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tv   U.S. Customs and Border Protection Briefing  CSPAN  March 30, 2018 6:46pm-7:08pm EDT

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a discussion on the future of autonomous vehicles. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. announcer: earlier today, the law enforcement agency of customs and border protection held a briefing with reporters on the trump administration's efforts to build a wall on part of the u.s. border with mexico. this is 20 minutes. >> thank you, mike. thanks for joining us. we are going into the holiday weekend so i know you have taken your timeout to be here with us today. i want to update you with where we are on the border wall project. a lot has happened since we briefed you on this project in september. the president toward prototypes
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in san diego earlier this month briefed the president on the progress we've made, how we would like to proceed given the funding we have been provided by congress and the president. we want to tell you what we are doing and what we see as the way ahead. without the president and the administration's leadership, the funding for these projects would not be possible. most of you are familiar with the prototypes built at a time asa in san diego diego. mesa in. san we learned a lot from that process. diego, we are looking at 14 miles of the border wall, getting rid of old, dilapidated steelg mass in favor of a wall. we are replacing 45 miles of barrier in san diego.
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are on schedule to build a new portable that replaces two miles of pedestrian barrier. we identified the need back in 2009. in 2017, the administration secured enough funding for its construction but also to build it at a 30 foot height. feet ofn track to 20 border wall in new mexico and the groundbreaking is scheduled for early april. we have ordered new miles of border wall in el paso, texas, m.d. rio grande, valley , we have--in our passage, texas and -- we plan to replace 47 miles of dilapidated border fencing in various locations along the southwest border. and we plan to build about 25
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miles of new levy walls as w ell as eight miles of new portable systems. it provides a comprehensive that combines other related technology to impede and deny cross-border activity. the project i described are made possible by the fiscal year funding provided by congress and we appreciate this down payment for our needs. as the secretary has pointed out, it does not fully fund our needs in the most critical locations. our agents and officers have decades of experience and they know their operational needs. we provide congress with a fact
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based border security improvement plan that sets out the requirements of securing the border. we appreciate what congress has authorized and we will use these dollars to secure reporting border.ties at the i want to address whether our front line operators, the dedicated men and women of the u.s. border patrol want and nee d, and the systems are what they asked for. the information we have used and the tools we have developed come from the field. the u.s. border patrol sector chiefs have been vocal about their need for effective barriers to deny the entry of illegal aliens. walls work and agents know it.
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dhs is committed to a balanced structure of technology, roads, technology and personnel to support missions. thank you for your attention and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> i'm from the washington post. you touched briefly on the fact been --about what agents think they need. the democratic staff of the homeland security committee said that very few people even mentioned a wall or a fence. most people said they wanted high-tech sensors ir w -- or all terrian vehicles. are you saying that is not accurate? >> from the operators perspective, you need the proper mix. technology, infrastructure and the ability to have agents. when we go into the field and
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teaches them the framework for planning those requirements, we give them all sets of tools. >> is it accurate that very few of them mentioned needing a wall? >> that is not an accurate interpretation of the data we have. the data is, what are the problems we are trying to solve, what are the risks present if the problem continues to exist and what are the methods that help solve that problem. >> they wanted a wall? >> i do not have that number. that is not a characterization that comes out in the reporting. and you ask agents what they want, they want personal, technology and infrastructure. me a total, you mentioned thi replacements wall total new the
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fencing wall replacement? >> the total is about 100 miles in the 2018 appropriation. in san diego, it is 48 miles and the calexico project is two miles. what is authorized for the rio miles.valley is 80 >> is 100 miles of new walls versus the replacement wall -- when people think about the wall they think about what is new as opposed to replacement. >> i would say it is all new. there is a different design going in. they are replacing a old, dilapidated wall. all new.all it
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it replaces what is existing and i think the el paso project replacement vehicle barriers. >> there is very little of the border where there's going to be new wall where there is not something now? >> there's new mileage in a priority area. the rio grande valley. it's notse areas, like there is something there n ow that it will replace. >> there is barrier in some of those areas and some of the new locations. prototypes that respects to be evaluated and tested in mid and late january, i know you're waiting for funding to do more but where is that in terms of picking parts to ys-- to
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>> the testing helps us make a new design standard and future projects will include those attributes. >> you cannot say whether you're going more concrete or four different types -- -- or different types -- >> it will be dependent on the terrain and what we are needing to solve. why is the president tweeting new pictures of what is a reconstruction of the wall. did why you give him those teac? >> i'm not sure what tweet you are talking about. what i felt was the construction project underway in calexico. >> he said it was a new construction. >> they are new features. they are replacing the dilapidated --
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yes? >> could you get into more detail about the timeline and the construction replacement on the new section. was a question about how toh the language allows you use the new prototype for the construction. could you talk about your interpretation of that and where you feel they can use the new model? >> to use the new prototype for the cn example of your question, that was contracted and bid. of wall is the 30 foot requirement is part of the tool kit. there is language we are still considering and what it means for projects this year. the project i laid out are all going to be filled.
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>> when can we expect the construction to start? itsan diego --i do not have in front of me. it is imminent. we are constructs now in and in san diego it is april. il. teresa is and apr early april. the other project still need to find work. work.d design these projects are funded --they are going to happen this year but it depends on other factors like the design. >> two part question, the first, are you able to say your review it be prototype, can
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youhing you learned that put into those restrictions and can talk about the restrictions and building at santana wildlife ana wildlifenta refuge. >> we learn how to breach those products. we learn how to --we learned how long it takes to breach those products. terrian, based on constructibility, we will make those attributes where they make the most sense. santa ana, the same thing, congress decided our priorities were not theirs and they moved it elsewhere. >> can you say at this point, you said 100 near miles or
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replacement miles -- >> all the construction will be a new feature in that part of the border of 100 miles -- >> what is the total mileage you want along the border? >> it is several hundred miles. it is basically, i think the top 10 project is double what is out there right now which is 654 mi les. some of that will be replacing dilapidated fencing, adding new capabilities and adding new wall as well. >> when all of the walls are completed, how much of the border will have a wall or fence along it. >> approximately 1400 miles. about 1000 miles.
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>> and right now? >> current structure is 654 miles. forhe white house has asked $25 billion. is that the correct sum to get this done? >> we got every dollar we asked for >> what a complete all miles you're talking about? i believe it would. have you been in discussions at all with the defense department and would you welcome a redirection of appropriations instruction?more >> we want more capability and have done a lot of things over
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my career with the department of defense. from great partners, and an operations perspective, regardless of where the operation comes from, we will do that. >> you touched on this in the opening statements, can you respond to congress declining to fund the hirings and questioning the underlining need for that. your viewerske all to know that you can go to cdp. gov. we will continue to meet our requirement as is a in the executive order. congress give us important resources and recruitment retention, and relocation funding. we are happy about that and we will do everything we can to fulfill the mandate for hiring. just a follow-up on my line of questioning, has the president signed off on the defense foreing
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wall. >> i'm not sure he saw the entire package. i'm not sure. we look at immigration priorities he put out in framework, the 25 billion was not asked. >> that doesn't necessarily say how much mileage of construction there would be. >> i can't speak for him. that will make a major difference with enduring capability in border security across the southwest border. >> do you have a map of where the barriers would be? >> i think we have something we were using publicly and i can send it around very -- around. miles is 354 of pedestrian. you know what the breakdown would be as pedestrian versus
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levee walls? >> i'm not sure we have in the current request, i don't think we ask for any more vehicle barriers. i think it is all pedestrian walks. -- walls. >> defense into mexico, the vehicle ones that are turned into a pedestrian? >> that's right. that is 20 miles. that is the one that is due to start early april. >> ok. one said literally on monday he said we are not going to be
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only doing new walls but also fixating on other walls. that something new is happening and supposed to start monday. do know what he was talking about? planning and such, i'm not sure how long we have been constructing, but during this week, there is construction underway in calexico. >> can i come back on the question of prototypes and can you explain to us what your goal is with the prototypes? will you choose one and that will be the way the entire rest of the wall is built? or are you saying you will take features from either one and that way. >> the latter. are happy to test some of the things that the industry brought for us. it was important for the president. those attributes in some of those prototypes will be part of the new design standard. >> of the 100 or so miles you're
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talking about, how many were already being planned or considered in previous administrations or are new? any of it wasnk executable in the previous administration. we did not have the funding or authorization for it. >> i've a follow-up. order in thee 2006 bush administration? >> the wall is out there now and that was done under the secure fence act and some of the replacements will replace that -- some of the landing match that was there prior. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time. we would be happy to do an after action on this very if you have any questions for us we can follow up with you on, we will do that. thank you for your time and we will be entitled. this weekend, on the c-span networks, saturday, 9:20 p.m., against a a debate
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colorado bakery for refusing to make a things sex couple wedding cake. that's from philadelphia. at sunday, 6:30 p.m., daniel on the current state of religious liberty in the u.s. and around the world. on book tv, c-span2 at 10 p.m. eastern, on afterwards, james swanson talks with the associated press writer about events leading up to the assassination of martin luther at 10 p.m.,, sunday two women share their story of their families pet rabbit. this is c-span3 at 8 p.m. eastern on lectures in history. moonshine drivers and the origins of nascar. sunday, 8 a.m., jonathan close about thethan plisca
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easter egg world and the changes made along the way. this weekend on the c-span networks. for the next hour, and american history tv exclusive. our cities to her visits shawnee oklahoma to learn more about life. we have traveled to u.s. at the spring the little scene and historic sites to our viewers. you can watch more of our visit at tour. >> is a very interesting history. 1891, south of the town near across the river, a man from oklahoma city came and built a wooden mill. until 1895. that the town of shawnee


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