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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  March 14, 2018 10:00am-11:08am EDT

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he senate committee being led by mark warner and the senator south carolina whose name doesn't come to me. host: richard burr. there, the house is coming in as we speak. we'll take the viewers there for to gavel coverage. we'll see you back tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., march 14, 2018. i hereby appoint the honorable doug collins to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 8, 2018, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate continue past 11:50 a.m. each member other than the
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majority and minority leaders and the majority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from minnesota, mr. paulson, for five minutes. you may be seated. mr. paulson: mr. speaker, i want to congratulate the diana high school girl's hockey team for winning the state hockey championship, their second consecutive championship they have won in a row. the bar was set high after last year's championship win but they proved to be up to the challenge. impressive wins with two schools were a preview of the cougars who defeated them in only one of two losses they suffered all season. there was no doubt the game was tense and they entered the third period tied at 1-1. he hornet snuck one past the defense. mr. speaker, the hard work and drmation of these student
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athletes is impressive. congratulations, again, to the players, the coaches, the fans and the parents on winning the state championship. the entire community is proud f your effort. mr. speaker, i rise to recognize mercy hospital for being recognized the 2018 distinguished hospital award grades. cal health patients treated in these facilities achieve better clinical results than 95% of hospitals across the country and that means that more of mercy's patients make it home free of complications. in addition to the distinguished hospital award, mercy hospital also has recognition for its quality care, gastrointestinal care and general surgery. patients who have treatments or surgeries in these areas have lower risk of mortality and also experiencing a complication during their
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treatment. mr. speaker, the many doctors nd flurses and staff who nurses and staff who work there provide world class care and i recognize them for their patients and diligence. patients are receiving the highest quality of care. mr. speaker, i want to congratulate the minnetonka high school team for winning the state championship title. minnetonka claimed their title with an impressive 5-2 victory over duluth east in front of 8,000 fans in the excel energy center. they were on board early in the first period but they scored a second goal in short order and never trailed for the remainder of the game. mr. speaker, the road to the championship is not easy and these student athletes had to balance their time in the classroom with their sports and training schedule. congratulations to the coach for bringing the team to a
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state championship in his inaugural season as head coach and to all of the players, families and familiar fans of minnetonka boy's high school hockey team. mr. speaker, i rise to ask my colleagues to support the increasing access to precision medicine act, legislation that i am co-authoring with my colleague, kongman swalwell. precision medicine is care that's tailored to a specific patient's genetics, lifestyle. an emerging field that's showing tremendous promise. it gives providers a better ability to diagnosis and treat cancers and helps identify individuals at risk of the disease. it also allows providers to reduce health care costs and improve outcomes for their patients through better testing and analysis but today many of these tests are not covered by insurance providers. our bill will have the department of health and human services and the national academy of medicine study the effects and cost savings of precision medicines and offer suggestions for ways to cover
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the costs of these tests for medicaid beneficiaries. mr. speaker, the increasing access to precision medicine act will increase the quality of care while finding ways to lower costs for patients. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. gutierrez, for five minutes. on september 5 of last year, the day after labor day, the temperature was 86 degrees in washington, d.c., so that was a long time ago. so on that day, president trump and his hinch men announced they were killing the daca program. the next day meeting with my democratic colleagues i said i would not support any spending or budget bills that didn't include a dream act or any attempt to put dreamers with daca in a safe place. that was six months ago and we were right back where we started. the republicans have a bill to cut legal immigration and abandon the dreamers in a semi
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limbo. and the chairman of the committee is touting his bill as the last chance to get something done about daca. no. this will not resolve daca. we will not support it in exchange for it. what the chairman did not mention is that his bill is actually about something else. it is about changing the racial makeup of america's immigrants so that more of them are white and fewer of them are from countries like -- countries in africa, asia, the caribbean and latin america. analysis for the center of global center says hispanic and black immigrants will twice as likely be barred by the immigration cuts as white immigrants. the legal immigration cuts will bar the majority of muslim and catholic immigrants from coming legally to the united states of america. while the president keeps saying that he wants a better class of immigrants coming to america, the cuts would actually substantially reduce the number of university graduate immigrants. the goodlatte bill would expand
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some work visas but we would only add one university graduate for every seven workers removed by eliminating the family visas and diversity visas. now, tell me, how does cutting out hardworking immigrants and guaranteeing that the be only available avenue to come and work in america is an illegal one? how does that protect dreamers? it doesn't. and we are once again chasing bad policies down a rabbit hole because the real agenda on the other side of the aisle is to leverage the national concern over the plight of dreamers into a radical reordering the legal immigration to make it whiter. sorry. that is not the agenda of my party and frankly not the agenda of my fellow americans. so with more than 80 of my colleagues, we will release a letter today to press conference we wrote to the leaders of both parties in the house and the house appropriators. it echos what i started saying six months ago. we need a budget or spending measure that includes the dream act, a clean dream act, and
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that's it. this week or next week we all know we need to pass a budget to keep the government open and democrats are clear. our country, our congress and our leaders need to figure out how dreamers get to live in the country they grew up in, the country they love, the country that has invested so much in them and received so much from them. don't fall into a false sense of security. the courts didn't settle this or give us a permanent solution. they just gave lawmakers a convenient excuse for inaction and i'm not buying it and neither should you. because also in the spending bill there are likely to be billions of dollars for deportation, detention, breaking up families, and breaking down doors in neighborhoods across the country. that is why our letter says, we do not only want a clean dream act included in the omnibus but we want to reduce funding appropriated to d.h.s.'s detention and deportation
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machine. specifically funding for detention beds, deportation i.c.e. perating under or c.b.p. and we oppose any funding that has construction of walls or fencing at the southern border. we should allocate border resources to modernize the infrastructure and technology at our ports of entrance which would actually benefit our country and our economy. so mr. speaker, six months after donald trump and jeff sessions instigated this crisis by proclaiming their desire to deport dreamers and kicking their safety and security in our nation to this do-nothing congress, we now have what could be the last opportunity to actually take pirmnant -- permanent legislative action. do not be distracted by the president's nativist agenda or the bills in congress that seek to implement his nationalist view. do not give up on taking action that is serious and will
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actually protect dreamers and the communities that they live in and do not allow the deportation and family destruction machine to thrive and grow on our watch. we must take a stand right here, right now, and stand up for what is right and what is beneficial for our nation. i am proud to stand with the majority of americans and 83 colleagues who have joined me on this letter. the time is now. mr. speaker, i ask consent that the letter from 83 members to house leadership and appropriators be inserted into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. thompson, for five minutes. thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, this week our nation celebrates public schools week. it is a time when we acknowledge the diversity and success for public schools and a sound education that they provide. strengthening america's public
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schools is the best way to ensure our children's future success and our country's prosperity. 90% of american children attend public schools, and this week supporters across the country will share their stories of the many students and schools and professionals who make public schools such a vital component of our communities. this includes parents who are working hard to improve educational outcomes for children. advocates nationwide will share stories of public school students and their successes. mr. speaker, public school teachers truly make a difference in the lives of our students. they prepare them for a bright and successful -- and successful futures. it is their dedication to our students that builds strong public schools and, therefore, strong communities. as a senior member of the education and work force committee and product of public schools, i know the incredible role our schools play in communities across the nation. public schools today have much good news to share.
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from increasing graduation rates and reduced dropout rates. to improve ratings given by communities on school performance. in fact, public school graduation rates have risen rom 79% in 2010-2011 to 83% in 2014-2015. this increase in the major five years reflects four out of five public school students receive a regular high school diploma within four years of starting ninth grade. while the graduation rates varies among states, 34 states reported graduation rates between 80% and 89% with the highest being 91% in iowa, followed by 90% in new jersey. based on data from the current population survey, the dropout rate has steadily decreased from 10.9% in 2000 to 7.4% in 2010 and 5.9% in 2015. last year, 69% of recent high school graduates enrolled in a
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two-year or four-year college. we are making progress but we can do more. in many communities, school districts -- the school district is the largest employer. teachers, bus drivers, administrators, cafeteria workers, coaches, facilities management all depend on the school district in all of these -- and all of these jobs contribute to the fabric of the community. communities are stronger and schools are better when we all work together to support public education. public schools also make sure our kids receive at least one nutritious meal a day. more than 30 million school lunches are served each day, including 20 million free and two million reduced price lunches. for some students, it may be the only meal they receive will be the one at school. mr. speaker, a child's opportunity for success should not be left to chance. every child needs a quality, well-equipped school right in their neighborhood where they can learn, be inspired and thrive.
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public education has always been the great equalizer in the united states and i'm grateful for the contributions of our public schools and i know that together we will continue to work to strengthen them for our most precious resource -- our children. happy public schools week. thank you, mr. speaker. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentlelady from california, ms. pelosi. ms. pelosi: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent to address the house and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentlelady is recognized. ms. pelosi: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, today thousands of students across the nation are walking out of their schools to demand real action to end the tragedy of gun violence. young men and women across the country, children, really, from coast to coast and in the heartlands of america are standing up and speaking out for change. members of congress will meet some of them on the west front
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lawn to say this -- to join them in saying this, enough is enough. i thank our distinguished colleague from florida, mr. deutch, for his extraordinary leadership, whether it's with the students, with legislation on the floor, in the community at large to help make the difference. . here we're community after community reeling from the horror of gun violence perpetrated against our children, our families, our hearts ache for those in orlando, san bernardino, mother emanuel church, las vegas, park lapd, new town and the list is -- parkland and new town. the list is a long one. there has been too much violence and too much pain. the families and students suffering -- this should not be a political issue. the american people overwhelmingly want action.
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full 97% of americans support requiring background checks for all gun buys, including 97% of gun owners. there is a commonsense, bipartisan path forward in the congress. we can take action today on comprehensive background checks that have dangerous concealed carry reciprocity bill, allowing the c.d.c. to study gun violence, gun violence restraining orders that empower law enforcement to intervene when someone is a threat to themselves or others. we should all be listening to the american people on both sides of the aisle and allow the house to vote on bipartisan gun violence solution. the families and students suffering from heartbreak of gun violence deserve real leadership in this body, not a republican white house and a congress that e saying one thing and doing another. it is deeply disappointing that
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just days after the embracing the need for commonsense bipartisan gun violence prevention, still we have nothing coming forward. house democrats have filed discharge petitions to force on the thompson-king bipartisan background check bill with 200 co-sponsors, 200 co-sponsors for a background check bill. that is historic. that is remarkable. the background check completion act. on the democrats will continue to press to ipartisan progress reduce the epidemic of gun violence in our nation. let me say as we go out in a little bit to join the students who are doing their walk out across the country, an enormous thank you to them. an enormous thank you to them. while we have sympathy for everyone who has loss of life because of gun violence across the country, they are always in our prayers, in our thoughts, and in our determination to make a difference.
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the eloquence, the courage, the determination of these young people in florida to come forward in such an eloquent and articulate way, they have been on the other side of the gun. that shouldn't happen to our children. so while we all respect the second amendment to what that means, for our country, and while we all want to do something very important, we must listen. and what the kids are doing is on top of a lot of positive --ion taken by the braidies, bradys, taken by our former colleague gabby giffords and her initiative. all over the country. the promise of new town so much activity has happened and now hopefully culminated in a place where the children with their -- how sadly they are about social immediate -- savey they are about social media and the rest.
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how they are identifying with each other across the country. will be the tipping point that will make the difference to make our country safer. we thank them for what they are doing, for their leadership. we also thank them for taking their grief, turning it it into action to save lives. and to remember how important in all of this the vote is. so we say to my colleagues there isn't one of us in here whose political survival compares in the slightest least bit to the survival of our children. these kids have the courage to come forward, we have to have the courage to vote and take ction to save lives. 95% 95% of the american people support us, supporting legislation to do just that. as we pray and have our moments of silence, let's act upon those
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sentiments with real action, again, to make a difference. again i salute the kids can. look forward tsh-the young people, look forward to seeing them on the steps outside on the west lawn. we'll gather in the rotunda. all members are invited to go er in the rotunda to outside, associate ourselves and sing the praises of these young people to their courage. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. fitzpatrick, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise today to honor the life of the man who touched so many lives in bucks county, pennsylvania. mike, a lifelong resident of lower bucks county, pennsylvania, was a man who took immense pride in his community and selflessly gave back to it every chance he could. a successful businessman, mike was the president and c.e.o. of
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pennfab inc. in bucks county. as a member of the advisory board and vice chairman of the bucks county industrial thority, mike cared deeply about and worked tirelessly for all of his neighbors in our community. a proud veteran of the u.s. coast guard, mike was proud to be an american and deeply valued service to country. his advocacy was instrumental in making sure that congress passed the fairness to veterans act. that anted to make sure all those who courageously served our nation were given opportunities here back home. i ask all my colleagues in the house of representatives to join me in sending our deepest condolences to mike's wife, marion, along with his children, heather, michael, and jillian. may they take comfort in knowing that make made a positive and significant difference in so many lives and he will be remembered for his patriotism, his loyalty, and his friendship. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time.
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the chair now recognizes the gentlewoman from new jersey, mrs. watson coleman, for five minutes. mrs. watson coleman: thank you, mr. speaker, there are so many important issues in such little time. today i want to stand in solidarity with my colleagues, parents, and with students and with america across parents and with america across the country who are calling for action to address the crisis of gun control. over the weekend, i had the opportunity to connect with nearly 150 students and their parents in my district at a town hall meeting. i listened to their personal worries and worse fears. i heard their thoughts and the solutions they want, decisionmakers here in washington to consider. felt the emotional strain of wondering if their own classrooms were safe. above all else i heard the question why. why can't we limit access to military tsh style weapons, specifically built to maximize damage? why can't we improve the
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background check process? why won't congress act? why? why? the president recently set forth a series of empty proposals that continue our practice of shrinking away from these incidents. arming teachers, school personnel, and volunteers is dangerous, ill-conceived and nothing to solve the problem we have with gun violence. to keep our children safe, we need fewer guns, not more. and backing away from his access, ledge to limit the president again prioritized the interests of the national rifle association over the pleas of countless students, teachers, and parents. in fact, he's the one that's demonstrated that he's afraid of the n.r.a. the safe spaces to learn was
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clear in the comments i heard from my constituents on saturday. young people who want to walkthrough the hallways of their schools feeling nurtured instead of afraid, stashing pistols in their teachers' desks is not going to bring them that feeling. if the administration or the leaders controlling what we debate here on the floor of congress were actually interested in protecting our schools, we would be debating legislation to strengthen background checks. we would be working on increasing the firearms purchasing act to the age of 21. we would be banning assault rifles. we would be limiting and tracking excessive ammunition purchases and much, much more. these are the bills to do all -- there are bills in our hopper to do all of these things. they are ready and they are waiting for debate. including my own bill. all we need is for the speaker of this house to show the will,
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determination, and courage to put young lives ahead of the gun lobby. while much of my town hall meeting was content -- centered on anxiety and fear, i let the event -- left the event filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and hope. pride in a generation of future leaders who have endured an endless and unbearable stream of school shootings and stepping up to the plate to hold their leaders accountable. some of these students are born at a time that's all they have seen in their lifetime are these mass killings at schools. i hope we can finally agree on a path of action and their voices will be heard. i will continue to lift these voices here with my colleagues for action h them and change. because that's what a better deal is for all americans. thank you. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from kentucky, mr. barr, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise
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today to honor the extraordinary life and legacy of dr. pierce lions of lexington, kentucky, who passed away on thursday of last week at the age of 73. dr. lions was a -- lyons was a pioneer, the ultimate dreamer and innovator. a larger than life contributor to human progress and his legacy will forever be remembered. dr.lyons, originally from ireland, is truly the embodiment of the american dream. he came to the united states in the late 1970's and launched his own business in lexington in 1980. named after the initials of his daughter. altech was downed with an initial investment of $10,000. today it is a multibillion dollar international business with operations in animal feed, meat, brewing, and distilling, with more than 5,000 employees worldwide. dr. lyons was honored as the
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businessperson of the year by business an finance magazine. he received the ireland-u.s. council award for outstanding achievement. and the irish prime minister recognized him with the st. patrick's day science medal in recognition of creating a global business based on scientific research. as impressive if not more so is the impact dr. lyons and altech have had on kentucky and in particular central kentucky. dr.lyons was the driving force behind bringing the 2010 world equestions treian games in lexington, the first time they have been held outside of europe. due to his drive the games were considered tonight most successful in the event's history. he also established one, the altech ideas conference which lexington for more than three lexington for more than three decades. it is now the city's largest
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annual room. it's often said that through the world equestrian games and the conference that dr. lyons brought the world to lexington. this is undeniably true. it's also true he brought kentucky to the world. in addition to its annual feed and agricultural products, they reopened the lexington brewing company in 1999 and launched kentucky ail, which can now be purchased across the united states and in many countries across the world. they also opened the town branch distillery in lexington which produce as line of spirits including its signature kentucky bour done. he and his wife have given back directly to many causes. dr. and mrs.lyons biltmore than a tozz state-of-the-art science labs in pry rarery schools in kentucky and ireland. they established the young sigh tense program, the largest global agriscience competition for university students, and the vocal scholarship competition awards. and on a personal note, i will miss his friendship.
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his kindness to me and my frem and extraordinary ideas, passion, and vision. i will never forget the time that i went to the headquarters of altech where dr. lyons educated me about how world population growth would put immense pressure on requirements. - food requirements. the problem and challenge he described was daunting. but with that infectious smile and with a sparkle in his the problem eye, this innovator told me that there was no limit to what we could do and no limit to what alt crefment. h could do. pearse was a dreamer and he also lived life to the fullest. will i always cherish and remember those conferences where he stood in front of 4,000 people from 70 different countries and-n kentucky with the kentucky bourbon and kentucky ail and sang molly
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malone in honor of his home country. so my wife and i extend our deepest condolences to dear doctor and their two children. -- diedra and their two children. and all those touched by dr.lyons. he loved his family, both his own and his altech family. he loved music. he loved science and innovation. he loved his native home of ireland, he loved america, and loved kentucky. and for all of his achievements, for his contributions to science and human progress, his loved k philanthropy and mark he left on kentucky, i hope all my colleagues will join me in honoring the extraordinary life and work of dr. lyons. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentlewoman from florida, ms. frankel, for five minutes. . ms. frankel: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i join with
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millions of americans and the students who are walking out today who are saying enough is enough for the gun violence in america. 17 families in parkland, florida, are living a nightmare and our hearts ache for them and the parkland community. they join a growing club of grieving families all over this nation because their loved ones were massacred in a place we expected to be safe. a concert in nevada, a nightclub in florida, a college in virginia, an elementary school in connecticut, a church in texas, a mcdonald's in california, and the list goes on. last year there were 346 mass shootings in this country, making it the deadliest year of
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mass killings in a decade. 90 americans a day are killed by gun violence. these are not just statistics. 0 americans a day means 33,000 rieving families, heart broken families who lose a child, a parent in a click of a trigger. we had enough thoughts and prayers for grieving parents and enough thanks for the first responders that answer the call. the time now is for action. i want to especially thank the young people in south florida and now across the nation for their courage, their passion and persistence. students today are demanding we do more than shed a tear and wring their hands saying it's too complicated. students are walking out today
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because they know there are too many guns in the hands of the young people. too many guns on the street that are made for war, not for civil society, and they know that's why we should ban the sale of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines and bump stock devices, expand our background check laws and reinstate federal funding for gun research. there's not just one solution but it's not so complicated that we do nothing. so today i'm going to join america's students, and i'll be walking out because americans deserve a better deal and because enough is enough. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from california, ms. matsui, for five minutes. mr. tsui: thank you, speaker.
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mr. speaker, i rise in support of the courageous students in sacramento, california, and across america who are saying enough with this country's epidemic of gun violence. last week i held a gun violence prevention students town hall in my district and we were fortunate enough to be joined remotely by skype by two students from marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. adam and john. they inspired us all with their dedication to a future without a fear of gun violence. the students that filled the auditorium of kennedy high school in sacramento to listen o adam and john were fully informed, passionate and focused on the future. they wanted to know how we can enforce stronger background checks, ban assault weapons,
10:35 am
change a culture of guns in this country and how they can amplify their voices. after hearing their thoughts and questions, i know one thing for sure. these amazing young people are not going to back down from achieving progress on this issue. and i believe it will be incumbent upon all of us to listen to their voices. they are the voices of the future. as adam from parkland said during our town hall, this issue of gun violence affects all of us. no one wants to live in fear about going to school, work, movies, church, a concert or just walking on the street. so no one can afford to sit on the sidelines and do nothing to reform gun laws in this
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country. we owe it to these students, to our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations to come together and take action on commonsense legislation. many of the things we want to see reformed are largely supported by the american people. in fact, one high school student in sacramento pointed out to me, policies like universal background checks have widespread support from the public. it's true. polls indicate over 90% of the american people support stronger background checks. under current federal law, people who purchase firearms at a gun show, through classified ads or on the internet bypass a background check. there is no excuse not to act to close those dangerous loopholes. it is our job to represent and act on the will of the citizens
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of this country. we can by voting on solutions like the bipartisan thompson-king legislation that would expand and strengthen the current background check system. and yet here we find ourselves another week in congress without a vote on real gun violence reform legislation. at one point during my town hall last friday, adam from parkland said, we are heard. there is no more can we be heard. it's now. people hear us. they ask what's next. these young people are ripefully going to keep up their demands until we make significant reforms that make a lasting impact. i ask my republican colleagues to not only listen to these students but also take meaningful action to address the gun violence epidemic in
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this country. words are not enough. we must move forward. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. jeffries, for five minutes. : mr. speaker, exactly one month ago 14 innocent students and three innocent teachers were massacred at a high school in parkland, florida. we are in the midst of a gun violence epidemic in this country. mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting. massacre in the workplace in san bernardino, california. massacre at a nightclub in
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orlando, florida. massacre at a concert in las vegas, nevada. massacre in churches down in charleston, south carolina, and in texas. massacre in schools. in newtown, connecticut, and parkland, florida. we are in the midst of a gun violence epidemic in this country. yet, the do-nothing republican congress is missing in action. the overwhelming majority of the american people support universal background checks. the overwhelming majority of the american people support limiting access to weapons of war. the overwhelming majority of the american people support raising the age of purchase from 18 to 21. yet, the do-nothing republican congress is missing in action.
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our students should be able to go to school and focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic. but instead, they're often in school with their hands in the air, participating in active shooting drills. yet, the do-nothing republican .ongress is missing in action all throughout the country today, tens of thousands of students in blue states and red states, students in urban america, rural america, and suburban america, students in the north, the south, the east and the west are walking out of class for 17 minutes to demand that congress pass commonsense gun violence prevention legislation.
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i salute your courage. i salute your conviction. i salute your determination to make a difference. the students of this great country have stepped up. now it's time for congress to do the same. it's time for congress to choose. we can either stand with the students or you can stand with the n.r.a. history will judge us all. the students of this country are being cut down in the classroom in cold blood. yet, the do-nothing republican congress is missing in action. we don't work for the n.r.a. we don't work for the gun manufacturers. we don't work for the merchants of death.
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we work for the american people and it's time for us to finally address the gun violence epidemic in america. enough is enough. the american people deserve a better deal. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. all members are reminded to direct their remarks to the chair and not perceived viewing audience. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from florida, mrs. demings, for five minutes. mrs. demings: mr. speaker, one month ago today a man brutally murdered 17 children and educators in parkland, florida. he killed these innocent people using a semi automatic assault-style weapon. these weapons designed for the battlefield are easily available across this country. it has been 19 years since the columbine school shooting.
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that massacre shocked america. our country debated that shooting and the causes for months, for years. but in what has become an all-too familiar pattern, to ess did nothing, address the factors that make these massacres so deadly, the easy access to guns. you see, after columbine, the gun lobby knew they were in trouble and so they put a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money into confusing the issue. they said, it's not guns. it's bullying. they said, it's not guns. it's the lack of school security. it's not guns. it's our violent culture, music, and video games.
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well, other countries have all of these things, but other countries do not have mass shooters like ours because other countries have responsible gun safety laws. today, one month after the parkland shooting, we are once again discussing guns, and today, as after columbine, the gun lobby knows that they are in trouble because this time these children who survived the parkland shooting are not trying to return to the way life was before the shooting. they are taking a stand, and, yes, we do stand with them. see, these children believe that they can change the world. they should and they are. i mean, after all, isn't that what we taught them that when they see something wrong they do something about it? and so the gun lobby is going
10:45 am
back to their same old tactics. it's not guns. it's the fact that the teachers don't have guns. how surprising that the gun lobby solution to school shootings is to buy more guns? but as a former law enforcement officer who has been trained in active shooter situations, i can tell you that arming teachers is a dangerous and disturbing idea. . we should prevent mass shootings and not complicate them. i can can tell you that having multiple armed individuals present in an active shooter situation only complicates the response. arming teachers would lead to taxpayer sponsored shootouts endangering outskilled and outgunned teachers and putting our children at risk. we already ask our overworked
10:46 am
and underpaid teachers to do too much. a national survey of teachers found that if offered the choice to carry a firearm, most would refuse. many have said they would quit. the solution to gun violence is not shootouts between teachers and school shooters. instead we can finally take serious but real measures addressing gun safety. we should stop this absurd idea before it becomes reality. congress should move swiftly to prevent the administration from shifting tax dollars meant for anti-terrorism programs to buying guns for teachers. i have hope to incorporate this commonsense idea in a bill scheduled to come before the homeland security committee last week, but i was blocked for doing so. and that's why last night i introduced a new bill to put the
10:47 am
idea into law. money for fighting terrorism should stay where it is. and our teachers should not -- should be allowed to teach. we saw that in my own congressional district in orlando, florida, the results of lack of action where 49 people were killed. and 58 still suffer life changing injuries. when they were gunned down in a nightclub. everybody living in a country that we say is the greatest country in the world should have the right to go to church torques go to school, to go to a mall, to go to a movie theater without being gunned down. mr. speaker -- joip the gentlelady's time has expired. mrs. demings: we should take action after this shooting and do our job to protect our children and serve our communities. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. meeks, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise
10:48 am
his morning because the camera of history is rolling. it is rolling and it is recording. it is recording the fact that the n.r.a. continues to distort the meaning of the second amendment, that the n.r.a. continues to insight its -- incites its members with propaganda and threatens my republican colleagues and my republican colleagues in fear whoever down and -- hover down and go to their wishes and do nothing to prevent mass shootings in the united states of america. the camera of history is rolling, mr. speaker, and the camera will record the fact that
10:49 am
we have a president of the united states who believes in reality tv shows. in fact, he had an open press reality show-type meeting where he made big promises of improving gun safety. the president declared that in at meeting that republican lawmakers are so scared of the n.r.a. he said that and admitted that the republican lawmakers are scared of the n.r.a., but he said he was not. just a short time thereafter, what did he do? he didn't have an open show meeting with the n.r.a. he didn't want the american public to see how he hovered down and gave in to the wishes of the n.r.a. it wasn't an open press meeting.
10:50 am
if he was so strongly against the just a short time thereafter, what did n.r.a. or them, he should have had a meeting in the oval office and have the same press covering so that we could hear what he was saying to them and they were saying to him. but all we know what the results were. the results were that after he had this closed, behind door meeting with the n.r.a., he didn't come out so strong anymore. he started to back down. he started to say he was so strong about hey, didn't make sense about buying a gun at 18, 21, that was not in his plans. we saw had he changed his whole demeanor. something took place and we say, mr. president, if you are not afraid of the n.r.a., then you do an open meeting with the n.r.a. with the same press as you have done with members of congress. since we e 30th day
10:51 am
have had that terrible shooting in florida. and we have young people now outside who are saying enough is enough. some young people don't have an effect on american history and the camera. i dare say to you, i can recall a young person who was only about 17 years old who stood bravely and took beatings to say he wanted america to go in a different direction. that young man is now a member of congress and someone who we admire. he goes by the name of john lewis. he was only 16, 17 years old and it changed america. and i dare say there's some 16 and 17-year-old who outside today who will change america and make it a better place. we need to join them. got to stop the kinds of letters that i have been receiving in my office. i have been receiving letters
10:52 am
from individuals, got to stop t nd jill association, a large association of young people who want a better america. -- named jeremy chaviss chavis, who said my mother has been forced to discuss with me at ar of safety while school. in light of the mass murder of children our age in a place that should be a safe h at school. inaven for our education. this is a conversation that neither jeremy's mother nor any mother should need to have. yet with 7,000 innocent children killed since sandy hook in 2012, it's one that parents across america are forced to have with their children. parents have to instruct their kids to hide under the desks as i did as a child when i was afraid -- we were afraid of a nuclear weapon we were in the arms war. we used to have shelter drills. and here we're in 2018 and our
10:53 am
children have to have shelter drills because of americans and others that can come in with an assault rifle and take lives in a matter of seconds. no, that's not the united states we want. that's not the united states that these young people want to live in. and they will stand and fight and change -- the speaker pro tempore: the entleman's time has expired. mr. meeks: the course of america. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from michigan, mr. levin, for five minutes. without objection, the gentleman is recognized. students: mr. speaker, from across the nation including from my ninth district in michigan are demanding that their voices be heard on the issue of gun violence. they are upset with the carnage they have witnessed. they are fearful for their safety. and they are tired of excuses and inaction. but one month after the tragedy
10:54 am
in parkland, flamplets, not to mention so many prior school shootings, republican leaders in congress have failed to bring up any legislation that might meaningful control the weapons being used to kill and wound so many americans. so all of us democrats are coming here today, many of us, on the republican side i'm not sure the screen can show we see empty seats. no bill on assault weapons norks bill on improving background checks, no bill to ban bump stocks, nothing. this is a terrible moment of silence when we desperately need a moment of action. while there is no single answer to gun violence, any credible response must address the weapons of war that are turning our schools, houses of worship, movie theaters, and concerts into battlefields. assault weapons with bagses holding 30 bullets are not
10:55 am
needed by hunters, nor are they required for self-defense. they are killing machines. and increasing numbers of our fellow americans have become their victims. congress must stand up to the n.r.a. and say enough. even president trump called out republican members of congress for being too afraid of the n.r.a. to act. saying the n.r.a. has, and i quote, great power over you people. they have less power over me. end of quote. but ever since president trump has been backtracking, showing he, too, is more scared of the n.r.a.'s political muscle than he is of the public's demand for change. this outcome is depressingly familiar. 50 years ago one week after bobby kennedy was cincinnatied -- assassinated i spoke on the issue of gun violence at wayne tate university.
10:56 am
i felt compelled to speak about the myths that the n.r.a. was spreading regarding any effort towards sensible gun control. in my 1968 speech i said, one of the favoriteation of the n.r.a. and the rest of the gun lobby is that guns don't kill people. people kill people. the figures show the inaccuracy of the statement. the truth is, people with guns kill people. this remains as true today as it was 50 years ago. we still remain paralyzed by the n.r.a. and what is its solution to gun violence? more guns? more guns in the classroom by arming teachers? more guns in the streets through lax concealed carry laws? and more guns crossing state lines by overriding local laws. in this deranged myth, more guns somehow -- math, more guns
10:57 am
somehow equals less violence. greefing -- grieving parents and terrified students deserve so much better. they are tired of the stonewalling. the diversion. and the deception. they are demanding real action to stop gun violence. let us act now. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. nadler, for five minutes. mr. nadler: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, as we speak thousands of young people from across the country are gathered outside to protest gun violence beseech, to demand that we take action. mr. speaker, we know what to do. we know that we ought to amend the beseech, to law to provide background checks before people
10:58 am
can purchase guns. not just background checks when you purchase from a licensed gun dealer, but background checks when you purchase a gun any place. we know that we ought to eliminate the three day limits if they don't finish the background check within three days you can't get your gun. we know that we should renew the assault weapons ban that was in effect from 1994 to 2004 so you can't buy military killing machines in this country for civilian use. we know we ought to ban the high capacity magazines that can convert guns into killing machines for large numbers of people have no other purpose. you don't hunt deer with a high capacity magazine. we know we ought to ban bump stocks and the other things we ought to do. t we're too many of us are cowards. we cowher before the national rifle asocialation. we know the fact is it is guns in the hands of people that kill people.
10:59 am
every other country in the world, every other industrial country in the world we stand out like a sore thumb. if you look at other statistics, this country, great britain, 75 people killed by guns in a year. another country, 142. no country in more than three digits except the united states at 33,000. and they tell us it's mental health. the american people do not mental health rate, mental health rates of -- lack of mental health a thousand times, or 10 times, or 20 times more than people in western europe or japan or australia. you can cannot explain a difference of 75 or 150 to 33,000 by mental health. they tell us we should arm teachers. but we know that trained police officers hit their targets about a third of the time when they fire a gun. and the gunfight when the adrenaline is running, 13%.
11:00 am
if we arm the teachers, we'll have more teachers and more students killed. and we have a president who has shown coward dis-- cowardice. he criticized senator toomey for being afraid of the n.r.a. and he after meeting with the n.r.a. backed down from everything. mr. speaker, we know what to do, we're the only country in the world with the kind of gun murder rates we have. the republicans have opposed all the measures that we ought to take, but the republicans have a choice, they can continue to be complicit in the repeated slaughter in our schools and churches and our concert halls and streets by continuing their cowardly subcertificate veeans to the n.r.a. or they can act to protect us and our children. let's see what they do. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. members are reminded to refrain
11:01 am
from engaging in personalities towards the president. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new jersey, mr. payne, for five minutes. mr. payne: i ask unanimous consent to address the house. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. , the yne: mr. speaker r.a., the n.r.a., the n.r.a. stands for no republican action . it's been a month since 17 children and their teachers were gunned down while at school in parkland, florida. it's been more than five years since 26 children and their teachers were slaughtered at sandy hook. in both of these instances, the ar-15, pon was used, an semiautomatic rifle, and
11:02 am
congress still has taken no action to end gun violence. mr. speaker, there have been more than three dozen moments of silence related to gun violence since sandy hook massacre. there have been zero moments of action. as those of us who are mired or -- married or have children, the silent treatment doesn't work at home. well, it surely isn't working in congress. there are dozens of reasonable gun safety bills pending in this esteemed legislature, but the majority party is giving the american people the silent treatment. n.r.a., no republican action. meanwhile, between the moments of silence, around 7,000
11:03 am
children have been killed by guns since 2012. n.r.a., no republican action. let us take action on mr. cicilline's assault weapons ban to end the flood of new semi automatic assault weapons onto the streets. let us take action on mr. thompson's bill to strengthen background checks. background checks. what is the problem with making sure that we check each person's background? does the n.r.a. say that's wrong too? no republican action. let us take action on my safer neighborhoods gun buyback act to encourage people to safely, freely make the economic decision to self-disarm and dispose of most of their
11:04 am
violent weapons. mr. speaker, the n.r.a. spends tens of millions of dollars in our elections. well, i received a grade of s, the first s i ever got that i was proud of. what do the american people get? they get no republican action. let us end the silence of inaction and with that, mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from florida, mr. deutch, for five minutes. mr. deutch: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, today marks one month since the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. one month since the survivors inside those hallways have seen their lives changed forever.
11:05 am
the survivors and the grieving families, they are not just grieving their loss. they're helping to change the direction of this congress and the direction of this country. mr. speaker, i'm leaving from here to go join the thousands of students who have descended upon the capitol today, whose leadership will help guide the direction of this country and who understand one month after the horrific shooting at stoneman douglas, one month in and this congress has failed to act, there are thousands out there today. there will be hundreds of thousands and millions more in the weeks ahead. the community that i represent, mr. speaker, will not be
11:06 am
defined in the future by the tragedy that happened at stoneman douglas. it will be defined by the leadership of these student survivors who are inspiring a nation and helping to take us to a place where children can feel safe going to school in the morning and parents can know when they take their kids to school in the morning they will be able to pick them up safely at the end of the day. that's the result of this tragedy. that's what this is going to mean for our country. we are going to follow the lead of these student leaders. they're an inspiration to us, all of us and i'm off to join them now. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house
11:07 am
money can be used for metal detectors, lock and other security measures. live house coverage. until they do we'll take you to a senate commerce committee hearing. the commerce and transportation hearing from five cabinet secretaries testifying about the trump administration's plan to improve america's infrastructure. >> i'll take a look. senator moran: thank you. in six seconds, secretary purdue, i'd raise the same sue with you rural utility services, f.c.c. i've seen the circumstances we have used r.u.s. dollars


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