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tv   Reaction to Last Weekends Gun Violence Protests  CSPAN  March 27, 2018 8:29pm-8:51pm EDT

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i would like to sing together happy birthday. 1, 2, 3. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear nick. happy birthday to you. >> thank you. [applause] >> more of the speeches from coming we spend the hour looking at those speeches, but more importantly, figuring out from you what is next in the rallies. capital, a nation's hundred cities are holding march for our lives events across the country, we open up the phone lines for 10 or 15 minutes to
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hear from you. we have divided the phones in two ways. isyou are under 25, it 202-748-8902 -- we look for your tweets as well. you can tweet us @c-span. 2027488920 if you are under the age of 29 -- 25. s, the kids are moving forward. josh disagreeing saying children used as political pawns should go back to high school and serious adults should condemn law-enforcement failures. the has been a what's next from the state of florida, in the weeks after the parkland
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shooting, you legislature passed bills raging the personage age -- purchase age from 18 to 21. they also added money for mental health. congress in their budget bill the nationalx for instant criminal background check system and also included was money for strengthening schools across the country. the president, the justice department head of this weekend's rallies announcing an executive order from the justice department on what are called bump stocks. the president tweeted on friday -- i will get to that. the obama administration legalized bump stocks, bad idea. the justice department will issue the rule banning bump stocks with a mandated comment. . mandated comment period.
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how are under 25 line, chloe in maryland. caller: hi. >> go ahead. caller: i went to the march in d.c.. i thought it was a very inspirational movement. there.o many other ages it was amazing to see the different people. i have not been affected by gun violence. but it is shocking to see how many people are. it needs to be stopped. it is crazy to think that has gone on this far, and it needs to be stopped. what are those practical steps? what would you like to see happen? first of all you have to register to vote. i'm not officially 18.
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shouldlike definitely we speak to our congressman, see if they are in for the right reasons, as they are supporting our arguments for everything. us and itit affects doesn't affect the people in congress. host: we would love to appear from you if you were at one of the rallies this weekend, including one of the gun rights rallies. a number of gun rights rallies happened across the country. let's hear from james next, under 25. doing fine, caller: how are you? i'm 23, i have a concealed carry permit, i am a gun owner. i believe these children are marching to take their own
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second amendment rights away. host: make sure you meet your television. if you have anything further to say, go ahead and say it. we will let you go and hear from loretta. go ahead. caller: hello, my name is loretta. i need to say one thing. repeal nra. get the guns off the streets, all of them. england doesn't have guns. their bodies don't even have don't even have guns. host: make sure you mute your set before you call and listen to the phone. a couple of comments on twitter. the parkland kids are not ponds, this movement is self-directed.
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let's go to the shop -- the phones again and hear from blanche in illinois. our children are smarter than some of us groans -- growns . our president, i think it's a shame he wants guns on the street. it's a shame the way the enemy is attacking our country. we live in one of the richest countries and it's a shame before god how the president is hating the last president and the president before that. he's no good. i can't wait until it's time to vote again. this young group, they are going somewhere. host: let's hear from amy in new york. there was a big rally in new york city. tell us what your thoughts are. [inaudible]
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host: mute your television and go ahead. we will go to florida and hear from mia. go ahead. caller: i would like to show you something i wrote. were excited for valentine's day. they left their flatirons sitting on the bathroom sink. they left their shirt on the bathroom floor. the loan is still in the air around the bedroom. back.ere coming they might have not set i love you to one of their family members. they might have not planned something for the weekend. but they were coming back. the only thing is they didn't. it's been more than a month since the shooting. for the last month all-thinking
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is that could of been my school. it could have been my friends. it could have been made. those kids did not graduate, get married, have kids, or to college. they could not say one last goodbye to their families and friends. i am proud of my school for watching out for a change. i'm proud of the high school for standing up for what they believe. now i will use my voice to honor those 17 people and i will fight for a change. i'm no longer scared he does when your children start acting like leaders and your leaders start acting like children, you know changes coming. host: appreciate that. we will hear next from tina, also on the under 25 line. go ahead. comment. would like to
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one of those signs in the group the something about -- it's second amendment. it only took two seconds for 17 lives to be destroyed. 17 families to be destroyed. i grew up in virginia. my grandmother taught me the law of the land. hunt for your to food. i don't understand how people can let assault rifles -- even in hunting, you destroy your food if you use an assault rifle. it should be banned. i agree with the last girl that was on there that throughout -- threw up.
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she was adamant that so many lives were destroyed. host: one of the subjects we have covered focused on issues particular.uns in a comment here from the cato institute talking about focus on the real problems in gun violence, that would be inner-city gun violence and suicide. here is some of what he had to say. >> i have been focusing on gun policy for 10 years. the goal is to reduce gun deaths. that means i don't always think about guns. what creates got -- violence. shootingsmes to mass and shootings in school, we should ask the question, why did this happen now, why didn't it happen in 1964? there were hundreds of millions of guns in public hands. before 1968 there were lax gun
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laws. it does not seem to correlate between these legal protections. it's more of a sickness that i don't think is necessarily caused by the gun. i look at the broader causes of crime. proposals, not all, have a very small effect on crime. i like to look at things i think would have a bigger effect on a specific issue. i want tot problem, reduce gun deaths in this country by 50%. indoors did -- in order to do that, it requires focusing on inner-city violence and suicide. the inner-city violence, we should be talking about ending the drug war. that has a lot more to do with why people commit violence then how they acquired a gun from a back alley dealer which is already illegal.
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not the case is not the case the school shooter decides to commit a school shooting because they acquire an assault weapon. they decide to commit a school shooting and then acquire an assault weapon. i don't think any particular class of weapons is going to dissuade what are the hardest to dissuade people, which are committed school shooters. we should be thinking of them like serial killers. found a serial killer who was killing people with a specific brand of chef knife, it would be ludicrous to ban that knife. what people will be affected by our protections -- i don't mean in school, but around the school. that has a much better chance of affecting the school shooter than any gun policy i have heard. that is what i am focused on.
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how to save lives. that means looking at things beyond guns. host: where going to show more of that discussion later on. more speeches from saturday coming up at the march for our lives rally. from your comments calls on what is next after the weekend rallies. (202) 748-8920 is the number to call for those of you under 25. all others, (202) 748-8921. let's hear from sean in florida. caller: hello. host: go ahead. caller: i am a nurse for 32 years. i do not understand why anybody should have a weapon that is -- does not just go through the organ, but literally exploded inside their bodies. i want to know why anybody needs a weapon that can kill 17 people in six minutes on any planet.
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i do not understand why we have helmets and seatbelt laws and all the other things we do to allowives, but we still what we have in our country. we should look to other countries. industrialized countries such as ours that have saved so many lives. to do we still allow the nra give millions and millions of dollars to our politicians, who legislate laws that affect all of us, including our children? i have a daughter who is in high school. i will tell you this. when her school is in a lockdown in her school has been threatened, i know that is the safest time to center. none of these -- two send her. none of these people who have done this had ever warned them. what are we doing about this?
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the only common denominator is to ban assault weapons. weapon that can kill that many people in that short an matter of time. the nra has taken foreign funds, but not for election use. the national rifle association received foreign funds, but did not use the money for election purposes. --
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host: two north carolina. elise is on our under 25 line. hello there, go ahead. ok, i am a 12-year-old from north carolina. some adults say kids don't know what's good for them. i learned at bdc rally kids do have a voice. they know the difference between right and wrong. the last speaker, emma gonzales, when she paused for six minutes and 20 seconds, that was a very powerful thing for me to experience. host: thanks for your call. huntsville, tennessee is next. george is on the line. caller: hello.
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i am 100% for people to have guns if they want to. i believe decent people ought to have a gun. i am 100% for nra. i am 100% for donald trump. i don't know what our country is coming to. school, my mother told me, go to school and behave. i don't know. i swear to god i don't know what's happening to our country. in 20 years what's it going to look like? would you want the people today to write a constitution? host: we are looking for your comments on twitter as well. this one from lucy, who said, is there a reason the amount of people who marched is not being mentioned? i have googled the amount of
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people and have not come up with much. deliberate? there is some reporting on estimated numbers. which you can find at a number of news reporting's for saturday's marches. let's hear from sue, calling us from north carolina. caller: yes, can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: i'm just calling because i am so impressed with the young people that went on this march. they do have a lot of common sense. when you listen to them, you realize that all of our young arele in the united states not destined to be cruel or do things that are wrong. but i do want to say this. i really feel like if parents would be sure that if they keep guns in their homes they need to
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have them in certain places where they are not able to get them if they know that their child may have some type of illness. some young people are hyperactive and things. if they know anything at all is bothering their children, they need to help them through hard times. maybe some parents are failing the united states because they've gotten into -- one thing is the drug mess. they're not being good examples for their young people. it might be that when a child would go out and shoot other children, a young person however the age, if they do that, it may be that they have a lot of
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resentment builds up in themselves because of their own parents. that's one thing i know for a fact there are parents even that -- theyi live don't live a christian life and they don't mentor and teach their children what is right and how to be a good citizen of the united states, and how to protect other people. host: we appreciate your input and all the calls, and on twitter as well. ra. last one from leo she says, you can change this, i don't want to hear other people's views. we thank you for sharing your views., we are at --
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go to and you can find the rally. we will take you back to speeches from saturday's rally starting with ryan. [video clip] >> hello, my name is matthew. at the age of 15 i sat in my high school spanish class while my sister was being slaughtered in newtek connecticut -- newtown, connecticut. vicki went into school to make gingerbread houses with her first grade students. how many of you can or member doing that? you have to be on your best behavior. but that was cut short. makedid not get to gingerbread houses because gunfire rang out in the hallway. too many times has gunfire been ringing out across this country.


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