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tv   Donna Brazile on 2018 Midterm Elections  CSPAN  March 29, 2018 3:06pm-3:51pm EDT

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and a history professor at the university of texas-austin and an author. and of stokely, a life. watch 1960 eight, america and turmoil live sunday at 8:30 a.m. c-span's washington journal and on american history tv on c-span3. former dnc interim chair donna brazile talks about the upcoming midterm races and voter registration. an event called states women for justice that focuses on empowerment and social justice. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you, everyone. hazel, i could not help but notice that you played my song.
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as a little girl growing up on the bayou, that song was our call for the mardi gras. i am not a singer, god did not bless me with that gift, but let me just say to them young -- the young man with the horns, you know how to get a girl going today. [laughter] called dr. julianne, so many powerful women. i teach women's studies on wednesday, i do not know if i can get to class on time. my students, i should have just invited them to learn something. to go home learning a little bit more. every week, i tried to encourage them to learn history.
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ladies and gentlemen, that is a get up song. this year, black women are going to get out. we are going to get out and vote. [laughter] [applause] that voteya sat me months ago, i pulled out my checkbook. every day is your time. every year is your time. [applause] >> every moment that we live is time for us to put black women in the position to run for office and to win that office and you do not have to wait until 2020 to get your election group. you can get it in 2018. that is to a 22 days -- that is 222 days for those of you that are counting. you can support stacey abrams was running for governor of the state of georgia. i know many of you are saying, what did you eat?
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i just had a few pieces of sausage, i've not touch the chicken. i might get me a to go plate. a nothing wrong with that. we have the votes to put stacy in office. i ama knowledge and -- brothersging the here. we have the votes to put stacey in office. when i went down to alabama, i guess called. i wish they would lose my number. stormy, and a still and not lose my number. [laughter] stormy right, it is
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time. we have that power, ladies and gentlemen. when i went down to alabama, i -3, that is a black woman. barbara, i see that you are here and i'm going to keep my mouth clean. you all know she is a great preacher. i heard you lift up the name of jesus. i heard you calling out all the angels and saints to come over and bless the food and the speakers. , i just miss all of the other blessings because barbara, i love jesus christ. i believe in jesus. every time people tell me about jesus, i said let me tell you why i still follow jesus every day. what was his first miracle? >> wine. >> thank you very much. when he turned that the water
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jesusine, not only did listen to his mother, he got the party started. [laughter] >> i am a christian. love the lord. every night. it has been going on for a while. i'm getting deeper and deeper into the rich history of cabernet. quoting second corinthians but i quote another chapter of the bible. that miracle. when hazel called me and said i need you to come. i came. wednesdays are the hardest day of my week because i teach. years devoted the last 23 of my life to being on a college campus every week and to teach. i've been a professor at georgetown university, at
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-- irs, harvard twice often tell my friends, do not worry, every time the electoral college loses the popular vote, donna gets to go to harvard. i've been at georgetown for 16 years. 16 glorious years. today is my day where i partake and listen up, the next generation. i am never out of touch. people say, you do not know what the millennials are thinking. i say, who do you think has been teaching them, mentoring them? that givehe lord said them one day to rest. i give the lord one day to teach. i got to campus at 9:30. i can't get to anywhere at 9:00. a that i've been working for black people all my life. none of them work 9:00 until
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5:00. they work you until the job is done. -- they check you on this mysterious day on friday because friday never showed up with a check. when i woke up this morning, all i thought about was dorothy -- i was talking about dr. hike. when i think about women's history month, i think about dorothy hike. i have so many friends here so when i first got to washington dc in 1981, when i got to meet dr. hike, and she's the call me miss brazile. she was such a gracious woman. dorothy, and she was meticulously dressed. every day. to match hers shoes. that is why at her funeral, all i could do was laugh because i
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have never found a store where i can get a purple hat, purple lways --ut dr. hike a she can match everything. she was such a woman of dignity, of grace, of kindness. she was the smartest woman i ever, ever met. of history.nse a sense of where we had to go. a sense of what we had to do. she remembered practically every meeting she had ever been a part of. to a philip randolph to martin luther king, and she would give you the chapter and the burst and the story. yesterday, we're talking about her and we talked about when she was going through that last moment of life. we gathered at howard university hospital. we went in to say our goodbyes, but dorothy was not willing to
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say goodbye. it took 2, 3, 4 months and dorothy was still talking to us with this yet something to say. she had so many curtain calls, they stopped calling in the doctor. they just said, the lord will take care of this one. can you imagine when st. peter saw her? she probably gave him a some assignments, too. [laughter] >>they just said, the lord will take care of dorothy a pit demii call when in power -- dorothy call power.hat i blacks history month, for history month, i would give my naacp -- i do not want to because. i do know what to be caught out in the street about my membership card. i got more than aarp, and thank you for the coupon. [laughter] >> i was so grateful to turn 50, i finally got coupons.
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.veryone needs an naacp card come the month of march, i sent dues to the national coalition of negro women. you know who else i just gave is when i get paid. by that book -- buy that book. ain is't nothing wrong with plag a black woman. and i am so glad you can pay the full price for it. [laughter] >> i just sent $500 to bernice king. after dr. king and we slightly atng to
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it.acknowledge for those of you that are not 50+ yet -- i am 29 for the second time to make up. i am still a millennial. [laughter] >> i'm commemorating dr. king. but not the dr. king that everybody wants you to dream about, i'm commemorating the dr. king that pushed us. that challenged us. the dr. king that told us to stir up some good trouble. the dr. king who reminded us that we should take care of poor people. was a championo for equality. let us use this moment next week to tell our story. to remind this country that we are not there yet, and that we are prepared to hurry history. areow some of y'all
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involved in, what is going to happen the donald trump. storm is'll a brewing. i'm going to tell you what is going to happen. 2019, got a job is going to wake up thinking everything is all right and by the end of that night when he sees out things are turning, how people are going out to vote despite their best efforts to suppress, to intimidate, to remove people from the voter rolls, and forcing people in states to provide a provisional sheet, look at the results of 2018. they are going to be reminded that in 19 86, two years after story was run,
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we were able to take back because of the votes that we provide to the democratic party. and by the way, no one should votes for granted. stop giving people your votes. [applause] >> i am trying to keep it clean. things that do not belong to people who do not respect to you. that do not belong to people who do not want your bodies in office. do not want your heart on the microphone. we are going to loan them to votes as long as they are able to give us an agenda that matches our needs. we have got to stop giving up our votes. i have done everything in the democratic party except for run for office. i registered millions of people
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in my lifetime. done so many doors, i cannot even see the black of my own knuckles. -- i have not on so many doors, i cannot even see the black of my own knuckles. i've carried water. issues,hampioned the and when it came time for me to say what i believe was important, they said, shut up, donna. i say, hell no. i am not shutting up. [applause] i can speak my truth and sit down. i am not a baptist preacher. i wrote a speech and y'all see it is sitting right i can speaky truth and sit down. here. like every academic, i know how to write. i not put the pros to the paper. but i'm speaking from my heart. i carry a lot on my chest on my
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days. i'm getting old. but i'm going to tell you something, our power is enormous . i've seen it in every aspect of life. i've seen as consumers, we stop shopping and buying all of those smart things. my ex-boss inspired all this , with thegore internet. if we stop being cool we really are -- if we stop being cool we are, we can shut down a lot of things. our power is enormous yet we have never embraced that power. we go in begging to get a seat at the table but folks should just start scooting over. give us our seats at the table. [applause] 1-2-3 votes, that
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represents our strength. carolina,in south louisiana, and one other thing about louisiana while i am talking. louisiana has a black female state party chairwoman who also is the "vice chair of the committee." tional i am proud of my sister. stateana is now the only -- if bc was a state, we would be right behind her. and i am for statehood. louisiana is the only state with the largest city to have a black female mayor, latoya cantrell. first time in 300 years we have had an "female" mayor. i am proud of her. i cannot wait to go home to see her inaugurated in a couple
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months. i state capital of baton rouge -- and our female third-largest city, shreveport, has a black female mayor. munro, lake charles, louisiana, lafayette, louisiana -- get ready. that is the strength. if we recognize our power as women. you might be a minority woman, but in some states, we vote in large numbers. we can turn anything we want. blue, red, black, purple, we name the color, we got it. the book i am working on, "for colored girls who consider politics."
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our power cannot be used. we must be engaged. this is a political year like none other we have seen in a long time. i know every four years, we say this is the most important election in our lifetime. i know that. y'all, sevenemind presidential campaigns as a staff person, 11 total other , i spentt or analyst 2008, 2012 on the battlefield. iat is wind 2016, i knew what had to do when they said, would you step up one more time? how many americans you know have served as chair not once, but twice? this is one. [applause] >> when i tell you, i am in no
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ways tired. i got more energy now than i did when i was 16. , and i have 56 congressional campaigns under my belt. house and senate. every two years, alan or homes norton, whenmes she gets ready to retire, she will as -- she will let us know. audacityhe courage and in 1953 to represent a fannie lou hammer, medgar evers. when she tells me she does not feel tired, that is when she retires. until then, i am backing corporate [applause] -- i am backing her. [applause] well, but she is a
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tenacious woman. 56 congressional campaigns, 19 local and state campaigns. miss usa without the bikini. [laughter] the stakesell you could not be higher this year, let me tell you why. races. gubernatorial representing everything from california, new york, georgia, texas, we have a lot of states. maryland -- there are some , but theke illinois democrats outperformed the republicans in the gubernatorial primary. you tell me of democrats with our votes that we are going to loan them, you're telling me that we cannot put a democrat back in the "statehouse" in
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illinois? we can. that is the power of the vote. that is the power of black women who turn out no matter if it is raining, if it is snowing, if it is humid, or storming. -- stormy. [laughter] >> we turn out. races mustnatorial be our focus because what happens at statehouses impact us where we live, work, play, and pray. we must also be concerned about the united states senate. 34 of them and 33 states because alabama has got to vote again. you know when you make us vote twice -- we got to tell you again? anybody that wants to come fight us, we are going to take the
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earrings off. [laughter] >> doug jones needs to understand, he needs to give something for us, too. i do not mind him reaching across the aisle, make sure you keep it close to home, too. do not forget our needs, our desires, we need health care. we still need jobs. in my neighborhood the job rate isyment high. we started to support our hcb us. i was laughing the other day and i said yeah, i graduated from lsu. i give them my money. i understand that without these not have aould
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generation who is able to fight for my education. for me to go to lsu. [applause] >> let's not forget that. when you look at 435 members of congress, this is our moment to expand our reach and to let new people. i want to take your questions and bring up this panel, i'm going to -- hazel is a reporters or at the teller i'm going to give her my notes. not today. i've to go make sure i clean up a couple of things. i am always afraid. zel, i want you to have for everyone, i would -- i have all 50 states and the district of ladies and gentlemen, you are made to see this. this is the potential if we make a commitment to everyone in this
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room, to register five more people. i party started my nieces and nephews. ain't19 of them and you getting no ham, no turkey, you are not even getting no mashed potatoes. we do not do much potatoes. we do take a salad. no greens. nothing else did and god knows not my delicious homemade fruit punch. [laughter] they think you have any punch this year and one of these days i'm going to come up with a recipe my grandmother taught us. they say she didn't drink and i was a lie. she had punch. it knocked us down. my mom would say y'all ready to take a nap after that punch? uh huh. she had the nerve to tell she put sugar in there and some ginger ale. no, no, no. it was wrong.
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[laughter] numbers,u look at the my unregistered african americans, in new york, always sophisticated and men, 400 33. 271. pennsylvania, 227. i will get the three states donald trump 15 less than 78,000 votes. ladies gentlemen, we can do better than that. [applause] two, there is a database called database.bla you know you can go to the american women in politics and get all the women. you can also look at their and this is a
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database for black women candidates. database.blackwomen there are 90 black women running for federal seats. 200 for state seats. we also have 240 lakh women running in blue states and 209 incumbents who are seeking have 300 a and we black women who are challengers. i just took a sample list, and you can pass them on to people because you all know i was just looking. there you go. i have that done. last few months, we've put the number of seats. i will not tell you about this
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so there my point. i will get it down to the point. bless the lord. the food is still warm. i will finish up. photo registration. -- a photo registration. 14% of people turnout in primaries. the general election is about 35% to 40%. if we increase that by 2%, that can be the difference in winning all of these states. and then we can tell somebody in the midterms bye. [laughter] did i tell you the storm was still brewing? voter education. some many people said i do not know why i'm voting. youuse when you don't vote, are still on the menu you just do not get served. [laughter] [applause] footer education.
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-- voter education. tell them in louisiana when they could not convict those two policemen that the man. why are you voting? you cannot be on the jury if you cannot vote. and you cannot vote mr. landry out. that is why you are voting. do not be afraid. what are they going to do to you if you tell that you want mr. landry out of the office of attorney general? you vote him out next year. if i do nothing else in my life year, though good lord -- the good lord give me breath, i will go to every college campus even if i need to change my address and say mr. landry, i am coming for you. [applause] shooting somebody 20 times in the head. seeing them shoot at the front
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page.i got yesterday morning to come home and they have a picture of the cop with his knee shooting him and there is no conviction and you want to know what is on the ballot. your freedom is on the ballot. your dignity is on the ballot. [applause] your very life is on the ballot. that is what is on the ballot. your jobs in your livelihood. don't let them tell you there is nothing on the ballot. don't let them tell you your vote doesn't matter. angry, ladies and gentlemen, because i have devoted my entire life to politics for people to tell me there is nothing on the ballot. i knew that after dr. king was murdered rose on the ballot. i know 50 years later what is on the ballot. if i have to go another 50 years, i will keep reminding you what is on the ballot. sterling never should have been killed.
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do not let me go on with the names because i can say every name. it hurts my heart. to have young nieces and nephews and they want to come home and not know that they have to be registered to vote. that is the entrance into auntie donna's house or you stay somewhere else. do not come without a voter registration card. [applause]
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you do not vote in the other elections. you have been removed. and because we are mobile people, and you say i can still go over there to the elementary school, no you cannot. you better find your precinct. are too many schemes and no one will believe those provisional ballots will be counted. that is number three. go ahead and practice i will vote. number four, and i am about to get down to the dirt now. i said it. stop giving your votes. stop giving away anything. will notse candidates have time. thent education back on ballot. i am sick of these people cutting away education.
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we do not have any money. donald and -- donald trump increase the military budget by 50% in some areas. it exceeds over $700 billion. a week ago, he was saying i want you all to pay the military. and womenpay the men in our military and give them a cutg but he said i want for my wall. i want a cut for education. i want a cut for health care. for some decent and affordable housing so when the minute -- so when the men and women come back to have a place to stay. if they do not want to meet with you, tell them to get a cut out. go ticking goes. get a cut out of them and say or or miss congressman
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congress lady, we will have a meeting without you and put that on facebook live. have your town hall meeting. -- if you dodon't, not show the initiative that you want your issues address, they will drive right past year and they will come after you in the last 48 hours of the campaign. by then, the love is gone. you all go ahead and do that. i do not know about you all. i watch my dirty mouth out every night with cabernet. is, my time let me go ahead and finish. freedom. in honor of dr. king and all the other men and women who sacrificed for us to be here, remember a movement requires sacrifice. this in's not a moment, this is a movement.
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everybody needs to make sure there is a freedom summer in every neighborhood we live in on every campus that we are part of an every church community that we attend. there has to be a freedom summer. we have to understand the taste of freedom. if you see the lights in the woods, keep going. when you are the dogs coming, keep going. if you have a taste of freedom, you have to keep going. we have to keep going. donald trump ain't stopping us from going forward. ok. the storm that is brewing is going to push us forward. he will be left behind but we are going forward. freedom summer. and i have this one here called speak to me. now, we know, and i will say this in honor of the black press because i am fighting for the black press. i'm fighting everybody. stick to me.
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they just spent $60 million in advertisement in the eleanor primary last week. $60 million. how many black colleges with that have funded? >> do not think we have five black colleges with that. >> think you very much. $60 million in the state of illinois. democrat and republican. ,, oh i will dorothy give her a call. lavelle, iorothy said how much money did you all get in illinois? she said it came with a half page ad and i said to take that back. i said they should have given you a full-page ad for six or seven weeks. when i asked the democratic party to put in our budget full-page ads for all the black secret to, i said the
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black people, i am sorry, i gave all your secrets out. i said when you tell a black person in mississippi with going to call theiring relatives in cleveland or detroit. they do not know nothing about that. i said when you tell a black person in louisiana, they will call up all of their relatives as they go that way. they will call their friends in nevada, california, in georgia, you all know they're coming at. that is what we will advertise all over the black newspapers we are only doing the targeted battleground states and we are going to back. all hernd, we did states but i had to do halfpage ads. to me, the indignity really made me write. said you like to beg i all know who we are going to vote for? you making me -- why
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are you making me fight with a billion dollars? new allstateign is to me on my newspapers and radio stations and the places i get my information that i do not know your name. who? what? , i really want to hell you you dianne feinstein, baldwin, but you are not speaking to me. i do not know what you are saying. you are not speaking to me on tv one or wherever you are watching using getting your information. number seven, count on the vote is not two weeks out. sois after the last primary whenever you last primary is is when you start counting down to vote. it is when you make sure every i
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is dotted in the previous crossed and do not going to leave you do not have time because i am loading you my vote this year. but you have to show me right now. you have to pay me back. this is a transaction. i amics is a transaction .reparing to run myself i've to people but in most places we have three. these one yields are good they come up running. they are like this. and i am like this. come on, tune -- don't you punch me. i am taking my time and i leave this stage. the countdown to vote starts now. lastly, the turnout. turnout. you know, i can tell you that over the years, and i've been in politics since i was nine years i do not feel the ways
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tired. i'm honored and gratified that i have spent a lifetime fighting that my ancestors begged us to believe in. history that moment in ladies and gentlemen that we must continue the fight. so thank you, hazel. inking to the distinguished .anel thank you to all the brilliant men and women here that have to fight this year. this is our moment. this is our time and we will seize it. i want to end with scripture because my grandmother was the one who taught us so much about
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the lord. -- hey,d, by laura lord. by lord. we got close, lord to the lord at an early age will and i'm still close to the lord. i do not know where i would be. my grandmother used to call us. today so you we were catholic? should make us bow our heads to the lord and one scripture should always tell us was found in the book of galatians chapter six, verse nine. "do not grow weary in doing good." we have come so far in our so many men and women who have cared to make a
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difference in their honor and everything that they gave us let us continue to march on. until victory is won. douglas you and thank you so much. thank you. forgive. -- thank you. [applause] ladies andazile, gentlemen. the great prophetic donna brazile. >> photojournalists will talk about covering the battle against islamic state>> two in the iraqi city of mosul. mitch buddha back is a retired u.s. army special forces lieutenant colonel who became a war reporter covering conflict and disaster. skill from, this is
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a photo from my phone. the rubble in the foreground is an armored isis suicide car bomb. the initial reports were incorrect, that there were no t's. was standing 40 meters away. theisis fighter driving vehicle, not only was he driving a suicide car bomb, he was wearing a suicide best and he had a folding stock ak-47 with six magazines. wasis car broke down, he going to run out toward the good guys and detonate himself. if he did not detonate, he had an automatic weapon, he was
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ready to die. sputteredm was against the wall. it was an interesting moment to been in have never cosco in the meat department and seen this stuff that he was there, what was left of him, a human being at one point but what are you seeing now? where are you? party where you thought you would be? he did not answer back. he only had half of a face but it was interesting to be that close to the evil and how willing he was to die. >> the retired lieutenant colonel will be joined by victor blue whose work focuses on the legacy of armed conflicts, human rights, and the protection of civilians. can watch the discussion tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. you can also watch online at
3:50 pm or visit on the free radio -- listen on the free radio app. next from washington journal, segment about the ebola epidemic and international response. the u.s. agency for international development wrote about how he completed most projects since 2014. >> we're back at our desk. it is often to talk about electoral politics. ebola.c, >> do is talk about how government is broken and how things do not work and how things should be a lot better.


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