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  President Hosts Baltic States Heads of Government  CSPAN  April 3, 2018 4:59pm-5:23pm EDT

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we have self-awareness. .e can see a future that is why this book is different. with the gold out there. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. earlier today president trump held a meeting with the leaders of the baltic states, he talked about a range of issues policy,g immigration and nafta negotiations. taking place in the white house earlier today this is about 20 minutes. pres. trump: a lot of press today, what is going on? it will take states bring the press.
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-- the evolving state bring the -- baltic states bring the press. madam president. thank you very much. it is my pleasure to congratulate estonia, latvia, lithuania on the 100th anniversary of their independence. quite a great achievement. congratulations and an honor to have you with us. in the white house and the oval office. really tremendous. 100 years, we are thrilled to celebrate this historic milestone by welcoming all of you. beforeyou have been him but this is something special. we enjoy having you.
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from the beginning of your country's independence, the united states, this is never, you know that better than anybody, never ceased to recognize your sovereignty of the three baltic republics. even though, throughout the years, there has been conflict and problems. we never let you down. we will not let you down. at today's u.s.-baltics summit, we are celebrating 100 years of renewed partnership among our nations. grounded once more is a shared commitment to independent sovereignty and a total respect of the rule of law. this afternoon, we will discuss our cooperation on a range of issues, including expanding bilateral trade and investment. you are making a lot of investments and buying military equipment from the united states. we make the best military equipment in the world. missiles, airplanes.
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we appreciate that. we are going to be promoting joint security initiatives. i especially want to commend the baltic nations on meeting their defense spending obligations. this year. on nato. unlike some of the other countries that have not met their obligations. we have a tremendous amount more , i will take credit for this, a lot more money coming in to nato because of my initiative. i said, you have to pay, they were not paying a lot of years, the link what. nato is taking in more money than it ever did before. ultimately, at least $33 billion more over a short time. that is a lot of money. a big difference. it is a privilege to host do in the white house for this historic summit and i look forward to getting to know you better. we are going to be meeting with your representatives throughout the day and throughout the days.
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we will have a long and strong relationship. thank you for being here. >> thank you, everyone. pres. trump: thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you. pres. trump: i have to say this. china, i have great respect for president x. two of the most incredible days of my life were spent in china. many of you were with me. he is a tremendous person. we have a problem with china. they have created a trade deficit and i really blame our representatives and our preceding presidents for this. we have a trade deficit of $500 billion a year. it is not something we can live with. we will be working with china, we will be negotiating with china. our relationship is good with china and we intend to keep it that way. we have to do something to
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seriously relieve that trade deficit. we cannot have a $500 billion a year trade deficit. we also have the theft of intellectual property, and that probably is in the neighborhood of $200 billion to $300 billion per year. whether we like it or not, we have a great stock market and a powerful country, a country, militarily, as you know, presidents, we have just received $700 billion, our military will be stronger than ever before. we have to do something on trade with certain countries and china is the leader in terms of deficits. we have never had a situation where a country, nor has there been in history, a situation where a country has done that to another country. we have helped rebuild china. over the last 25 years, if you look at what has happened, we have helped rebuild china.
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we intend to get along with china but have to do something substantial about the trade deficit. with that, nothing is easy. i campaigned on that, i talked about that. china will not be the only country. i did in fact campaign on that. mexico, if you look at the caravan of thousands of people coming across, i told mexico, you have a cash cow in nafta as has been great for mexico but not great for the united states. a lot of businesses have closed down because of nafta, into plants all of the place, we still have not recovered. nafta has been a terrible deal for the united states and we are renegotiating the deal. it was still be good for mexico and canada. when this caravan came in, this is a caravan of a lot of people coming in from honduras in this case. if it reaches our border, our laws are so weak and pathetic, you would not understand this
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because i know how stronger your laws are at the border. it is like we have no border because we had obama make changes, president obama made changes that basically created no border. it is called catch and release. you catch them, register them, they go into our country and we cannot throw them out. in many cases, they should not be here. many, many cases they should not be here. after they get whatever happens over the next two years or three years, they are supposed to come back to court, almost nobody comes back to court. they are in our country and we cannot do anything about it because the laws that were created by democrats are so pathetic and so weak. i told mexico, and i respect what they did, i said your laws are very powerful and strong, we have very bad laws for our border. and we are going to be doing some things, speaking with general mattis, doing things militarily until we can have a wall and proper security, we will be guarding our border with
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the military. it is a big step. we have not done that before, not very much before. we will be doing things with mexico. they have to do it. otherwise, i will not do the nafta deal. nafta has been fantastic for mexico and bad for us. we have had car plants moved to mexico, many of them, we make millions of cars in mexico. years ago, they did not exist. they closed in michigan and ohio and other places. now they are starting to move back because of what we have done with regulation and with taxes. they are starting to come back into our country in a big way. i told mexico very strongly, you will have to do something about these caravans that are coming. i just noticed the caravan now, towards the middle of mexico, coming up from honduras, is breaking up rapidly because mexico has very strong
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immigration laws, as we should have. we should have those laws. we do not have them. we have immigration laws that are laughed at by everybody. it has to be changed and we need the wall and the protection. we have to change our immigration laws at the border and elsewhere. mexico has, at this moment, seems they have broken up large numbers of that particular caravan. we will see what happens. we are prepared at our border. we cannot have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing. and by the way never showing up , to court. the court case will be set for two years or three years, if you can believe this, and they never show up. for the most part. very rarely do they show up. if you notice, they are trying to hire thousands of judges so every person that walks across, and they are taught to say the right thing, they walk across
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and they go and they are supposed to go to court. we are supposed to have thousands of judges because we cannot have them taken out. we have to bring them before a ridiculous court system. we have to change our policies fast. just like we have to change our sanctuary cities. if you look at california, they are having revolts because a lot of areas, orange county and others, they do not want to have sanctuary cities which are guarding criminals. a lot of things are changing. i just heard that the caravan coming up from honduras is broken up and mexico did it . they did it because i said, you have to do it, we will have a relationship with nafta, we will have to include security in nafta. mexico, very strong laws that -- and that is the way it is. it looks like it has been broken up. that will be good. thank you all very much. [reporter questions]
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pres. trump: the caravan does not irritate me, it makes me very sad that this can happen to the united states. where you have thousands of people that decide to just walk into our country and we do not have any laws that can protect it. the wall, because of the democrats, has been delayed. we had $1.6 billion, we are fixing and building brand-new walls in certain areas. we are doing a lot of work on walls. $1.6 billion and we are starting brand-new sections of walls. we need to have a wall that is about 800 miles -- 700-800 miles of the 2000 mile stretch. we have a lot of natural boundaries. it is very sad to see an sad for both sides. sad for the people in the caravan and sad for the people in the united states. it is sad that we do not have laws that say we have a border, and if you do not do it legally, you cannot come into the on state. that is a sad thing for the
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people in the united states. thank you very much. [reporter questions] pres. trump: i have great respect for the baltic states, tremendous leaders i have known for a pretty long time. we have great respect for the baltic states. thank you very much. [reporter questions] pres. trump: thank you very much. we want to get along with russia. that is a good thing. maybe we will, maybe we won't. probably nobody has been tougher on russia that donald trump. if you look at our military strength now, which would not have happened if the opponent won. if you look at the oil and gas we are producing now, we are independent, we are exporting oil and gas. this is not something russia
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wanted. the three presidents just told me that nato was taking and -- taking in tremendous amounts of money because of donald trump that would have never happened. nato is much stronger. you may now want to say that, would you like to? >> we talked already five minutes ago that, for us, be up -- the emphasis of the united states -- emphasis of the united states to go ahead with deep reforms on nato. especially on decision-making on decisiveness on the denial, which we expect to see from russia in case of aggression. without the united states, this is not possible.
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the vital leadership of the united states. we are behind and with the you -- and with you. the best allies we met in europe in nato is the baltic states. we also are doing our homework. modernizing armies. together, i think we can do a lot. i am very much looking forward to seeing everybody around the table in brussels. and going ahead with a better nato. a more efficient nato. pres. trump: has donald trump made a difference on nato? a risky question. [laughter] pres. trump: if she says he same thing she said in the oval office -- >> i can repeat -- all members of nato, pressure to all political elite, the things that somebody else needs to protect. at first you do homework and then ask for your partner. to come with you. that is what you did. this kind of leadership is good and we are using it.
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we are using it to influence the opinions in our countries, we need to first investing ourselves. and then the partners. they can't come with us. that's they can come with us. -- they can come with us. pres. trump: nato has taken in billions of dollars more because of me. you are delinquent, too many countries, many countries were not paying. germany now is paying 1% and not even paying the full 1%. germany hooks up a pipeline into pay forr germany will energy into russia. paying vastmany is amounts of money to russia when they hook up a pipeline? that is not right. germany pays 1%. the united states is paying close to 4%. the united states is paying 80% of the cost of nato, do you think that is fair? with that being said, because of me, you can speak to the head of
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nato, he said that because of what i have said to the countries, they have taken in -- general, you will confirm this, many billions of dollars more than they would have had if you had crooked hillary clinton as president. that i can tell you. many billions of dollars more. we have been very tough on that. we have been tough on russia, frankly. if we got along with russia, that would be a good thing, not a bad thing. it is possible we will not. we will find out. if we could all get along, that would be great, that includes china and many other countries. but we will see what happens. only time will tell. nobody has been tougher on russia. getting along with russia would be a good thing. not a bad thing. just about everybody agrees to
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that, except very stupid people. >> how do you see vladimir putin? is he a friend or foe? pres. trump: we will find out, i will let you know, you will find out very quickly. thank you all. >> thank you, everyone. pres. trump: i have a great respect for the baltics. i have a great respect for my friends, i have known them for -- right from the beginning of my presidency, great, courageous people. they have done a fantastic job for their countries and i have great respect for you and your nations. >> thank you, everyone. pres. trump: thank you all. [reporter questions] >> thank you. >> thanks, everyone. pres. trump: you look at the post office. you look at the post office. the post office is losing billions of dollars and the taxpayers are paying for it because it delivers packages for amazon at below cost. that is not fair for the united states or to our taxpayers.
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amazon has the money to pay the fair rate at the post office, which would be much more than they are paying right now. the other thing, a lot of retail businesses are going out of business. that is a different and the problem. -- big problem. retailers all over the united states going out of business is. some of the small towns where they have a beautiful main street with stores but they are all gone. that is a different problem that we will have to talk about. if you look at because that we are subsidizing, giving a subsidy to amazon. we are talking about billions of dollars a year. the real cost. a report just came out. they said $1.47, or about that for every time they deliver a package. the united states government, meaning the post office, loses $1.47. so, amazon will have to pay much more money to the post office, no doubt about that. thank you all very much. [reporter questions] >> thank you. thanks, everyone.
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>> thank you. >> thanks, everyone. time to go. >> please move along. please move along. pres. trump: thank you, everybody. thank you. 2020is afternoon, c-span's wrote to the white house coverage continues with comments from ohio governor john kasich. he was speak in new england college in new hampshire, that is live at 5:30 eastern on c-span. here is a look at the schedule on the c-span networks, 8:00 the emmys been, a discussion on today's political climate and the future of conservatism. on c-span two, book tv with authors and books on business and economics. tv,an3, american history looking at the 50th anniversary
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of the assassination of dr. doc -- dr. martin luther king jr.. monday on landmark cases, katz v. united states, or charles taft was tape recorded by vfb i want transmitted even go bets from a telephone booth on sunset boulevard in los angeles. the supreme court decision ultimately expanded america's right to privacy under the fourth amendment and forever changed the way law enforcement officers conduct investigations. our guest to discuss the case are jeffrey rosen, president and ceo of the national constitution center in philadelphia. and the founder of the national security institute and director of the national security law and policy program at george mason university's antonin scalia of law school. watch monday and join the conversation. @cspanw.w us
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we have resources. the landmark cases companion book, a link to the national constitution center's interactive constitution and the landmark cases podcast at cases. ♪ >> the c-span buses traveling across our country on the capital's door, we recently stop in sacrament of california asking folks what is the most important desk sacramento, california asking for what is the most important issue. >> affordable housing and homelessness are issues critically important to the state, for the future as we are losing jobs because we cannot afford people to live here. economic development is suffering. affordable housing is critical to california. the homeless population is exploding. are trying to do their best to help out with the homeless, spending their own money trying to fix the problem. the federal government is
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pulling back on being a partner on housing issues. we are looking to the state to step up and be a partner on affordable housing. >> i am worried about the taxes for gas that was passed this fall. i am concerned that the money from the high-speed rail is giving into taxpayers now having to pay for the high-speed rail. >> first-generation college student, it is very important for me, immigration policy, to give access to higher education to everyone here in the united states. issuebeing a veteran, my in california is veterans affairs, veterans benefits. it seems like the veterans are entitled to a couple of benefits, a number of benefits that seem to be very slow in coming or kind of are being
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eroded by budget cuts in washington. >> we need counselors in elementary schools throughout the whole state of california. every elementary school should have a counselor because of all of the problems we are having with illness and the gun issue. i think this bill should be passed through the state of california. and theyled ad1644, did not pass it because the governor said he would not supported this time. it was too expensive. i would like to see that happen. i think we will solve a lot of problems with teachers and schools. ♪ >> voices from the state on c-span. ♪ >> there is a live look from new england