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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize High School West  CSPAN  April 6, 2018 1:19pm-1:30pm EDT

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>> this week and on c-span,
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saturday at 8:30 p.m., the 50th anniversary of 60 minutes. 9:30, hillary clinton a rutgers university institute of politics. tv, saturday at 1:40 5 p.m., the annual national black writers conference. p.m., yellat 1:00 professor and author -- yale professor and author and a guest talk about ms. chua's new book. ,aturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern the 50th anniversary of the assassination of dr. martin luther king junior. and lincoln's war secretary talked about edward stanton and the aftermath. this weekend on the c-span networks.
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next week, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will testify before senate and house committees on facebook's handling of user information and privacy. eastern in a15 pm joint hearing before the senate judiciary and commerce committee. and wednesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern before that house energy and commerce committee. watch coverage on and listen live with the free c-span radio app. ♪ >> this month on c-span, we feature our studentcam contest winners. our second prize high school lady,inner is this young a 10th grader at the laramie high school in laramie, wyoming. , she talksing entry
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to us about the first amendment and the freedom of speech. take a look. hi, i am an aspiring journalist and sciences. is aom of expression universal human rights and asking questions is fundamental to what i love doing. hearing awe have been lot about speakers being banned from university campuses, "fake news", and net neutrality. these issues it raises questions about our right to free speech in which to me is by far the most important provision to the u.s. constitution. free speech protects truth seeking. it protects our ability to go out and investigate questions and then talk about the answer. even if the answer might not be all that popular. >> situations where people are more honest than you can really get to the root of beliefs and ideas and find out why they
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think the things they believe are true. >> would that mean that we have the liberty to speak the truth even if at times it offends others? does free speech mean freedom to offend? >> will always face this challenge that nobody should ever this agree with me. the whole glory of freedom of speech is that people will disagree. >> did a cartoonist cross i line?toonist cross a should there be limits on freedom of expression? >> art at its very as and is meant to be controversial. every time there is someone like that, they should be one or 100 or 1000 people who say, no, i disagree with these people regardless of their point of view.
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as long as they are not threatening violence, they need to be heard. is easy to protect coppola mentor a speech. it is easy to protect speech you agree with. it is harder to protect speech you abhor. the first amendment is about tolerating speech that is an abomination. >> how can we ensure that our right to free speech is protected? >> our job is to make sure that the constitutional provisions of the constitutional rights are protected. >> we have to battle. we need to fight for our access. we have got to be able to keep those freedoms.
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to the feet of speech you do not like is with better speech. defeat to -- the way to the speech you do not like is with better speech. that is the way we should engage in our political discourse. >> it is the best way to counter a disagreeable ideas to question it, what happens if people are too afraid to speak out for fear? that being said, is itself sufficience the greatest threat self censorship of the greatest threat to free speech? >> you cannot really document that somebody told you you could not say this. i could do these three things, why would i pick the one that is most dangerous, right? for me, we actually have a moral
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duty to take that thing that is dangerous and that arises again from this thing we call academic freedom. it a social contract that i have savethe public print the things that might not be safe for them to say. if we do not ask those questions and do not write those books, nobody is going to notice. you do not notice what is not done. the question of self ce nsorship, that as the darkened worrisome part of this whole story. >> free speech is more than just a right. our progress as a civilization is rooted in open inquiry. plays a critical role in leading this. censorship is --
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when i have to look on this kind careful. i have to be -- i am antist beentist, i do not want to for someone else. telluld have my freedom to the truth. >> science is not partisan. but science is always political. importantreally distinction to keep in mind. the reason is that science dge.tes knowle knowledge is power.
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it gives you the ability to act in the real world. you are either going to confirm or disrupt someone's vested interest and that is always political. knowledge about an issue, for instance, when and how life refine ourses us to moral, ethical, and legal policy codes and that is inherently a political process. >> nevertheless, the system is stronger now than ever. it is being exercised more freely and aggressively in our nations history. the attack on free speech is only made it stronger. >> at the end of the day, i always find the truth wins out. whether it is in the media, courtroom -- >> asking questions is vital to me as an aspiring scientists and journalists. the solution to our dilemma
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surrounding freedom of expression is not less speech but more speech. >> to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries, go to ♪ up next, arthur laffer, a former economic adviser to president reagan and advisor to the trump presidential campaign talk about trumponomics. the leadership program of the rockies held this event in colorado springs. the privilege of introducing a great speaker we had here for lunch. dr. art laffer. among many accomplishments, he is also the author of "tr umponomics and prospects for the american economy."


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