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  President Meets With Saudi Crown Prince in Oval Office  CSPAN  March 21, 2018 5:57am-6:08am EDT

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weekly, goes beyond the headlines to explain in-depth one news story that is shaping the conversation. you will hear from journalists, policy experts providing context. find it free on the c-span radio app app, as well as itunes, google play in anytime online at >> on tuesday, president trump welcomed the saudi crown prince to the white house for a meeting in the oval office. while addressing reporters, the president spoke about a phone call he made to russian president vladimir putin to congratulate him on his recent reelection. this is 10 minutes. president trump: it is a great honor to have the crown prince with us. saudi arabia has been a great
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friend and big purchaser of equipment and lots of other things and one of the biggest investments of the u.s., i guess your big investment, is buying stock in companies in the united states and creating jobs over a short time. i was in saudi arabia in may and we are bringing back hundreds of billions of dollars into the united states and we all understand that. some of the things that have been approved and are currently under construction and will be delivered to saudi arabia very soon, that is for their protection. if you look in terms of dollars, $533 million, $525 million, that is peanuts to you. $880 million, $645 million, $6
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billion, $889 million, $63 million. that is for artillery. some of the things we are now working on and have been ordered and will shortly be started in construction and delivered, that system, $13 billion. para plants, the hercules freight plane, $3.8 billion. tanks, $1.2 billion. this means many jobs. and we're talking aboutr 40,00a over 40,000 jobs.
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saudi arabia is buying a lot of this equipment and a lot of people are a work making the equipment. not only for us because as you that is are getting -- even a lot for you guys. we're getting a $700 billion military plane this year and 716 will be next or, some hundred $16 billion. $716 billion. the relationship was to put it mildly very strained during the obama administration and the relationship now is probably as good as it has ever been and better.bably only get tremendous investments made in our country and that means jobs for our workers. jobs for our people. also about defense.
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we are working very hard with saudi arabia and they are footing a lot of the bill. we know what has happened in the middle east. a pretty not been picture for the united states or for anybody. things are changing rapidly. as you know, we've recaptured almost 100% of the territory as you have heard. but with captured close to 100% up the territory held by isis rapidly, veryery quickly. that is coming to an end and in that part of the world it is coming to an end and we will be able to get out of parts of the world we been wanting to get out of. honor to have you had your representatives here. conference, thank you very much. thanks thank you. >> thank you.
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than 80 years of our alliance and big interest. andicularly economically security. a lot of areas. the foundation is large and deep. we note today the relation is a cause of more than four main dollars directly and indirectly. indirectly.i arabia from know, mr. president day one when you reached this office we planned to -- we ended up with 400 billion. than 50%.sents more more than 55%. we planned at this but if it happens and that one year, this is a signal that other things could be tackled in the close
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future. more opportunities. that is why we are here today to be sure that we tackle the opportunities and achieve in and also get rid of all the threats over are both countries and in the whole world. president trump: one thing you have been focused on is the terrorism threat and the funding of terrorism. whether it is saudi arabia or other countries, there will be no funding. we have zero tolerance for the funding of terrorism and we're working very hard. i will say saudi arabia has been working very hard on that, as are certain other countries in the middle east. when i was there in may i think was one of the most incredible today meetings that i have ever seen. that anybody has ever seen. it was amazing. 56 countries. everybody was there. the head of every country. in every case, there was ahead
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of the country and we talked about terrorism and the funding of terrorism and it will be a lot. all not be a lot. that would be the one thing that would end the relationship with any country, so i think there is a very big focus on that. the funding of terrorism. meeting it is ever. -- meaning it is over. they talked about 400 bay dollars worth of investments, of seen 200have already billion dollars invested to our companies, to area southern places and people that make things. so a lot of places throughout the united states are benefiting from this massive investment by saudi arabia to buy a product from the united states. we make the best military whether itthe world, is mrs. or planes are anything. no becomes close. so i want to congratulate you. >> you represent --
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>> you -- >> given a comments on the bombings in austin, mr. president? pres. trump: the bombings in austin are terrible. federal and state are working hand-in-hand to get to the bottom of it. this is obviously a sick individual or maybe individuals. these are sick people and we will get to the bottom of it. we will be very strong. we of all sorts of federal agencies over there right now. we are searching what is going on in austin. a great place. a tremendous place. it is absolutely disgraceful. so with a lot of power over there. where looking. it is not easy to find. but these are sick people and they have to find him as his possible. and to find him really, immediately. working with texas, work with the local governments has been great but we have to find this
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very sick person or people. thank you very much. >> mr. president -- called mr. putin and congratulated him on his in electoral victory. the call also had to do with the get that we will probably together in the not-too-distant future so that we can discuss arms. so we can discuss the arms race. as you know, he made the statement that eating and an arms race is not a great danes and that was right after the election, one of the first things. 700 billionng dollars this year on our military. part of that is because we're going to remain stronger than any other nation and the world by far. i suspect we will be meeting in the not-too-distant future to discuss the arms race, which is getting out of control. allow anybodyver
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to have anything even close to what we have and also, to discuss ukraine and syria and north korea and various other things. will probably be seeing president clinton and the not-too-distant future. putin in the not-too-distant future. monthcoming up in another or so. you will see what i do. but iran has not been treating the world or the world itself appropriately. a lot of bad things are happening in around. -- in a ramp. in iran. >> everybody make your way out please. let's go. thank you.