence eq services and our best they are supported do the job they have to do? >> of course it is for the isc committee itself to determine the breadth of the inquiry that is undertaken that it is being set by this house and by government. and so it is or is that commite determined those particular issues. of course resources are input into the security and intelligence agencies because we have recognized the increasing challenges and threats that we need to address and that's what
3:28 am
those resources, significant resources are going into the sia. [inaudible] >> president putin's opponents both at home and abroad, even those of such high-profile as boris. no one in his house leasable leader of the opposition should any doubt of the nature of the government we are dealing with. >> hear, hear. >> having said that, supporting all of the measures she will take against the government of russia if it turns out the way we all anticipate, will she try as fast as possible to continue the opportunity for british society in its widest sense to be open with the people of russia so true and openness can do its work on that? >> i think my honorable friend has raise an important issue, which is that of course will be talking about is the delink uk government has with the russians
3:29 am
in this country, the russian state. of course i think it is important that people in russia understand the exact nature of the regime that that is incumbt there at the moment. >> a single member of this house that is surprise that president putin would resort to violence. because he's done it so many times before. 334 he killed in a master, 170 killed unnecessarily in a moscow theater siege. 299 killed in the airplane that was brought down by the russians. countless journals, countless people have stood up to mass political opponents and other countries, around the world murdered by him, and yet circuit magnitsky. i fear what the premises is but can it ask for the 29th time i'm asking this question, can we just make sure that at the end of this process nobody who was
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involved in the murder of surrogate magnitsky or in the crotch and that he unveiled will be allowed entry into this country? and for that matter that we just stop russia today broadcasting its propaganda in this country? >> well, can i say to the right honorable gentleman that obviously come as a no he's asked a question about magnitsky issue bracey on many occasions in the south when a some secretary and subsequently come and, of course, we do already have a number of parts unable to take action against individuals to prevent them from coming into this country but we're looking seriously at the amendment. and as a say we do want to ensure we get maximum consensus in relation to this issue. and on the further action that we might take, as a cell be returning to the house at the earliest possible opportunity might come once with a response
3:31 am
from the russian state to update the house and the further measures we will take. >> if you have one permanent member of the u.n. security council carrying out a targeted assassination in the country of another, surely it is time for the u.n. secretary-general to launch an immediate inquiry. >> i explained to my right honorable friend for his suggestion. can i say to him that the united nations is one of those bodies that we will be speaking to about the nature of this incident that has taken place here in the united kingdom, among other allies and other organizations such as nato but we will certainly be raising this matter with the u.n. >> thank you, mr. speaker. while these investigations are ongoing we are waiting for the response from the russian government. can ask the prime minister what her government is doing to protect other people who might be targeted in the uk? >> can't i say to the honorable lady we don't talk about the
3:32 am
measures taken in relation to individuals. that is a matter for the police and for law enforcement generally, but i can assure her that that is a matter that is being considered. >> i think, i look at my honorable front of the sufficing, i think adjusting the most shameful moments in my house today. it is clear this sovereign united kingdom has come under attack from another state. does the prime minister agree that character conflict is changing and we must be reluctant to try to keep pace with that and that nothing will stop those who do this work receive the resources they need to do? >> the honorable friend is right, that they character of the threats that we face is changing. they are diversifying and we need to ensure that we are able to deal with those threats
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across the range of actions that need to be taken. and, indeed, some of those will not always fall into what might conventionally considered to be -- [inaudible] >> will the prime minister confirm that we bear the russian people nothing but good will ask it is president putin who we have in our sites and will not allow him to use this in the presidential elections to furnish his image as a strong a? >> he is right. it is the russian state that we are challenging in relation to this particular act that has taken place on uk soil, not the russian people. >> is it not increasingly clear we are engaged in hybrid warfare with russia, which includes this information, political information, , cybertek in a vey possibly this attack of murder?
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will my right honorable friend look at what additional help we might give to the people of ukraine who are being -- in revisiting russian aggression? >> i think my right honorable friend. we do need to look across the very diverse nature of the threats that we face, and the actions that we are taking and we've already been taking a number of actions in support of the ukraine. it also is an important part of our deliberations and an important part of our response. [inaudible] -- question was understood by only three people everybody understands what is happening here today and there can be no criticism of the two of the prime minister has adopted. she will do under article iv she can raise this as a concern with our nato allies. does she intend to do so? >> as i sit in response to
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number for the questions we will be raising this with allies in a number of forms, and i will obviously we're considering as this an early the response from the russian state on wednesday and i will return at the earliest possible opportunity to this house to set out for the measures. >> will the prime minister join me in commending the police and health services have done a superb job responding to the difficult task? i want to highlight the public service that is not just evident and will ship and down the country? >> hear, hear. >> very happy to join my right honorable friend in commending the valley the work that is being done by emergency services. services. they are a fine example of the dedication and commitment of our public services and emergency services across the whole country. >> i have actually no doubt the only way we can do with putin's regime in russia is robustly decisively and together as as a part of it and the country.
3:36 am
and also, type of the repression of the russian people, putin continues to back the brutal regime and his attacks on the lgbt committee. but in russia today can urge the prime minister to speak with secretary of state to review russian states broadcasting license and to speak to the house authorities about blocking their broadcast in this building itself works why she would be watching their propaganda in this part of it? >> yes, , well, as a city respoe to a number of questions i will be looking at the response from the russian state and then come back to the south at the earliest opportunity to look at the range of measures which could be necessary and i think in relation to the house authorities, as the honorable gentleman will be aware that will not be a matter for me but for the house authority. >> i think we heard the honorable judgment filed and clearly. >> and i congratulate the prime minister for her powerful statement and for her leadership
3:37 am
in this incredibly grave matter? >> hear, hear. >> is russia a fit and proper state to be hosting or engaging in international sporting fixtures in 2018? >> can i say, what i will say in answer to my honorable friend is that we come as a sit in response in prime minister's questions last week i think we will be in position of considering the attendance at that particular event that is commit in russia, the world cup of dignitaries and ministries are from the united kingdom. >> there should be unity across the house in terms of what i feel is a proportionate and sensible approach that she shes taken analyzing what's been happening and coming back to report to the house. can i also say there are certain circumstances as she knows will retake -- differences of opinion, but when our country is
3:38 am
potential under attack, that is just not appropriate. >> hear, hear. >> can't i think the right honorable gentleman for the tone he has adopted. he is absolutely right. this is a question of the national interest. it's a question of the interest of our country, and what another state may have done on british soil to people living here in the united kingdom, and that should be a matter that should concern all of us and should be above party politics. >> having served with my right honorable friend in the home office she will be doing what is right to keep our country safe. can she confirmed that if it is the conclusion of her majesties a government that there was unlawful use of force by the russian state that we possess considerable range of offensive cyber capabilities which we will not hesitate to deploy against the state, if it is necessary to keep our country safe? >> i will say to my honorable friend that we, of course, we'll
3:39 am
look at responses across a number of areas of activity thomas should be as you said, as i said in my statement, and we conclude that this action does amount to an unlawful use of force by the russian state here in the uk. >> thank you, mr. speaker. it's good the prime minister considered it spells out what actions are already taken and promises to return again and a promise of what's happening next or which also make sure that the lessons learned in the salisbury community about this threat and how to prevent it and local communities is shared and appropriate way with other committees across the country? >> i am very happy to say that i should of the lessons coming out of this for local committees for the nhs, , the police, themselvs available and i'm sure we will ensure those are available towards the whole country.
3:40 am
>> when considering russia we should never forget that for all its geographical ties russia's economy is a little more than half that of the uk. .. it's in fact the united kingdom, we have one of the leaders in ensuring that within the european union that sanctions against russia are in place as a result of the action that took place in crimea and the ukraine >> hello reynolds. >> this horrific murder of richard foil, with such a strong and united response, are you concerned with the non-agent in question and that russian signatories to
3:41 am
the convention? >> it's illegal to use under agent of this sort. >> thank you mister speaker. with the prime minister agree with me, that this tag probably involves a professional russian trained operative in order to carry out such an individually targeted assault at what must have been a very minute amount of something like sarah and v8 which could so easily have had catastrophic, widescale indiscriminateand deadly consequences . >> thank you my honorable friend. i will not speculate about the nature of the individual who is responsible for this individual, who is
3:42 am
responsible for thisattack. that is a matter for the police investigation . >> speaker, now that we've all agreed that russia is a clear and present danger, we have got to be fully organized to meet that danger and would you agree with me that if we walk out into london tonight, we see russian security people spiraling about our capital city. all over europe we see them. what they don't like his sanctions of spike. will they back on an earlier occasion with a firm list of sanctions, new sanctions we can take to put in place . >> the honorable gentlemen is asking me to refer to a particular measure. as i have said in my statement, we've been asked a number of questions and will consider the response from the russian state and should there be no credible response, we will determine, we will conclude the action was on lawful use of force in
3:43 am
the united kingdom and i will return with furniture measures. >> sir nicholas soames. >> will the prime minister confirmed that despite the deputies the american presidency might have on these issues, we are engaged with the american government and our allies on these important matters? >> i'm happy to say my right honorable friend that we have been engaged with our allies and will be continued to be engaged with our allies on this important mission. >> can i think the prime minister for coming to the house with this very unfortunate but not surprising conclusion today. he's going to make a further statement on wednesday what can i ask her to say a bit more about the possible options for response and to ensure a time when there are voices and forces trying to erode confidence in open democratic societies that those responses will place us firmly and forcefully to hang
3:44 am
the solidarity andsecurity of the west ? >> i hope the right honorable gentlemen will forgive me if i say that i will not set out today what the response is going to be because we need to consider the response from the russian state and put together further measures appropriate further measures to ensure that we give the response that i and other members of this house have been calling for but he can rest assured as and other members of this house that we view a russia that is planting theseinternational rules , we've been very clear about that and we will stand up for democracy, stand up for the rule of law and that international rules-based order and the values that underpin it and continue to be committed to the security of europe and the values that underpin the last. >> commissioner graham.
3:45 am
>> i understand the nerve agent was developed by russia pacifically to avoid being discovered by the chemical weapons treaty and to avoid detection by standard equipment so good my right honorable friend confirmed today firstly that noah chuck is a illegal substance under a treaty to which russia is signatory and that any knowledge of detection and treatment that we learn from this gas attack will be shared with the authorities not just in this country but with our allies abroad as well? >> yes. >> can i say to my honorable friend, it is very clear the use of such a nerve agent goes against the treaty in relation to uses of chemical weapons. we will course be as my honorable friend would expect be talking to the responsible body in relation to chemical weaponsto raise this issue . >> wilson. >> in light of the prime minister's comments which i command, when mister agree
3:46 am
that there's honorable members on all sides of the house that is a propaganda base for the russians care and should not be engaged with by any democratic politician and should think twice before they do so. we should not be engaging with a media outletlike this on give it credibility. >> . >> i think we should all be very well and careful in looking at media outlets. any individual member of this house chooses to appear on but as i said in response to other questions, this issue of russia today is one which is our concern to members across this house. but of course as i said iwill be coming back and making sure the statement in the house after we had the russian state response . >> in the 1980s the planning assumption was that the road to war with the soviet union would be preceded by six months of increasing sabotage and assassination.
3:47 am
what are the current assumptions? >>. >> can i say to my honorable friend that i think what we see today, there was a time when the back issue was proposed to us by russia and indeed by others were clear and limited in time. what we see today is a diversity of threats with russia, we see it being referenced in indeed in the previous question about propaganda. we've seen them using a whole variety of means in which to attempt to interfere, to intervene and to affect countries in the west. and we therefore in terms of our approach to this have to be able to respond with a wholerange of threats . >> thank you mister speaker. i also like to thank the prime minister for her
3:48 am
remarks about this crisis. i appreciate she might not want to get individual circumstances but can the prime minister reassured the house that not only former russian nationals and eastern european national who may also have changing but british high profile figures and buildings are being reviewed in order to determine the security in certain situations. >> to the honorable lady, as i said earlier, we don't, on individual cases. in relation to national security, we regularly update and monitor and update the actions that are taken in the protection of people and residents in the united kingdom based on the threats we see at the time. >> as someone who's campaign on the magnets the law and
3:49 am
who is on the bill committee of the sanction and money laundering bill, can i saythe opposition amendment , though well-intentioned was flawed can be improved on and i'm grateful to the cooperation of our ministers and i hope the discussions will be fruitful. will honorable friend reflect our allies abroad the need to understand is that easily have happened at a provincial time in france, germany or any other country and we will look into action to be taken as well as support. >> can i say to my right honorable friend, faithful to him and as a supporter of the magnets the law, pointing out the point that i was trying to make earlier which is and its amendments are to be part of that legislation and we need to ensure they are going to be workable and get the amendment tried. and but also in response to the point that he made about our allies, it's absolutely
3:50 am
right and i think we should point out this is something that could have happened anywhere. in any town or indeed any city like salisbury. >> thank you mister speaker. the level of resilience by the prime minister and the chairman has been many years and coming but it is usually welcome indeed. it would put our national security at significant risk if we were led by anyone who did not understand the gravity of the threat which russia poses to this nation. can i ask, she mentioned our nato allies. she's going to come forward with measures on wednesday. will she confirm that our nato allies and the potential for collective response is in her thinking in doing so? >> can i thank the honorable gentlemen for this question he has made. he's absolutely right. it's imperative that in this
3:51 am
country we recognize the nature of the threats and the actions that russia has taken. as i said, across a wide range of means and also very clear that as we look at any further actions that need to be taken, we ensure that it is robust and does very clearly assess our values here in theunited kingdom . we need to be sure we're sending a clear message to those who would seek to undermine those . >>. >> in congratulating the prime minister on her stance against russian aggression, she will be aware that the very most effective sanctions are those taken multilaterally. the concern somehow is when we leave the european union, we will lose our seat at the table on the body that those sanctions. can she therefore reassure us that a lot of effort is going to go into building up a new relationship so that we will have continuity in our approach towards russia? >> my honorable friend and indeed these issues reflect
3:52 am
actions, the ones which we had headway in the previous question. obviously as my honorable friend has said, the position in relation to the uk government actions on sanctions will change when we leave the european union. we are taking measures to ensure that we are able to the united kingdom independently but i also made clear in the speech and that i gave up a mansion house on issues like sanctions, it's one on which we wouldwant to be working with our allies was indeed , both he and the honorable man has said, they are more receptive if they are taken collectively. >> in commanding the prime minister for the stance he's adopted and when she returns to the house, which he took the opportunity to assuage across party concerns on the select committee that there's been a de-escalation of our prisons in the high law and as of the de-escalation of our prisons in the high north and a reduction in maritime surveillance and control and
3:53 am
in fact a cancellation of our cold weather this year. there's a need for investment and i hope the prime minister will take this opportunity to deliver. >> cannot assure the gentleman that we look carefully actions we are taking at the training exercises that our military forces undertake and as i indicated in my statement, i'm pleased that our forces are leaving the forward presence in estonia. in the autumn of last year and i can say not only is that valuable to our forces but also hugely welcomed by the people of estonia who are again with the border with russia and feel this stretch veryparticularly . >> i appreciate the statement and would like to pay tribute to individuals far unmentioned, the members of the armed forces, here here now attending.
3:54 am
is the devotion of duty that we expect of them. i like to ask what she is doing with our allies in nato and the european union to ensure the maintenance of the rule-based system which is under systemic threat from the russian federation. >> can i reiterate that i did mentioned in my statement that once again, i praise the work of the armed forces in relation to this incident and what they also in the armed forces do day in and day out and i assured him that we will be looking carefully at any further measures that we should be taking in response. >>. >> the prime minister should note that if by wednesday we are indeed in battle, she will find both resolve across the accounts and facing down a common threat. >> 12 years ago in the aftermath of the wave of al qaeda attacks, we toured to government to coordinate and
3:55 am
fire back against extremism. in the measures she brings forward on wednesday, to think radically about how she creates the government capacity towards coordinating our response to this new level of threat. including new safeguards against the use of social media which we know is part of the russians active measures playbook. >> and i think the honorable gentlemen for his remarks. and the tone with which he has set those out and can i say thatwe do of course, he's right. after the attack by al qaeda , it was eerie clear, the government here put in place a whole new structure of response in terms of counterterrorism. it is something the government had been consistently looking out over many years. but as we have looked at our national securitycapability review , as we look at our
3:56 am
ability to react to the threats that we now face, we will course ensure that the structures and government are such thatit is responsible to coordinate the actions that we need to take . >> could i welcome the statement in stark contrast to the comments of the right honorable leader. >> that would extend their benefits russia today, can i ask them to be uncompromising in signaling the british and european democratic values are not negotiable, that this government will not allow this country to be a playground for kremlin back to back and would she consider aggressive cultural sanctions to a strategic including particularly boycotting. >> i think my honorable friend for the remarks that he has made. and i assured him as i said to others that we will be looking at a range of activities and responses and
3:57 am
i will update the house further at the earliest opportunity. and i also say to confirm that it is indeed those democratic values that underpin us as a country so that we will be defending and will continue to defend and wish to go alongside our allies, it was remarked earlier the international order is under threat from russia. i have the international rules-based order is also under threat others and it's important that we stand up and defendit . >> these people are greatly in hospitals following this horrific attack so can i welcome the prime minister's resolve. can she take this opportunity to tighten up the liberals that do exist in the system so the from russia with cash situation that has appeared too often doesn't turn into one that's more like from
3:58 am
russia with blonde? >> the major will be aware that the government has taken on extra powers to enable it to be with criminal finances through the criminal finances act. it's important that we did that, we are well aware that the very attractiveness of normal financial activity in london can of course mean that there are those who did see an opportunity to elicit money and we will take every action against those. >> kevin koster. >> welcome the prime minister's statement today. i'm sure she will be concerned at the parallels between previous times when autocratic leaders decided to challenge the rule-based system to prove an idea that might would be right. can she reassure me that she will be working with our allies to make sure we can go easily go down the path disaster and deceit as well? >> i will be working with allies to makevery clear the international rules-based order and those that tried to attack it will not win . >> inevitably today the focus has been on putin but there
3:59 am
are many decent russians who have bravely spoken out against the regime but those i've met here and in russia, some feel very alone so can we not send out a signal that of solidarity with those that are trying to resist his regime? >> the lady speaks well about this answer. there those that have spoken out and we need to be very clear that we support them in doing so and we work to ensure that they are able to do so and they are free to do so and they are able to feel the confidence of doingso without fearing action that might be taken against them as a result . >> can i to tackle my friends statements that she is handling this appalling case and asked her that if indeed it is true that this is state-sponsored, that the response is not just from the united kingdom but from nato and all our european allies that together we stand and
4:00 am
divided we fall. >> my honorable friend, we will of course, we've already been talking about this act that has taken place and will continue to do so and we will be encouraging our allies to recognize the despicable nature of whathas happened in the united kingdom . >> the main challenges are state-sponsored terrorism, tiger security so should the uk defense portfolio be designed to meet those challenges as opposed to pontificating on a new generation of nuclear weapons? >> he referred to a number of things. obviously, the terrorist threat, the hostile data activity along with which we ensure that we have the capabilities to address. of course there's the rioting of actions that the government takes indicated earlier not every response actually fits within what one
4:01 am
could eventually be called defense area the work of the security and intelligence agencies, the work of the office against counterterrorism, the all of these, these are all part and that's why our ability review is important in bringing together all parts of our response and ensuring we have the capabilities we need. >> that woman and from hacking infrastructure dispiriting information, you might suggest russia have been waging a cyber war against the west for a number of years. through the investigative talents, can she reassure the house that if more such powers are needed she will not hesitateoffer help . >> i'm happy to you that confirmation to my honorable friend. my friend has already been looking at what antiterrorism powers may be used. >>. >> we haven't spent a great
4:02 am
deal of time but there is election. can i welcome the prime minister's statement which very clearly outlined the restlessness about this attack with the decision to use a nerve agent which would inevitably put members of the public and our emergency service and test workers would have to respond at risk and i welcome the news that she brings that the happiness this weekend the seriousness of the defense place in benefits network in particular as a robust consequence that needs to be. >> the honorable lady raises an important point in relation to our emergency services. we've already in recent years had a further look at the framework under which our agency services parade and in terms of assault weapons they might need to be responding to but we will of course continue to keep this under review. >> thank you mister speaker. the attacks on mister delanco
4:03 am
have one thing in common, and design not just to kill but to terrify in a horrible way. with the rest, will the prime minister ensure a national defense to meet the russian threat composition, location and funding. >> as i said in early response, this is a matter of the capabilities that we have across our security defense and if it's important that we have been conducting the number of reviews and are continuing a number of reviews goes straight to the heart ofthis matter to ensure we have capabilities across the board that we need . >> thank you mister speaker. may i commend the prime minister for their statement on the rebuttal which they addressed and in the coming days when the prime minister discusses sanctions with our allies, can the prime minister ensure the house they will act robustly with other recalcitrant nato
4:04 am
allies to give support to the russian freak to allow them to refuel. not as we've seen, enough is enough. >> can i say to the honorable gentlemen that went i will of course be raising this issue with our allies and be talking with them about the nature of the announcer: live coverage from the senate energy and natural resources committee this morning at 10:00 a.m. and then betsy gun violencebout in schools at national pta legislative conference. then, senate foreign relations committee hearing with former british prime minister david cameron talking about global
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