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tv   Sen. Blumenthal on Gun Policy Safety  CSPAN  March 24, 2018 4:43am-5:06am EDT

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don't be part of the spectacle. be truthful about what you speak about and speak from the heart because these politicians don't. mike: david, thank you for joining us. david: thank you very much. [applause] mike: happy friday. welcome to axios. we have a guest from norway which may be the furthest we have had guests for for this event. thank you for coming. we will have a great conversation about generational change, the power of protest.
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quite emotion around these issues. everybody be respectful to all the speakers. we will be grateful for that. axios means worthy in greek. we tried to use brevity to be always be worthy of your time, attention and trust. the big trends that are shaping our world. that will come up again and again in the conversations that i. am was like to thank the bank of america to make these conversations of possible. amazing axios events team which had a marathon week. instrumental in making today's program possible. amazingwe will like to thank cr carrying this event live and for their great coverage. and, we would like to invite you to tweet along at the #axios3 60. it is great to have breakfast this morning. sweet and savory breakfast from
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the event team. i cann have -- you and have breakfast every day. we would love to have you join join me every day. we have a fantastic lineup. we are starting first with someone who i covered for many years going back to my days as a young reporter in the hartford capital, senator richard blumenthal, from connecticut. a u.s. attorney and he has been working on these issues for 25 years. center dot blumenthal -- senator blumenthal, i was once a constituent and now i am a host. thank you so much for being with us. just yesterday, you are at the u.s. capitol visitor center. you are with the news conference with david hogg and some of the other students from parkland.
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what was that like and what did you pick up from that? sen. blumenthal: let me thank you and axios for having me this morning, all of you for being here. thanks for your extraordinary coverage. it is some of the most important social causes and political issues of our time. i am not just saying that because i am totally sleep deprived having been voting at 1:00 this morning on a budget which passed. perhaps, the highlight of my day was really speaking with david who is going to be joining us later. the students who were in the capital.
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this one is powered and driven by young people. i think that is one of the fundamental changes we are seeing in the gun violence prevention movement, as you may recall. i have been involved in this cause for some time when i was attorney general, beginning in the early 1990's, i was mental in advocating helping pass the band in connecticut against all salt weapons. when it was challenged in court, i actually tried the case in litchfield county. many of the same arguments that are made now, second amendment, equal protection and we won on appeal. those precedents have stood us in good stead but that salsa movement, the involvement of the people of america is something new. that is what has changed. i think that is what will enable us to achieve more than just the
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relatively modest, even minor improvement in the budget last program which nix will improve the information going into the background check, but not extent it. mike: it is about the most minimal thing you could possibly do. sen. blumenthal: it is extremely minimal. step when we need giant strides. in as its, in just offers some incentive, financial reward to the states that do what they are already were wired to do which is report convictions into the database system. what we really step when we need giant strides. need is extending that background check system to all purchases. a universal background check system, a ban on all salt weapons as well as high-capacity magazines. stopping the community of gun
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manufacturers, almost unique among all products. and a red flag statute in effect. emergency risk orders. florida just adopted it in the wake of the parkland shooting. authorities stop three people who were dangerous to themselves and others. mike: including the brother of the shooter in the parkland situation. when you leave here, you are headed up to the state and attending marches tomorrow in hartford, enfield. if i know you, you may even it a few -- axiom am reported that the latest tally is 832 marches around the world tomorrow. what will be the effect? sen. blumenthal: i think it will continue the social movement. that is a marathon, not a sprint. achieving legislation, a lot of it will be done at the state level just like connecticut passed some of the strongest in the nation gun laws.
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connecticut with the strongest laws is at the mercy of the weakest because guns have no respect for safe. they cross them in previously. we need national standards. the reform will be furthered by these marches across the states. i think the marches also will help to galvanize and mobilize t he voters for the next election. butave hope -- i have hope no great confidence that the congress will move forward on gun violence prevention during this session. i think the election will be critical and be necessary to advance the gun violence prevention movement and i think the young people who are going to the streets with signs like our blood, your hands have touched the conscience of they willd hopefully,
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touch the voters of america and move them to the polls because that is ultimately where the social movement, like every other social movement in this country, will have. mike: the republicans kind of control the house and senate, and i have detected nothing like the kind of movement you are talking about. what are you picking up on that i am missing? sen. blumenthal: i am feeling that my republican colleagues know they have to do something. that do something has been repeated constantly since parkland. it is this something that is meaningful. not just fix nicks. not just fix improvements of the research that is being done, but something meaningful. red flag statute is a bipartisan proposal from senator graham from south carolina and myself. it would involve a judicial
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officer when there is an application from law enforcement or a family member issuing a warrant or an order that would prevent somebody inofficer whenn application from law enforcement crisis, somebody in danger of killing or students in a high school, or a spouse or intimate partner from buying or having a gun. in connecticut, we have shown these statutes were. about 150 on average people a year have warrants issued to prevent them from having or buying a weapon. more than half of them actually are able tohimself receive mentl health care which is an additional benefit. they are prevented from doing damage, often fatal damage to themselves. that is the kind of commonsense measure. i think my republican colleagues, we will have other support this measure just as they supported a universal background check measure. it did not get the 60 votes we needed, but i think my
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republican colleagues see the handwriting on the wall. i will mention one last fact. what we are seeing also is enterprisend private , whether it is dick's sporting goods stores, walmart taking a stand. some of the banks have said they are not going to, in effect, facilitate or enable transactions that involve illegal gun purchases. this kind of involvement shows alsoprivate enterprise is feeding the votes. their votes with wallet, not ballot, but they are equally important in changing -- shaping the debate. mike: it is clear there is going to be no action before republican primaries are over. the uci window between the time the republican primaries end -- in november -- or after the
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election? sen. blumenthal: i think in the late spring or summer, we could see progress but i think realistically that the major progress will come after the election. athink we will have magnificent window of opportunity after the next election in 2018 to push through reform that young people are going to the streets and amending. those young people are going to be voting, they will be mobilizing voters, they will be touching our conscience and moving america. mike: backstage, you told me you thought we turned a corner on this issue. you think it is more. sen. blumenthal: i think we are closer now than ever before because of this seachange we have seen since parkland, since sandy hook, the as become a tragedy that my state
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experienced. elementary school students lacked a platform and voice and space that has been given to this movement by the young high school students. when i was in west hartford this past monday, the articulate and power, as you will see from david hogg is unmatched. encouraged by those factors. i think also, very importantly, to realize there is no single solution. it has to include more treatment for mental health and opioid addiction. it has to include school safety, making schools less vulnerable to these kinds of attacks but not -- i want to emphasize not on teachers. that is toxic lunacy that has been rejected by the educational
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community. boo's wherever i go. law enforcement, teachers with unanimity reject arming teachers. mike: a couple of other issues you have been working on. you are pushing legislation to protect the special counsel. how much movement are you protecting them on your republican colleagues? sen. blumenthal: i am detecting growing apprehension. that president trump will do something that provokes a constitutional confrontation and confrontation similar to what we experience in saturday night. mike: this is among republicans. sen. blumenthal: among republicans. strongly among some of my republican colleagues who are extremely apprehensive about the tweets, the first time naming robert mueller. the circumstances of mccabe's
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firing. the hiring of john bolton who has been very hard-line, not only on foreign policy, but on the special counsel investigation. the president seems to be narrowing the kind of advice he is receiving to a few acolytes and surrogates who have been attacking the special counsel, trying to undermine the fbi and law enforcement, intimidate the special counsel's work. it will not work. robert mueller will continue to work systematically, which has already produced indictments. i am confident he will be allowed to continue his work. mike: are you saying in your private conversations you're seeing forward movement? sen. blumenthal: they have growing apprehension and they are ready to move, if there are
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stronger indications that president trump would take this absolutely foolhardy and reckless step of beginning the process of firing sessions or others. what republicans tell me most commonly, we do not need to do it now, because president trump would never do such a stupid, crazy thing. well, president trump is doing stupid, crazy things, or at least he is saying stupid, crazy things about the special counsel. the more he does it, the more likely my republican colleagues would act on legislation that is bipartisan. i sponsored it with senator graham and some republicans
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along with my democratic colleagues. i believe that legislation and i urged just yesterday in the judiciary committee that we move forward with it, we send a very powerful message to president trump. even if we are passed only by the senate, it would say to president trump, you cannot go down a road that would promote constitutional crisis and confrontation, doing great damage to our democracy. and you must stand up for democracy. this has been another constant theme of mine, against russian attack and interference, which mike: final issue, mark zuckerberg said he would be willing to testify on capitol if there is the right person to do it. i saw you on nbc news, you think there is an effort to that
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question. sen. blumenthal: my message to mark zuckerberg is you are the right person. there is nobody better than you. you have an obligation to testify before our commerce committee. or the judiciary committee. very seriously, if you fail to appear voluntarily, you will be subpoenaed. there should be subpoenas for all relevant documents. facebook has failed to notify all of the 50 million users whose private personal information is out there. they have no idea who they are. it has no plan to do so, no timetable. it has no idea how many other cambridge analytica there are who have stolen information or , that have access to this intensely private and -- private
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information. facebook has an obligation to do more and better, and support the rules. to industry could be subject rules, oversight, scrutiny, because it has shown it simply is unworthy of our trust to do it itself. you were very instrumental confronting big tobacco. should big tech sea perils for themselves? sen. blumenthal: big tobacco is different. used intended by the manufacturer kill the customer. that makes tobacco different from any other consumer product. similar.s are itself,rarely repeats but it rhymes. with big tobacco, there was some concealment as there has been by the tech industry, a failure to
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come clean as the tech industry must do, and be subject to regulations. regulation is necessary. accept armored said that himself. -- markl for that zuckerberg said that himself. the stop exploiting children measure, the stop sex trafficking and advertising that was passed initially by the tech industry will stop ads on the internet that are knowingly facilitated by back page and other sites. that provides a model. we work with the tech industry and we are prepared to work with -- framen, he legislation on their concerns. but move ahead so that we stop
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the kind of abuses, and in an industry like facebook that has a business model of selling personal information, they have whatform the users information is taken, what is done with it, and most importantly obtain consent. mike: senator blumenthal, you are headed home. take you for joining us. [applause] sen. blumenthal: thank you. mike: thank you very much, senator with all. i appreciate it. >> c-span's " washington journal," every day with news and policies that impact you. this morning we are getting your reaction and speaking with student activists about the march for our lives rally taking place in washington dc on saturday. join the conversation all morning with your phone calls, emails, and tweets.
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journal," thison morning. the march for our lives rally protesting school shootings is being held today in washington dc. our live coverage begins at noon eastern on c-span. ,"-span's "q&a the book, "political tribes." overcomingcalls for political tribalism. we need to talk to each other again, and not say, you are the evil ones. it used to be able on the other side of the political divide were people we just disagreed with. now, people who voted for the immoral,didate enemies, they are not real americans anymore. because i study democracy around the world, places like lydia.
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what is the difference between libya and the united states. libya is a multiethnic country to. it is a failed state. it has disintegrated. why? it does not have that overarching lydian identity strong enough to hold the country today -- hold the country together. but we do. this is what makes us special. easterny night at 8:00 on c-span. student journalists from marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, discuss their experiences during last month shooting, and how they are the shooting for their newspaper. the museum -- the museum posted this one hour event.


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