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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  March 14, 2018 6:16pm-8:17pm EDT

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centers give women real choice. nd i would like to recognize the gentleman from california who organized this special order with me for comments he might make. >> thank you. i'm very proud and pleased to join with dr. harris in this effort to get to 130 colleagues have signed onto the petition to the supreme court to let them know this is morally wrong. mr. lamalfa: as a california legislator, i have expressed what our legislators have done with assembly bill 775, which is known as the reproductive fact act, fact, indeed. as dr. harris mentioned requiring medical centers that offer free pro-life help to post
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written advertisements promoting the availability of free or low cost abortions subsidized by the state of california. and requires them to note in multiple languages that they do not have a medical provider on staff, which is kind of interesting because the places have lower standards for medical care and standards for the doctors on staff to have to be overseen. it's very interesting the double standard for that type of health care versus other health care at abortion clinics and yet they want to point out there wouldn't be a medical provider at these centers that wouldn't have them anyhow. and california legislature, does it violate the free speech
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clause? indeed, it is a plate ant violation. the government has no business forcing private citizens or anyone else to promote an ideology that violates their beliefs. the whole purpose of these centers is to provide free help to prospective mothers, not to a billboard for this is exhibit a. supreme court must set a precedent as lower courts have lready done, they must set a precedent, we will not stand by as california's liberal elites to give up their freedoms under the first amendment. indeed, i want to thank dr. harris and my colleagues for standing up on this huh helping
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to not only bail out california's irresponsibility t stand up for the people s' rice and provide counseling to those who find themselves in crisis. mr. harris: i thank the gentleman from california. need to remind mr. speaker, e pro-life pregnancy centers run on private donations and provide services to no charge. in some centers a lot of them will have a room that is just full of supplies. supplies to help a mother, to help a mother in a crisis pregnancy and take care of that child and to give that child the very precious gift of life.
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i yield time to the gentleman from michigan to comments he might make. let me just tell you a story about one of the crises pregnancy centers. they provide ultrasound exams line woman called the help and she knew very little about the republicer cushions and felt boyfriend old by her to get rid of it. they scheduled an appointment and came to the appointment and seeing her baby's heartbeat, she decided to give this child the gift of life. and i yield time to the gentleman from michigan. . i thank my friend i can't think of anything that
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is more important that we are talking about here in washington because there are three critical foundations which our nation was built upon, the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience and right to life. thomas jefferson who was our third president said, no provision in our constitution ought to be endeared to a man that protects the rights of conscience. what he means by civil authority is government. mr. huizenga: i stand here today in the well of the house of this chamber, americans' feem of conscience and right to life is under attack and this time in california. this law is a classic example of government using its power to promote messages that conflict with their beliefs. these centers are a valuable
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asset to the men, women and families and certainly in michigan. they provide at no charge practical advice and resources, information. emotional support for expectant mothers and those fathers and families in need. as leaders of this nation, we should be offering support, resources and praises for their forts, not targeting these p.r.c.'s with unconstitutional government mandates. my wife served as a number of years on the board of a resource center in michigan, i have seen the positive impact that they have on the community. my sister-in-law still still serves on that board. this is real impact to women and babies. after that baby is born, these resource centers will provide care and clothing and education
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and emotional support and i know in my own church in western michigan, we regularly have those dresser drives where we fill a dresser and we are providing that diaper. we are there to help make the women through. the federal government shouldn't coerce resource centers to abortions. this is to protect us from that exact source of intimidation. i thank my friends but these centers work. we know that. they offer compassionate care and should be treasured by the government and not targeted by them. and i thank my friends and i yield back. mr. harris: i thank the
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gentleman from michigan. these pregnancy centers not only help mothers but help the fathers. a lot of times fathers don't know what it's going to be like and they begin to give that will couple the ability to create a loving household to that child and i would like to yield to the gentleman from arkansas. ermwerm i rise in support of pro-life pregnancy centers. i thank the gentleman from maryland and my colleague, mr. lamalfa for hosting this mportant time that we can come together. west mr. westerman: in my hometown in 1988 the center was formed to
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protect innocent limbs. n the last 30 years, process changed point pregnancy center has changed the lives by offering and advocating for alternatives to abortion. this is comprised of volunteers making a ho are positive difference. i know firsthand the quality of these volunteers because my own mother was one of them in the early years when it was getting off the ground. in addition to free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, they other suppliesnd to families. we have been vital in supplying the pregnancy center by donating
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supplies and baby bottles to help fund the center. change point has taught more than 10,000 classes for both mothers and fathers. they help fathers and they help parents and families. they give families the tools to succeed rather than the stigma that burdens them. i'm proud to support change point and they support families in the 4th district of arkansas and i applaud these centers not only from my home state for the great work they are doing. and i yield back. harris that harris i -- mr. harris: i tharning the gentleman from arkansas. we have tonight, we are going to hear from some of the real leaders from the pro-life
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movement but we should call it the pro-choice movement. they give women a real choice. a lot of women come to these centers expecting that they are pressured that they can't bring these pregnancies to fulfillment to birth of a new life and these centers give them the choice to do that. they provide the support, mentoring and the i would like to recognize the gentleman from wa, mr. king, to speak about these cries sees pregnancy centers. mr. king: i thank dr. harris on leading on special order and i appreciate the opportunity to be recognized. a number of things i would point out. i chair the constitution committee for a reason. and the delivery by mr. lamalfa
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on california's horrible reproductive fact act law, it is not fact act, by the way but they provide free advertising for the industry. if you coerce people to advertise for some that is volunteering their time and contributing their resources to center, i a crisis can't hardly think of anything more and who are ernst. freedom of speech is one thing hfment you can't limit speech. but for a state to impose speech that is beyond the pale of the constitutional first amendment rights. i think of crises pregnancy centers and how it matters to
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me, not long after i was elected, i went to gabry yell's corner and i walked in there, a building that was built in an empty lot across the street from planned parent hood abortion center. as i walked in there, they had a big picture window and a kneeler so you could be there to look out through that window and pray for those mothers that were going into the planned parenthood and said to me that are 40 ultrasound, if a money was to have a 40 ultrasound then, that 70% of the mothers would decide once they see the ultrasound to keep the baby. we finished the tour and i said where is your ultrasound and they said we don't have one.
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i i said why not. they said we can't afford it. and i said let's raise the money or the ultrasound so you can save 70% of the babies who come in here because of their mother. we set about the fundraising effort. why are you waiting. and i answered we are raising the money. he said go buy the ultrasound. he wanted to be an anonymous benefactor and the annual dinner for gabrielle's corner, the first baby we saved was brought to that dinner and there that was that man watching. and wow! i have never forgotten what that meant. and another occasion, individual came to me and i said i'm in
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between careers. as we discussed this, it came to e foundational idea to establish mary's choice. catholic pregnancy center and they -- as they followed that planned ned it next to parenthood. they cannot stand the guilt and built a fence. it attracted them instead and the last time i was there and had my picture taken there in front of the planned parenthood center, there is a century 21. nd you can't read it it is for sale or maybe sold by now, progress has been made, lives have been the respect for unborn human life has grown and to force them
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or muzzle speech, not just limiting free dm of speech but forcing speech and i looked at my iphone here, there are a number of ultra sounds that have been texted to me. i'm kind of like, i guess i'm the number one proponent of procreation in congress, as far as i know, here's one, baby looked good yesterday. i replied, this is beautiful. this one came through, i asked what is the heart beat rate for this little miracle? 161 beats per minute. then i say, purring along like a , that tuned racing motor little miracle. and moving all around is her answer. she answered this way, this mother, these ultra sounds are
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amazing. watching her stretch and cross her legs, curl up her hand, suck her thumb at 19 weeks i can't imagine anyone contemplating abortion would proceed with it after seing that in their own little baby. and that little baby is my little granddaughter. i'm going to stand up for life so long as i live. i yield back. mr. harris: i want to thank the gentleman for those touching comments. again, this is about giving mothers choices. one has to ask the question, why in the world don't abortion clinics show ultra sounds? what are they afraid of? are they afraid of giving a woman a real choice, of seing that baby, of denying the fact that it's not a blob of tissue, it's actually a baby with a heart beat, it's a by by that moves, it is your child. but they don't get that choice in an abortion clinic they get it at a crisis pregnancy center. with that i'm pleased to yield
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time to the -- to mr. arrington, the gentleman from texas, for his remarks. mr. harrington: i want to thank the gentleman from maryland, dr. harris, for his leadership on the most sacred of issues. mr. speaker, in the shadow of over 60 million precious american lives aaborted in the united states, there is life. -- there is light. this light shines through the roughly 2,000 pro-life pregnancy centers in communities across our nation, including mine in west texas. these pregnancy centers are dedicated to serving .3 million women a year. that's 6,500 a day. because of their good work, providing ultra sounds and medical services and parenting classes and even ministering to their deeper emotional and spiritual needs, these pregnancy enters save lives.
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hundreds of thousands of lives. they believe like a lot of us do that all life is a gift from god and deserving their constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. now these pro-life pregnancy centers in california are being forced by law in a way that goes directly against their mission an more importantly their conscience. the state of california mandates these pregnancy centers disclose how patients can obtain a state-sponsored abortion. california in my opinion is abusing the power of the state to force people to post messages they do not believe in and which violate their conscience. government coercion of speech or conduct that violates the religious conscience of an individual is in direct violation of the first amendment. the founders intentionally listed the right to freely express our religious beliefs
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first because they recognize the vital role faith in god plays in cultivating a moral foundation necessary for this democratic society. while this inherent right to religious expression is being undermined, the constitution could not be clearer on this question. i am confident the supreme court will uphold the sacred right against the heavy hand of government coercion. yield back. mr. harris: i thank the gentleman from texas for those comments. he's absolutely right new york matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, you should stand with the first amendment on the right of an individual not to have their speech compelled by the government. and that's what is at stake in this considerate case. i want to just thank god that we have a president who understands the importance of these constitutional bases and one who i believe will nominate justices to the supreme court who will
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continue to uphold the first amendment and the other amendments to the constitution. with that, i would like to recognize the gentlelady from missouri, a pro-life leader in the house of representatives. >> thank you, gentlemen. i'd like to thank you and representative lamalfa for hosting tonight's special order to draw attention to the wonderful benefits of crisis pregnancy centers. i'd like to share the story of two women, summer is a smart 17-year-old who is in love with her first love, john, and their parents are concerned about how serious they've gotten they spend as much time together as possible. they soon find out that their college plan plas are in yep ar diwhen they discover that hey're pregnant. mrs. hartzler: tonya is a 40-year-old single mom with three kids. she works at a restaurant as a server and gets by with federal welfare programs. she's been seeing sam off and on
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for several months but they recently broke up. now she finds out she's pregnant. the she can't handle one more mouth to feed. abortion seems to be the only option. summer and tonya's situations are different yet they both can find help and hope through their local crisis pregnancy centers. like over 2.3 million women and men across america, they can receive pregnancy tests, ultra sounds, parenting classes and other basic necessities such as maternity and baby clothing through these centers. these vital centers are making a huge difference for so many. pregnancy care centers provide a safe haven for women in crisis. in other words, they provide a safe havep for pregnant moms who need love and support as they welcome their babies into the world. there are more than 2,300 pregnancy care centers throughout america. some of these clinics provide medical care, housing for
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expectant moms and their children, and adoption referrals. i'm thankful for the shiloh center in harrisonville, missouri, my hometown. the shiloh center welcomes moms in difficult circumstances offering hope and health, enabling each mother to choose life for her baby. like many other centers, the shiloh center provides free pregnancy testing, ultra sound services, counseling and educational resources. the shiloh center also provides prenatal care for pregnant moms and ensures new moms are equipped with baby clothes, diapers and formula for their little ones. there are thousands of these centers across america and i would like to heat the wonderful care centers in my district. crossroads pregnancy resource center in warsaw, missouri. my life clinic, columbia, missouri. door of hope pregnancy center in clinton, missouri. new beginnings women's cent for the morrisburg.
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pregnancy support cent for the lebanon, missouri. birth right of sedalia. fre women's clinic. birth right of moberly. birth right of nevada. and choice pregnancy center in marshfield, missouri. i'm grateful for each of these centers, for the countless hours of community service and client care lovingly offered to women like summer and tonya an thousands in similar circumstances experiencing challenging life circumstances. they are bringing practical help and hope and that is the best story of all. thank you, i yield back my time. mr. harris: i want to thank mrs. hartzler, the gentlelady from missouri, for that. just to remind people, you know, there are things you find at a crisis pregnancy center you don't find at your local planned parenthood. almost all of them will have a room where donated clothing, clothing that most of it used, yeah, that's the way it is, you
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know. people who have had children, their children are grown, they donate clothing to a pregnancy center to help those mothers who need help. mothers who perhaps feel they can't financially afford to have a child because you have to buy clothing for a child. you have to buy diapers. these pregnancy centers give them a real choice. with that, i'd like to yield time to ms. foxx, the gentlelady from north carolina, another pro life leader in the house of representatives. ms. foxx: i thank you, mr. harris, for leading this special order tonight and yielding time to me. mr. speaker, today i rise to recognize the life affirming and life-saving work done across the country by pro-life pregnancy centers. i have the privilege of representing the new hope pregnancy compassion care center in north carolina. i'm proud to share the testimony of a young woman who perfectly
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encapsulates what these care centers do. she writes, and i quote, the day i found out i was pregnant i was very upset and didn't know what to do. i had so many different emotions and knew that it was going to be very hard, especially with me still being in college. i didn't know how i was going to tell my parents, my family, or my church. after having two positive pregnancy tests, i decided to go to compassion care center. this is one of the best decisions i could have ever made. when i got there, i took another pregnancy test and it was positive. after that, i ended up having an ultra sound. after i i have seen my little by by on the ultra sound i was lost for words. i had so many emotions and felt like i had no one. after my ultra sound i ended up talking to a staff person about life and about this new baby. i told her how scared i was to
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tell my parents and how bad of a person i felt because of this. even though this baby was not planned by me, god had planned it for me. she explained to me that even though i was still in college, still living at home, that she knew that i could do this and get through this. after we talked for a while about my life, the new baby, and religion, we prayed together. i ended up going home after that and telling my parents. it was very hard for them to cope with at first but eventually they accepted it. i started going back to compassion care every week after that, to take classes that offered videos about pregnancy and babies. watching those videos helped me so much because it was a lot of new information that i did not know. i earned points every time that i came to watch these videos by watching them and doing homework sheets. the points i earned i could use to buy stuff in the store.
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the store had many different items that i could get. i got maternity clothes, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, and toys. these items helped me tremendously. without compassion care offering these classes and items, i wouldn't have known what to do. aye learned so much stuff that i didn't know before and they've given me the best support. i absolutely love everyone there and appreciate everything that they've done for me. i just recently had my daughter and she's become my entire life. i know one thing, though. if i would have not been involved with compassion care center, i would not have been able to do this. they were a lifesaver. and i cannot express enough how thankful i am that they were there for me every step of the way. end quote. i yield back, mr. speaker.
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mr. harris: i want to thank the gentlelady from north carolina for that. just a reminder, i can't imagine, as the gentlelady said, you know, these are centers that provide true resources to women at a time when they are very, very vulnerable. and why a city council or a state legislature or any jurisdiction or any legislateture would want to, what amounts to closing these centers down. these are people who believe bortion is wrong. and they are not going to refer people to abortion. that's the bottom line. they will close their doors. and the last thing the state should do is compel to do that. why we would want to close our septemberers down is a puzzle to me. the t to recognize gentleman from for his comments.
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mr. newhouse: mr. speaker, i rise to speak in support for the first amendment free speech ghts of pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation. i thank you for leading this special order this evening. mr. speaker, our declaration of independence proclaims that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are god-given rights of all people. if we truly believe that, then we must be consistent that the right to life is inherent for every person born or unborn. national institute of family and life advocates is a case before the supreme court that centers on the right of free speech, pro-life medical-licensed centers. they are forced to violate their conscience object jeckses and
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post advertisements for free or low-cost abortions subsidized by the state. i would ask, what could be more deeply offensive to any person that lds the belief abortion takes innocent lives. this law violates first amendment protections under our constitution and the ramifications of this will be felt across the nation. dozen e a nearly a crises septemberers and most in he 4th congressional district. a center that i visited is a pregnancy medical center that . ovides std testing crisis pregnancy centers exist
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to support mothers, fathers and their children. they provide free material resources for young families. these centers exist to further the progress and protection of innocent life. i signed onto the brief supporting the nifla with more than 140 colleagues because states do not have the right to force private individuals or entities to compel speech that violates their conscience. i'm proud of the house of representatives' work to protect the sanctity of life such as the born alive protection act to ensure that children who survive are given proper medical treatment. today, i stand with my colleagues to be a voice for the voiceless and stand for the right of free speech of all who believe in the sanctity of life.
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yield the balance of my time. mr. harris: he points out that each of our districts have numerous pregnancy centers. they outnumber abortion clinics three to one. this is in any one's district, town, county. what's at issue here, if you had a nonprofit running a recreation center and it provided resources to troubled teenagers after school, this would be like the state telling that center, you know what? you have to promote a certain eligion or you have to put out pamphlets of one political party. we would be incensed at that. this is exactly what california
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is attempting to do with this law with these pro-life pregnancy centers. i yield to mr. williams for his comments. mr. williams: mr. speaker, i would like to take this time to recognize pro-life pregnancy centers. as a father and grandfather, i have believed that life begins at the moment of conception. no one should promote abortion against their will. the federal government is extorting speech by forcing these centers to contradict their pro-life message. i have visited multiple centers around the 25th district of texas. the ld like to highlight austin pregnancy center. they provide resources,
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information and emotional support for those soon-to-be moms. they provide after-care for moms such as supplies, clothing and education. there are better options than abortion and there are facilities out there to help them. bottom line, americans and organizations around should not be forced by the government to promote ideas that conflict with their beliefs. i will continue advocating for the rights of the unborn and the centers that fight for them. in god we trust. i yield my time back. mr. harris: i thank the gentleman from texas and remind everyone that these are valuable resources in their towns, their neighborhoods. with that, i would like to recognize the gentleman from -- mr. johnson from louisiana. and one thing about congress, we
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have people with all different areas of expertise. but on this particular issue, the gentleman from louisiana brings particular expertise because of his background as a lawyer and defended religious liberty here in the united states protecting that very important right given to us in the first amendment that is at issue, at issue in this california case. i yield time to the gentleman from louisiana. mr. johnson: i thank dr. harris for his time and our colleagues for the constitution and for the sanctity of human life. children are a reward from him. and for most women, it is a beautiful moment in their life. here are times when it can
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bring uncertainty and the centers throughout our nation is so vital. hundreds of thousands of women have sought the guidance of these septemberers nationwide and been embraced with care and love. these centers serve the woman, the child and their whole families. there are more than six in my district. from the northwest crisis and mary's house to the community pregnancy, the new life center and these centers, they work day in and day out. i know these folks well. they are selfless volunteers. i provided pro bono services and have often defended their causes in court. they save lives and provide
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critical care like performing ultrasound and so much more and do it at zeroof costs. they do it with zero federal funding and save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. as fathers and mothers, sisters, brothers and friends, members of congress have to stand with these centers and ought to support these women and children and family especially in times when they need us most. on march 20, my former colleagues will stand before the u.s. supreme court and argue on behalf of the national institute of family and life advocates. all of us ask and expect the high court to protect the freedom of speech not just for these centers but anyone who will speak a message. it is absolutely absurd for the
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state of golf to force centers to provide information. he outcol could not only out come the freedom of spoach. this is a pivotal moment and we pray they hold up the sanctity of human life. with that, i yield back. mr. harris: i thank the gentleman from louisiana not only for those excellent remarks but for bringing this kind of expertise to the house of representatives. i next want to yield time to the gentleman from from new jersey, . smith, mr. smith, a leader in protecting human rights around the world from the u.s. house of representatives, a leader in protecting life. and in this case, to hear his remarks about how important
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pro-life pregnancy sent i.r.s. are important and how damaging this law would be. mr. smith: i thank dr. harris for his leadership, for many many years and extraordinary physician. johns hopkins and so many other places and we are grateful to the expertise and doctors can focus in a way that make it lear in defense of life, never has that message been so important. so much distortion and about time that clarity breakout when it comes to the abortion issue. we never had that national debate. every time a woman goes in and as a ultrasound and sees her baby. we all know are not newborns on
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across gerators all america, they are unborn babies and we are thrilled when we see them up on the refrigerator as an unborn baby and they are looking at it. that is me when i was in mommy. the supreme court does take up this case next week. the california law that requires medley licensed centers to advertise by putting up notice telling clients where to get free abortions is an egregious violation of the first amendment free speech clause. the government should not coerce organizations and the people ehind it to facilitate the
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dismembererment of unborn children. the choice clokes the deed and the deed is all about taking that child through diss membererment or through a chemical poison. you spoke about ultrasounds. they use it. and they could make it easier to dismember the child. johnson who was a director of a clinic in texas for about eight years quit when she finally saw sound screen an ultra guided abortion and was repulsed how that child was being killed by a physician. e became a pro-lifer since
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then. centers are about 2,752 in the country according to heartbeat international. with you a few years ago, i -- my wife and i went went to a sex, new in middle jersey, two women got up and spoke how they were scheduled and actually enroute to the abortion at the clinic and there were these compassionate women, selfless women who said please reconsider, take a look at the alternatives. we'll help you. both of those women turned around two different times, went back and had their babies. with tears in their eyes, two young girls got up a little later and thought they were going to talk about how committed they were to life and
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talked about school, sports and boys and they looked at the director of the center and thanked them for being there outside that abortion clinic that day, the day they were scheduled to abort. mr. mr. speaker, in a brief, 13 women told their stories of the care and the hope that they received from pregnancy care centers. and here briefly is angela's story. angela grew up in a very difficult household. and turned to drugs when she was 14 years old. angela continued to wrestle with addiction and at 31 discovered she was pregnant. although she made an appointment for an abortion, she decided to keep the baby because of her addiction and the circumstances of her pregnancy. she felt she could not turn to her family for support. so she found a pregnancy care center, this one was in new
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york, at her first appointment, steph showed angela her baby through an ultrasound. t me remind members, dr. nathanson, the co-founder of anyway ral, who said, i've come to the agonizing conclusion that i have presided over 60,000 deaths, was one of the leaders in the 1960's in pro moth abortion throughout this country, -- promoting abortion throughout this country, and very fktive at it, when he became pro-life, he said, if wombs had windows, if every woman prior to an abortion would see an ultrasound of her baby, she would run out of that clinic. well, the pregnancy care center people in new york showed angela the ultrasound and she was ea numberered, touched deeply. by the baby, her baby, that she saw on the screen. they met with her weekly as the pregnancy progressed. always staying by her side. and a staff member was with her in the hospital had she delivered. after angela gave birth to her son, cameron, the staff helped
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her to enroll in wick and to reach out to new york's department of social services. she continued to come to the pregnancy center, this is all in the friends of the court brief, for parenting courses and for support in staying clean of those drugs that had so hurt her life. she writes, i always thought that people were fake. but they are genuine. particularly at the center. this is who they really are. they will help me and they are helping to raise my son. looking forward to life now, she credits the center with giving her support so that she doesn't turn back to drugs. women and children across our nation share similar stories. i've heard many, many of those stories over my time in the pro-life movement. and every time you meet one of those women, because we argue, dr. harris and i and all those in the pro-life movement, there are two victims in every abortion. the obvious, the dead child, who is dismembered or chemically poisoned. and the mother. and pregnancy care centers are
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all about life affirmation. loving them both. and to be told by california, you must advertise how to kill that baby when you're about loving them both, like i said at the beginning, is an egregious violation of the first amendment and i do believe and i know dr. harris and others on our side of this issue believe that the supreme court will see that as such and render that law moot. i yield back. >> i want to thank the gentleman from new jersey very much. it is a shame that here in the united states, with the freedoms that we have guaranteed in our constitution, that this even has to come before a court. it is so clear, it is so clear that it is unconstitutional to compel speech against one -- someone's beliefs. political, religious beliefs. mr. harris: these are what our nation is founded on. and to compel these clinics to
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do this is something that shouldn't even enter the thoughts of anyone. again, we would never compel any other nonprofit, existing on donations in the neighborhood, providing things to people in those neighborhoods and communities, we wouldn't think of compelling, again, political speech, we wouldn't think of compelling religious activity. and yet here california attempts to compel these volunteers, these clinics who are providing such a valuable choice to the women in their community, want to compel them to essentially refer for an abortion. that is against all the deeply held beliefs of these individuals. mr. speaker, we have a few minutes left. i want to read the stories of some wft im-- some of the women who go to these clinics because this really is about choice. this is about institutions in a community that offer true choice.
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so let me first tell you about miranda. these are stories from the pregnancy centers in my community. 19-year-old miranda came to this pregnancy center with her boyfriend and learned she was nine weeks pregnant. miranda worked nine hours a day as a cashier at a home depot. and she honestly was not happy with the positive results of her test. she didn't think she could raise a baby and nobody had any faith in her. you see, a year earlier, miranda had had an abortion. she still cries at the recollection and feels the pain of what she had done. she didn't want to make that choice again. but her circumstances hadn't changed and she felt that that's what she had to do. the volunteer counselor praised miranda for working full time and getting her g.e.d. the volunteer counselor explained how miranda could obtain health care, and how that clinic's earn while you learn program would educate her on prenatal care and parenting, as well as provide her with
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much-needed baby supplies once the baby was born. then miranda saw the fetal models depicting a -week-old fee tulls. she couldn't believe -- a 9-week-old fetus. she couldn't believe what she was seeing. she asked questions like when does the heart start beating? would it be possible for her to hear the beating heart? when does the baby start kicking? you see, miranda explained that the abortion clinic she had been to a year before never told her about the development of the baby. she had been 15 weeks pregnant at the time. it was so surprising for her to see the truth in those baby models. nobody ever told her that her baby had been so fully developed. miranda said that the best part coming to the pregnancy center was that they, quote, told her she can do it. you see, she'd never heard that before. nobody had ever told her that. she had a real choice now.
7:07 pm
or a story about laura. when laura came to the certainty two years ago, she was feeling nauseated and miserable. the timing of her pregnancy couldn't be worse. she had recently discovered that her mother had been diagnosed with late stage liver disease. laura too was postabortive. her previous abortion was a terrible experience that left her emotionally scarred. of course as it leaves many women. she didn't want to have another abortion but felt she had no choice. she wanted to be there for her mom during her mother's time of need. now the volunteer clinic advocate in the clinic spent lots of time just listening to laura. it became clear that laura really wanted to keep her baby. but was lost in trying to figure out how. and, mr. speaker, this is a recurring story in these pregnancy centers. these women, there's a reason why they used to be call crisis
7:08 pm
pregnancy centers. these are women frequently in crisis. who want to have that choice, but don't see the way out of their circumstances. well, this counselor helped laura navigate through the muddy waters of her life and envision a future with her child. soon laura's fear began to subside. a sonogram revealed a 7-week-old baby. in a tearful voice, laura said, quote, that's my baby. since then, laura has returned to the center weekly, participating in their prenatal education classes. she actually moved in with her mother so she could help her through her illness. and laura's hope is that her mom will be strong enough to hold the baby and spend her last days on earth with her grandchild. mr. speaker, that's the kind of hope that pregnancy centers give women. and their families. and often two lives are saved in these pregnancy centers. the child and the mother's.
7:09 pm
an unplanned pregnancy can provide an opportunity and inspiration for a woman to get her life back on track. to actually start, in these two cases, to start the family. a pregnancy can give a woman a reason to live, to take care of that child. a reason to go back to school, to finish her education. as we heard about miranda. a reason to reconcile with her family. you know, as a father of five, and everyone who has been parent knows this, -- been a parent knows this, we know how parenthood transforms a person. truly fundamentally transforms a person. well before the child is born. you know, from the time you know that you are going to have a new baby in the family, as well as life is ent afterward,
7:10 pm
precious. life is priceless. pregnancy centers support women during every step of that journey, of providing life, a new life, a gift from god. mr. speaker, next week the court will hear a case that perhaps threatens the very existence of crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life pregnant centers -- pregnancy centers in the united states. i hope that those nine justices have the wisdom to see that in merica, that a jurisdiction, whether it's california or baltimore, montgomery county or austin, texas, or any of the injures dicks that have tried to compel speech in these pregnancy centers, are viely aing our constitutional rights -- are violating our constitutional rights, and worse than that, are really affecting valuable
7:11 pm
resources in our community. the most valuable resource, a woman with a crisis pregnancy can have -- resource a woman with a crisis pregnancy can have. mr. speaker, with that, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. under the speaker's announced the of january 3, 2017, gentlewoman from california, ms. waters, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. ms. waters: thank you very much, mr. speaker. ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. waters: thank you. mr. speaker, as this month is women's history month, it is my honor to rise today to recognize my distinguished colleague, the gentlelady from ohio,
7:12 pm
representative marcy kaptur, as she becomes the longest serving woman in the history of the united states house of representatives. on march 18, 2018, congresswoman kaptur will have served in the house for 35 years, or a total of 12,858 days. while congresswoman kaptur earned a notable place in american history for her length of service, her true accomplishment is the profound impact that she's had on this nation through her legislative work, her leadership, her representation of the northern ohio district. and her steadfast commitment to addressing critically important issues. i think about congresswoman kaptur every evening that i am
7:13 pm
in washington, d.c. because when i leave the capitol, i drive past the marvelous, beautiful, world war ii national memorial. which would not exist but for the timeless work of congresswoman kaptur. after being approached by a constituent, congresswoman kaptur first proposed legislation in 1987. she began a years' long effort to have -- a year's long effort to have that legislation enacted into law and turned the world war ii monument into a reality. congresswoman kaptur's commitment to that project symbolizes what her colleagues know about her. marcy kaptur is one of the hardest working members of the united states congress. and she is one of the most dedicated advocates for the people and the values that she represents. congresswoman kaptur is a community organizer and a
7:14 pm
serious public policymaker. she serves on the house appropriations committee, where she is an incredibly powerful voice for appropriate spending levels, for programs and projects important to working families across the country. she serves as the ranking member on the subcommittee on energy and water development. where she has been tremendously impactful on promoting u.s. energy independence and the protection of the natural resources. congresswoman kaptur previously served on the committee on banking, finance and urban affairs, which is now known as the committee on financial services. as the current ranking member of the financial services committee, i'm grateful that congresswoman kaptur has not lost interest in financial issues. in fact, she has remained extremely engaged on issues
7:15 pm
pertaining to wall street. she has been a leader in responding to issues that arose or were painfully identified during the financial crisis. congresswoman kaptur and i regularly speak about financial services matters. she shares articles and materials with me about key individuals on wall street, she finds and shares information with me on individuals and firms ' involvement in creating i am thankful to have the benefit of her thoughts on these matters. congresswoman kaptur has the courage of her convictions even in the face of fierce opposition. the congresswoman has been a proponent for the re-establishment of the barriers between investment banking and
7:16 pm
traditional depository bank. congresswoman kaptur has stood by her convictions out of a sincere desire for protecting working families and main street over the interests of wall street. congresswoman kaptur supports policies that are good for her district, without hesitation. she fought to combat threats to lake erie. she is a strong advocate in so national like security, energy, independence and support for the armed forces. her dedication, her skills as a legislator and her work ethic should serve as an example of all public servants. i'm proud and horpped to call her my colleague, but my friend.
7:17 pm
nd so, i would like to say congratulations to congresswoman marcy kaptur, for taking your place in the american history as the longest serving woman in the house. and so, congresswoman, i would like to say to you that i'm not so sure that i should have worked with others to sneak upon you tonight and make this a surprise. and i know that in doing that, you have been sitting there thinking about that working on and coming with things that should be said about wall street. but tonight, we're talking about marcy kaptur. we're not talking about wall street. we'll talk about that later on. let me just say, you have been a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable voice and someone
7:18 pm
who understands the history of the wall street and many of the players who were responsible for some of the problems that caused us to have the recession that we got involved in in 2008. so i thank you for your caring about main street. and i thank you for knowing and spending time on these financial issues despite the fact that you have so many other things on your plate. again, i feel honored to be your friend and i will reserve the alance of my time. ok. and i will yield time to congressman levin. mr. levin: thank you for yielding. t's not easy to fool marcy
7:19 pm
kaptur, but we pulled it off. she thought we were going to talk about wall street. we are going to talk about main street. in that regard, i think it was appropriate for me to bring this, marcy, you recognize this? it was 30-sore years ago that marcy kaptur and i went to japan and she had a spark plug. i think made in toledo. this is an old one, so it's safe. and she took it to japan because it was impossible to export from the united states a spark plug to japan. they excluded our products completely. so marcy and i went over and everywhere she went, she had this spark plug.
7:20 pm
and people thought it was ecause she's kind of a spark plug. but stinsted was because of the exclusion of any product made in the u.s. going to japan, they blocked it out or had a completely open market. and that began a struggle that went on and on and on. and marcy never gave up. and we still haven't given up. and she was one of those among us, and we joined together to say, trade is vital, but it has to work both ways. nd so, i may give this to you. i just say this with deep feeling, because of her deep
7:21 pm
feeling and we spent days and days in japan and came back and spent days and days and pleaded with administrations, let there be reciprocity when there wasn't. so marcy, i'm afraid, you have done so much that it is forgotten what you were doing so many years ago. but you were a pioneer when it comes to trade, expand it. do so in a way that is reciprocal and doe so in a way that is fair and remembers main street. secondly, i want to talk about another activity i have been privileged to work with with marcy kaptur. there has been reference to her heritage. marcy never forgot her roots in ohio and she never forgot her
7:22 pm
family's roots overseas. never. indeed, her deep feelings about democracy, in ukraine that she and i worked on, reflected the depth of her feeling about democracy in the united states of america. nd so together, we put the ukranian-american caucus. and she has been the spark plug in that caucus. and i think both activities reflect so much about marcy kaptur. combined with her deep feeling. she has never forgotten where she has come from and has taken that remembering and essentially took it into action in this
7:23 pm
place. so, we'll talk about wall street some other day. but we are here, marcy, on behalf of so many, to tell you that your career has been so distinguished. and i have a special, i think, duty here, you and i are the two people remaining in the class that came in. i think there were 81 of us. failed have never, never with the same enthusiasm with which you came. and what a tribute that is to you, to your character. and i finish with this. marcy remembered her roots and also that meant the deep feeling about family. and your love for your mother,
7:24 pm
your dedication to her well-being was something that i hink per vaded your life and spelled over into all of us. marcy with this spark plug and everything else, i'm honored to come today speaking for myself and so many others, job well done, which you are still doing. ms. waters: now i will yield time to the gentleman from missouri, mr. clay. mr. clay: let me first thank the ranking member of the house financial services committee, representative maxine waters, to honorng us together someone who i consider to be a great american.
7:25 pm
and i rise today to honor this great public servant, a trailblazer in this house, the longest serving female member in the history of the u.s. house of representatives, migrate friend, he gentlelady from ohio, congresswoman marcy kaptur. congresswoman kaptur is more than just a senior member of the house appropriations committee. she is a mentor to many of us, including me. the congresswoman rose from a humble, hardworking family in toledo to become a champion for jobs with justice, women in the workplace, children's health care and strengthening social security and medicare.
7:26 pm
she is one of the most respective voices for human rights and freedom around the world, especially for ukraine as it faces military aggression and constant threats from the russian federation. congresswoman kaptur also shares my absolute commitment to protecting wilderness areas, our national shore lines and standing strong against those special interests who would sacrifice clean air and water for short-term profit. and timely, congresswoman kaptur shares my lifelong interest in history and helping americans understand that we stand on the shoulders of the brave men and
7:27 pm
women who came before us. that's why she was the earliest advocate for the word war ii memorial, a long overdue tribute to the greatest generation who defended freedom at its moment of greatest peril and saved the world. congresswoman kaptur continues to stand tall for seniors, veterans and working families and the core values of the people of ohio. her hard work is greatly respected on both sides of the aisle. and i'm truly blessed to call her my good friend. one story i would like to relate on a personal note and we discussed it today at her ception earlier, during my
7:28 pm
college days, i was a full-time worker as in this body -- i was a member of the staff of the office of the door keeper. my door was the west door on the republican side because tip did not want me to congregate with my dad who what a member of this body. but our job was to member rise the picture book of every member, especially the incoming freshmen and in the winter of 1982, i had to member rise her picture to know who she was and be able to identify here. back in those days, life was simpler, because we were the security for this floor. and so that's how i first met
7:29 pm
marcy kaptur. and i will always call her my friend, congresswoman, congratulations on reaching this historic milestone in service to your constituents and our country and glod bless you. and thank you. and i yield back the balance of my time. ms. waters: it is my pleasure to ield to the dean of the ohio delegation, mr. chabot. mr. chabot: first ofal, i'm glad you aren't talking about wall street this evening. you always want to talk about wall street and i'm glad we are talking about marcy kaptur. this is in recognition of a who is the longest
7:30 pm
serving women in the united states house of representatives. she will be breaking the record currently held by representative rogers who served from 1925 to 1960. i think i speak for the people of ohio, regardless of party, when we say we are proud that marcy brought this milestone back to ohio. she has been a stalwart for fighting for jobs and fair trade agreements and her constituents continue to elect her in this body every two years even though we have been trying to knock her off. we haven't been able to do it. she's just that good. she grew up in a working class family and she earned degrees from the university of wimbing and university of michigan. graduating
7:31 pm
graduating from these two yoort -- universities, one of which is not even recognized in some parts of ohio, it had to be a tremendous hurdle to overcome when first running, to represent ohioans. and yet marcy continues to earn the trust of her constituents. and that says a lot about who marcy kaptur is as a person. as for the son of a world war ii veteran myself, i would submit that perhaps marcy's most enduring accomplishment was her 17-year battle to get a world war ii memorial built on the national mall. i just wish that it had been completed in time for my father to have seen that. i know he would have been really excited about that. unfortunately he passed away in 1998, before that wonderful memorial was completed. but i know he's looking down and sees it and i really appreciate all the other world war ii veterans that do get to see it. through a number of setbacks,
7:32 pm
marcy kaptur never waivered in her support for that memorial. every time i meet with a group of world war ii veterans who have flown in on an honor flight, which was another ohio creation, i might add, to visit the memorial, i'm reminded of marcy's dedication and her determination to make that happen. we truly oher a great deal of credit for the -- owe her a great deal of credit for the contribute to the greatest generation that the world war ii memorial has become. as dean of the ohio republican delegation, i would like to express just how proud the members in this chamber are for this historic accomplishment. and even though we do not agree on everything, or i guess even very much sometimes, and have been known to have a few disagreements here and there, i'm proud that she is not only breaking the record for the longest serving woman in this body, but she's doing so as a representative of our great state, the great state of ohio. and so we're really proud of you, marcy. we're really happy that you've
7:33 pm
accomplished this. and we hope you'll be around here for many years to come. and i hope i'm here as well to continue to serve with you. obviously all our constituents get to make that decision every two years. so congratulations, marcy. and i speak on behalf of all my colleagues within the ohio delegation, as well as on behalf of an awful lot of other republicans in the house who respect you greatly. congratulations. yield back. ms. waters: it is now my pleasure to yield time to the gentleman from california, mr. takano. mr. takano: thank you, mr. speaker. and thank you, ranking member waters, for con drivinging this -- contriving this colloquy on inancial services. it's my distinct honor to join
7:34 pm
my colleagues in celebrating this milestone and recognizing congresswoman marcy kaptur's remarkable record of service to her constituents, her country, and to every woman in every corner of this country. and i would add every man. and every child. on the long dark road to equality, role models are the street lamps that light the path forward. for the last three to five years, marcy kaptur has been a role model and a source of light for millions of young women and young men. in other words, even after 35 years in this body, she is still woke. ranking you, madam member. ms. kaptur has championed progress on several important issues. protecting our water and our air from flution -- pollution. protecting consumers from predatory financial institutions. honoring the incredible sacrifice of our veterans. we've heard at length her work
7:35 pm
helped the world war ii -- her work behind the world war ii memorial. and supporting working families so they have a fair shot in this economy. but it is possible, very much possible, and i would say very much probable, that her greatest accomplishment has not yet been realized. i'm confident that this chamber will someday be filled with women. someday soon. who were inspired to run for congress by the longest serving woman in history. marcy, you have taught me how to -- you've taught me the value, the way to fight for the little guy. and i remember this one moment when i was on a sunday evening, catching a few hours of a television show. i have very little time to watch tv but i had a moment to watch the john olver show. and -- oliver show. and i don't even think you knew you were the subject of that evening's broadcast.
7:36 pm
and i'll just briefly say what it was. it was about john oliver, totally disgusted by the way in which powellry farmers, little powellry -- poultry farmers, little poultry farmers, had been put at a disadvantage, by the way we had rigged the rules here in washington. and marcy was the hero of the show, when she showed her standing at a podium much like this in the appropriations committee room, trying to unrig the law so that it was not so unfair to these poultry farmers. i just remember her so passionately just standing there saying, all these people want to do is earn an honest living. and i felt that deep in my gut, that here was a congresswoman standing up for the little guy. against the big corporations. and john oliver whipped the audience, and you whipped the national audience into such a fervor, they were so angry when they saw this happen, and here
7:37 pm
was marcy standing up for them and they said, you know, and he then accused all the people who rigged the rules, who were defending the rigged rules, of having some -- i can't even speak about what he said here on the floor of the house. i urge you to go see it for yourself. you'll be quite entertained. but i was so excited the next morning on monday, i saw marcy on the floor, i said, marsy, you were great on this show. she said, what happened? i explained to her. i said, you need to put this on your facebook page. you're going to get thousands, hundreds of thousands of new followers and you need to put this on your website. but her first concern was, she said, oh, but i heard that john oliver show uses bad language. ut that typifies marcy kaptur. decent, collegial. and she has taught me many important lessons about the
7:38 pm
value of this institution. i know she loves the congress. i know she loves this house of representatives. and wants to uphold the more ayes, uphold the norms. norms that are so important in a democracy. and it's important to be civil. and it's important to speak in ways that are respectful. and, marcy, you serve as that example to me. but not just the surface niceties. but the deep values of standing up for the little guy against the big corporations, and defending the american dream for everybody. so thank you for your service. and i look forward to serving with you many more years. thank you. ms. waters: mr. speaker, i now jan schakowsky. from illinois.
7:39 pm
ms. schakowsky: thank you so much for yielding to me. and to my colleague, congresswoman waters, for pulling this all together. his little surprise. and thank you, marcy kaptur. it's so great to be able to stand on the floor of the house and laude one of our great, great members. and her great achievement of serving here for 36 years in the house of representatives. and she continues every day to bring her intelligence and persistence to issues, from labor, always labor, working people, to ukraine. her accomplishments are enormous. the first in her family to graduate from high school. she earned a b.a. and an m.a.
7:40 pm
serving in the white house -- m.a., serving in the white house, and now is the longest serving woman in congress. marcy has never forgotten her blue collar roots. she knows the importance of unions in providing jobs, -- job security and good wages. is she's focused on making sure -- she's focused on making sure that workers get their earned pension benefits. this is a big issue right now, that she is leading the charge on. i feel and felt from the beginning a special afinity, being a midwerner, and coming to this congress with these -- midwesterner and coming to this congress with midwestern values, nothing fancy, just about working people who want a good life and deserve to get it. marcy can match anybody with her understanding in the details of pension policy and she always stays focused on the fundamental goal of pensions, which is simply making sure that after a life of hard work, that women
7:41 pm
and men can retire with dignity and security. something that i'm afraid is in too short supply today and marcy is continuing to lead that battle. marcy has been an expert on trade policy. and i learned that early on in my tenure here in the house. on the 10th anniversary of nafta, marcy, with the help of the teamsters union, who organized a visit, took a group of us first to the border city of el paso, texas, to look at and talk to people who had lost their jobs, that had moved across the border. and then crossed the border to juarez. we actually saw people living in of the ing crates products that they were working
7:42 pm
to manufacture. so i'm bond sides of the border he -- both sides of the border we saw the pain that was caused. on that trip we went to mexico city, talked to leaders, talked to union leaders, and political leaders, government leaders. we also went to the city of puebla and talked to people there. it was a really comprehensive trip that gave us a sense of what happens to people when they are not being considered when policies are being made. she continues today, as we renegotiate the nafta agreement, as the administration works on that, to have input on what does a really fair trade deal look like. not just free trade but fair trade. where it's not just the big corporations, but it is the workers and all the countries in the united states of america and the workers and countries that
7:43 pm
we have trade agreements with, that all the workers get a fair deal. she fights for people who played by the rules faithfully, making their -- going to work every day and hopefully make -- and making their pension contributions and their -- they're counting on her and on us to fight for them. to fight for a middle class in this country, to help people who are poor, to get to the middle class and to stay there. and those people, our people, could not have a better champion in this united states house of representatives, in this congress, than marcy kaptur of ohio. i love you, marcy. thank you. ms. waters: how nice. mr. speaker, i now yield time to
7:44 pm
the gentlelady from california, s. speier. speier speier it is a -- ms. speier: it is a personal thrill for me to participate in this special hour. i want to thank the gentlelady from california for doing a very good job of surprising our guest of honor this evening. and she did it very well because she did it on policy. she got marcy to come here on a day and a night when she should be celebrating, but she didn't hesitate to come down here, to talk about what's wrong with wall street. which shows you how committed marcy kaptur is. so when i think of marcy kaptur, i think of a string of pearls.
7:45 pm
she's always providing pearls of wisdom to all of us. we've heard from many members who have spoken about the fact that she has mentored them. i know when i was a young member ,ere, young only in time served that it was marcy who came up to me a number of times to show support and to provide me guidance. . she has a simple and ellganlt way. when she talks about issues, she talks with great passion, but with great dignity, again a reflection of a string of pearls. she has never forgotten her roots. she has never forgotten her constituents. now her blood may be red, but
7:46 pm
there is a lot of blue running through them, because she has always been there for the plus-collar worker and oftentimes in caucus is the conscious for us because she reminds us about the working class and what are we doing for he lower-middle-class middle americans. her commitment cannot be lost on any of us because that has been one of the main principles that has directed her work here and been a moral compass for her. so when the financial meltdown ppened, marcy had such a passion for wanting to right this terrible wrong and no longer serving on the financial services committee but she
7:47 pm
learned everything she could about what was necessary to reform the system. and i remember her coming to a briefing that i had with some xperts and she invited me to a preefing that she had with some experts because she wanted to get to the truth of what we needed to do. she has conviction that she reflected in all she did in that financial meltdown because she was not going to stop to fix the system because as many of us felt, never ever again. so as i think about the fact that we are celebrating the longest serving women in the history of the united states in the house of representatives, i feel so privileged to say that i know you, that i have served
7:48 pm
with you. and there is no one who is more ethical in this building than you, no one more compassion nature in this building than you d no one more committed to economic justice and there has never been and nor will there ever be who cares about ohio like marcy kaptur. marcy, thank you for being a beacon for all of us to follow. i truly love you, respect you and honor you and truly pleased that we are celebrating a wonderful career here tonight that is going to continue but we feel special of being part of this special kell bration. ms. waters: it gives me great pleasure to yield time to the
7:49 pm
ntlelady from wisconsin, ms. moore. ms. moore: thank you so much mr. speaker and thank you gentlelady from california for organizing wall t's wrong with street. here tone so we would have the have our y to champions. i want to associate with all the comments that have already been made and when you serb for 36 years and we talk about your distinguished career of public service. so i won't do that. i want to focus on one thing that you have done that has really touched me in a very profound way.
7:50 pm
and that is a valued friend, colleague and metropolitanor and your passion for the great lakes. from your seat on the appropriations committee and now the co-chair of the bipartisan great lakes task force, you have never ever, ever ma, marcy, missed a beat when it came to the great lakes. and i'm sure you felt you were like a lonely voice out there crying in the wilderness and verb is an old african pro that says water has no enemy. you would think there was strategy, but there have not been. we have seen the crisis in lead. n drinking water, but bathing, sportsmen depend on water and truly, we need a water policy
7:51 pm
and a policy around the great lakes that makes sense whenever we do an infrastructure bill. now for every one of those 18,000-plus days in the house, you have been a person that protected this environmental treasure, but marcy recognizes how much this resource provides to our regional and national economy. if the great lakes region, the u.s. and canadian provinces were a separate country, it would have a gross domestic product of $6 trillion making it the third largest economy in the world and that growth and development would not be possible without leaders like you, marcy. and i agree with the gentleman
7:52 pm
has said that your greatest accomplishments have not even occurred yet as it pertains to developing the popings for these water resources in the great lakes. i want to thank you for your legacy of working to stop the invast i have asian carp and fighting for safe and clean drinking water, to make sure that the great lakes gets the needed support from the army corps of engineers for dredging and paint the critical infrastructure for fighting against efforts to fight back the clean water act and your the us efforts to kill efforts. and i love you dearly.
7:53 pm
ms. waters: it gives me pleasure to yield to mr. tonko. mr. tonko: i thank the gentlelady from california for yielding. and marcy to recognize you. we have joined together many times to share a message about the fight for what's right and no one leads that fight better than you. we have assembled to celebrate the career of our friend from ohio, my friend from ohio, marcy kaptur. marcy is a touring giant in the history of congress. her legislative acheefments are tool numerous. she had the so moving world war ii memorial. and that's who your a respectful
7:54 pm
individual. she was one of the pe first one to raise the alarm ol trade policies from around the world and champion of america's farmers, fighting to protect the ights of poultry growers and restore balance to the meat industry. she continues to be a champion and a visionary in a fight to bring down drug costs and store sense to our financial great e who have the lakes. blooms that threaten to poison. there is no member who is more committed to serving the needs of her constituents and her district. while she has proven to be truly
7:55 pm
formidable to her opponents, she is as kind as she is fierce. and in a few days, this sunday, march 18, marcy will become pt ngest serving women in the ubse house of representatives. what a great hometown in history to witness. 35 years, two mons and 14 days, but bho's countic? if those numbers are the initial official numbers that surpass the number. her enduring service has mets more than three decades where girls have grown up across america seeing they could serve and lead in the united states congress and marcy kaptur continues to set. i'm more than pleased and more
7:56 pm
than a little relieved that she is at as passionate and driven. the longest serving women remaining, marcy will become the longest senching women in the history of the united states congress. it is migrate hope that i will itness that moment just as i'm humbled to share. i want to thank you for our collaboration and our conversations, our coaching, her cotching, i should say on the floor between votes and in special orders here on the floor after special. and for upholding the values we share in service of the american people and speaking of values we cherish the bonds that we both hold with a common polish heritage something that causes
7:57 pm
her heart to pound. marcy, you are a unique individual, a one of a kind human being and you are a leader a steel backbone and treasure of this congress and great nation. we say thank you for your passion and your intellect and your integrity and we say thank you for leading in the walk for justice, social and economic justice so that all people can touched by your soulfulness and kindful and loving being. congratulations. ms. waters: it gives me great pleasure tore yield to the gentleman from texas, representative gohmert. mr. gohmert: i greatly appreciate the moment to speak i guess to borough a bit sfrl from
7:58 pm
mark ant thny said, i come not to bury but to praise her. i got to know her during the economic disaster where are investment banks brought us to the brink of rueain and though we come from different backgrounds and we have different ideas at times about the best way to go forward, i always know that marcy kaptur will be honest with me and cares deeply about the country ap that is her driving concern and it's asy to talk to people when their driving concern is in the best interest of the country. we shared a passion back after e problems in late 2008 in
7:59 pm
hat i saw some someone who was ethical and actually righteous, who wanted to see that those who caused the problem that brought us to the brink of ruin, were not rewarded and that also we didn't end up punishing those who had no fault. and i'm still concerned that she and i were not able to see that the problems were not rewarded and the innocent were not punished. i'm not real proud of how our parties together responded to that crisis but through all the years intervening since, it was back in 2008, have come to build
8:00 pm
my respect for marcy kaptur and ow this is someone, agree or disagree, but she is going to be people have attributed the comment two different people over the years. my late mother said i pastor back in 1951 before i was ever around. used it about a married couple and said, if two agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. here on the floor, it is important that we hear from each other and we get different viewpoints arriving at what is best for the country. one thing i have grown to understand is that when i talk to marcy kaptur is somebody i
8:01 pm
know will be straightforward, agree or disagree, will be honest, will be honorable. that's not a bad way to approach things. if we had more people with whom we could have those kinds of discussions, there would be fewer ulcers amongst our and thees in this floor country would be the better off for it. , appreciate my friend congresswoman waters, for sharing this time. my friendrealize marcy kaptur was going to set a new record. all i knew is i didn't really care about gender, by care greatly about the person and how she has enriched this body by being here.
8:02 pm
i yield back and i am grateful for the time. >> thank you very much. i would like to have unanimous consent to enter into the record a statement by representative royce. >> without objection. >> this is unanimous consent for entering into the record the statement by ed royce. then, of course, i appreciate the unanimous consent all members will have five legislative days. prior to wrapping up this session of friends who care so much about marcy kaptur, i would like to yield to the gentlelady
8:03 pm
a few minutes, not to talk about wall street. , i was notay expecting what just happened. i want to thank the gentlelady from california, my beloved ,riend of almost three decades having the deep respect i have in her own life before she came to congress and now as the ranking member on financial services. for taking this time so late uncropped evening to commemorate y tenure tenure here in our magnificent united states house of representatives. i want to thank every single mber who has come down and obviously this is women's history month, we had this announcement today, i happen to
8:04 pm
be the victim of it. myant to thank the people of district for believing me, for teaching me, for helping me to learn more, for helping to understand the travails and possibilities in their minds and hearts. i thank them so very much as with anyone, we all have our faults and human limitations but to the best of our ability we have tried to uphold the constitution and to help the american people. i think back to my very first term in congress, beginning in 1983, there was a great congressman from florida, claude pepper, i can still see him down in the well, probably the most important vote i cast in my first few months in congress was the refinancing of social security. hat a great leader he was.
8:05 pm
liberals and conservatives came together to do what was right in resecuring social security for the next generation. our fight has always been to find where did our jobs go? we began to track places where we saw production move beyond our ability to restrain and places such as i represent became hollowed out in many corners of our community and since the early 1980's, until today, until today, this country has not been able to balance its trade accounts or to write trade agreements that were truly fair as congressman levin has referenced. we hemorrhage at the rate of over half a trillion dollars a year, almost $600 billion annually, because we can't get other markets open and they take it out of the hides of our
8:06 pm
people and our communities here in this country. if we go back to the 1980's, if you look at when the numbers began to change, it's not hard to understand why the american people are unsettled and frustrated because of what has happened with the economy. as i said in remarks earlier today, i was taught by a very great professor of economics at the university of wisconsin many years ago, that economics is not destiny but it is 85% of it. if you think about that, what we have endured over the last period of my service three, going on four decades almost, we ine seen this transformation production platforms, unfortunately, with nafta on this continent, as we struggle to find a solution to the immigration issue, nafta was the upending of millions of small farmers, millions and millions of people who lived at poverty
8:07 pm
level and were able to eke out a level. when their corn market was destroyed after nafta's passage, took about a decade, but every year, hundreds of thousands of people lost their livelihood. they were desperate, desperate people. our grandparents fled to this country from what was greater poland at the turn of the 20th century was they couldn't feed themselves. the same reason the irish came. and we look at what happened in mexico as the flip side of nafta, we've never been able to fix it as a continent, are our leaders that stupid that we can't face the music and develop adjustment provisions as europe did when it brought in spain and portugal? so we look back to the basis, the root, of why things have happened and hurt the american people. we can understand their frustration. so i think i have been a voice for that. it's a problem we haven't fixed yet. but it's one that we need to
8:08 pm
attend to very carefully because the american people have paid the price of really policies that went awry and corningwoman waters, i want to thank you for surprising me, we have fought so hard on prudent, prudent lending, prudent banking, and we have served here long enough to see when it wasn't and when greed took over and gambling mentality rather than a prudent banking mentality, what it did to this country. and how hard it was to pick up the pieces. african-americans lost half of their accumulated wealth after 2008. half. since the founding of the republic. the pain, the pain in those communities is not over. maybe somebody from wall street might tune us in and hear that. but i want to tell them, it isn't fixed yet. and what's happened in many places such as i represent, predatory lends very moved in.
8:09 pm
auto title loan companies, scam artists, who are making terrible, terrible exploit tative deals with these individuals who simply don't know what those agreements they're signing mean. that is wrong. that is wrong. and if we look at the latino community they lost a third of their accumulated wealth in the financial crash of 2008. and then for those who were the remaining caucasians and other parts of our population lost about a fifth of their wealth. of s extraordinary loss capital, of money, of property value that belonged to them. so sometimes though we try, we can't always fix what's wrong. and as we look to the future, our primary responsibility here s to defend liberty and as congressman takano and speer and
8:10 pm
so many others who came down here this evening, congressman levin talked about, i feel privileged to work with my colleagues in defending liberty and making sure we have the strongest defense in the world and trying to help those countries that are now being invaded by the russian federation whose citizens simply want to be free and to have a decent life. remaining d whatever time i have. you have the next hour? all right. very good. congressman soto and i, congressman soto and i have worked so much on issues of concern to florida and puerto rico and obviously trying to fix the bad gerrymandering that happened around the country, i wanted to acknowledge his presence here this evening and thank all my beloved colleagues for this great honor and to thank my family , my brother steven, who is doing extremely
8:11 pm
well after a very serious illness and coming back to us and it means so very much to me. i'm hoping he's listen tonight. and in memory of all my family members, my godchildren, some of whom are here today. and all the people who helped me along the way, there's no way to properly say thank you to them except to keep trying to do a very good job and to meet the unaddressed needs of this great, great nation. i thank you so much, congresswoman waters and i thank you for this great surprise. and for being my friend. thank you. ms. waters: thank you very much. mr. speaker and members. there are some wonderful moments in this institution. and there are times when we are not always pleased and we don't feel as if anything is getting done. but then there are times like these when we have the
8:12 pm
opportunity to pay tribute to and to recognize one of our members who has made tremendous contributions, someone who love this is institution and has worked hard to ensure that we get the best out of it. i'm just pleased and proud that i have been a part of not only the recognition that we have done today both in the reception that was held earlier for congresswoman kaptur, but for being able to be on this floor this evening and spend time with my other colleagues who helped us to understand the vast knowledge and contributions that this congresswoman has made to this institution and all of the advice and mentoring that she's done for so many. so with that, i yield back the balance of my time.
8:13 pm
the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady jeeleds -- the gentlelady yields back. under the speaker's announced the of january 3, 2017, -- >> i ask unanimous consent to speak out of order. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman has already been recognized for a one-minute speech. ms. jackson lee: then let me just ask unanimous consent to put my statement in the record in honoring congresswoman kaptur. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. under the speaker's announced spoifl january 3rk2017, the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, for 30 minutes. mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. it is nice when we can talk across party lines about
8:14 pm
someone's excellent level of service and it's been an honor and privilege to serve with marcy kaptur, my 13 years here in congress. unfortunately i want to move rom talking about someone with ethical and upright righteous scruples to talking about former concerns ector, i had back when robert mueller was f.b.i. director and some people have forgotten but one of the things that he implemented as f.b.i. director that i've heard from f.b.i. agents around the country causing a great deal of
8:15 pm
concern was what he called a five-year up or out policy. which in essence, it's more complicated than this, but pacecally, anyone who found themselves in a supervisory position within the f.b.i. offices anywhere in the country, in the world, they were in a supervisory position for five years, at the end of that five years they had to either come to a ington, most likely ride cubicle, sit at a desk, or they ould get out of the f.b.i. most of the honorable, wonderful agents we had in the f.b.i. across the country that so many people here in washington with the f.b.i. like to point to, why, because they can point around the country to upright,
8:16 pm
moral, ethical, honest f.b.i. agents, that you dent look at the top of the f.b.i. as it's been here since i've been here in congress both under the bush administration followed by the obama administration, there have been problems at the top of the f.b.i. the first time i had the opportunity to question mueller after getting to congress in 2005, i was not aware of all of the problems that director mueller was creating within the f.b.i. and so i paid deference and in effect, to his service this the military in vietnam. felt like he was deserving of that. but then, as i have said about other


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