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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize High School  CSPAN  April 2, 2018 6:50am-7:00am EDT

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former director of the u.s. census bureau on the cost of the 2020 ensus and some of the controversies surrounding it. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. join the discussion. wednesday morning, we're in the next ntana for stop on the c-span bus, 50 capitals tour. willna lieutenant governor be our guest on the bus during washington journal. starting at 9:30 a.m. eastern. we asked high school students to choose a provision of the u.s. illustrate why it's important to them. our second prize high school winners are p.d. and grace, 12 graders at capital high idaho where se, c-span is available through cable one. in their winning entry titled they e all human beings"
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tell us about article one, section 8, the general welfare clause. take a look. addition to in rifles being fired. people are more trying to get out, are trying to -- >> four million people displaced homes.eir >> we didn't ask for the hunger and all the violence that's happening. >> the children affected by the are going to grow into adults with no future, no job and resentful of the u.s. for not doing more. >> biggest wave of refugees in arern history.
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>> we as americans ensure domestic tranquility and promote welfare by shutting the refugees out of our country and treating them less than human beings if we decide to let our borders? as a country that we proudly call melting pot, it is our duty welcome these refugees and preamble em under the in order to perform a more perfect union. >> refugees do more than just improve our national security. they are core to our american identity and values. lot of americans believe that allowing refugees into the u.s., damage take our jobs and the economy. however, they actually benefit the economy and promote the general welfare.
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>> we live in boise, idaho which is one of the most refugee richest cities in the nation. i volunteer at a community provides free health care to those who have no health insurance. and a lot of our patients are refugees. so it's really just eye opening to see how much refugees are struggling to get paying jobs. my mom is a teacher so she to people who are coming into the country and have no knowledge of our language. almost all of her students are refugees. i've been able to go and become hear their th them, stories. i actually got to go and teach lesson about helping eating. although i might be a refugee myself, i have a lot of really my refugee ith community. nd i feel that under our preamble we should be doing more. >> we have students from 22 different countries. in the middle east.
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>> i think when students come to the united states, some of our students have never been to anywhere before. so they have just a lot of to lenges to learn how behave in school. we expect of things them to do and then couple that vocabulary of all the things that we use in school. democratic the republic of congo. there are so many wars there. >> there are a lot of killings.
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get spend 15 years there to it's ood picture of what camp, tobe in a refugee live with yourself. there is no summer in my country there. that my country there is no freedom.
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>> there are so many people. >> it's very scary to come from culture that new you don't know anything about and try to fit in. >> come from a different world i had to relearn everything. you do everything in english. you laugh in english. you walk in english. you do everything in english. sometimes you eat in english. >> sometimes, they get taken a wide e of so there's
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ange of problems that you can help people with educating them. >> need to include more and more. know, main thing is, you we talk about refugees some exotic type of event. they're just people like you and i. i think we all should be treated as human beings. try to make sure that these folks are welcome. that, you nderstand or , we're all americans hoping to be americans. cultures and heir we want to have them as our friends. >> bye. bye.
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> to watch all the prize winning documentarys in this year's competition, visit studentcam studentc >> next, we are live with your calls and comments on "washington journal." the house meets for a brief pro 9:30 a.m.ion at on ways to defend the u.s. elections from hackers. cases" ht on "landmark griswol v. connecticut. griswold challenged a use and ng the prescription of birth control. they ruled the statute to be unconstitutional and in the a right to blished privacy that is still evolving today. discuss this case are helen alavary, law professor mason university's
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antonin scalia law school and dean for research and law professor at temple university. tonight ndmark cases" and join the conversation. cases htag is landmark and follow us at c-span and we have resources on our website for background on each case. the landmark cases companion link to the national constitution center's interactive constitution and the podcast. cases cases. polyakovaorning, alina from brookings institution on and lenoreed by rush utah y talks about becoming the first state in the ation to pass a law legalizing free range parenting. later, john thompson on the cost


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